Playing with power

Velocity Axy wakes up in the midst of a ancient world where she ventures to save a brother that she doesn't even remember. She has to steal back something of hers that can end the world in the wrong hands. And mostly, she has to find out who she really is...


4. Chapter 3

“Um, sorry are you two siblings? Um, excuse me?”


I looked up from the letter. The girl opposite me had spoken and she was still waiting for an answer.


“What? Oh Josh and I, no no. We are…um…” I didn’t know what to say. Friends? Cousins? We barely looked the same, except for the black wavy hair and the blue eyes. Okay, so we looked very similar. Luckily, Josh spoke for me.


“She’s my best friend.” I nearly fainted. Josh was just smiling casually.


“Well,” said the girl, “I am Saarah and this is my brother Ryan. We’re going to visit our grandparents in a place near Carbour Port.”


“Cool,” I said. I turned to Josh, “so how was your sleep?”


“Fine-” he suddenly stopped and looked around, “where in heaven did everyone go?” I looked around too. It was true, everyone had disappeared. That was, except for the two old ladies on our left. I gasped and handed Josh the letter.


“But Saarah, Ryan… what happened to them-” started Josh after he had finished reading it.


“Illusions,” interrupted one of the ladies, “simple plain illusions.”


Josh looked at me urgently, “any signs for this?” I racked my brains but they remained blank. The taller woman approached me.


“What is the worst an old woman could do, huh?” I said. Bad choice of words. The woman’s fist hit my hand at such a speed, that I went flying to the back of the train. My breath had been knocked out of me and tears were rolling down my cheek. I must have looked a state because Josh started steaming. Suddenly, Josh’s leg shot out and kicked one of the ladies. She flung in to the window and left a dent in it. Slowly, the woman started shrinking until she was a small red piece of ribbon. Then the paper vanished. The other lady growled. After that, I fell unconscious.


“Vel, wake up!” I recognised the voice straightaway.


“Maddy!” I opened my eyes and ran to give the goddess a hug, “Am I in heaven?”


The goddess laughed, “No sweetie, you are in a Klimax, where a god or a goddess can meet with a normal person when in a sleeping state.”


“So what am I doing over here?” I asked.


“Well, I thought that maybe I could help you a bit in your challenge,” Maddy paused, “how should I put this in a nice way? You stink!”


I stared at her, “Excuse me?”


“A godlows scent is so strong that Cyan’s guards found you really easily,” Maddy explained.


“Those old ladies were Cyan’s guards?” I was surprised.


“Yah, so… I want you and your friend,” Maddy giggled, “to go to my friend Riva Elestial, number one fashion designer in the world!”


I thought about it, “There is one problem genius. How do we get there with all of Cyan’s guards running around?”


Maddy smiled, “that is why us beautiful goddesses are here,” And suddenly, the world went black.




I awoke again to find us in a small hotel room. I stood up and walked to the bed where an extremely pale Josh was lying. He had a small bruise on his cheek and thankfully, the two old grannies were nowhere to be seen. Josh looked unconscious and so I sat next to him and waited. He suddenly opened his eyes and smiled at me. I felt myself smiling back.


“Hello Velocity,” he said calmly, “I defeated the grandma’s.”


I was astonished, “All by yourself? How?”


Josh laughed, “I guess my magic power is martial arts.”


I grinned cheekily, “What was it with me being your best friend?”


“Um, it seemed more realistic,” but immediately, I noticed that Josh was unable to look me in the eye.


“So how was your sleep? Is your stomach okay?” Josh asked.


“I’m fine. But I’m extremely worried that my best friend has a purple cheek.” I said mischievously.


While I took out the medical kit, I treated Josh’s bruise and told him about my dream with Maddy. As soon as I finished, we showered, changed and ate some of our snacks before we left the hotel room. The fresh air outside was cooling and we started searching for Riva’s shop. After several minutes, we both agreed that that we had no clue where we were going and we were practically lost. Finally, we found an information centre. We walked up to the man sitting at the desk.


“Watch and learn,” Josh whispered.


“I’m watching,” I said.


“Excuse me,” said Josh in a funny accent, “could you please be kind enough to tell me where I can find Riva Elestial’s fashion shop?” I had to hold my tongue to stop me bursting out laughing. From his face, I could tell the man had no clue what we were talking about.


“I don’t think this kind little gentleman understands English,” I said in an alien accent. A smile ran across Josh’s face but he held it in.


“I do speak English,” said the man in one of the most British accents I had ever heard, “the only fashion shop we have in this town is Grangers. It is down the road, about 2 miles from here.” I couldn’t hold it in. I burst out laughing, and Josh giggled.


“Is anything funny?” asked the man.


­­­“Your face!” I answered rudely and Josh and I ran out of the shop as fast as we could. We didn’t stop running until we got to the town square.


 “So, what are we going to do now? Josh asked after he had stopped laughing. 


Then suddenly, something started ringing from inside the gadget bag. Josh fumbled inside until he brought out a small object that looked a bit like a GPS. The screen was flashing red. Josh clicked the only button on the GPS. On the screen, an arrow had appeared and some writing was below it. This is what it said:

Rivas Fashionista - 21 Metres

“Yes! Come on let’s go!” I said.


We went in the direction of the arrow until we finally saw a small building. It was painted pink and two hairy little creatures were guarding the building. I went up and poked one of them. Bad idea.


“Excuse you please,” said the one closest to me, “Can you see us?”


“Uh, yes I guess so…” I stammered.


“Oh, well then. Are you relatives of the good great gods?” asked the other one.


“Um, what is that supposed to mean?” Josh asked. Both creatures were looking at us with their eyebrows lifted up, and so I decided they were extremely freaky.


“Yes, of course we are. I am daughter of Artemis. And this is the son of Tor.” I responded quickly. After a lot of weird staring, they finally let us in.


“Ok, so that was extremely weird,” I said. We walked down a long hallway until we finally reached a tall door. Josh pushed the door open and we both walked in. The sight was amazing. Rows and rows of clothes stood in front of us. Several people were too busy in their shopping to notice us. A young woman rushed towards us.


“You must be Vel and Josh. I am Riva, goddess of fashion, fashion and fashion! What could be more important than fashion!” she cried. I was just about to answer back when I thought better. The hysterical fashion fan continued, “I have booked you a small closet so you can get that horrid stench off you. Because this is your first visit, everything and anything is free!” With that, Riva turned and skipped away. A boy and girl were walking towards us. Both had brown short hair and smiles on their faces.


“I’m Nada,” began the girl, “and this is my brother Drake.”


“We will take you to your closets and be your guides for today,” said Drake.


I was taken to a separate closet from Josh with Nada and she started off by showing me a huge screen that had a variety of different clothes.


“So… Come on, pick one,” Nada urged.


“Do I just tap it-” I started.


“Here, I’ll do it for you,” Nada said. She picked a beautiful turquoise dress that I had seen on a nearby model outside the closet. The dress was delivered by a robot-like machine that came in through the door.


“It’s beautiful!” I admired.


“Well, let’s see you try it on!” Nada said excitedly. I put it on and looked in the mirror.


“I think it’s really pretty, and I will take it. But, I’m not sure I can run around in it trying to stop a god.” I said.


“Hmm. How about this?” She clicked a few more buttons and the robot once more zoomed back in the room but with a few more items.


“So, Riva designed all the clothes in this shop?” I asked as I tried on the outfit.


“Every single one of them,” Nada assured.


“And what’s with the monsters outside the building?” I asked. I really had my doubts about those guys.


“Those are Simpers. They guard the building from bad guys.” Nada explained.


“And from the normal people who don’t have magic, right?” I asked.


“Oh no, not really. The building cannot be seen by the mortals. And even if, they are not allowed in. Once a person has looked into the eyes of a Simper, they can only tell the truth,” Nada said.


“Wow,” I muttered.


“So, what do you think about the clothes?” Nada asked me. I looked at myself in the mirror.


“I look so different,” I whispered. I was wearing black jeans, a black stretchy top, a black jacket, black boots, and black sunglasses. It was nothing similar to the boring clothes I usually wore.


 “I’ll take them.” I said.


Josh was already seated on one of the sofas when I had come out of my closet. He was wearing similar clothes to mine.


“Cool outfit. Riva said she wants to meet us in her office straightaway. Something about this and that. Wasn’t listening,” He said.


“As usual,” I joked around, “ok, come on. Let’s go to Riva’s office. We walked to the third floor where we found a cute little door marked ‘Riva’s Office’. We knocked on the door and opened it to the sound of Riva’s voice. The goddess was faced towards the gigantic window, her back towards us.


“Take a seat, kids,” she growled.


I looked uneasily at Josh, “are you okay Riva?”


“I’m fine, you?” she answered.


“Uh, we’re good-”


“Well, you are not going to be soon.” The goddess turned around and both Josh and I gasped. Riva’s face had been scarred and she looked so ugly that I was starting to feel sick. She took a step towards us.


“And now, you have nobody to save you,” she laughed wickedly and lunged at us.




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