Love you Forever

Never forget
I'll love you forever

Laura a beautiful girl and about to graduate with honours this is her life and what happens when it changes forever.
She loves her boyfriend more than words can say but as a family event comes back to haunt her, her perspective of life changes


5. 5. Graduation

I came out of the studio loo and miraculously all of the boys had got changed into casual smart gear. 

"Now then I believe we have to go pick up eight people and then go to someone's graduation?! " Harry exclaimed with a cheeky grin on hs face. By eight people he meant his Louis' and Niall's wives - Jess, Eleanor and Lilly. They're married except Liam and all have kids except Liam. Perrie and Zayn have a 5 year old boy named James, Harry and Jess have a 9 month old daughter named Claire, Louis and Eleanor have twin boys called Mathew and Sam who are two and Niall and Lilly have a 2 month old daughter called Emily - Rose

"Guys you don't all have to come you know!" 

"We know but we thought it'd be nice for you." Perrie exclaimed. As she moved slightly to the right I saw Liam exit the loo holding a third red rose. I accepted and gave him a peck on the cheek. We all went outside and got into five separate cars, went to pick up anyone we needed and headed to my graduation. 



"Congratulations!!" All four girls ran up to me as the graduation was concluded 

"Thanks you lot!" I grabbed Emily off of Lilly and gave her a cuddle.

Jess started at Liam gave him a small smile and winked "we'll give you a minute..." She took Emily and they all went off. I saw my super handsome boyfriend walking towards me, the sun glistening in the sky. In his hands were a full bunch of red roses and a small bag from my favourite jewellers.

"Hey muffin!" 

"Hey Liam."

"Congratulations..." His hands moved slowly to my waist and he pulled me in and our lips brushed together unto he moved and kissed my nose.

"Just a small gift from me to you to show my undying love." I took the bag and there was a small purple box. 

I opened it and saw

A ring

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