You're My One and Only.(Completed)

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2014
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Delilah Rhodes, is a 19 year old single mother, she has had a troubled past that only her best friend, best friends family, and brother know about. Her father died, she didn't know who her mother was, and her brother was always away with the army. Read and see what happens when Delilah meets one very special guy in a night club. Will it all be smooth sailing, or will something break them? Will it all end happily ever after?


5. Time to share.

Delilah's POV

I was preparing dinner, and I heard the front door, and then Xavier and Xander came running into the kitchen yelling and carrying on.

“Muuum!” I missed you Xander said hugging my legs.

“Hi Harry! Xavier said running up to him.

“How are you Champ?” he said picking him up to sit on his knee.

“I’m good! What have you been doing?” Xav asked.

“Just watching cartoons little man. Did you have fun at your friends?” Harry said smiling at Xav

“Yes! We had so much fun! Didn’t we Xandy?”

“Yes! Can we go stay again next week mum?” Xander asked looking up at me.

“I’ll have to talk to Leigh’s Mum about it, So I’ll see. Boys, Where is your Uncle? Did he get lost on the way inside?”

“No, he said he had to get some stuff out of the boot..” Xavier said.

“Oh. Okay, well you boys go play.”

“Okay Mummy.” they both yelled running into the lounge room.

Just then Dallas walked in the front door.

“Hi..” He said looking at me not sure of what to say or do.

“Hi..” I responded.

“Err.. Hey mate. How are you?” Harry said, unsure of what was going on.

“Not much Mate. I’m ahh, going to go into my room.”

“Uhh, righto lad.” Harry said a little confused.

“What was all that about?”

“Nothing.” I said peeling the carrots.

“That wasn’t nothing. You didn’t even look at him..”

“I rang Casey this morning…”

“What’s she got to do with Dallas?” He looked at me all confused.

“Well when I rang, I was talking to her, and then someone was talking in the back ground..” “anddd?”

“And it was Dallas. Dallas and Casey have been sleeping together, and didn’t tell me. My best friend, has been sleeping with my brother…”

“So.. I don’t see what the problem is?” he asked.. I just looked at him a little angry.

“You don’t see the problem? Harry, My best friend and Brother have been sleeping together, for god knows how long, and they couldn’t even tell me!” I said raising my voice a little.

“Oh.. Sorry.” Harry said

“Sorry for raising my voice too.” I replied feeling bad.

I finished organizing tea, and decided to go for a run.

I went and changed into my leggings, and a t-shirt, I grabbed my iPhone, and ear phones, I then yelled out,

“I’ll be back in halfa, I’m going for a run!”

I walked out the front door, plugged my earphones into my phone, put them in my ears, put my phone in my arm pocket, and left for a run.

Harry’s POV

I could see what the big deal about Dallas, and Casey was.

Delilah made it a bit bigger then it was though.

So they’re sleeping together, but I guess they could have told her.

I walked into the lounge room, to see Dallas on the phone and the boys on the floor playing.

“I better go Babe. I’ll call you later tonight.. Don’t stress, she’ll come around.”

He hung up and turned to me. “Harry, what do I do?” He sighed. “My sister hates me..”

“She doesn’t hate you. She’s just upset that you didn’t tell her. Lad, you’re sleeping with her bestfriend, what did you expect was going to happen?”

“Yeah, I guess. She wont talk to me..”

“Give her some space. You’ll know when it’s a good time to chat.”

“Thanks Harry. You’re good for her. I know you’ve only been around almost a week, but use two seem to be perfect. She seems happy, and she deserves it. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for her.”

“Don’t worry Dall, I’ll look after her.” I smiled as I walked into the kitchen for a drink.

Xander followed me into the kitchen and jumped up onto the bench stool.


“Yes buddy?”

“When do you leave?”

“Uhh.. Not for another week buddy. Why is that?”

“Mums been really happy with you here, and I like when mums happy.” He said half smiling at me.

“Your mums always happy though.. isn’t she?” I asked a little confused.

“Only when you came.. she used to be really be happy, sometimes, but not as happy as she is when you came.” He said looking at me a little sad.

“Oh..” I wasn’t sure what to say back to him. “I like your mum being happy too Xandy.”

“Do you have to leave?”

“I’m sorry, but yes. I do have too. But I will most defiantly come back whenever I can.”

“Why do you have too?” he said playing with the pen on the bench.

“Because there is a lot of people depending on me, and we can’t make them upset can we now..” I said helping him of the stool.

“I guess not.” He said sighing.


Dallas’ POV

‘Baby, I think we might have to take a couple of days apart, just until I can talk to Deli.

I still want to see you, but she’s my sister, and she’s my number one priority.

I hope you understand.

Dallas. Xoxo’


I had to do it. Delilah is more important. I just hope that Casey understands, and doesn’t hate me for it.

My phone buzzed, and I opened it up.

‘Dall, I understand.

I just hope Delilah understands that we are more then just a fling.

Talk to you later baby.

I love you. Case. Xo’


‘I love you too. xo’


Phew! She understands. That’s one bit of weight of my shoulders for now.

I sat on my bed just listening to the radio, and all of a sudden my door opens.


“Dallas..” she said looking at her feet. “I’m sorry I over reacted.”

“No I’m sorry.” I said getting up off the bed. “I should have told you. I just didn’t think you’d be too happy. Like I mean, your brother and best friend..”

“I’m happy that you are happy Dally. Even if it is with my best friend. Just don’t ruin it. Because if you have a falling out with her, it’ll be hard on me too!”

“I love her Deli…”

“You love her?” She said looking at me in a little shock.

“Yeah, I love her.” I said smiling a little.

“I’ve told her that too.”

“Oh Dally!” She said throwing her arms around me for a hug.

“Thanks for understanding..” I said wrapping my arms around her.

We hugged and then she turned around for the door and said,

“I better get dinner cooking.”

“Yeah, you better. It’s already 6.” I said glancing at my watch.

She laughed, and left the room.

I decided I’d better text Casey, and let her know that everything went good.

 'Case, Deli and I have worked things out.

I think you should talk to her soon, and then hopefully everything will be okay.

I told her I loved you.

She was happy.

Love you baby.

Dall. Xoxo’

Hopefully Deli is just as forgiving to Casey as she was to me.

‘Babe, That’s good.

Deli and I will work it out.

We always work things out.

I glad she was happy.

Love you too baby. Xoxo’

Delilah’s POV

Dallas is in love. Who would have thought? I am happy for him though.

I just wish they’d have told me before I found out the way I did.

Casey is meant to be my best friend, she’s supposed to tell me everything.

I got changed out of my running gear, and walked into the lounge room to find Harry sitting on the floor playing cars with the boys. It was so adorable.

I got my phone out and took a couple of quick photos.

Harry noticed I was standing there, got up and came over to me.

“Hello beautiful. How was your run?” he said giving me a sneaky peck on the lips.

“It was good. I love going for runs. It helps clear my mind.” I reply. “I better get dinner cooking.” I say looking up at him.

“I’ll keep playing with the boys.” He says winking at me.

I just smile and walk into the kitchen.

I put dinner on grabbed a wine glass, and had a glass of wine.

I stood and just watch Harry, Xav, and Xandy play.

Harry was great with the boys and they boys loved Harry.

*Half and hour later*

“Dinners ready!” I yell out while I finish plating up.

“Yuuuum!” Xavier yelled when he grabbed his plate.

“Mm! My favorite!” Dallas said.

We sat in the living room eating our dinner.

It felt like a real family dinner.

My brother was home, the boys were there, and Harry was there. It was perfect.

I just sat in silence just listening to the conversations that the boys were having.

I was just taking it all in.

We finished dinner, and went and sat in the lounge room and watched TV for a while.

Harry, Xavier, and I sat on the couch, and Harry put his arm around me, and Dallas and Xander, sat on the lazy boy.

Dallas noticed that Harry had his arm around me, and smirked a little. I just smiled, and looked back at the TV.

“Well, I’m going to head to bed. C’mon boys, I’ll tuck you in.” Dallas said getting up.

“Oh, Thanks Dally.” I said helping Xavier up.

“Night mummy” Xavier said giving me a kiss and cuddle.

“Night baby.”

'Goodnight Mum.” Xander said also coming up and giving me a kiss and a cuddle.

“Night Harry.” Xander said giving Harry a hug.

“Oh.. Night lad.” He said.

The boys left for bed and it was just Harry and I sitting there.

“I wasn’t expecting that at all..” he said looking down at me.

"Xander has become very fond of you Harry." I said looking back at him.

"He doesn't want you too leave.."


"Yeah. He likes having you around. It's not like he has a father, and having Dallas around isn't the same. You've been the only guy who's been around. You've lived with us for a week and half now, normally its just me and the boys."

"I love the boys. They're amazing..  Delilah?"

"Yeah?" I said

"Can I ask you something?"


"Where is Xander's, and Xavier's Father?"

Those words. Something I never wanted to hear.

"Uhh.. He's.. Just not around anymore." I said a little shakey.

"I'm sorry if I upset you Deli." he said comforting me.

"You didn't upset me Harry. The reason that the boys father isn't around is more is because.. is because he used to bash me." I said as a tear trickled down the size of my face.

"What?" Harry said sitting up in shock.

"I started going out with a 18 year old guy,7-8 years ago, his name was Josh Denton." I said as a few more tears fell down my face.. "Harry, you're the first person I've ever actually told about this.."

"Oh Delilah, you don't have to tell me.."

"Its okay.. I was in love. Young, in love, and stupid. I thought Josh was my one and only, My knight in shinning armor. But really, he wasn't. The first time he hit me, I came home from school, and he asked me where I'd been all day. I told him I was at school where I normally was.. He said the way I was talking was uncalled for, and hit me. I was in a little bit of shock, but brushed it off. A few weeks later he hit me again, and knocked me to the ground, and kicked me a couple of times. All because I wouldn't have sex with him. This continued for months, I didn't tell anyone because he said if I told someone, he'd kill me. I became pregnant with my first. He was so happy that I was pregnant. I thought he'd never hit me again. Boy was I wrong." I started crying so much more..

Harry sat there listening.

"He beat me several times putting me in hospital. He told the nurses that I fell down the stairs.. We didn't have stairs. They brought it. The next time I was 32 weeks pregnant. He pushed me through a glass table. My neighbor heard the glass break and came over to check to see if everything was okay. He actually thought no one was home, and someone was breaking into the house. He knocked on the door, and just walked in, like he normally did. He seen me pasted out on the broken glass on the floor. He took me to hospital. I later had a Baby girl Laetitia Ann. She died shortly after. I lost my baby girl, you'd think I'd leave him wouldn't you. But I didn't. I left hospital alone that a couple of days later. The jerk couldn't even come and get me after our baby had died. I rang him, and he said he was busy. I called my neighbor to come get me. That's when He asked what had happened. He realized what was going on, but couldn't convince me too leave. Josh continued to beat me."

By now I was crying my eyes out. Harry continued to comfort me, not sure of what else to do. I just continued.

"When I found out I was pregnant again, I was so scared. I was excited, but so scared of what Josh would do. I told Josh I was pregnant, and he hugged me. He went out and brought heaps of things, he was so excited. I told him we were having twins, and he was over the moon. He didn't beat me for weeks. I thought he'd changed completely, and that I'd have a lovely little family. I was sitting on the couch watching TV as I was 35 weeks, he came home early, and wanted to have sex. I couldn't do it. I just flat out said no. I really should have said yes. He threw me on the ground and kicked me. As I was getting up he had gotten a knife. I was begging him not too, nothing I said stopped him."

I lifted up my shirt showing Harry the scar on my stomach.

"He stabbed me. I was so lucky, and so were the boys. My neighbor heard me screaming, and came over. Josh had left out the back door. Xavier has a small scar on himself, but that's all. We were all so lucky. I decided that was it. I couldn't handle losing one of my boys. What if he had started beating them? He went to jail, but I couldn't stay in town. I left, and Casey and her family came with me. They helped me out so much. I don't know what I would have done without them."

I finally stopped crying, and Harry was still hugging me whipping away my tears.

"I'm so sorry Delilah. I would never hurt you. I promise. What do the boys say about having no dad?"

"I know that Harry. Its just so hard for me to trust after I 'loved' him. They often ask why they don't have a dad, but other kids do. I just say that their daddy was a bad man, and hurt mummy. They just nod, and continue on with their life like nothing." I said slightly smiling. "I'm so happy that I told you Harry. It's good to get it off my chest, and that I've actually told someone. With Dallas, Casey, and her family knowing, it wasn't the same as this. Thanks for listening."

"I will always listen Delilah!" Harry said kissing my forehead.

Harry and I sat there for about half an hour watching 'The Bump' (Music show). I turned to Harry and said

"I'm tired, lets go to bed?" Harry agreed and we walked down the hall, I opened my bedroom door, and harry gave me a kiss, and started to walk to the spare room.

"Where are you going?" I asked him

"To bed?" he looked a little confused.

"Are you not staying with me tonight?"

"Oh.. I didn't know I could." He smiled, while walking towards me. I pulled my shirt off, and put Dads ACDC shirt on, and pulled my pants off, Harry just took his Pants, and shirt off, and hopped into bed like it was his.

I slipped into bed, and Harry looked at me, he pulled me closer, and started kissing me.

I could kiss Harry forever. His lips were so soft. We seemed to fit perfectly together.

Harry pulled away, and pecked me one more time, before sliding down, so that we were spooning.

He wrapped his arms around me, and that's where we laid for the rest of the night..

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