The Voices of my Kidnappers

A story in the process of being co-written by me and Rawr-I_love_yu(On Miss Literati)! :)


2. Chapter 2

“We'll be there soon, love,” the robot whispered in my ear, giving my hand a squeeze.

I didn't respond, figuring that was best. To distract myself until we got there, I thought about my morning.

Brrring! Brrring! My hand clumsily searched for the "off" button on my alarm clock. When I finally found it, I sat up in bed, trying to shake the sleepiness away. I stumbled into the bathroom and took a quick shower before changing into my school uniform. Then I ran a brush through my hair, pulled on some shoes, and went downstairs to eat.
My mother was sitting at our breakfast table, reading The Independent and eating scrambled eggs.
"Good morning, mum," I said, grabbing an apple and taking a bite out of it.
"Hey, darling," my mum said as I entered the kitchen. "I entered you in another contest." My mum had an odd obsession with entering contests. She always entered us in any contest she could find. "It's a meet-and-greet with One Direction. You win a lunch date and tickets to one of their concerts."
I perked up. "One Direction?"
She smiled. "Yes. I have a good feeling about this one, Ireland. This is going to be different." She then turned her attention back to her newspaper and I left to catch the bus.
I quickly spotted my best friend, Sydney, waiting at the bus stop and walked over to her.
"Hey boo," she said.
"Hi Sydney," I responded.
"So," she started, ready to tell me all the latest gossip and rumors.
"Did you hear about Silvia and Kasia? Karli says they're totally fighting over William."
I was about to answer, when the bus pulled up to the curb. Everyone immediately started pushing and shoving to get on first. I quickly lost sight of Sydney in the crowd of kids. Suddenly, two hands grabbed me from behind. One of them covered my mouth, and they pulled me back and out of the crowd. The next thing I knew, I was plunged into an unfamiliar, uncomfortable darkness.
The car came to a stop and the robot said, “We're here, love. You alright?”

I nodded slightly. I wouldn't have spoken to them even if I wasn't too terrified to.

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