You're My One and Only.(Completed)

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2014
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Delilah Rhodes, is a 19 year old single mother, she has had a troubled past that only her best friend, best friends family, and brother know about. Her father died, she didn't know who her mother was, and her brother was always away with the army. Read and see what happens when Delilah meets one very special guy in a night club. Will it all be smooth sailing, or will something break them? Will it all end happily ever after?


10. See you soon.

Harry’s POV

“Harry..” she said in shock.

“I love you Delilah.” I said looking up to her.

“I love you too.” She said kissing me.

“It’s beautiful!” I grabbed it out of the box, and put it on for her. “Thank you baby.” She said jumping on me kissing me.

“Well I don’t have to leave until later tonight, want to stay here a bit longer?” I asked.

“Yes! I want to spend every last second I can with you.” She said hoping back onto the blankets. “You know Xander is worried that you’ll forget about us. He came in and spoke to me when I was in the shower yesterday.”

“I would never forget any of use. Use are my everything now.” I said kissing her forehead. We laid on the shore cuddling, and carrying on for ages.

“Let’s go for another swim?” she said jumping up dropping the blanket.

“Let’s go!” I yelled jumping up, and running into the water. “I could get used to this. Coming here every day to swim.”

“Oddly enough, it’s warm during winter too.” She laughed splashing me with water.

“Oh you’re dead now!” I said running after her splashing.

We splashed around for ages, we had so much fun. She splashed me one more time, and I ran after her, tackling her under the water.

We came up laughing, and we walked back onto the shore getting dry and dressed. Delilah put her bikini on, and I just put my shorts on, and then we sat down on the blankets. I climbed on top of her, wrapping my arms around her and I started kissing her.

“One more time baby.” I chuckled, a low, throaty sound that vibrated through her neck as I kissed the spot just under her ear. I loosened my grip, turned her to face mine and carefully placed her arms around my neck.

I leaned in, Delilah’s gaze so full of heated passion that I nearly melted right then and there. When my lips met hers, she couldn't stop the trembling that shivered through her body.

She hung on tightly as I nibbled at her lips, barely registering my fingers at the waistband of her bikini bottoms. Then my hand was inside her bikini bottoms.

Delilah’s POV

Harry’s rough fingertips circling my sensitive spot as he pushed my bikini bottoms off my hips. He put one finger in me, then another, catching my moan, as he kissed me.

I slid my hands down over his chest, my fingers out lining his muscles all the way to the clasp of his shorts.

I undid them, nibbling along his neckline as I reached inside, wrapping my hand around him. He was big, smooth, and oh-so-hard against my palm as I stroked him, base to tip.

I groaned as he slid his fingers in, out, in and out again. He grabbed hold of me tightly with one arm while he pushed his shorts down, and kicked them out of the way with his feet. He grabbed him self and in one long, smooth thrust he was in side of me..

I dropped my head back, my body thrumming with the intensity of unexpected emotion. I felt his lips on my chest, moving up my collarbone and over my neck, on the tip of my chin.

I lifted my head, eyes closed as I waited to feel his mouth against mine once more.

"Open your eyes, Delilah," he breathed, and I did, slowly, afraid of what I would see.

His pulsed inside me as I met his gaze, shocked at the intensity staring back at her. I felt tears spilling slowly down my cheeks as he stilled, waiting. The request was so formal, and yet so primal. He was claiming me.

"I'm yours," I whispered against his lips.

He leant forward crushing his lips on mine. He began to move within me, sending spirals of pleasure rushing through my body giving me shivers.

I let my eyes close again, giving myself over completely to the feel of his lips moving down my neck, his body locked tightly to mine.

I felt whole, as some part of him. Moving with him, I matched his movements as I gave myself over to passion.

Harry’s POV

Delilah’s body tightened as my thrusts came faster, more insistent.

The tension wound stronger, exploding out from her core with a shocking intensity as she felt me come inside her.

Then she was floating, all of the tension draining away as she collapsed in my arms.

I hugged her against my chest, kissed her neck and then laid down beside her. He pulled his clothes together, then got her shorts, bending over and holding them for her to step in.

“I don’t want you to leave Harry.” She said as a few more tears fell down her face. “I want more days, and nights like this was.”

“We will, when I come back. I promise baby.” I said kissing her. “We should probably get going soon. It’s starting to get a bit cold.”

“Yeah.. You need to spend a little bit of time with Xander, and Xavier, they’ll miss you heaps too.” She said standing up putting her bikini, and dress back on.

We started packing up the blankets, pillows, and everything.

“I’ll be back in just a sec, I’m going to call our car.” I said grabbing my phone out of my jeans pocket.

‘Hey, its Harry..

Yeah, we’re ready to come home now…

25 minutes?..

No worries…

Thanks lad.'

I walked back to where Delilah was, I walked up behind her, and wrapped my arms around her waist.

“I love you so much Delilah.” I said kissing her.

“I love you too Harry. I never thought I’d find someone.” She said looking up at me.

We finished packing up, and put everything together near the track.

We walked back down to the lake shore, and sat in the sand.

“I’ll never forget this Harry.” She said looking out over the lake.

“Either will I. It was amazing!” I added.

We sat there in silence, it was beautiful.


I turned around looking up the path, and seen our car.

“Car’s here.” I said standing up, and putting my hand out to help Delilah up.

She took it, and we started walking to the car.

We got to the car, and Delilah turned around one more time.

“My safe place.” She said before getting into the car.

I just put my arm around her, smiled, and we drove of down the track. It was a silent drive home.

I think because we know that tonight is going to be our last night together for a while. We got to the house, and jumped out. We walked up the foot path to the door.

Delilah stopped in front of me and turned around.

“Thank you Harry, I love you so much. Don’t forget that. I want this to work.”

“I love you too.” I said putting my arms around her. “I will do whatever I can to make the distance work.” I said hugging her.

“C’mon, lets go.” I said putting my hand on the door handle.

I opened the door, and there was all the rose petals that were there for last night.

I had totally forgot I told the guys to leave them there.

“What is this?” she asked smiling.

“Well last night I had planned to come home, but well we stayed out instead, which worked out so much better anyway.” I said smiling too.

“Harry, this looks amazing.” She said walking down the rose petal path into the bed room. Everyone did an amazing job.

“Wow!” She said as I followed her into her room.

She walked into the bathroom, and seen all the petals in the bath ready to be filled, and all the candles around the path ready to be lit.

“I’ll have a bath later, and think of you” She winked.

“I’m glad you liked it.” I said kissing her neck. “Lets go see the others.” I said grabbing her hand and walked out into the lounge room.

“Your back!” Louis Yelled jumping up from the floor.

“Yeaah. Well we have to leave in an hour don’t we?” I joked.

“Yes! I thought you’d never come back.” He laughed.

“Oh trust me, I thought about it!” I laughed too. “You guys did an amazing job!” I sat sitting on the lazy boy, with Delilah sitting on my lap.

“Anything for our little Harry.” Zayn winked.

Just as I was about to answer Zayn, Casey, Dallas, and the twins came into the lounge.


”Hey my beautiful boys! Did you have a good night?” She asked kissing them both.

“Yes! Granny Johnston let us have ice cream before dinner.” Xander said with a massive grin.

“Did she now? Do I need to tell Granny Johnston off for giving you dessert before dinner?” She asked with a serious face.

“No, it wont happen again. Promise!” Xavier said laughing.

“Alright. Go play boys.” she laughed.

“Delilah! We need to talk! Now!” Casey said grabbing her arm and pulling her off me as she hurried of down to Delilah’s room.

“I can’t thank you guys enough! It was a perfect night..” I said thanking them again.

Delilah’s POV

“Tell me EVERYTHING!” Casey said as we sat on my bed.

“Casey, It couldn’t have been anymore perfect!” I said with a massive smile. “Thank you for helping Harry!” I said putting my arms around Casey.

“Anything for my bestfriend.” She said hugging me back.

“So. Did you.. You know?” She winked.

“Of course!” I laughed giving her a gentle shove. “Twice actually!” I added.

“Twice! God! It was so amazing. It was so romantic! The whole night and day was romantic!” I said lying back on my bed looking at the roof.

Casey did the same.

“He gave me this too.” I said rolling over on my stomach.

“He gave you that Necklace?” She asked shocked.

“Yes! How beautiful is it!”

“WOW! You’re so lucky!” She said grabbing it to have a closer look.

My necklace was a beautiful silver heart locket, with small diamonds detailing it. When you opened it, it had a small photo of Harry in it.

“I love him.. I really do..” I said rolling back onto my back.

“I can see that..” She laughed. We laid on the bed for ages.

I laid there playing with my necklace.

Casey and I could sit in a room in silence, and it felt like it was the most amazing conversation we’d ever had. I loved it.

“C’mon, we better go back out.” I said getting up and grabbing her hand pulling her up with me. I wrapped my arm around her waist, and we walked down the hall.

I sat back down on Harry’s lap, and Casey went and sat on Dallas’ lap too.

We hung out for about half an hour, talking, and laughing, and then Preston walked in.

“Lad’s, I’m sorry to say this, but it’s time to go.” I looked at Harry a little upset.

He stood up, lifting me up too.

“I’m going to miss you. Everything about you. I love you more then life itself.” He said kissing me.

It was a really long kiss. Knowing it would be our last for months. He put me down, and I turned around to the others.

Casey, Dallas, and the twins were saying goodbye too Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Preston.

I walked up to Preston and gave him a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you for your hospitality, and for letting me stay in your lovely home. You have a beautiful family.” He said giving me a hug, and a kiss too.

“I would love to meet your Family one day Preston, you and your family are always welcome here.” I said looking up to him and smiling.

“Thank you Delilah.” He said smiling.

I walked over to Liam.

“Liam, thanks for coming, and letting me in on a few little details that I miss.” I winked.

“Thank you for letting us stay here. I had an amazing time.” He said. “And if you ever need me, here is my number, ring me any time.” He said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Next was Niall.

“Thanks for all the food! You are always welcome to visit. Just bring food.” He winked.

“Always Niall, I won’t forget it.” I laughed.

“Thanks for helping out.”

“Anytime.” He said.

I walked over to Louis.

“Louis, Thank you for everything. You’re an amazing friend to Harry. The boys love you as well. They have so much fun with you these past two days.”

“I had so much with them too! He said picking me up giving me a bear hug. He let me down, and I walked over to Zayn.

“Zayn, you’ve been very quiet, but you’ve been amazing.”

“Xander calls you his tough uncle Zaynie.” He laughed.

“Thanks for letting us stay in your lovely home. You have been amazing.” He said giving me a hug and a kiss also.

We all walked to the front door.

“Thank you for everything Delilah.” Liam said.

“You guys are always welcome here, any time.” I said. “I might need to get a bungalow, or a couple of caravans in the back yard for use all though..” I added laughing, making everyone laugh too.

The guys all walked out the door followed by Dallas, Casey, Xander, and Xavier, except for Harry, he stayed behind.

“I love you with all my heart. You’ve been the most amazing person. I had the best time with you the past two weeks. I’ll ring you when we get to Melbourne.” He said.

A tear started to fall down my cheek.

“Please don’t cry baby.” He said cupping my face whipping away the tear with his Thumb.

“Goodbye Harry.” I said.

“Don’t say goodbye. Goodbye means never seeing you again. This is just a see you later, Catchya soon.” He said making me laugh.

“Catchya soon babe.” I said giving him a kiss.

We were interrupted by Preston walking back into the house.

“I’m Sorry Harry, and Delilah, But we have to go now..” He said looking at me with an apologetic look.

We walked outside, and to the mini van. We stood at the door, and kiss one more time.

“I love you Delilah.”

”I love you too Harry” I added.

Harry got into the van. Xander came up, and I picked him up, and Xavier stood beside me.

“Bye Harry” I said as they pulled away. I started to wave, to Harry and the guys. So did everyone else.

“I love you” I mouthed to Harry. We walked inside, and Just sat on the couch.

“Well.. That was an interesting two weeks.” Dallas said smiling to me.

“You can say that again.” I added. “I’m going to lay down. I said as I got up and walked to my room. I put Dads shirt on, and laid in bed to think. All I could smell was Harry. It made me cry.

I grabbed my ipod from the draw, and put my ear phones in. I unlock it, and go to my music. I noticed an album called ‘Harry’ I opened it up, and there was song like:

- Heart skips a beat – Olly Murs

- As long as you love me – Justin Bieber

- Just the way you are – Bruno Mars

- Long Distance – Bruno Mars

- Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

- Little Things – One Direction

- The way you make me feel – Michael Jackson

- Hey there Delilah –Plain White Tees

- When you say nothing at all – Ronan Keating

- Smile – Uncle Kracker

- You belong with me – Taylor Swift

and then there was one at the very bottom that was called ‘Harry Styles.’

I put it on, and it was Harry talking. He was saying things like I love you so much Delilah. Listen to these songs, to know how I feel about you, in case you start to forget. I put the songs on shuffle, and just listened.

I ended up falling asleep to ‘Hey there Delilah’.

“Delilah! Wake up!” I opened my eye’s and there stood Harry.

“What are you doing here?” I said sitting up in shock. "You’re meant to be on your way back to Melbourne!” I said hugging him.

“I couldn’t leave. I’m sorry. I love you too much.”

“Oh Harry! I love you too. But you have to leave. What about your Tour?” I asked.

“You’re more important.” He said kissing me.

Harry sat on the bed beside me, and we hugged for ages.

“I found the songs.” I said looking up at him smiling.

“I thought you’d like that.” He said smiling.

Harry and I laid down in bed, hugging and Harry starting singing ‘Hey There Delilah

‘Hey there Delilah

what's it like in New York City,

I'm a thousand miles away,

But girl tonight you look so pretty,

yes you do,

Times Square can't shine as bright as you,

I swear it's true,


Hey there Delilah

don't you worry about the distance,

I'm right there if you get lonely,

give this song another listen,

Close your eyes,

listen to my voice it's my disguise,

I'm by your side,


Oh it's what you do to me,

Oh it's what you do to me,

Oh it's what you do to me,

Oh it's what you do to me,

What you do to me.’


I ended up falling asleep again in Harry’s arms.

I woke up again, and rolled over expecting Harry to be there.

I rolled over, and he was gone. I sat up in a rush.

“Harry?” I called out. “Harry!” I said a little louder.

I got up and walked out into the lounge room.

No one was there. It was all just a dream?

I grabbed my necklace, and held onto it as I sat on the couch putting the TV on.

“Teen Sensation Harry Styles has been spotted back Melbourne with the rest of his band after being M.I.A for two weeks. Where has he been you might ask? It hasn’t been conformed but we believe he was in a small town called Warrnambool, with this young girl.”

There was a photo of me come up on the screen.

“Girlfriend? A short fling? No one but Harry, knows. We’ll let you know if we have anything else on Harry, and this girl.”

Really? Nothing better to report on. I watched the rest of the news and then my phone rang.

“Harry!” I said smiling.

“Hey beautiful. How are you?” He said.

“s only been four hours.

“It feels like forever though, I know.” He said.

“You were just on the news...”

“Really? What for?”

“Just saying you’ve been M.I.A for two weeks, and that you’ve been here for all that time, and there was a photo of me on there too. They were wondering if we were going out or if it was just a fling..” I said.

“Well we know it wasn’t just a fling.” He laughed.

Harry and I spoke on the phone for nearly two hours.

While I was still on the phone, Xavier, Xander, and Dallas came home.

“The boys are home babe, I have to go. I love you.” I said.

“Okay love. I love you.”

And I hung up.

“Hey my favorite boys. How are you?” I said looking at Xavier and Xander.

“Was that Harry?” Xander asked.

“Yeah baby. Whys that?”

“I miss him already.” He said.

“I miss him already too baby.”

“He’ll ring tomorrow okay.” I said giving Xander a hug.

The boys and I sat on the couch watching Home and Away, until Dallas Called saying dinner was ready.

It was home made spaghetti. Dallas made it just like Dad used too.

“Yum!” I said scoffing some.

“How are you Deli?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” I said looking up at him with a mouthful.

I finished dinner, watched a little bit more tv, and then went to bed around 9:00pm.

I text Harry.

‘I’m going to sleep baby.

I love you more then you know.’

I got a message back straight away.

‘I’ll ring you in a minute.’

Harry rang, and he was talking to me for ages.

“I’m going to sing for you.” He said.

“What are you going to sing?” I asked.

“Hey There Delilah?” he asked.

“Perfect.” I answered.

I laid down, and Harry started singing.

'Hey there Delilah

what's it like in New York City,

I'm a thousand miles away,

But girl tonight you look so pretty,

yes you do,

Times Square can't shine as bright as you,

I swear it's true,


Hey there Delilah

don't you worry about the distance,

I'm right there if you get lonely

give this song another listen,

Close your eyes,

listen to my voice it's my disguise,

I'm by your side,


Oh it's what you do to me,

Oh it's what you do to me,

Oh it's what you do to me,

Oh it's what you do to me,

What you do to me


Hey there Delilah,

I know times are getting hard,

But just believe me girl,

someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar,

We'll have it good,

we'll have the life we knew we would,

My word is good. '


I ended up falling sleep before he could finish, I have the most amazing Boyfriend.

The next few weeks went by so fast. Harry rang every night, and skyped every second night. The twins loved it.

Dallas would ring Harry every so often to catch up on all the Goss. It was good. But it was so hard on me.

I missed Harry so much; the press would always be saying things on the news about if I was still in the picture, then there’d be things like photos of Harry talking to another girl.

Harry said they were just fans or something like that.

I believed Harry, I trusted him. I had too.

But it was getting harder and harder every day.

“I can’t do this anymore!” I said to myself.

It’s getting to hard. I love Harry, but I hate this distance. It’s not working. I can’t do this.

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