Playing with power

Velocity Axy wakes up in the midst of a ancient world where she ventures to save a brother that she doesn't even remember. She has to steal back something of hers that can end the world in the wrong hands. And mostly, she has to find out who she really is...


2. Chapter 1

The hot chocolate warmed me instantly. It entered my stomach and I felt lazy. These few days had been great. Free food, free fun, free everything. It was paradise except for the occasional classes I had to take once every day. Otherwise, ever since I had to started to live with my ‘so called’ dad, life was easy and fun. Dad had gone away for a business meeting which he had to attend once every month. He was coming home today and I couldn’t wait to find out more about myself. Before my dad had left for the meeting, he had told me that my name, Velocity, had been chosen by my mother after how fast I had learnt to walk which was 3 months and 12 days (my dad had memorised it!)

 For the whole morning, I studied fractions with Mesi, my tutor. Then I played some football with Oscar, my coach and while I scored my winning goal, I sprained my ankle. Artemis was going to be proud. He said that the scars you get in life are like your medals in a fight. On my dad’s cheek, just under his right eye, a scar that is three centimetres long can be seen. My dad says the scar gives him his dignity. As if.

I was lying down on the nurses’ bed when the door opened. Artemis walked in. On his shirt, there was yet another badge to add to his collection.

“How are you, sweetheart?” he asked softly.

“Fine. How was the meeting?” I asked back.

“I got a new badge,” he pointed to his shirt.

“No, you don’t say.” I was more confident when I was speaking to a god, now that I knew he was my dad.

“Ha, funny. So how did it happen?” he pointed at my sprained ankle.

“Oscar pushed me,” I lied.

“Well,” said my dad. He got up from his chair, “I will go get changed. I have a lot to do.”

“Wait dad,” I paused, “tell me more.” He knew what I was talking about.

“As soon as you were born, your mother placed a spell on you to keep you away from dark magic. She wanted you to turn into a good godlow-”

“A Godlow? We sound like a gross bug!”

“Ha ha, very funny-”

“My name’s bugs bunny!”

“What? Oh whatever. A few days ago, Cyan, the god of evil and tricks-”


“Vel! Anyways, Cyan got a vision that a godlow would be the most powerful magician in the world. Even more powerful than him. Even more than the Pestrites.

“What’s a Pestrite?” Some kind of foreign magical creature?”

My dad looked serious so I stopped fooling around.

“The Pestrites are our Great Grandfathers. They are the reason we are on this planet. If it was not for Sphentor, Milecure, Omnox, Frieta, Lytex and the most important of them all, Trycifix, this world would have been no place to live in,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

 “The six names I just read out were the last group of Pestrites to roam this planet. When The Evil One killed all the Pestrites, these six babies were left behind in a small underground tunnel. Pestrites kept the world in shape ever since I can remember. If they all died, then war would start again, everyone trying to take leadership. We would become foolish. We would only think of ourselves. We would kill each other in order to survive. Trycifix is the only one that remains alive,” he continued.

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing that Tricalix-“ I started.

“Trycifix,” My dad corrected.

“Yes whatever,” I said, “It’s a good thing Trycifix hasn’t died.”

“See that’s the thing. Al of us Gods are in command because more than 200 years ago, Trycifix told us that soon, his species will perish and one of us gods or at least a descendant of the gods will take over. He told us to be ready when the moment comes. A month ago, Trycifix died,” my dad said sadly.

I drew in a breath for dramatic effects.

“And so,” he continued, “just before Trycifix died, he warned us not to be greedy, and fate would show the leader his way. Trycifix hid the Phyriax Stone-“

“What’s a Phyriax Stone?” I asked.

  “It’s a stone that holds immaculate power. And once it is in your hands, the power of the world is yours. You can do almost anything. Cyan, the fool he was, started searching for the stone. He went into certain magical buildings and stole ancient things to find a way to capture the stone. Soon, he was sent the vision I told you about. He said the stone wasn’t for him but for a godlow. He was furious that he wasn’t the chosen one. He ordered all godlows to be brought to him, searching for the stone. One of his guards tried to capture you while you were with your family in a car. He tipped the car over. I’m so sorry Vel, your mum and step-dad had been said to be killed. Sid had been captured and they are still trying to find him.”

I looked at the ground, “But I wasn’t killed.”

“No your power of a Godlow was too strong. Although, unfortunately, you hit your head giving you that amnesia and apparently, naughtygirlesia as well,” my dad joked.

“Ya,” I was still thinking about my lost family.

“Vel, the meeting I just went to, I got this badge as an act of kindness,” he pointed to the silver gleaming object, “The meeting was held for all the gods. Obviously, Cyan did not attend the meeting.  But my friend Tor, god of wine, was there.”

“Tor? That’s a bit of a bland name when yours is all big and fancy,” I said.

My dad sighed, “Short for Toretix.”

“Sound like a dinosaur,” I remarked.

“Velocity! Please just listen. Tor and Cyan are brothers. Tor thinks it’s not very safe to keep his son with him. So, his son is staying with us for the time being,” Artemis finished.

“Oooooh, really? Is he cute?” I asked.

“Well, we’ll see about that in just a moment, won’t we?” my dad grinned and opened the door. In walked a tall muscular teenage boy. I nearly screamed out in joy, then I realised something.

“He heard!” I whispered, frowning at my annoying dad.




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