Playing with power

Velocity Axy wakes up in the midst of a ancient world where she ventures to save a brother that she doesn't even remember. She has to steal back something of hers that can end the world in the wrong hands. And mostly, she has to find out who she really is...


6. Chapter 5

Arden stepped forward, and suddenly a long sword appeared in his outstretched hand. Sanic did the same, but an even longer blade was in her hand. Not a whisper was heard. Then suddenly, a low whistle ran through the stadium and noise burst from everywhere. The fight had begun. Sanic started by trying to stab Arden in his breastplate but he dodged swiftly. He then ran behind her as quick as a wink, and stabbed her in her back. There was a sudden pause, as if everybody was holding their breaths. Abruptly, Sanic grabbed Arden’s hand and twisted it until a nasty crack came from the broken arm. Arden fell to the floor. He didn’t get back up again.

“Arden Volker, do you retreat?” The voice roared through the stadium. Everyone waited for Arden’s reply but his head stayed rooted to the ground.

“Is he alright,” I whispered, worried for Arden’s safety.

“He’s fine, probably just thinking about his decision,” replied Daniel.

Suddenly, Sanic started walking forward and grasped Arden’s arm.

“Answer the question. Do you retreat?” she snarled. Arden looked at the statue like figure. He whimpered and slowly nodded his head. A cheer went up across the entertained crowd.

“Once a fighter retreats, the opposing player immediately wins the fight,” explained Daniel.

I felt pity on Arden. “But he had no choice but to retreat. When was the fight going to finish?” I questioned.

“The fight only finishes once the Sterox says so,” Daniel said. He noticed that I looked pretty confused so he said “you know the idol thing.”

“Ohhhhh,” I said, “Wait, the Sterox speaks?”

“Did you not just hear that loud voice that introduced both players?” Daniel asked.

We got up to leave. “The Sterox seems really nice and all. You made him seem really scary,” I laughed.

“Just because he sounds nice, doesn’t mean he is nice.” Daniel responded, “Anyways. Dinner is in half an hour. Why don’t you get some rest and I’ll meet you in the dinner hall at 7:30.” After everything that had happened today, I was feeling quite tired. I let out a big yawn.

“Yes, I think I will go get some rest. But I didn’t bring my alarm. And, I have no clue how to get back to my cabin; this place is really big.” I hadn’t realised but I was still carrying my backpack and the bag Maddy had given us. It was starting to feel quite heavy.

Daniel laughed, “Don’t worry; a bell will ring through the camp. It’s impossible not to hear it. And your cabin is just along this road. Then take a right and go to the cabin with the name Artemis Axy: Females on it. You’ll be fine.” I thanked Daniel and started taking my stuff to my cabin. Once I found it, I pushed the door open. My room was quite big, with a large bed, a bedside table, a dressing table, a long carpet and my own bathroom! I dumped all my things in the corner of the room and lay down on the bed. I wasn’t even in a comfortable position, but before I knew it, I was asleep.

I was in an enormous room, lying down on the floor. I slowly got up and looked around. I felt like I had been here before. The room was completely empty, except for a large throne that sat at the opposite side. The back of the throne was towards me, and so I couldn’t see the man that was sitting on it. I coughed loudly, and suddenly, the man got up and turned around to look at me.

“Dad!” I screamed. I ran forward and my dad embraced me warmly, “Dad, what are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Vel, I’ve come to see how you’re doing through a Klimax. I’ve missed you so much! There’s so much to tell. First of all, I’ve been so proud of you through all that you’ve down.” He squeezed me tight, “Secondly, you have to know that you must be the one to go forth for the journey no matter how much you have to do to get it.”

“What-” I started.

“Look, there’s not much time to explain. Just listen to me,” he interrupted, “I’m happy you found out your power so early. When you turn fifteen in exactly a week’s time, your power will be fully alive, and you will be an expert at sign drawing. But as Nada told you, that skill is quite rare and only one other person in this whole world has that power so be careful with it. Sometimes, you can’t be one hundred per cent sure when using something so powerful,” Artemis checked his watch and sadly nodded his head, “you don’t know how proud I am of you and I want you to carry on; never give up on the challenges ahead and always stay safe. I love you, Vel.”

“Wait, who is the other person-“I didn’t get time to complete my question. The room flashed and I fell back.

A high-pitched bell rang through my ears and I covered my head with my pillow. I looked up at tried to remember how I got under the blankets. Then I remembered everything that had happened, from Daniel to my dad. But what I didn’t understand was, when I walked into the room, I had just plonked myself on the bed, my feet on the pillow. I hadn’t even gone under the blanket. So how was I so comfy, my head on the pillow and the blanket lay on top of me like a table cloth? I hadn’t realised that the bell had stopped ringing and I jumped out of bed when I remembered what Daniel had said about dinner time. I changed into a suitable pair of clothes and freshened up before leaving my cabin.


I walked through the crowded paths, wondering which way I was supposed to go. Daniel had specifically told me to meet him in the dinner hall. I walked this way and that way, hoping to find someone to help me. I finally bumped into Josh, who smiled cheerfully at me.

“Hey Josh,” I smiled,” Do you have any clue where you’re going?”

“Nope,” replied Josh.

“As usual,” I joked,” wait a second; I remember coming this way when I was going to my cabin. I think I might have taken a left here.” We paused at the end of the road and saw tables and tables filled with children who were greedily gobbling down their food. There was an anxious sense of aroma in the cold frosty air. I noticed Daniel waving to me from one of the tables, mentioning me to sit down.

I walked over and sat down opposite Daniel, with Josh following close behind, the table was quite long and spacy; the other seats were taken by Nada, Drake, Saarah, Ryan and a few other random children. I sat down next to Nada. I liked Nada; she was always so cheerful yet so mature. She smiled at me as Josh took the last space next to me. Everyone had a variety of different types of food on their plates; from English butter scones to Indian Biryani. I licked my lips as my stomach greedily rumbled.

“So, what do you guys feel like eating… Anything in particular?” asked Drake kindly.

I looked at Josh. He shook his head.

“Well, I’m not fussed. What’s on the menu?” I asked.

“See that’s the cool thing,” explained Saarah, “You just think about what you want, your orders are sent to the kitchen and kaboom! Your meal is ordered to you in less than a minute.” Josh decided to go straight for it. Suddenly, lamb chops, chicken wings, a huge plate of French fries and a large bottle of Coke appeared in front of him.

“Aw,” he moaned, “They forgot to put ketchup.” And then, as if someone had heard him, a miniature bottle of ketchup appeared next to the lamb chops.

“That’s more like it,” Josh smiled.

I didn’t know what to think of. There were so many different choices. I finally settled on a large portion of shepherd pie with a sweet tangy mint and lemon juice. I also ordered a side of fresh green leaves salad to top it all off. My food took a bit longer than Josh’s, but that was probably because I might have confused the chef when I kept changing my juice from orange, to watermelon to a glass of sprite to finally mint and lemon. Finally my food came, and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I started off with the salad as I had heard it was good to eat your veggies first. Josh smirked when he saw my healthy option considering he had taken a load of fat greasy unhealthy food. Typical.

After a few minutes Swivel walked onto the stage and tried to get everyone’s attention. His face looked really red. When he clapped his hands, no one noticed him. This made his face go even redder. I noticed a tall thin girl with brownish blondish wavy hair standing behind him. She was smiling and talking to another girl, who was drinking a glass of orange juice.

Suddenly he shouted, “Silence!” and not a word were heard through the hall. Even the girls behind him stopped talking.

“That’s better,” he continued.

The girl with the wavy hair walked forward.

She started to speak, “For those of you who don’t me, I am Amelia Strothard, and I am the former female representative of the Godlows Headquarters.” There was a brief round of applause. She carried on, “Sadly, the male representative Nicolau Ranslow has been quite poorly and could not make it to today’s meeting.  This week, we’ve had 4 new visitors. Please welcome Gayle Hancke, daughter of Milan, goddess of art and culture. Josh Taren, son of Tor, god of wine. Roxy Memar, daughter of Gulden, god of wealth and fortune. And lastly, Velocity Axy, daughter of Artemis Axy, god of strength and wisdom.” There was another round of applause as I felt my cheeks turn the colour of beetroot.

“And now for the weekly announcements by Tasmiya.” Amelia stepped back and Tasmiya stepped forward.

“Not much this week, but I am glad to say that Sanic still stays top in monthly challenges and should be expecting her trophy next week.” Sanic stood up from her seat, bowed proudly and accepted the enormous applause from the audience.  

“Show off,” I whispered under my breath.

Saarah looked at me and smiled. She had read my mind and nodded at my comment. When the two girls walked off, Swivel brought himself to the front of the stage.

“We have some terrible news tonight, so terrible, that I can barely think of it. Some of you may already know this but Trycifix, our last Pestrite, created a book that history can never speak of. The book contained all the worlds secrets, some so dark that none could imagine. If you lay eyes on it, it shows you what you do not want to see. Nobody has ever touched it or looked inside it.  Nobody except Trycifix himself. The book has been in the sacred temple for years and till today no one has achieved in stealing it. Yesterday night, Cyan went inside the temple, disguised as Trycifix himself. He stole the book,” said Swivel. A few gasps went round the room.

“When he left, the temple realised the trick and crashed down around him. Surely, if he was human, it would have crushed him to death. But that doesn’t matter. Cyan has the book. The good thing is, the book is closed and can only be opened once the Chosen One opens it for him. If he gets the book open, he can get the stone. And if he gets the stone, he can rule the world.


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