Love you Forever

Never forget
I'll love you forever

Laura a beautiful girl and about to graduate with honours this is her life and what happens when it changes forever.
She loves her boyfriend more than words can say but as a family event comes back to haunt her, her perspective of life changes


1. 1. Meet Laura

Hi I'm Laura, I'm 5 foot 6, 21 and tomorrow I graduate with honours with a BA in acting from university. 
Heres a little insight into me:
I love baking and often experiment new flavour combinations on my family (and fyi lemon and bay leaf infused cupcakes don't go down too easy.)
I found an agent around a month ago and she's lined me up for a audition in a week and half. It has been a dream of mine to become an actress ever since I was in youth theatre. My mum has always said I was a drama queen and when I was 7 I had the hormones  of a 17 year old.
I also love to ride horses and have a 12 year old white (but looks green) thoroughbred mare called Peppermint. I've had her since she was 10 and rescued by the RSPCA because her previous owners had died her coat green with food colouring and stained her she had a reaction and they abandoned her because she then wouldn't be ridden as her ack was constantly sore. 
 I have the worlds most supportive boyfriend ever he is there for me in whatever I do (as much as he can be). He's the love of my life. I know it sound really cliché but it's true! I don't know how I'd live with out him. I don't tell many people who he is, don't judge me I love him more than any words can say! It's just I don't want my life to be tormented forever because of who I love. But whoever I do tell they generally don't believe me when I say:
"My boyfriend is Liam Payne."

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