Love you Forever

Never forget
I'll love you forever

Laura a beautiful girl and about to graduate with honours this is her life and what happens when it changes forever.
She loves her boyfriend more than words can say but as a family event comes back to haunt her, her perspective of life changes


4. 4. Change

"Perrie's pregnant!" I didn't know whether to be horrified or amazed. So I slapped Zayn around the face and screamed at him.

"What the hell was that for! You get me all bloody worked up only to tell me some amazing news! You bastard!" Zayn understood I was upset so released Perrie's hand and smooched me up into a famous "Zayn and Laura hug"

"I'm sorry midge, honestly I am." He pushed my away and looked at me "hey, you're meant to be somewhere in about an hour so go get ready, Perrie's got your dress and whatever other loads of rubbish you girls need to get ready." Just like Imogen used to he grabbed my left hand and took my index, middle and ring fingers. "Now then one for luck one for good fortune and one for a happy healthy life with the one you love." And let me go.

I turned round and congratulated Perrie as she led me into the studio loo.

I'm sorry Mr Jackson, Mrs Jackson your daughter has APL or acute promyelocytic leukemia. We ran some tests on her sister and she doesn't have any trace of the condition. Imogen is 7 years older than Laura yes? Which makes her 14, well it is very unusual that we hadn't found anything linked to the  condition before this date however we have given her some more white blood cells for the time being from a donor but I do not know how much longer she will live.

I remembered that conversation like the back of my hand, I don't think they bothered to get rid if me because they didn't think a seven year old would remember any of that kind of conversation. Hearing Zayn and Perries news just made me remember that the day Imogen died, I didn't just lose my sister, I also lost my niece. 

When she died Imogen was 8 months pregnant with a baby girl. The doctors weren't able to save the baby. 3 weeks later her husband committed suicide and Zayn wasn't just my childhood best friend but my rock. He became my brother and I love him for that.



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