You're My One and Only.(Completed)

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2014
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Delilah Rhodes, is a 19 year old single mother, she has had a troubled past that only her best friend, best friends family, and brother know about. Her father died, she didn't know who her mother was, and her brother was always away with the army. Read and see what happens when Delilah meets one very special guy in a night club. Will it all be smooth sailing, or will something break them? Will it all end happily ever after?


24. Day 1.

Louis’ POV

Everyone had gone to bed by 11:30, except for Lauren and myself, we were sitting on the couch playing the xbox still.

“I’m tired. I think I’m going to head to bed..” Lauren said stretching her arms and yawing.

“Yeah, I think I might too..” I agreed.

We got up, I turned the xbox and TV off, and Lauren wondered off towards the room. I switched off the lights off, and followed her in.

Lauren was standing there with no shirt on, and only shorts on. She was such a beautiful girl. One day she will make someone very lucky!

I smiled to myself and dropped my pants, and took my shirt off. Lauren put a pair of shorts, and a singlet on, and jumped into bed. I climbed up behind her. I pulled the blankets up over us, put my arms around her, and fell asleep with her in my arms. Her hair smelt like apples, it was amazing.

Liam’s POV

Bekah and I went to bed not long after Niall and Kate. I jumped into bed beside Bekah.

She was fast asleep. She was so beautiful when she slept. I laid awake for a while just watching her.

I was so lucky to have her, and lucky she agreed to come on tour with me. I’ve been feeling pretty bad for Harry these past couple of days. We all have someone except for him. Zayn may not have someone with him, but he has a girlfriend.. When Dallas took the twins back to Australia with him, Harry was pretty cut. He loved those boys as much as he loved Delilah. Now he has a massive house just for himself. I don’t think he even knows what he’s going to do with it.

I shook my head, and ran my hand through my hair. God I think too much when I’m trying to sleep! I sighed and rolled over wrapping my arm around Bekah.

I finally fell asleep shortly after. I woke up to Bekah climbing over me to get out of bed. I grabbed her, rolled over and pinned her down on the bed.

“Liam!” She laughed.

“Yes?” I asked kissing her neck.

“Get off! I need to pee..”

“Never!” I joked.

“Liaaaam!” She said trying to push me off.

“No. You’re mine.. All mine..” I laughed.

“Liiiaaam!” she giggled trying to roll over.

I was too strong for her and held her down, I leant forward and kissed her. She stopped fighting me, and kissed me back.

All of a sudden, she shoved me off, and I fell off the bed onto the floor, and she jumped up, and ran off to the bathroom. I chased after her, but she just bet me locking the door behind her. I knocked on the door and said

“I’ll get you when you come out!”

“Then I’ll never leave!” She yelled back.

“I know where the key for the bathroom is!” I laughed.

“You wouldn’t!” She said all serious.

“I would!” I added.

“Nooooo..” She wined.

“Yeeeeees..” I laughed.

“Just let me pee first.. Then I’ll be right out..”

“Two minutes..” I laughed.

“Alright, alright..” She laughed.

I stood at the door and waited for her to open it. As soon as she opened it I ran in grabbing her closing the door behind me, and started tickling her.

“I’m not ticklish Liam..” She laughed.

“As if.. If you weren’t ticklish, you wouldn’t be squirming.. But you are.” I laughed.

“Okay I lied.. I am.. Please stop!” She said trying to push my arms away from her.

“Nope!” She leant forward and started kissing me.

That was my weakness, and she knew it. I didn’t stop though. She had the most amazing kisses.

We stood up, still kissing, she broke out of the kiss and gave me a shove making me fall back into the bath tub, she quickly turned the cold water tap on letting the water run over me. It was freezing!

Before she had the chance to run away, I grabbed her hand pulling her in on top of me under the water. I held on to her tight as she tried to wriggle out of my arms.

“Alright! I give up! You win!” She said

“Promise..?” I laughed.

“I promise!” I let her go and she stood up.

She turned around holding her hand out for me to grab. She helped me up. I looked her straight in the eyes, and leant forward until our noses touched. I moved my head just a little bit more and our lips finally touched.

The cold water was still flowing down over our bodies, so I pulled out of the kiss and turned the hot water on. I turned back to Bekah and continued kissing her. We stood in the shower for a little bit longer, and then all of a sudden the bathroom door flew open.

“Ohh. Uhh.. Sorry guy’s.. I just needed to pee..” Kate said

“Oh.. It’s okay, we were leaving..” Bekah laughed.

“I’ll come back in a minute..” Kate laughed closing the door behind her.

Bekah and I cracked up laughing.

“I love you Liam..” She said.

“I love you too Bekah..” I smiled.

I turned the taps off as Bekah got out of the tub.

She took of her clothes grabbing a towel that was hanging on the hooks. She wrapped it around herself, and grabbed the other towel.

“Here..” She said throwing me the towel.

“Thanks babe..” I smiled.

I pulled my shirt and shorts off and wrapped the towel around my waist. We walked out of the bathroom and into the living area, and just our luck, everyone was up.

“Well, well, well.. What do we have here? Aren’t you supposed to be the mature one?” Louis laughed.

“More mature then you Louis!” I laughed.

“What were you two love birds doing?” Zayn asked.

“Fighting..” I said still laughing.

“Well that looks like it would have been fun fighting..” Niall joked.

“I want to do fight like that.. Kaaate?” He added.

“Never in your dreams!” Kate yelled from the bathroom.

We all cracked up laughing. Poor Niall.

Bekah and I walked of to the room to dry off. Bekah grabbed out a pair of skinny jeans, and a blue t-shirt to wear. She also grabbed her high tops to wear as well. I grabbed out a pair of jeans, and just my flannie shirt.

The bus had stopped for our first concert tonight, so we had the day to prepare, and practice, and do whatever. Straight after tonight’s concert, we have to be back on the road again for out next concert tomorrow night.

Lauren and Bekah were real keen skateboarders, so they brought their boards with them, to have a skate when they could.

As we walked out of the room, Bekah grabbed her board.

“I’m just having a quick skate..” She smiled walking out the bus door.

“I’ll come too.. I’ll just have a quick shower..” Lauren yelled.

Lauren ran of to the bathroom and came back out shortly after in just a towel, and made a mad dash for the room. About two minutes later she came out of the room dressed, and with her board. She just ran straight out the door, after Bekah.

Louis’ POV

Bekah and Lauren had gone outside to skate board, so I thought I’d do it too. I had a quick shower after Lauren, and got dressed into a pair of shorts, and a t'shirt. I grabbed my board, and went out to the living area.

”I’m going outside too..” I said walking out.

Our bus was parked in a quiet spot, and no fans were around yet. It was also early, so we weren’t expecting anyone to be around just yet. Preston followed me out just in case though. He stood by the bus just keeping an eye out as Bekah, Lauren and I skated around.

Paul came out about ten minutes later, and left in the range rover. The others came out not long after Paul left, and got the chairs and things out to chill on. We basically set up a camp site, for a day.. Zayn was on the phone to Perrie, yet again. We will be seeing them in like two day’s, so they’re pretty excited to see each other. They haven’t for so long!

Liam, Niall, and Kate were chilling around a table chatting away, and then there was Harry sitting over by himself on his phone.

Ever since Delilah.. Well you know.. He’s kept pretty much to himself. I’m his best mate, But I don’t know what to do, or say. I’m worried I’ll do or say something wrong, and he’ll hate me. Good friend I am aye! I pulled out my phone, and made a call while still skating around.

“Hey man..” I said.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“Oh.. We’ll be there tomorrow... Reckon we can meet up?”

“Alright.. Cheers lad.”

I said as I hung up. I put my phone back in my pocket and looked over to Lauren. She was looking at me, so I gave her a smile. She smiled back. She had such a beautiful smile.. I thought to myself. I put my head down, and smiled to myself.

Paul came back, and called out to me as he got out of the car.

“Louis, come give me a hand will you?” I got off my board, and wondered over to see what he wanted. He handed me two bags.

“Here.. Take these over to the others..” He said grabbing more out of the back seat.

I walked over, with Paul close behind and I put the bags on the table in the middle of everyone.

“What’s this?” Zayn asked.

“I got Maccas for breakfast..” He laughed.

“Oh yes!” Niall cheered as he went through the bag and grabbed out some things.

Paul got coffees, juice, pancakes, egg and bacon muffins, hash browns, a few other things. It was a massive feed. There was double the amount of what we really needed. We dug in, and ate what we could.

Preston took what was left and shoved it in the fridge, for later. I’m sure Niall will get hungry later, I thought. We were all sitting around still finishing what we had, and chatting away. It was like a family breakfast. I liked these sorts of things.

I pulled out my phone, and started going through twitter. ‘I love @onedirection so much! I’m your biggest fan.. Follow me??????’ ‘Keen to see @onedirection tonight. @harrystyles you’re my favorite. Xoxo’ were just a couple of the tweets I seen. Oh how I love our fans.

While looking through Paul started talking.

“Now lads, we have our first concert tonight, and have to go to rehearsals in about an hour.. So go get ready, and do whatever you have to do..”

We all got up, and went off to do whatever we all had to do. I kept skate boarding with Lauren.

Rebekah’s POV

After we had breakfast Kate and I walked back into the bus and chilled out on the couch.

“Want to do some shopping?” I asked.

“Sure! Sounds like fun!” Kate agreed.

“I’ll go ask Lauren..” I smiled getting up off the couch.

Lauren was still outside with Louis. I opened up the door, and went to step out. I looked out and saw Louis holding Lauren in his arms. He was pulling her in really closely. He leant forward, and their noses touched. He moved his head a little more, and their lips were touching. THEY WERE KISSING! OH MY GOD! I started freaking out. I started screaming and jumping up and down with excitement.

They heard, and pulled away from each other and looked to me in shock.

“Ahh..’ Louis said stepping away from Lauren. Lauren walked over to me leaving Louis behind and pulled me back onto the bus.

“Lauren! You were just kissing Louis!” I said.

“Shh!” she said putting her finger to her mouth.

“What?” I asked a little confused.

“Don’t tell anyone..” She whispered.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Because he and Eleanor only broke up two days ago, I think he’s just missing her. It’s not like he likes me or anything.. and it wasn't a real kiss..” she sighed. “Promise me you wont say anything at all..”

“I promise..” I said.

Lauren turned away to walk into the room, and turned back to look at me.

“Why were you coming out anyway?” She asked.

“Oh. Kate and I are going to do a little shopping.. Want to come?”

“Of course!” She agreed.

She went of to the room, and I sat back down beside Kate.

Laurens POV

I kissed Louis., kind off. Yeah, it was amazing, but it doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal. I think he just misses Eleanor, that’s why he wanted me on tour with him and that’s why he kissed me. I’m so confused. I do really like him, but I don’t want to be his rebound.. I sat on the edge of our bed for a bit just thinking. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I don’t want say anything to him because he might tell me to go home, or something. I don’t want to leave.. I think I’ll just push my feelings aside, and become best friends with him..

I slid off the bed, and walked back out to the living area where Kate, and Bekah were sitting.

“When are we going?” I asked.

“Ah.. In a few minutes?” Kate said.

“Yeah! Sounds like a plan!” Bekah agreed.

We all got up, and went around to get our wallets, phones, and whatever else we needed.

The guys were all getting dressed, and showered and what not to go to rehearsals. We left before the guys got a chance to even realize we weren’t coming with them.

Preston gave us a lift to the shopping centre, and went back to the bus. There were people everywhere! It was crazy!

We went of to a few shops, brought a couple of things like jumpers, shirts, dresses, shorts, and that sort of thing. We tried on a heap of ridiculous things as well and took heaps of photos putting them on instagram, and twitter.

It was around 12:30 and we were starving.

“Let’s go to that café over there..” Kate said pointing at a café.

We walked over and order some drinks, and some food. We were sitting around chatting away and a little girl came over with her mum.

“Hello..” She smiled.

“Hello..” Bekah said.

“You're Liam Payne's girlfriend aren’t you?” She asked.

“ah.. I sure am..” Bekah smiled.

“Can I have a photo?”

“You sure can..” Bekah agreed.

Bekah pulled her up to sit on her knee for the photo. Her mum took a quick photo, and the little girl got of her knee.

“Hello..” She said turning to Kate.

“Hello..” Kate smiled.

“I’m Frankie..” She smiled.

“I’m Kate.” Kate said to her.

“You’re Niall’s girlfriend aren’t you?”

“Uh.. What makes you think that?” Kate asked

“You look like the girl Niall has been with, and you’re really pretty, Niall likes pretty girls..” She smiled.

“Oh thank you..” Kate said going a little red.

“Can you keep a secret?” Kate whispered leaning down close to her.

“Yes!” She nodded.

“I am Niall’s girlfriend.. But you can’t tell anyone..”

“I won’t. I promise!” she said jumping up and down. “Niall’s my favorite..” She said

“Oh really?” Kate asked.

“Yes.. Can I have a photo with you too?” She asked.

“Of course you can..” Kate helped her up onto her knee, and her mum took a photo.

Kate’s POV

Frankie’s Mum took a photo, and I grabbed out my phone. I unlocked it, and dialed Niall’s number. Hopefully they weren’t busy.


“Hey babe.” I said.

“What’s wrong?” Niall asked a little worried.

“Nothings wrong. I have a little girl here who would like to talk to you..” I smiled looking down to Frankie.

“Oh really?” He asked.

“Yes, her names Frankie, and she’s a fan of One Direction, but you’re her favorite.” I said.

Frankie’s face light up. I handed the phone to Frankie.

Niall’s POV

“Hello Frankie..” I smiled.

“Hello..” She said really shyly.

“How are you?” I asked.

“I’m good..”

“That’s good..” I said.

“What are you doing tonight?” I asked.

“Uhm.. Nothing..” She said.

“Not coming to my concert tonight?”

“No.. We didn’t get tickets in time..” She said sounding a little upset.

“Would you like to go?” I asked.

“Yes..” She said

“Well, how about I give you two VIP tickets?” I asked.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes really..” She started crying.

“Come back to the bus with Kate, and I’ll give you the tickets..” I said.

She was still crying.

“Well Frankie, I have to go now, I have to practice for tonight. I’ll see you later..” I said.

“Bye Niall..” She said.

“See you later love.” I said and then hung up.

Kate’s POV

Frankie handed my phone back to me with tears running down her face. She was so adorable.

“Mum! Niall is giving me ticket to go to his concert tonight!” She said all excited.

“Really honey?” her mum asked.

“Yes! We have to go with Kate back to the bus to get VIP tickets..” She was so excited!

Lauren and Bekah weren’t ready to go yet, but I was, so Frankie, and her Mum gave me a lift back to the bus. We got back to the bus, and the guys were sitting out the side on the chairs eating some lunch.

I hopped out and walked over to Niall giving him a kiss.

“Hey beautiful..” he said with a smile.

Frankie was close behind me, and she wondered over and stood behind me.

“Frankie, this is Niall..” I said

“Hello love.” Niall said squatting down to her level.

“Hello..” She said all shyly.

“Would you like to meet the others?” Niall asked her.

She nodded, and he walked over and grabbed hold of her hand.

“Lads, this is Frankie, she will be at our concert tonight..” Niall said.

“Hello Frankie.. I’m Louis..” Louis said jumping up.

She laughed at him. She walked over to Louis, and he gave her a hug, she walked over to Liam next.

“Hello Liam..” She smiled.

“Hello love.” He smiled giving her a hug as well. She walked over to Zayn, and gave him a hug also.

“Hello..” He smiled putting his arms around her. She wondered over to Harry who was sitting alone in the corner.

“Hello Harry..” She smiled.

“Hello Frankie..” He half smiled.

She climbed up on him and he put his arm around her.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I’m good. You look sad Harry..” She said.

“I am a little bit sad Frankie.”

“Why?” She asked.

“Because my girlfriend has gone to be with the angels..” He said.

“Will she be back?” She asked.

“Unfortunately not Frankie.”

“Oh no..” She sighed. She gave him a massive hug an then looked to him. “You will get to see her again one day Harry..” She smiled jumping of his knee and running back to Niall.

Harry got up and walked into the bus. Frankie hung out with us until the guys had to go back to the arena for more rehearsals. Niall gave her the tickets, and her Mum and her left shortly after.

The guys went back to rehearsals leaving me alone in the bus. I went in and sat on the couch and watched some TV, and going through twitter on my phone. I was just chilling out eating a bag of chips watching a movie, and then I heard someone trying to get into the bus.. I thought maybe it was just the guys back or something, so I didn’t move from the couch. A few seconds later the door flew open and in ran three girls.

“Ahh.. How can I help you?” I asked jumping up.

“oh.. uh.. Isn’t this One Direction's tour bus?” one of them asked.

“No..” I lied. “And even if it was, you have no right what so ever to break into their bus!” I said a little angry.

One of the girls was looking around the bus, and then turned to me.

“This is One Direction's bus..” She said.

“No it's not..” I said.

“Yes it is.. That’s Harry’s beanie, and that’s Louis’ skateboard..” the girl said.

“No, they’re my boyfriends..” I lied again.

“We don’t believe you..” One of the other girls said.

“Hey! You’re the girl Niall’s been hiding away..” One of them said.

“What? No I’m not..” I said

“Yes you are..” They said walking closer to me.

One grabbed out her phone, and took a photo of me.

“Hey!” I said. “Get of my bus!” I said starting to get angry.

“Or what? You’re here all alone..”

“And your tiny..” One of the girls laughed.

“What you think because I’m little I can’t defend myself?” I laughed.

Just as one of the girls started walking towards me, the bus door opened, and in walked Preston.

“Preston!” I said

“Girls.. What are you doing in here?” Preston asked.

“They broke in!” I said.

“Oh.. Well come on girls! You’re lucky we don’t call the police..” Preston said grabbing two of their arms, and gently shoving them out of the door.

“Told you it was One Direction’s bus!” One of them said as the got pushed out the door.

They were gone, and I went back to my bag of chips, and the TV. Five minutes later I thought they were back again, as someone was trying to get in, but I’d locked the door.

“Hello?” I heard someone yell out and then knock on the door.

“Kate? Are you in there?” I jumped up, and ran over and unlocked the door.

It was Bekah and Lauren.

“Hey.. Why was the door locked?” Bekah asked.

“Three girls broke into the bus about five minutes ago..” I said.

“Oh.. Are you okay?” Lauren asked a little worried.

“Yeah I’m fine, Preston got here and kicked them out..” I laughed.

The girls and I hung out for the rest of the afternoon, and Preston stayed with us just in case they came back.

I thought being our first night on the trip, I’d cook us a family dinner. Preston told me that everyone wouldn’t be back until around 4:30, So I decided to head down to the supermarket, and get a few things, and Bekah and Lauren went to the arena to see the guys. The bus didn’t have a lot, was mostly junk food. I grabbed what I could, with some table decorations and went back to the bus. I decided that we’d have roast lamb and roast vege.

I got back to the bus, and started getting the roast ready and shoved it in the oven. I started prepping the vegetables, and set them aside to be cooked a little later.

I grabbed out a new table cloth, and threw it over the table, and set it ready for dinner. I went back and started making some dessert. I made tiramisu. Mum’s recipe. She loved it.

It was around 4:00pm and the aroma of the roast lamp was all threw the bus. It smelt amazing. Everything was ready for the guys to come back. So I just went back to the couch, and waited. Right on 4:30, the guys all started piling in threw the bus doors.

“What is that amazing smell?” Zayn asked.

“ROAST LAMB!” Niall yelled from behind everyone.

Everyone just started cracking up laughing at him.

“Yeah, I decided to cook a nice family dinner..” I said.

“Yum!” Niall said giving me a kiss.

“Don’t expect this every night..” I laughed.

Everyone had a laugh, and went about their business. I went and sat at the table, and Niall sat beside me.

“Hey beautiful..” He said giving me another kiss.

“Hey handsome..” I smiled.

“I missed you..” He said with a cheesy smile.

“Niall, it was only a couple of hours..” I laughed.

“I know.. a couple of hours too long..” He laughed.

“You’re so cheesy!” I said giving him a bump with my shoulder.

“Oh tell me you don’t love it..” He said all serious.

“I do love it..” I said with a smirk.

“I love you..” Niall said.

“I love you too..” I said biting my lip.

It wasn’t long and dinner was ready. I plated everything up, and put it on the table, for everyone to help them selves. We sat around the table and ate our dinner, and talked for ages. It was good to just sit and have a nice family dinner. There was just one gap. We all knew what was missing, but nothing was said about it. Dinner was finished, and everyone got up, and put their dirty dishes at the sink.

I started filling the sink up to wash everything, and Liam came over.

“No, you go sit down Kate, You made dinner, sit. The chef doesn’t do the dishes..” He laughed moving me out of the way.

“Fine..” I laughed walking over to Niall who was sitting on the couch with the others. Niall put his arm out, and I sat down with his arm was around my shoulders. He was too busy talking to really acknowledge me, so I just talked to Lauren.

We had half an hour to get ready before the guys had to leave back to the arena for their concert, so us girls got up, and went to get changed. We went through almost all our clothes I think, before we all found what we were going to wear.

I decided to wear my blue skinny jeans, with a with a white singlet that had a black and white picture on the front, with my black leather jacket. Lauren wore a cute little blue skirt with a black long sleeve shirt as well, and Bekah wore blue skinny jeans with rips in them, with a cute little 1D singlet, and a black cardi over the top.

We sat on our bed with little mirrors doing our make up. I just put foundation, eye liner, and mascara on, with a little bit of lip gloss. I went off to the bathroom to curl my hair. I loved having my blonde hair curled. Lauren came in shortly after and started straightening her hair, and Bekah came in as well. She just put it up in a messy bun that actually looked really nice.

When we were finished we walked out and the guys were waiting for us to go. We walked out and all their jaws dropped. Well all except for Harry, he wasn’t even looking.

Niall came up to me and gave me a peck on the lips.

“You look stunning.” He smiled grabbing hold of my hand.

“Thanks..” I smiled.

We gathered up our things, and left for the concert.

We got to the arena, and there were hundreds of girls screaming. It was crazy. We jumped out without anyone noticing, thank god, and ran inside to the green room. A girl came in and told the guys that their support act was going on in five, and to start getting ready to go on soon. They got their ear pieces ready, and their microphones, and they were set. We were sitting around waiting for them to go on stage, and then the lady came back and she had Frankie with her.

“Hello!” She said running in.

“Hello Frankie!” We all said.

She ran over to Niall giving him a massive hug. He pulled her up so she was sitting on his knee.

“Are you excited?” he asked.

“Very!” She said with a massive grin on her face.

“That’s good..” He smiled.

“Are you excited?” She asked.

“Very!” He said with a smile.

Frankie slipped of Niall’s knee and ran around giving everyone a hug, and got a photo with each and every one of the guys, and then she got a group photo with them all. She hung out with us right until it was time for the guys to go out on stage, and us girls walked back out into the audience with her.

I picked Frankie up and put her on my shoulders so she could see better. She was loving it! The atmosphere was incredible. The girls were crazy! We sung along with all the songs, and then during the last song we went back to the green room and waited for them to come off. Frankie said see you to the guys, and they exchanged numbers so she could ring every once in a while, Niall really took a liking to her. He’d make a great dad one day..

We went back to the bus. Everyone was exhausted. We all had our dessert, as we didn’t want it before the show, and then Harry went to bed first, I wasn’t far away with Niall, and Bekah, Liam and Zayn followed, Leaving Louis and Lauren alone in the living area.

Niall and I just spooned until we both fell asleep.

Lauren’s POV

Everyone went to bed, and Louis and I stayed awake in the living area watching some random show on TV. I had my head rested on Louis’ legs, and he had his feet up on the foot rest. Nothing was said, we just laughed at the show for ages.

I turned my head looking up to Louis. He must have got the feeling I was looking at him because he looked down to me and smiled. I just smiled back as well.

He leant forward so our faces were almost touching. I lifted my head just a little more, and we kissed.

It wasn’t just a peck on the lips, it was a real kiss. The kiss seemed to last forever, but it was amazing. There was fire works going off the whole time, I had butterflies fluttering in my stomach. We pulled out of the kiss, and Louis looked at me a smiled again. Nothing was said, we just went back to watching the TV. We finally went to bed about an hour later, and cuddled. I really like him..


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