You're My One and Only.(Completed)

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2014
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Delilah Rhodes, is a 19 year old single mother, she has had a troubled past that only her best friend, best friends family, and brother know about. Her father died, she didn't know who her mother was, and her brother was always away with the army. Read and see what happens when Delilah meets one very special guy in a night club. Will it all be smooth sailing, or will something break them? Will it all end happily ever after?


7. He really loves you.


“What on earth?” I said confused, as I whipped my face, and running my hand through my hair…

“So.. Can we come in, or do we have to stay out here in the cold?”

“Oh .. Uhh.. Yeah..” I said. I was still so confused

“Nice to see you put a shirt on Harry, when you answer the door..”

“Well, Niall, How often do people turn up at a house at 7:30 in the morning? Not many people.” I said laughing at him.

"So, Harry.. Where’s this lovely girl that’s got everyone questioning why our little Harry’s M.I.A?"

“Oh, She’s still in bed. So just be quiet. We’ll let her..” But before I could finish Louis ran off down the hall opening every door, until her found her.

“Oh hello lovely lady!”

"Louis!” I whispered, but yelled. “I said don’t wake her!” I said as I walked to the door way. Louis ran into the room, and jumped on the bed.

“Louis!” I said as I got to the door.

“It’s alright Harry, I’m awake..”

“Yeah, but you’re.. ahh.. Never mind..” I cut myself of realizing she had put her shirt on.

“Ahh.. Guys, this is Delilah, my girlfriend.”

“Use are going out? Harry! Why didn’t you tell me!” Louis said getting up and stomping his foot.

“Louis, it only happened yesterday.. Delilah, that’s Louis, This is Niall, Zayn, and Liam.." I said pointing at them as they popped their heads around the door.

“Nice to meet you love.” Niall said giving her a wave.

“Nice to meet you too. Nice to meet you all actually. My best friends going to be so jealous, that all of One Direction, are in my house!” She laughed. “I bet use are all hungry?” She said getting out of bed.

The guys jaws dropped open, and just stared because she had no pants on..

“Guys!” I said clicking my fingers. They all snapped out of it, and looked back at me..

“Ahh.. Yeahh. We are!” Liam said.

“I’m starving! I feel like I could eat a horse!” Niall said rubbing his stomach.

“Sorry Niall, I don’t have an horse in my fridge, I do have bacon though.” Deli said laughing.

We walked out into the lounge room, and Delilah went into the kitchen to make breakfast.

“She's pretty Harry.” Zayn said giving me a smile.

“Yeah, she seems nice too..” Liam added.

“She’s amazing!” I said smiling like a mad man. “Anyway, off the topic of Deli, How did use even find me? And why are you here? I said looking at each of them.

“Well we rang Preston yesterday, he told us where you were, and we wanted to meet this girl of yours. You’ve been here a week and a half, and we haven’t heard from you until yesterday. We still have a couple of days until we have to head back to Melbourne, so we thought we’d come visit.” Liam said.

“Do the paps know where you are?” I asked looking at them a little worried.

“No, they think we’re still at the hotel in Melbourne.” Zayn laughed.

Delilah’s POV

I woke up and I was naked. I rolled over, and Harry wasn’t there.

Then I heard voices heading towards the bedroom door. I quickly grabbed my shirt off the floor, and put it on, just in time too, I’d just slipped it on, and my door flung open, and Louis stood there. It shocked me a little. One Direction was in my house!

I know I wasn’t talking to Casey, but she’s my bestfriend! After the guys went into the lounge room, I grabbed my phone and started to text her.

‘Casey! I know we haven’t really been talking, but I’m sorry I over reacted.

I love you, and you’re my bestfriend!

I’m happy that you and Dallas are together too!

Also, you are not going to believe this!


I woke up to Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam in my bedroom doorway!
You have too come over later! Deli Xoxox’

I put the phone down, and started making breakfast for everyone.

I made pancakes, bacon and eggs, hash browns, some toast, and cut up some fruit, and put it into a bowl.

I went into the dining room, and set the table.

I felt like I was feeding an army with the amount of food I was cooking.

I was just lucky that my dining table was an eight seater.

I finished setting the table and went back into the kitchen and finished up cooking.

I put everything on the table, and got some juice out of the cupboards.

“Guys, Breakfast is ready.” I yelled from the dining room.

“Oh” Zayn said.

“My” Louis said

“God!” Niall said finishing it off.

Harry just laughed at them.

“I’ll go get Preston..” I said heading out the back, he was out the back on the phone. As I got to the back door, he was off his phone.

“Preston, breakfast is ready.” I said as he turned around.

“Oh, thanks Delilah.” He said smiling.

Preston followed me into the dining room, and we sat down.

I sat down next to Louis, and across from Harry.

We started eating, and talking.

Getting to know each other basically.

It was a good breakfast.

“We are defiantly coming back here more often!” Niall said filling his mouth with food.
I got to know the guys really well. We were sitting there talking, and I took a sip of my juice, and Louis turned to me and said “What is that!?" Pointing at my neck. Oh god! I totally forgot about the hickey Harry gave me last night.

“Oh.. Uhm..” Before I could even say anything more, Louis yelled out “It’s a hickey isn’t it! Harry you sly dog!” he said pointing at Harry and giving him a wink.

I cold feel my face burning up, and I just put m face down, and finished of my breakfast. After we finished breakfast we sat there just talking and carrying on, and I heard the front door.

Just as I was about to get up, Xander came running into the dining room. He came around the corner, and stopped in his tracks.

“Xander, it’s alright mate, these are Harry’s friends.” I said as he slowly came over and sat on my knee, just staring at the guys. Xavier and Dallas came around the corner next. Dallas looked a little shocked when he seen the dining table full of guys.

“Brothers?” Liam asked.

“Well, Dallas is my brother, But these two little ones are mine. This is Xander, and that is Xavier.” I said pointing over to Xavier.

“Did I miss something?” Dallas said jokingly.

“Dallas, these are the rest of my band. This is Niall, that’s Liam, at the end there is Zayn, and over there is Louis.” Harry said pointing at the guys.

“Lads, this is Dallas, Delilah’s Brother.”

“Nice to meet you lad.” Niall said getting up and shaking Dallas’ hand.

“You too mate.” Dallas replied.

We went into the lounge room, and just hung out watching movies until around 11:00.

Louis was on the floor playing with Xavier and Xander, Harry and Zayn were either side of me, Liam was on the lazy boy, Preston was on the other lazy boy, and Dallas was sitting in the bean bag.

“I was thinking about having a BBQ for lunch. Is everyone okay with that?” I asked looking around at everyone.

“Yeah! Sounds yum!” Louis piped up.

“Mm! I could go a nice juicey steak!” Niall said.

“I haven’t had a BBQ in ages! Zayn said looking at me.

“I’ll give you a hand with it..” Liam said giving me a smile.

“Alright. Sounds like we’re having a BBQ for lunch then!” I said getting up, and walking into the kitchen followed by Liam.

“What can I do?” He asked.

“Uhh.. You can cut up some onions if you would like?” I said.

“Happily.” He smiled.

Liam and I started getting things ready for the BBQ and Lim started talking to me about Harry.

“You know Delilah; I’ve never seen Harry so happy. You can see that he really likes you. I’ve never actually seen him look at anyone, the way he looks at you.” He said looking at me giving me a smile.

“Oh really?” I said a little shocked. “But he has been with lots of other girls hasn’t he?” I asked.

“He’s had a couple of girlfriends, but he’s not really the type to sleep around. The press makes it seem like he’s the biggest ladies man, but he’s not really.”


“You’re the only girl I’ve ever seen him really serious about. You can see it in his eyes that he loves you.” Liam said smiling.

“I love him too. Like I’ve never loved anyone else.” I said smiling back to Liam.

I thought I’d invite Casey over for lunch as well. So I got my phone out and gave her a call.

“Hey baby cakes! I said.

“What are you doing?.. Nothing, well come over for lunch! I know you want too!.. I know there’s someone here who does want to see you, plus there’s four others I’d like you too meet.. Yes the guys from One Direction. Just come over already! Alright.. See ya soon!”

and I hung up. We finished up getting lunch ready, and I headed outside.

“Dallas, Can you whip the table down please.”

“Yeah, sure.” He said.

“Xavier, Xander, please clean your toys up of the veranda, we don’t want anyone falling over and hurting themselves, or breaking your toys.” I said looking at the boys.

“Okay Mummy!” They both said running off to clean their toys up.

I started cooking the BBQ and Niall came up.

“Here, let me cook that love. You cooked up breakfast.” He said. That Irish accent was incredible.

“Alright, you’ve persuaded me.” I laughed handing Niall the tongs.

I headed back inside to grab a couple of beers.

“Anyone want a beer?” I asked walking out with a couple of beers.

“Yes please!” Niall said a little overly keen.

“Please.” Liam said with a smile,

“Thanks.” Zayn said taking one.

“Cheers!” Louis said in a cheery tone

“Thanks Baby.” Harry said giving me a kiss.

“No thanks Delilah. I shouldn’t. I’m working. Thank you for offering though.” Preston answered.

“Yep! I’ll have one!” Dallas said.

“Well I have to go inside to get another one. I ran out of hands to carry them all.” I said walking back inside. As I walked in side, the door bell went off.

I answered the door, and it was Casey.

“Casey! You were quick!” I laughed.

“Well, you’ve got 6 sexy guys in your house, what do you expect!” She laughed.

“Well hands of Harry, He’s taken.” I said winking to her.

“No way!” She said. “Good job!” she said following me to the kitchen. “So have you.. You know?” She asked.. I turned to her and pulled down the hoodie, so she could see my hickey.

“Ohhh! Delilah! How was he? Was he amazing? Wait.. He was your first since…”

“Yeah.. He was” I said cutting her off.

“He waited. He was amazing, and I love him.”

“Oh Deli! I’m so happy for you!” she said hugging me.

“I’m glad your finally happy!”

“Thanks. You need to talk to Dallas too, I know use haven’t seen each other since.. well since my little episode the other day. You need to sort things out.” I said grabbing three more beers out of the fridge.

“I know.. It was hard. We didn’t want to upset you.” She said.

"Beer?” I offered, she nodded taking the beer.

“I know, and I’m sorry. I am so happy that Dallas is happy though. He needs something to look forward to coming home too when he leaves, other then me of course.” I said winking as I walked out the back. We stepped out the back door, and all the guys stopped, and looked at us.

“Have I got something on my face?” I said whipping my face.

Everyone laugh. “No.”

“Casey?” Dallas said.

“Hey baby..” She said walking up to him giving him a hug and a kiss.

“I’ve missed you.” He said.

“I’ve missed you too.”

“Lunch is ready!” Niall yelled. We sat down and ate lunch.

“Niall, You did well.” I said looking at him.

“Why thank you!” he said smiling.

We ate lunch, and everyone got up and started doing their own things.

Casey and Dallas went up to the corner of the yard, and hung out on the chair swing, Zayn and Louis played basketball with Xavier and Xander, Liam and Niall brought their laptop out, and were sitting doing a twit cam for the fans, Preston was on the phone to his family, and Harry and I sat on the outside couch cuddling, and watching everyone.

“It’s such a lovely day.” I said to Harry.

“Yeah, its beautiful.” He said.

“Sorry that the guys just showed up, I had no idea.”

“No, its fine. The boys love it, and I’ve been having a good time getting to know them.” I said sitting up and looking at Harry.

“Harry, I love you.” I said giving him a peck on the lips.

“I love you too beautiful.” He said moving the strand of hair out of my face and putting it behind my ear.

We hung outside for the rest of the afternoon.

It was around 4:00pm and Harry sat up to talk to the guys.

“So guys, Where are you staying?” Harry asked.

“Well ahh.. We kind of thought you were staying in a hotel, and that we’d just stay with you, but we ended up here, so we never booked anything..” Liam said.

Niall and Him had finished their twit cam and were just going through their twitters replying to fans.

“Oh..” Harry said looking down to me..

“We’ll that’s fine with me guys, but I only have the sofa bed, and some blow up mattresses..” I said looking at them.

“Shot gun the couch!” Zayn said from the back of the yard.

“Well I only have a double bed blow up mattress, and a single bed one.. So someone has to share..”

“Niall and I can share.” Liam said putting his arm around Niall.

“Well that’s that settled then” I said getting up.
“I’ll just get everything out of the shed.” I walked off and got everything set up for the guys. It started to get really cold, and the every one came in.

“Want to want a movie fellas?” Dallas asked.

“Yeah sure!” Zayn said.

“I’ll Pick!” Liam said from behind everyone.

“Liam, we know what you’d pick!” Niall said laughing.

“Well there’s kids around too..” He said back to Niall.

“I guess. Toy Story it is then.” Zayn said.

“I love Toy Story!" Xander said Putting his hand up for a high five to Liam, Which he high fived him.

“Sorry Dallas, You can pick next.” Louis said giving him a pat on the back.

“I’ll order some Chinese then shall I?” Dallas said heading for the kitchen.

“Sounds good!”

We got out Chinese, and watched toy story, Xander and Xavier we cuddled up on the floor with Zayn and Liam. It was so adorable.

I grabbed my phone out and took a quick picture.

We put the boys to bed, and we watched the rest of Toy Story.

“Alright! Lets watch Grease now!” Louis said.

“Yes! Lets” Niall agreed.

“I’ll get some pop corn then shall I?” I said getting up. I cooked up all some pop corn, and we watched grease.

Once grease finished, I started to get up.

“Well, It’s been a lovely day guys, but I’m going to head to bed now.” I said stepping over feet.

Harry’s POV

“Yeah, I’m going to bed as well.” I said getting up and following Delilah.

“Night guys.” She said turning around to them.

“Goodnight Delilah, Thanks for everything today!” Zayn said.

“Yeah thanks. You’ve been good to us!” Liam added.

“Thanks for all the food too!” Niall said as everyone laugh.

“Night lads.” I said.

Delilah slipped her shirt on, and hopped into bed, as I came out of the bathroom taking my shirt and pants off.

“I had a really fun day today Harry” Delilah said cuddling up to me as I got into bed.

“Yeah, I did too.” I said.

“The guys have been good today.”

“I’m going to miss you Harry.” She said sitting up.

“Delilah?” I said “Yeah, she said looking at me.

“Come with me? Bring the boys. Come on tour with me for the rest of the way?” I said. “The boys would love it. They’d be well looked after, and if you need we can get a tutor for them. I just don’t want to leave you..”


“Please come with me Delilah..”

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