You're My One and Only.(Completed)

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2014
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Delilah Rhodes, is a 19 year old single mother, she has had a troubled past that only her best friend, best friends family, and brother know about. Her father died, she didn't know who her mother was, and her brother was always away with the army. Read and see what happens when Delilah meets one very special guy in a night club. Will it all be smooth sailing, or will something break them? Will it all end happily ever after?


33. "You're back.."

Harry's POV

I woke up the next morning alone. I sighed to myself thinking it was all just a dream, like every other one has been.

I couldn't believe it. It felt so real. I guess they all felt so real anyway.

I grabbed the doona off me flicking it over the other side of the bed.

I pulled a pair of trackies on that were laying on the end of the bed, and walked to the bathroom.

I then walked out to the kitchen and flicked the kettle on, and pulled out a cup from the cupboard and started making myself a cup of coffee.

"I've already made you a cuppa.."

I turned around fast, and seen Delilah standing there.

I walked around the bench really fast and wrapped my arms around her and she put her hands around my waist.

"I thought I was dreaming.." I sighed.

She didn't say anything in return, so we just stood there for a good two minutes cuddling.

We finally let go, and I walked into the lounge room, with Delilah by my side.

I sat down on the couch, and Delilah sat beside me with my arm around her shoulders.

"I'm going to get the others around today.. What do you think?" I asked turning to her.

"Okay.. Sounds good.." She smiled.

I grabbed my phone from the table beside me, and started to write a group text.


'Hey guys!

I want everyone to come around today!

and I mean everyone.

Come around 12:30. We'll have lunch too.

I have a surprise.

There will be tears, so bring tissues!

H. x


I sent the text, and sat back against the couch.

I got texts back from everyone saying things like 'Okay..' and 'Is everything okay?' and so on.

I didn't reply to anyone, I just let them think about what it was..


The rest of the morning Delilah and I hung out of the couch. Not much was said, we just watched the TV in our pj's.

I kept pinching myself just to remind myself that it was real. I still couldn't believe it.

I got up, and went to the bathroom for a quick shower around 11:30. I stood in the shower for a good 5 minutes just letting the water run down over my body. I stepped out of the shower, grabbed my towel, and walked out of the bathroom towards the bedroom, rubbing my hair with the towel.

When I walked into the room, Delilah was sitting on the bed on the phone.

"I got to go.. I'll to you later.. Yeah.. Bye.."

She quickly hung up, and turned to me.

"Hello.." She half smiled.

"Who was that?" I asked a little confused.

"Ahh no one you know.." She said getting up off the bed.

"I'm going for a shower.." She said walking out of the room.

I was still in a little shock as to what had just happened, but I just brushed it off.

I grabbed my black jeans out of the draw, and my black 'teenage runaway' sweater.

I finished drying myself off, and pulled my jeans on, with a white t'shirt, and my sweater. I grabbed a pair of socks out of the draw and pulled them on followed by my black boots. I seen my grey beanie on the end of the bed post, and I grabbed it slipping it onto my head letting a few curls slip out the sides.


I walked back out into the lounge room, where I sat alone on the couch.

Time slowly went by. I went throught twitter, and instagram. Just looking at everyones posts. I followed a couple of fans, and then my notifications blew up, because they were tweeting me just from excitment.

I looked up at the clock and it was 12:25. I stood up, straightened up my clothes, and walked into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. I walked back to the lounge room, and sat my glass on the coffee table. I turned the radio on.

I was really nervous about everyone seeing Delilah again. I have no idea why. It was exciting, but it's still so nerve racking.

Delilah has basically come back from the dead.

I sat down on the couch, and then the door bell rang.

I stood back up and walked to the door. I took a deep breath, and opened it up.

It was Lauren and Bekah. They'd come together.

I leant in, and gave them each a kiss and a hug.

I looked behind them, and Liam, and Zayn were walking up the footpath to my door.

I smiled and let the girls walk straight into the lounge room.

The guys walked in through the door and I gave them a  hug closing the door behind them. We walked into the lounge room, and sat down. Just as we sat down Niall, Kate, and Hazel walked through the door. I stood up again and walked over giving Kate and Hazel a kiss and a hug, followed by giving Niall a hug.

We all sat down in the lounge room. I offered them drink which they all nodded. So I got them.

"So.. What are we doing here?" Zayn asked.

"Uhh... When's Louis going to be here anyone know?" I asked avoiding the question.

"I spoke to him about 20 minutes ago.. He said he'd be about five minutes late.." Lauren smiled.

"Oh.. Okay.." I said sitting down looking around.

Delilah hadn't come out yet, and I was getting a little worried, as I hadn't seen her four around half an hour.

"I'll be back in a minute.." I said getting up and walking down to my room.

"Delilah..?" I questioned walking in.

"Yeah?" She asked turning around as she pulled her shirt on.

"You look beautiful.." I smiled getting distracted.

"Thanks.." She smiled back.

She was wearing black leggings, a white singlet with a demin shirt over the top, with little black boots on and she had a little make up on.  

"I'll be out in a minute.. I'm just going to finish up here.." She smiled.

"Okay.." I smiled walking out of the room.

I walked back down to the lounge room, and Louis was already here.

I smiled to myself a little knowing what was about to happen.

"So.. I got all you guys here.. because well. Something terrible happened to us over a year ago now. It hit us pretty hard. Some of us more then others." I smiled standing in front of them all.

"Delilah was someone we all loved, someone who was there for us. She was family.." I said as I spotted her walk around the corner.

As everyone had their backs to her, no one had seen her and she started walking towards her.

"Well, there's no more was. We do loved Delilah, she is there for us, she is our family.." I smiled

Everyone noticed Delilah and just looked at her in shock.

"Guys, Delilah's home.." I said looking around to them all.

No one moved.

I started to panic a little thinking maybe I was jjust picturing her the whole time, and that it all felt so real, that I thought that my dreams had become my reality.

"Can anyone else see Delilah standing next to Harry?" Louis asked a little confused.

"I thought that was just me..." Zayn said just staring.

I looked to Liam, and his head was tilted like he was still trying to work everything out.

"Harry, what did you put in our drinks?" Bekah half laughed.

"Delilah.." Kate asked standing up.. She had put Hazel in her porta cot about ten minutes earlier.

"Kate.." Delilah smiled.

Everyones eyes opened wide.

"Delilah!" Kate said running towards her opening her arms wide, and wrapping them tightly around Delilah.

I looked at Kate, and she had tears running down her cheeks. I looked around the room to the others, and Niall had tears, Bekah and Lauren were both crying, Zayn had a tear fall down his cheek, but quickly whipped it away before anyone noticed.

Liam was still sitting there in shock, and Louis was still trying to work everything out in his head.

"This can't be happening.." Kate said pulling out of the hug.

"Where have you been?" Lauren asked putting her arms around Delilah..

"What have you been doing?" Bekah asked walking towards her.

"I'd rather not talk about it.. I'm home.. that's all that matters.." Delilah half smiled.

"I can't believe you're home!" Niall laughed putting his arms around Delilah hugging her tightly.

Louis finally stood up, and walked over to Delilah giving her a hug.

"Owe!" Delilah said pulling away from Louis.

"Sorry.. I just had to see if you were actually real or not.." He laughed.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"Pinched her.." He continued to laugh.

I just smiled and shook my head.

Everyone hugged Delilah, and Sat down again.

We talked for ages and ages until we got hungry, and decided to  order in some pizzas.

So we did just that.

While we waited, we talked alot more. It felt like old times. Delilah looked like she was uncomfortable. She sat there with the girls, talking, but she didn't seem like her old self.

Hazel woke up from her sleep. She'd gotten so big.

"Delilah.. I'd like you to meet your god daughter.." Kate smiled bringing her over to Delilah.

"Really?" She smiled.

"Yes.." Kate nodded.

"Oh she's beautiful!"

Delilah held Hazel for a while. I was cute seeing her a with a baby. One day, that will be us with her boys, and we'll be a family.

Which reminds me, Delilah will have to call them tonight..

Pizza arrived, and we ate.  

The day was pretty laid back. Everyone hung around for the afternoon, and then dinner.

I had a few beers in the fridge, so we all had a couple each.

Kate, Hazel, and Niall left after dinner, Bekah and Liam left a little while later, which left Zayn, Louis, and Lauren.

We drank alot more drinks, except for Delilah. The one who would normally be the first one to put her hand up for one, is heading to bed.

I sat around with the others for a few more hours drinking more and more. It was a good night. I was finally happy. Delilah may have been a bit quiet, and distant, but she may open up a bit more later on.

at around 12:30, I decided I'd had enough to drink. I was drunk anough. I staggered down the hall way to the bedroom where I found Delilah asleep in bed. I dropped my pants, and pulled my shirt over my head almost falling over.

I pulled the doona up, and slipped into bed beside Delilah.

She rolled over facing me looking a bit angry.

"Sorry love.." I smiled.

"Harry, your breath stinks.." She said turning back away from me.

"Sorry.." I stuttered.

"Go to sleep Harry.." She said pushing me away from her.

"I love you Delilah.." I mumbled and rolled over to my side.

She never replied to me. I ended up just passing out.


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