Playing with power

Velocity Axy wakes up in the midst of a ancient world where she ventures to save a brother that she doesn't even remember. She has to steal back something of hers that can end the world in the wrong hands. And mostly, she has to find out who she really is...


5. Chapter 4


Instantly, time froze, and Drake and Nada rushed in.

“That is so not my mother. Anyways, we don’t have much time. She will be frozen for about another two minutes maximum. Let’s go,” urged Nada.

“Wait, who is that? And why is she frozen?” I asked.

“That’s one of Cyan’s guards. Seeing as we’re Riva’s children, we both have great powers. I have the ability to freeze an object for a short period of time,” answered Drake.

“Awesome,” said Josh, “so what is Nada’s power?”

“I can tell you that later,” Nada was saying quickly, “We need to get you both to the GHQ as soon as-” A deep growl came from the other side of the room. I turned around slowly until I was facing a full grown tiger. We stared at each for what seemed like minutes until the tiger growled again.

“Please do not tell me your mum just turned in to a tiger that is probably going to eat us,” I said stupidly.

“All of you step back,” ordered Nada. We did as we were told and to my astonishment, Nada‘s body vanished and a more fiercer looking tiger took her place.

“Okay, I did not just see that! That was so cool!” I cried. Now, the other tiger was starting to take cautious steps back until it finally disappeared leaving the same blue ribbon we saw in the train floating in the air.

“It retreated,” said Drake, taking a deep breath. He grabbed the ribbon and instantly, it turned a light shade of pink, “You’ll need this. Once it’s in your possession, the monster that comes out of it will be on your side and it will try and protect you.”

Nada returned to her normal state. “We have to get out of here. If one of Cyan’s guards could smell us, many must be on their way.”

We rushed out of the building and followed Drake and Nada in to a coffee shop. We sat down at a table and ordered drinks for all of us.

“So Riva is your mother?” I asked.

“Yes. Although, I wonder where she is now. Hopefully, she is safe in Mount Lacrierre,” answered Drake.

“And I still can’t believe you have the ability to change in to any animal you want. Josh can kick your but with his mad martial art skills and Drake can freeze things. All I can do is draw signs.” I said sadly.

“You can draw signs? That is one of the most powerful powers in the world!” said Nada.

“Really? I find it quite boring.” I replied.

“Well, then you’re absolutely bonkers,” said Drake.

“We think alike,” joked Josh.

“Boys, stop being annoying. Vel, a sign drawer can achieve any difficulty. Your power is very rare. Look, we need to get to the GHQ. Godlows headquarters. Maybe you can make us a time warp to get us there. Try it,” advised Nada.

“Well I’ll need a pen or something to write the sign with,” I said.

“No you don’t. Do it with your hands,” said Nada.

Drake did his magic and froze time while I went over to the wall and started to make twirls with my finger. We waited for a short while until finally; a door appeared on the wall in front of me. I was too surprised to move. My power had actually been in use for something. I opened the door slowly, and walked through. Josh, Nada and Drake were behind me. It was like walking through your bedroom door. We walked right in to an open field where children of different ages were running around and doing exercise.

“Stay right here,” ordered Nada, “I’ll be right back with the director of the headquarters.” Nada ran off in some direction and she was back in a few seconds with a tall muscular man. He looked kind but stern.

“Hello, young godlows. I am Swivel, director of the Godlows Headquarter. Follow me, we will go to my office and I will tell you a bit about this place.” He said kindly. We followed him into a small building where there were many rooms. We went in to a room marked ’Swivel Truct’. We sat down on two comfy sofas opposite Swivel’s chair.

“Okay, so first thing’s first. Both of you have been assigned rooms for you to feel as welcome as possible here. This camp is designed for all godlows to be safe from Cyan’s plans. It has been said that the godlow he is searching for will only acquire the powers once they know where they can get it from. We have about 200 godlows in the world and only 152 are at camp. About 30 are staying with their parents, not yet knowing about their powers. That means almost 20 godlows have been captured by Cyan. Many investigators are trying to work out where Cyan has taken them. Nobody knows yet.” Swivel explained.

“Well, we know where to find-” Josh said.

“Um, so what do you do at this camp?” I interrupted. I looked at Josh and gave him an ‘I’ll tell you later look’.

“Well, we are training to fight Cyan’s guards. So far, we have had no attacks, but it seems his monsters are getting more powerful by the day. We do all sorts of training here, whatever suits you best,” said Swivel, “Look around.” We went out of the building on to the large field. The camp stretched out a long way.

“This is a really big camp,” I said.

“I agree. Why didn’t you tell Swivel what Maddy told us about the ‘Blue Eye’? I think we can trust him, he seemed pretty nice.” Josh stated.

“Josh, we can’t trust anybody at the moment. Not even our friends. The letter from my mother said so.” I said. Josh sighed and looked ahead.

“Who’s he?” Josh asked. I followed his gaze and looked at a young muscular boy with blond flowing hair. I just stared at him as he walked towards us.

“I’m just going to check out that weapon shelf at the back,” said Josh and he walked away.

The boy had reached me, “hey, I’m Daniel, son of Judo the god of archery. Nice to meet you.”

“Hey. I’m new at GHQ. My name is Vel, daughter of Artemis, god of strength and wisdom.” I said back.

“Cool, do you want me to show you around the headquarters?” asked Daniel.

“Sure, I’ll just go get my friend,” I answered. I went to the weapon office where Josh was standing, scowling at Daniel.

“Josh, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I know that boy. For some reason, he annoys me,” said Josh fiercely.

“Well, you don’t even know him yet. Go meet him. He’s the son of Judo, you know, the arrow guy,” I described.

Josh scowled at Daniel, “that explains it. He’s my cousin.”

“He’s your what?” I said surprised.

“My cousin,” he repeated, “his dad, Judo, Cyan and my dad, Tor are all brothers. But it seems as if we have met before.” Josh walked over to Daniel.

“Hi, I’m Josh, Vel’s friend. Have we met before?” Josh asked in a rough tone.

“No, not that I remember of,” said Daniel smiling, “come on, Vel, I’ll show you around.” Daniel took us round the site. He showed us the different training grounds and battlefields.

“Godlows of the same mother or father share a room. But boys and girls are separate. Vel, that means you sleep alone. Josh, you get to sleep with your younger sister,” he said.

“Your what?” I asked Josh, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know myself,” said Josh,” what’s her name?”

“You’ll see, yourself…” answered Daniel.

“This is Madison’s room, the goddess of beauty and love,” he pointed inside a room. I recognised a girl sitting on her bed.

“Saarah! What are you doing here? I thought you were just an illusion!” I said happily. At least I knew somebody in camp.

“Who are you?” asked Saarah. The girl actually looked surprised.

“On the train, don’t you remember? Your brother Ryan as well, I’m not making this up, I swear!” I said urgently.

Saarah suddenly closed her eyes, looking similar to Maddy when she answered my question.

Saarah opened her eyes, “Oh, Cyan’s guards, I see. I wasn’t really there at that time-”

“What did you just do with your eyes, the opening and closing thing?” I interrupted.

“I was reading your mind,” she said casually, “it’s my power. My brother Ryan has the same power; I would like you to meet him but he is training sword fighting with his friends at the moment.”

“Oh, that’s ok. I’ll probably meet him while we’re going around the camp,” I said brightly. I walked outside, with Josh and Daniel following close behind.

“All this walking around has made me a bit tired,” said Josh, “I think I’ll head back to my room and get some rest. See you later, Vel.” He started to turn away.

“Do you want me to show you the way?” asked Daniel.

“I’ll be fine,” Josh grunted.

“As you wish, Josh,” Daniel turned to me, “Do you want me to show you the training grounds? Maybe we will meet Ryan.”

“Ok then,” I answered. Daniel started walking ahead so I ran up to catch up with him. After two minutes of rights and lefts, we finally reached a large stadium that was filled with people. Daniel walked up to the front row and sat in one of the last two available seats.

He patted the one next to him, “Come on, it’s supposed to be a good match tonight.”

As I sat down, a voice boomed across the stadium. “Arden Volker, son of Nethius!”

A thin lanky boy, about 17 years old, made his way to the middle of the fields. A low cheer went up.

“And facing him is the unbeatable Sanic!” said the booming voice once again.

A louder cheer went up this time, and I had to cover my ears to stop them from hurting. A big tall girl came out on to the fields. She looked fierce, bloodthirsty and ready to battle. Her armour was strong and heavy, and she looked like she wasn’t scared at all. Her opponent looked like he was about to retreat but suddenly looked bold and eager to win. And then I noticed an idol-looking creature that was sitting on a high table on the side of the field. I wondered what it was. Daniel seemed to read my mind.

“That stone thing is like a referee. It tells you who the winner is,” he explained.

“But can’t you already tell who won at the end of a match?” I asked.

“Each person is at a different level depending on the skills you maintain. The levels go up to five, five being the strongest. The only person who is at five in this camp is Sanic. Sanic is the daughter of Titan, the war god. Anyways, as I was saying, you and Josh will start at one, and you will train until you think you can go to the next level. Then, you book a match with someone who is in the same range as you, one lower, or one higher. At the end of the match, the cube tells you who had the better brains in the game as in who played more skilfully. It does not necessarily have to be the one who won. As a matter of fact, there is an equal chance of being chosen by the cube even if you have not won your match. If you are chosen by the cube, though, you go to the next level. If the cube thinks that both opponents are both not ready to proceed to the next level, it will say so,” Daniel ended.  I looked back towards the field.

The fight was just about to start.




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