The Voices of my Kidnappers

A story in the process of being co-written by me and Rawr-I_love_yu(On Miss Literati)! :)


4. Chapter 4

Zayn's Point of View

As Paul silently fumed, I watched him warily. He'd never been that upset at us before. Suddenly he wasn't silent anymore.

"Why on earth did you think this was a good idea? Wait till I tell the upper management. And did you even consider what the press would do if they heard about this? You'd be ruined! Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have told you who the winner of your contest was." He shook his head, clearly trying to calm down.

"Hey, Paul," I said pulling off the uncomfortable Darth Vader voice modulator. I was glad to have my Bradford accent back. "Look. We're so sorry. It seemed like a much better idea at the time." He glared at me but allowed me to continue. "We were so excited to hear about the winner that we simply couldn't wait to meet her!"

He shook his head, considerably less angry now than he had been. "That doesn't excuse the kidnapping."

I laughed, trying to lighten the mood even further. "Well, we thought we'd surprise her!"

"It's not just about you, though! It's not about her either! So what she's surprised? You could have given her a heart attack or something. Her family is probably worried sick and might have even called the police!"

I nodded. "You're right. We should have let you know what we were doing."

I didn't mean it. If we had told Paul, he never would have let us do it! Luckily, though, it seemed to have calmed him down completely.

"Yes, you should have." He nodded. "Now tell me exactly what happened."

Oh. I wasn't expecting that. Shrugging, I complied.

"Well, after you told us that we had a winner for our contest, we were very excited, obviously. Niall suggested that we go meet her, give her a surprise, catch her before school. Louis, then, said we could kidnap her.

"Everyone freaked out, of course, but he said he saw a movie where it worked out and Harry agreed. Finally, we decided that we would try to grab her on her way to school. Before she got in her car, if she drove to school. She's old enough. And if not, we'd catch her as she walked. We found her address and her picture in the contest details.

"Anyway, so then we grabbed the keys and took one of the vans. We spotted her waiting at a bus stop near her house on the way there, so we pulled over.” I shook my head, still not believing that people in grade twelve still took the bus to school.

“I suggested we just get out and talk to her properly before the bus got there. There weren't too many kids there. But Louis still wanted to grab her. Of course Liam told him that that idea wouldn't work. We'd be recognized by the bus full of kids. We couldn't follow her because then we'd have to be taking her in front of a school full of kids. So we were just going to come back.

“For some reason, though, Nialler had brought some weird things he called 'voice modulators' with him. He was really excited we were getting to use them. I got the Darth Vader one, Liam got the robot one, Niall chose the squeaky chipmunk one, Louis got the woman one, and Harry got stuck with the elderly man one." I chuckled, remembering how upset he was to sound like he was 60.

“We didn't really have time to think about it before Niall and Louis strapped theirs on, opened the doors, blindfolded her, and pulled her in the van. We just followed along, then. What else were we supposed to do at that point? Liam stayed in the back with her the whole time. He kept her calm and made sure she was okay. He even carried her inside! And we brought her here! We figured we'd hang out, have fun and sing some songs for her. Normal people things." I smiled, proud that I didn't get yelled at again. “It sounded like fun, mate. We were bored.”

Shaking his head, Paul looked at me. "You guys-" was all he managed before he burst into laughter.

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