The Voices of my Kidnappers

A story in the process of being co-written by me and Rawr-I_love_yu(On Miss Literati)! :)


5. Chapter 5

Liam's Point of View

“So I guess I should go call her family, then,” I said after Paul closed the door. Or slammed, rather. “I think I'd be the most sensitive about it.”

“Sure, whatever,” Niall said. I smiled beneath the voice modulator at his cute little chipmunk voice.

“I suppose I'll go in the bathroom, then, because we still don't want her to know what's going on do we?” I asked.

“No, we don't,” Louis agreed. Niall, Harry, and I laughed at Louis' lady voice. “Now go. Get out of here. We'll watch her for you. Shoo,” he said, waving a hand at me dismissively.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and slipped the voice modulator off my face, glad to be free of it for a little. I found her family's number, and dialed. “Hello?” a frantic sounding woman answered.

“Hello, this is Liam Payne from One Direction,” I told her quietly, in case Ireland could hear through the door. Such a unique name. I liked it. Ireland.

“From One Direction?” she repeated. “Did she win? Do you know where she is? Do you have her? The school called. Her friend Sydney told the school she disappeared from the bus stop. She was just there one minute and gone the next. Oh, my baby,” she said with a sob.

“Love, love, we have her,” I said soothingly. “We're so sorry to freak you out, but we wanted to surprise your daughter. She's fine. She doesn't know what's going on yet, but she's fine. We'll take care of her,” I promised.

“You have her?” she repeated slowly.

“Yes, we have her. She's fine.”

“Okay,” she told me, calmer now, but clearly still slightly delirious.

“We'll get her back to you after the concert tonight,” I told her.

“I suppose that's fine. This is a relief. Thank you for calling Liam. I appreciate,” she responded.

“Sure thing,” I said. “We'll see you tonight.”

“Goodbye,” she said. I hung up, dreading having to put that stupid voice mask back on.

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