Playing with power

Velocity Axy wakes up in the midst of a ancient world where she ventures to save a brother that she doesn't even remember. She has to steal back something of hers that can end the world in the wrong hands. And mostly, she has to find out who she really is...


8. Chapter 7

The camp was definitely bigger than I expected. There was almost one training field for every 10 kids. I was completely stunned when I saw the weapons hall. Rows and rows of packed dangerous equipment covered the walls. Some of the weapons were too dangerous for even Sanic. I glanced at my watch. I had 4 hours to adjust to the camp and then train for the big fight for the following day. The fight was probably going to change my whole life- well if I would win, that was. At noon, I went to the level 1 training field. I had planned with Josh that I would meet him there, and there he was trying to aim a sharp knife at a large target. There were about twenty to thirty children using weapons or fighting in some sort of way. I had already set my mind on either archery or martial arts, but when I saw how sharp the arrows were, I decided to stick with martial arts. Plus, if I was really bad, I could get the expert Josh, to help me out.

“Hey Josh,” I sad when I reached him, “what are you doing?” I felt pretty stupid because it was kind of obvious what Josh was doing.

“Throwing knives,” he said while aiming. Speedily, the knife zoomed by and hit the bull’s eye. My mouth hung open with disbelief.

“How long have you been training for?” I asked.

“Just for the past hour or so. I think I’ve improved considering my knife kept going in the wrong direction when I started.

“You can say that again,” I said amazed, “so do you think I’d be good at martial arts? I don’t want to do anything that involves sharp points that hurt people in anyway.”

“You’re kidding right?” Josh laughed, “And how do you think you are going to survive the fight with Sanic? I think you should just depend on luck if you ask me.” I felt absolutely hopeless. I knew Josh was feeling guilty at laughing at me because he spoke again, but with sympathy in his voice.

“How about you try archery? You never know, you might actually be good at it. I mean take me for example. When I arrived at this field, I wanted to do sword fighting. It didn’t work for me so I tried knife throwing. And guess what? I can aim straight on target now. And plus, I can coach you whenever you want if you really want to learn martial arts.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I guess so.” I thanked Josh and walked over to the stalls that stood at the edge of the field. There was a range of different stores such as Cotton Chocolate and sour corn to trickery and weapon stores. Each stall was brightly coloured and quite attracted. I was just about to walk up to the cotton chocolate when someone pated me on the shoulder. It was Amelia and she looked quite tired and annoyed.

“I’m so sorry, Velocity right? God, isn’t it so annoying when boys leave weapons lying around and expect me to pick them up? No way are they getting them back this time. Anyways,” she smiled, “ Welcome! Come with me and I’ll show you what activities you can choose from-“

 “I was just wondering if I could start off with some archery.  It looks quite…” I couldn’t find the right word, “interesting.” Amelia smiled.

“Of course,” she replied, “is this your first time with a bow and arrow?”

I nodded.

“Alright. Is it okay if this computer can just scan your fingerprint to take your DNA? It’s just to find out what bow suits you best.” I placed my finger on a squared type pad while red lines ran up and down it. Suddenly, the pad started beeping as a red light started flashing.

“Hmm, that’s weird,” Amelia said after the beeping stopped, “It says that your fingerprint is not accessible. Sorry, there must have been a mistake; let’s try again.” I placed my finger on again, and this time the pad said ‘accessing information’. I stepped back and waited for the information to come through. After what seemed like hours, the pad blinked two words. Mercury Blue.

Amelia frowned. “I’ve never heard of Mercury Blue before. That’s weird. But anyways…” she searched around in the cupboards behind her before fishing out a long turquoise arrow that looked too professional for a beginner like me.

“I’m not so sure that’s for me…” I stuttered.

“You’ll be fine,” she laughed. Just then, a tall boy walked up behind Amelia. I was quite surprised. Where had he come from? From what I could see, there was no door from behind Amelia. Maybe there was a door at the very back at the store.

“Hey Nick,” said Amelia. She turned back to me, “This is the former male representative, Nicolau. You can call him Nick.”

She handed me the arrow as if it weighed a feather. As soon as the arrow was in my hand, I nearly fell to the ground. It was quite weighty. But it felt different in my hands.

“So, you’re Velocity Axy, daughter of Artemis? Yes, I’ve heard about you. You were really brave yesterday,” Nick said. He suddenly leaned in closer and whispered, “you shouldn’t be scared. You’re going to beat the poop out of Sanic, you know?” I giggled while Amelia rolled her eyes playfully.

“Well, good luck with your first lesson. I’m sure you’ll do fine. I think I’ll put you with Ellie; She’s a very friendly instructor and I’m sure you will love her! She’s standing right there, next to the post” Amelia pointed.

I thanked both Amelia and Nicolau for their help and wondered over to Ellie. From far, Ellie looked like a normal teenage girl, probably 15 or so. She was wearing a green top, which matched the colour of her sharp green eyes. Her blue jeans hung loosely on her skinny legs. To me, she looked like one of those athletes you see on TV. As I came nearer, I noticed she was on the phone talking to someone while looking around for someone. She finally caught my eyes and smiled. She finished on the phone and started walking towards me. It looks like she already knew she was my coach.”

“Hey,” she said excitedly, “I’m Ellie Watts, your personal trainer in every sport that you can think of. I can’t believe I get to teach someone who might be going on a quest!” I looked at her quizzically.

“I mean, I only teach level one godlows, and normally level one’s are not allowed to go on quests. So, I’m pretty excited to be teaching you!” she squealed. I was pretty stunned. Mainly because I had never been praised by someone older than me. I guess it wasn’t so bad when I challenged Sanic.

“Wait a second, Amelia told me you were a really good trainer. Why are you only training level 1?” I asked.

“Good question. Well, when most godlows arrive at the camp, they are not very good at all this sort of stuff. To be honest, most people in the room have never picked up a weapon before they came here. To get them started, it takes a lot of practice to become a level 2. That’s why they need really good trainers for level 1,” she explained.

“So, you’re a godlow too, right?” I asked.

“Ya, I’m the daughter of Helen Watts, goddess of athletics and fitness,” she said proudly.

“Awesome,” I responded.

“Not as cool as having a father who is the god of strength and wisdom. You must be strong and smart,” Ellie said while walking towards the archery area.

“Ummmmm, not really. But you could say I’m the opposite,” I sulked. Ellie just laughed and kept walking. We finally reached the area where loads of kids were trying to aim with their bows and arrows. Saying that they were not very good was an understatement. Everybody was a different age, ranging from 6 to 18. Each person stood on a sort of metal square plate, and each time you would hit the bulls eye, the plate would move you further away from the bulls eye as possible. The rows were positioned in a way that you could not see the person who was aiming but you could see if they hit the target or not. Ellie started talking to me about how I should hold the bow and how I should aim the arrow,

Suddenly, I remembered my school sports days where we would do a sport or race before moving in clockwise to the next activity. I couldn’t believe it. I had remembered something. My school. I guess I must have remembered it because of the way the field’s activities were set out. It was kind of like a running track with the activities as the running part of the track. The middle part of the field was not very big; the stalls and the water tanks took the space up. Distracted by my thoughts, I didn’t realise that I had stepped up onto the plate and I was moving up to the target in an increasing speed. And I hadn’t heard what Ellie had said. I had slung the bow over my shoulder and it was beginning to ache. Suddenly, a bright green light shone above the target signalling me to start.

I wish I had listened to Ellie. I was going to make a fool of myself in front of my biggest fan. And now, the target stood proudly, as if trying to make fun of me. Well, it couldn’t be that hard. I mean, just take aim, pull the arrow back and then shoot, right? Well for starters, I couldn’t seem to get my arrow on to the bow. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I just managed to lift the arrow up before switching hands in a more comfortable position. I turned back and noticed Ellie staring at me in a weird way. I definitely did not want to know what was going on in her head. And for some reason, the arrow felt way heavier in my hands than when it was slung over my shoulder. With all the strength that was left in me, I pulled back the arrow and watched it zoom towards the target. Well, near the target anyways. My arrow barely made it to the wall actually, and as far as I could see, the arrow had landed right in front of me. So much for me being good at this. But I wasn’t going to give up. If I was going to win that fight with Sanic, I would have to train my butt off, no matter what. So, with some self encouragement, I lifted the bow up and aimed steadily at the target. I slowly pulled the arrow back as far as it would go and then suddenly let go, and watched as the arrow flew towards the target. What happened next was something I definitely did not expect. The arrow was sitting straight on the bulls’ eye. I jumped up with joy.  Even though I was standing pretty close to the target, it was an achievement for someone like me.

Behind me, I could hear Ellie clapping like a mad lunatic while I smiled proudly at pretty much nobody. Maybe the training wasn’t going to be so bad after all. As the platform moved me back to Ellie, I thought of the cotton chocolate that I would reward myself to after the training. And maybe I could try the sour corn too. I stepped off the platform as Ellie ran to give me a hug.

“Well done!” she said excitedly, “I told you you could do it, didn’t I?”

“Really? I mean, of course you did!” I responded, “and because of this great achievement, I think I’m going to reward myself to some cotton chocolate.”

Ellie’s face fell, “you mean, you’ve worked off at least a pound of fat, and now you’re just going to gain another 3? If you want a body like this,” she gestured at her stick thin body, “then you got to work for it pal! I treat myself to that junk at least once a month or twice if I’m not careful. But that’s considering that I work out every day.”

I am never getting a body like that, I thought, she looks like a pencil. But I still listened, mainly because I was tired. I regained my sleep while watching a match between two level ones at the training field. Apparently, both of them got moved up to level two, probably because they had put up a good fight. But I wouldn’t know, because I was busy snoring away. It was scheduled to be a long day today.  After lunch in my cabin (you were allowed to eat wherever you wanted), we had to go to Swivel’s office for a lecture on tomorrows rules before heading down to Tasmiya’s cabin to get our clothes, weapons and practically everything we needed to survive sorted for the quest the following day. That was, if we would win. Otherwise, it was the walk of shame for Josh and I down the campus to dinner before completing the day’s work. But what was I expecting? To win against the unbeatable Sanic? All I could do what shoot an arrow from a foots distance. I bet Sanic could shoot from a mile away while battling poisonous snakes and playing her favourite video game. In comparison, I was nothing to Sanic. Today, I had seen her lounging around for the whole time while I was practicing with my bow and arrow. It was like she didn’t even care about the fight tomorrow. Well, I did. And even if I didn’t win, which I was probably wasn’t going to, I would make myself remembered. Maybe, I could slice Sanic around the leg or something, so she couldn’t go. I laughed at my stupid ideas. I am in a camp full of magic. I’m pretty sure they would be able to mend a small scratch.


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