Love you Forever

Never forget
I'll love you forever

Laura a beautiful girl and about to graduate with honours this is her life and what happens when it changes forever.
She loves her boyfriend more than words can say but as a family event comes back to haunt her, her perspective of life changes


3. 3. Zayn

Zayn never has news

Thats all I could think as my heart sank and my world became nine times heavier to bear in that split second. Acting as if someone had died I ran to to the door whacked on my converse and grabbed my phone and the car keys. Liam following me. I reacted so much quicker than he did. I think he thinks I have a crush on Zayn but just love him a bit more. I don't it's just that Zayn has always been there for me. Been my brother from another mother as they say. After my sister (Imogen) died of acute promyelocytic leukemia Zayn has always been there. He's the one that helped with all the paperwork. He's the one that was there for all the hospital visits after her death. He's the one that was my shoulder to cry on. But most importantly, he's the one that after all of this decided that I was perfect for Liam and formally introduced us. 

"Babe, let me drive." He obviously saw me freaking out so he came up to me slowly twirled me round and took the car keys out of my shaking hands. 

I was silent the whole journey. It takes 45 minutes to get to the studio and I didn't say a word the whole time and Liam understood so didn't say a word back.

The steps seemed steeper, the door seemed heavier, the world seemed darker. All the 10 eyes in the room turned to me and Liam. I ran to Zayn and just gave him "the look"

His mouth opened and my world changed


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