The Voices of my Kidnappers

A story in the process of being co-written by me and Rawr-I_love_yu(On Miss Literati)! :)


3. Chapter 3

“Wait a second, okay, babe?” the robot asked me as I heard the van's doors open. A second later, I heard the sound of two pairs of feet thudding to the ground outside and two doors closing at the front of the van.

The last pair of feet fell to the ground softly, then a hand slid behind my back, and under my knees. I was slowly slid across the floor of the van, and scooped into a pair of strong arms.

“Sorry about this,” the robot told me.

I couldn't decide if I minded or not. Being in their arms, I mean. He certainly didn't feel like a robot. His heart was beating fast against my arm.

“Ready to go in?” Darth Vader asked.

As the robot began to walk, I could feel the thud after every step he took and hear the thumps of the others following.

After a minute, a door was opened, then the thuds continued as they kept walking through the building. The robot set me on a couch.

“Can I take the blindfold off?” I forced myself to ask. I tilted my head down so I would be looking at my lap if I wasn't blindfolded.

“Not yet, I don't think,” he told me. I felt the couch sink in as he sat next to me. “We have to just make sure everything is all set up.”

The door we'd come through opened again. “What are you boys doing? Where have you been?” came an angry voice. “Who is this? What do you have on your faces?”

“Well, which question would you like us to answer, P-huh?” the old man asked. That elicited more laughter from the boys.

“I'll tell you about it outside,” Darth Vader said. “I need a smoke now anyway.”

“He's right to be angry,” I stated defiantly as the door closed.

“We're not trying to hurt you or anything,” the old man said, sitting on the other side of me on the couch.

“This will all turn out to be a good thing,” the robot promised.

“How could this possibly-” I was cut off when the door opened again.

“We are not done talking about this,” the angry guy from before assured the boys. “This is not okay. You do not go around pulling this kind of crap, do you hear me? You better hope we don't get sued or something for this. This is not right. What were you boys thinking?” he grumbled angrily. “Does her family know what's going on?” he asked.

“We picked her up from school,” the robot told him.

“Oh. Well. That's great,” he said sarcastically.

“It'll be fine,” the chipmunk told him. “You worry too much.”

“One of you get the family's number and call them for Pete's sake. This all better be resolved by the time I get back,” he said before the door slammed closed again.

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