Finally his victim.



1. The alley

"Why so sad?" A deep, raspy voice asks. It echoes out of the dark and

scares me. At this moment, breathing hurt. I've been running, running a
little too much actually. My feet hurt and so did different patches of my
body, especially my ribs. My knees are shaking, and are about to give out
at moment. My body's fighting to stay up.

"How do you keep up with me?!" I yell into the alley. I turned round in
circles; searching for someone, or something, in the shadows of the night.
A weak lamp provided a little bit of fading light that was ten feet away.
It didn't help by much.

A dark laugh responds to me, chills trailed down my spine. My body shook as
I felt his presence get closer. The end of the Alley was only thirty meters
away, but my body doesn't have the strength or agility to sprint to it in

Just. Give. It. A. Try.

I positioned myself and sprinted off towards the end, my body shook as I
fought to get to the end. I'm only ten meters away and my knees are
starting to fail me. I feel one of them twist and fall to the ground hard,
making me slid across the pavement. I forced myself to my feet and took
another step in sprint, but I just fell to my knees.

Just a few meters.

I push myself up with my aching muscles and try again and made it with a
few steps and fell to the ground. Cuts' covered my legs and forearms from
falling. Blood tickled my skin as it smeared and mixed with the other cuts.

"Got.. to... do it." I determinedly motivated to myself. I pushed off again
in a even faster sprint. I'm only two meters away now. I fall again, this
time, skidding backwards onto my side. I felt scrapes cover my arms as I
hit the ground. The pain over took my body, and it was screaming its
surrender. Its right there, just a few steps away.

I won't give in.

I tried to push myself to sit up. Nothing.

Get up.

I tried all I could, but my fingers only twitched.

"Get up!" The whiny voice in my head begged as if it was crying.

I heard footsteps behind me, and instantly I rolled to my side and tried
to push myself up. The steps got closer and closer, until they were in
front of me.

Its too late...

I tried to keep pushing with my failing arms. I felt a finger tip lightly
trail from my shoulder to neck. The hand grabbed at my arms and roughly
yanked me off the ground and left me on me on my feet. I started to fall to
loose balance instantly, but the hands grabbed my waists and pulled me to
the shadows.

"Somebody he-" My voice went from extremely hoarse, to gone.

"Help!" I squeaked as loud as I could. No one could hear. My voice is gone:
it disappeared, like I have.

His strong fingers pinched as they held me, leaving bruise marks behind.
I watched as the road got further and further away. My hands stretched out
to them, as if it was being ripped out my hands.

He turned into another part of this long dark alley. Its pitch black now
and Im relying on my other senses. He then threw me onto the ground
somewhere, and suddenly, it went quiet. My heart started to race, and I
could hear it. My body ached even more from the drop, but thats the least
of my troubles right now.

Get the fuck out of here.

I crawled backwards, all I could feel was the cool pavement under me. I
made unwanted noises as I moved and it scared me more, knowing that he
knows whats I'm trying to do.

"Where do you think you're going?" The deep voice questioned me. His large
hand had placed itself on my knee and held me to stop.

"Leave me alone." I begged in a quiet hysteria. "Pl-please." I started to
cry in fear, tears spilled from my eyes, and I fought to keep myself under
control. The hand grip grew tighter. I instantly held in the sobs with my
lips pressed tightly together.

"Please stop... Harry... Please." I begged through the tears. I could feel
that he had gotten closer to me, but his hand was the only thing touching
me. My deep pants were noticeably noisy and my nose is loud with sniffles
from crying. I hear nothing from him, but he was moving, and there's no
sign of what his next move it. His hand removed from my knee, and I
flinched away. I pulled my knees to my chest and curled up into a tight

His strong hands grabbed me and pulled me off the ground from under my
arms. My protective ball fell apart, and now my body was fully exposed. He
pushed me against the wall, and his hands felt around my waist. I tried
pushing his wrists away, but it only makes him advance on me more . My
heart is now beating even faster, I didn't think it was possible. I can't
breathe; the air is literally absent in my presence.

"Help!" I weakly shouted with my broken and silent voice.

His warm lips came to my neck and lightly left disturbingly calm kisses
everywhere. He sometimes bit at my skin, leaving unwanted marks on me.

Meanwhile his hand trailed up my back and then back down to my butt. His
large hands cupped them. His fingers slowly found their way to the zipper
of my jeans. My hoarse, lost and squeaking voice tried screaming out but no
one can hear. No one at all. 

He pulled the jeans off of me without hesitation. The cold air attacked my
skin, slowly freezing it with the late autumn air. My heart stopped once I
realized that he removed my thong at the same time as well. My heart was
having a heart attack and I started to loose air. He pulled away from me,
except kept one hand pressing my shoulder against the wall.

All I could hear was the sound his pants being unbuckled. I want to run,
but I can't. I’m done. No matter how far, or how fast, he will catch up with
me. He knows where I am and where I go, he watches me all the time and
takes the chance to attack me.

I felt him scooch himself in between my legs. His chest was pressed against
mine. The warmth is heating my cold body up, but I rather freeze to death,
than have him anywhere near me. His face dug into the crook my next and his
hand covered my mouth slowly like a creeping snake.

He suddenly pushed himself up inside of me, all the way. I screamed through
his hand in pain. He started slowly with his full length inside of me, not
hesitating a second. Warm tears spilled from my eyes and smeared all over
his hands. He thrust into me at a slow but painful pace, but sped up with
every thrust.

His lips ghostly touched the skin on my shoulder, my skin was cold next to
his steaming lips. The lips attached to the skin on my neck, teeth bit at
my fragile skin, bruising it as his sharp teeth hungrily played with it.

I tried to push his chest away from mine, with my now weak, pointless, and
heavy arms. His heavy pants heated my necks and soft moans echoed from my
neck. My painful yells slowly died down and he eventually pulled his hand

"I hope you rot in hell." I mutter in his ear. He continued thrusting into
me as I said it. He just chuckled at my comment. I could feel the joy he
took of having me deal with these, it turned him on more to know he's
raping me. He likes watching people in pain and desperation to live.

I won't be one of those victims to live his heartless crimes. No one lives
with him, I know I'm going to die. He breaks you down, piece by piece,
eroding your determination and will to be living, so you're weak. He wants to
make you fight a battle and get weak so you're his vulnerable pray. His
sick mind plays with you, and haunts you.

His thrust got stronger and faster. My whole lower body was aching and I
can feel that I’m bleeding. He finally let out his warm juices inside of me
with a loud moan. He stayed there for a moment before he pulled out.

He pulled away from me while he did up his pants. I have no strength or
point to keep myself up, so I fall to the ground. I smash my head against
the floor, and faintly feel his presence right next to me.

I started to cry as I know what’s coming next. I can already feel it. His
warm hands touched my arm and grabbed it. I couldn't see which way was up
or down, but I feel dizzy. He pulled me into his lap, and I loosely hung
down, not knowing where my balance should be.

"You're a heartless bastard." I mutter to him. His one hand was placed on
my shoulder blades so supported my chest up. His other hand was somewhere
lost in the complete darkness. He pulled my jeans up me and zipped them
back up.

What the fuck is he doing? What's gonna happen?

...Is there anyone to save me?

The sound of a knife then came from behind him. I tried to push myself away
from him but I couldn't.

"No! Please don't! I beg of you Harry, please!!" I screamed as I clutched
to his shirt.

I know it’s pointless, I could feel me being dead already. Tears poured out
of my eyes; one right after another. I felt his body softly shift and then
shift again. A pain strike landed in my stomach. I felt a cold object rest
inside me for a moment before it was removed. I could feel my insides deal
with the deep cut, blood filled it and slipped out of it, staining my
clothing quickly. Blood came to my lips and stained them like lipstick with
the taste of copper stinging my tongue in agony and disgust. I found myself
almost choking on the thick river of blood in my throat.

After everything we've been through. I've watched you go from you first
kiss to loosing your virginity with me. I've watched you grown since we
were 13 and here we are 5 years later. You're all inked up with piercings
everywhere, and you hunt things down and kill them. Where did this all go

"I did love you, that's until I got sick. Now I kill. No matter how much I
kill, its never enough. You are the last one, but I needed to make love to
you one more time." He told me as he placed me on the ground. He is sick.
He's insane, and he needs to stop before he kills more. My eyes got heavier
as the true darkness took over. I lightly cup one of his cheeks before my
hand weakly fell.

"I love you." He regretfully said through tears. My body slowly went numb,
and I could feel my heart slowly stop. My body became limp and I let out my
last sigh.

I love you too.

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