You're My One and Only.(Completed)

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2014
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Delilah Rhodes, is a 19 year old single mother, she has had a troubled past that only her best friend, best friends family, and brother know about. Her father died, she didn't know who her mother was, and her brother was always away with the army. Read and see what happens when Delilah meets one very special guy in a night club. Will it all be smooth sailing, or will something break them? Will it all end happily ever after?


29. Australia.

Kate’s POV

We’ve been staying at Niall’s Dad, Bobby’s for two weeks now. Niall and his dad are so much alike, and then when Greg, Niall’s brother comes around, they just sit there, and muck around. They’re like three best friends.

Niall’s Dad was a little shocked when he found out that Niall was a dad at just age 20, and when he found out I was only 17, he was even more shocked.

I grew on him though, and now he loves me. I know it’s only been two weeks but Bobby calls me his daughter in-law.

“Ready?” Niall asked walking out of the bedroom.

“Sure am..” I smiled.

I handed Hazel to Niall, and he took her out to the car, and clipped her in as I put the Hazels bag, my bag, and Niall’s bags in the boot, followed by the porter cot, and a few other little things.

I jumped in the front seat, and put my belt on as Niall did the same in the driver’s seat.

“London, here we come..” I laughed. Niall laughed also.

We got to the airport, checked in, and it wasn’t long before we were on our flight. I fell asleep during the flight, and when I woke up, we were at the London airport.

We walked of the plane, and everyone was waiting got the friends and families with little signs.

Niall had sunnies, and a hat on as no one knew that we were going to be here, so we were keeping it all on the down low. Looking around the crowds just to make sure that no one had noticed us, and I seen a sign that said ‘Kate and Niall Cannon’.

I was a little confused, and I looked to see who it was, but I couldn’t really see their face. I turned to Niall as we walked along.

“Niall, there’s someone over there with a sign that say Kate and Niall Cannon..” I whispered.

“Where?” he asked. I half turned and nodded in the direction and he looked.

“I know who that is!” He said taking off towards the person.

Niall threw his free arm around the guy and brought them closer as they wrapped their arms around Niall and Hazel. When I finally caught up with Niall that’s when I realize who it was.


“Harry!” I smiled putting my arms around him and giving him a kiss on the cheek, he did the same, but almost smacked me in the back of the head with the sign.

“What’s with the sign?” I asked.

“Well you don’t want everyone to know you’re here right?” He laughed putting his arm around me as we walked to the baggage carousel.

I grabbed Hazel’s bag and porter cot, and Harry grabbed the other two bags.

“I’ve missed you guys..” he smiled.

“We’ve missed you too.” I smiled.

We put our stuff in the boot of Harry’s car, and Harry walked over to Niall and Hazel.

“How’s my favorite girl?” he said in a kiddy voice.

She just smiled at him. Niall put her in the car seat that Harry had brought, and we drove to Harry’s new place. We pulled up to a small apartment right in the middle of London.

We grabbed our things out of the car, and Harry unlocked the front door letting us in.

“Okay, this is your room..” He smiled pointing to a room.

We walked in and it was a fairly big room, with a queen size bed in the middle with to black bedside tables either side, with a cupboard against a wall, with a shelf beside it with a TV on top of it.

On the shelf was a few photos of the boys on stage, and one of us all on he tour bus from their last tour along with a couple of little statues.

I put our bags on the bed and pulled out Hazel’s porter cot and set it up against the spare wall, and made her bed.

She was already asleep, so Niall put her straight into her bed with her favorite teddy dog that Harry had gotten her when she was born.

We walked out into the lounge room and had a look around.

There were so many photos on the walls, and on shelving. Photos of Harry and Delilah, the twins, Harry with the boys, Harry with Hazel, and him with his family.

His house looked tiny on the out side, but it was decent size for one.

His lounge room, dining and kitchen were one. His lounge area had one three seated couch, as well as two lazy boys, a small coffee table in the middle, and a big flat screen TV on a shelf in front of everything. Among the photos were things from the guys past tours from different countries. It felt really homey.

“Harry, how have you been?” I asked

“I’ve been good. Visited Mum and Dad, brought this place, and the things for it It was good.” He smiled walking to the fridge.

“Beer?” He asked.

“Please..” I nodded.

“Yeah, thanks lad..” Niall said.

“Oh how was the family?” he added

“They’re good.” Harry smiled handing us a beer each. “Yours?” He asked.

“Oh great.. Dad loved Hazel..” Niall smiled.

“I bet he did..” Harry also laughed.

We sat around with Harry for a while, Hazel woke up, and I gave her a bottle, and then put her on the floor to play.

“So how long are you staying?” Harry asked.

“Uhh.. We’re not 100%, we’re actually looking at a place here.” Niall smiled.

“Oh really?” Harry asked a little happy.

“Yeah.. Kate wants to be closer with her family as well, and mine are only a short flight away, and all the lads are close here, so its works.” Niall said.

“There’s a three bedroom house down the road for sale..” Harry said as he talked with his hands.

“Oh really? We might take a look..” I smiled.

“I’m heading to Australia on Wednesday as well..” Harry said looking over to me.

“That’s three days away..” I said.

“Yeah.. I booked the flight yesterday.. it’s been one year since.. since Delilah’s disappearance..” Harry sighed.

“Oh.. already?” I sighed.

He just slightly nodded.

“I want to come..” I said as he looked up to me, and nodded again.

I looked to Niall, and he gave a slight smiled, and nodded in agreement.

Dinner came around, and Harry made some fried rice. I gave him a hand, and we ate. We finished dinner, and watch a movie.

The movie finished around 10:30, and we all went to bed. Hazel was already asleep, so Niall and I snuck into the room, and slipped into bed.

I woke up around 7:30am, to Hazel crying.

I got up, fixed her a bottle, and feed her. She fell back asleep, so I put her back into bed.

I turned the TV on, and went into the kitchen and made myself a cappuccino. Harry had a machine.

I went back to the lounge, and watched a bit of the morning news.

At around 8:30, I went to the fridge, to see what food Harry had. I seen some bacon and eggs, I pulled it out, cut the bacon, and beat up a bowl of eggs. I poured the eggs into a pan and started scrambling them, I then put the bacon in another pan, and put some toast on. I got three plates out, and made three cappuccinos.

It didn’t take much longer and Niall and Harry were dragging themselves out of the rooms.

I walked to the table, and put the coffees on the table. I finished cooking the bacon and eggs, and plated them up, and carried the three plates to the table and set them in front of the boys.

“Mmm..” Niall groaned as he smelt the air above his plate.

I sat down beside him, and started eating.

“This is so good..” Harry smiled as he shoved a fork full into his mouth.

“Visit anytime..” He winked and laughed.

I laughed and finished what was I my mouth.

“What time are we going to the real estate?” I asked.

“10?” he asked.

I just nodded and finished my breakfast. I left the table and put my plate in the sink. I walked off leaving the boys at the table. I went to my room and Hazel was still fast asleep.

I grabbed a pair of blue skinny jeans, and a hoodie out of my bag, along with my bra and undies, and walked to the bathroom. I jumped in the shower, and started to wash my hair.

Niall’s POV

Kate left Harry and I at the table, and a few minutes later I heard the shower start.

“How you holing up Harry?” I asked

“I have my bad days..” He admitted. “I used to think that when people said it got easier that they were just bull shitting, but it as got a little easier. It just took longer then I’d hoped..” He sighed

“I’m sorry for that Harry..” I sighed.

“It’s not your fault Niall..” He half smiled.

“You will find someone, but she’ll never replace Delilah.” I said with confidence. He nodded. “Kate and I will come to Australia with you..” I smiled.

“You don’t have too..” he said looking to me.

“We do, and Kate wants to go anyway.”

“Thanks Niall..” He smiled getting up and taking our plates to the kitchen.

“Do you want to come house hunting with us today?” I asked taking a sip of my coffee.

“Nah, I’m going to see Liam and Zayn..” He smiled. “Thanks though..”

“Alright..” I said walking into the bedroom.

Hazel was awake when I walked into the bedroom, so I got her up, and played with her on our bed.

Kate came in a few minutes later and sat on her side of the bed and started playing with her as well. I stood up, and went to my bag.

“I’m going to have a shower..” I said grabbing out some things and throwing them on the bed.

“okay..” Kate said as she played with Hazel.

I had a quick shower, and wrapped the towel around my waist and walked back to the room. Kate and Hazel were still on the bed playing.

I dropped my towel and put on a pair of jocks followed by a pair of beige skinny jeans, I grabbed a white t-shirt, and slipped it over my head. I ran my hand through my hair, and I was set.

10:00 came around fast, and Kate and I were getting in Harry’s spare car.

“Alright, we’ll see you tonight then Harry..” I waved as we drove away.

We got to the real-estate agents office and they showed us a couple of options. We liked a couple of them, but we were also interested in the house down from Harry’s.

“Uh.. We’re also interested in a certain house..” Kate smiled.

She told the agent where it was and he brought it up on the screen. Kate’s smile got bigger.

“Can we look at that house also today please?” I asked.

“Uh..” He started as he typed away at his computer. “Yes, we can. It’s available after 12, so we can look at the other houses first..” He smiled.

“Sound’s good..” I said giving Kate a slight nudge. She looked at me with excitement in her eye.

Kate was looking forward to finally move her things out of her old place. She hadn’t stayed there since I met her. Since the night we meet she’s been with us, me. She kicked him out, but all her things were still there. We went on tour, and things happened so we never actually stayed there.

We left the real estate agent’s office and followed him to our first house. It was a nice house, plenty of space, big yard, nice garden. We looked at a few more houses. They were lovely, we could see ourselves living in them.

We pulled up to the house near Harry’s. The house was big. Not overly big, but a nice size big. We drove up the driveway, and got out of the car. It was a lovely looking house on the outside.

It looked old, but it had been modernized. We walked in the front door, and seen a massive stair case leading up stairs. You could walk down a hallway beside the stairs, go left into a large lounge, or right into an office.

We walked into the office, which had another door into another room. We went back to the lounge room, and there was double doors leading into a dining area. You could go through the dining area and walk back out into the hall way beside the stairs which went into the kitchen. If you continued down the hallway there were a small bathroom and the laundry and a door leading into the back yard. We went back to the stairs and walked up them.

You could walk to your left, or you’re right. First we went right and it lead us to the master bedroom, small ensuite and a small room which looked like a study. We turned around and went back the other side. There were two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

It was a beautiful house! I looked to Kate, whose face was all lit up. We walked back down stairs and out to the back yard. It was a big back yard that was all enclosed by a hedge tree fence. There was a shed down the back of it.

“I really like this house Niall..” Kate smiled.

“Me too..” I said looking back around to the house.

“Let’s get it..” I smiled.

"Really?” Kate asked.

"Really..” I repeated.

“Yay!” Kate yelled jumping up and down and throwing her arms around me.

“We’ll go talk to the agent about the paper work..” I smiled.

We signed the paper work for the house and the agent said we’d get the key’s in a week. I told him that we’d be in Australia, and that we’d pick them up whenever we get back, and he was happy with that.

Seeing as it was only 1:00pm, Kate suggested we got lunch, and had a look at a few furniture shops.

We just got some salad rolls from a bakery and ate at the park. When we finished lunch we went to the closest furniture shop.

We looked at dining settings, couches, TV units, cupboards, beds, and so on. We picked out a few we liked, and put them on layby so we could get delivered when we were moving into our house.

Kate said that we’d go back to her house, and get her things when we also get back from Australia. Seeing as she was only renting it, we didn’t have to worry about selling or anything like that.

Once we were finished looking at furniture we went back to Harry’s. We just walked straight in as the door was unlocked, and Harry was sitting in the lounge room with Bekah, Liam, and Zayn. We all said hello and sat down on the couches.

“How has everyone been?” Bekah asked.

“Oh great..” Kate smiled.

“How’s Hazel been going?” Liam asked.

“Oh she’s growing way too fast..” I laughed.

We sat around talking for about an hour longer; it was good to have a decent catch up with them.

“Where is Lou and Lauren?” Kate asked.

“Ah.. You haven’t heard?” Bekah said.

“Heard what?” I asked.

“Lauren and Lou are.. uh.. taking a break..” Zayn said.

“Oh.. Since when?” Kate asked.

“Ahh.. Well they went to Louis’ family house for a bit, and then to see Laurens family, and then I got a call from Lauren to say they were taking a break. I’m not actually sure why, but Lauren said something about Eleanor giving him a call to catch up or something like that. I couldn’t really hear her..” Bekah said.


“We haven’t seen either of them since then..” Zayn sighed.

“Lauren barely talks to me, or even reply to my messages.” Bekah said.

“We don’t even know what else happened..” Liam said.

“Oh well that’s a bit sad..” Kate sighed.

We just sat there in a bit of silence for a few minutes. It wasn't an awkward silence either.

“So.. I was thinking we go out for dinner?” Harry suggested.

“Sounds like a plan..” Zayn laughed.

“Anyone want to call Louis? Or Lauren?” I asked.

“I’ll do it..” Kate said.

She handed hazel to me, and walked out grabbing her phone from her pocket. We sat there talking for a little bit longer.

We could hear Kate in the adjacent room talking. It sounded like whispers, even though it wasn’t.

A few minutes later she walked back in with a smile on her face.

“Well they’re both coming..” She smiled.

"What?” Harry asked.

"They both said they’d come..” She repeated.

“How’d you do that?” Liam asked.

“I said we were going out for dinner for my birthday..” She winked.

"But it’s not your birthday..” I said confused.

“I know..” She laughed.

“Oh you’re sneaky..” Zayn also laughed.

At 6pm we walked into the restaurant. There were plenty of people in there, but it was quiet. The waitress showed us to our table at the back of the bistro where a big round table was.

“Can I get you drinks to start off?” the waitress asked.

“Uh.. I’ll get a coke please..” Kate asked.

"I’ll get a pot please..” Liam said.

“A pot for me as well thanks..” Harry said looking to her.

“Pot for me too..” Zayn smiled.

“I’ll just get a coke..” I said.

“You can have a beer Niall..” Kate said looking to me.

“Next round..” I smiled.

“I’ll just get 2 vodka and raspberries thanks.. ” Bekah finished.

The waitress left with our order. Louis walked in shortly after and walked over to me.

“Happy Birthday Kate..” He said giving me a kiss on the cheek. Sorry I didn’t get you anything. I ran out of time..” He said.

“Don’t stress Lou..” She smiled.

“Hey lads..” He said half smiling..

He walked around the table and sat in between Harry and Zayn.

“How are you man?” Harry asked.

“I’m alright..” He said.

Not long after that Lauren walked in.

“Hey Kate..” She smiled. “Happy birthday..” She said handing me a card.

“Sorry it’s not much..” She said sitting between Bekah and I, directly opposite Louis.

“Don’t stress..” Kate said.

She was good at this! I thought to myself.

The waitress came back with our drinks and asked Louis if he wanted a drink at all. He just said he wanted a pot of beer as well.

We ordered some dinner, and talked for a while. Lauren and Louis kept pretty quiet and barely looked at each other.

Lauren’s POV

Dinner was really awkward. I just wanted to leave, but I couldn’t really. It was Kate’s birthday.

Louis barely looked at me, but when I took a quick glace at him, and took a quick glance at me also.

I ate dinner in silence, and so did Louis. I’d occasionally say something, but it wasn’t a lot. I loved Louis, but I really didn’t want anything to do with him at the moment. Had a few laughs, and then I was ready to go by 8:30. I’d had enough.

Louis’ POV

It was good to see the guys, and the girls, especially Lauren. I missed her. I kept looking at her when she was laughing, her smiled looked so fake. I just wanted to talk to her. I needed to talk to her. I needed to explain things to her, but she didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say. She didn’t believe me when I tried to tell her everything. She kicked me out of her parents place, and told me that we had to take a break.

Just as Lauren was leaving, I got up to talk to her, and my phone rang. I had to answer it.

“excuse me for a minute..” I said walking outside.

“Hello..” I sighed as I answered the phone.

“Hey baby..” the voice I really never wanted to hear again said.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“You..” She giggled.

“No.. You can’t keep doing this!” I said getting a little angry.

“I can do whatever I want!” She laughed.

“I’m busy.” I said as I was about to hang up.

“Remember what I said.” She said and then hung up.

“Arrrgh!” I said taking a deep breath.

I turned around and walked back into the restaurant and sat back down.

“Everything alright?” Harry whispered.

“Yeah..” I sighed.

"Sure?” He asked.

"Yeah..” I repeated.

It wasn’t longer before we were heading back to Harry’s place for a few more beers. When we got back, Kate put hazel to bed, and came out grabbing a beer that was on the coffee table.

Harry’s POV

“Kate, Niall and I are going to Australia in two days..” I said looking around to everyone.

"Oh how come?” Liam asked.

“See Dallas and the boys..” I said. “It’s been a year on Friday..” I added.

“God already?” Zayn sighed. I just nodded.

“Why don’t we all go?” Liam suggested. “I’m sure the twins would love to see us all..” He said.

“If use want too..” I smiled.

Everyone agreed and I grabbed my laptop so they could book their flights.

Kate’s POV

“Niall, wake up. We slept in!” I said throwing a pillow at him.

“What?” He said rolling over and looking at me as I pulled my shorts on.

“The alarm didn’t go off, we over slept..” I said fixing the button on my shorts.

“Shit!” Niall said jumping out of bed, and pulling on a pair of trackies.

I walked out into the living area and Harry wasn’t even up yet. I ran down to his room, and banged on the door, and then opened it.

“Harry!” I yelled. “Get up! We’ll miss the plane!” I said throwing the closest thing I could find at him, which was a jumper.

He mumbled before dragging himself out of bed.

Luckily we had got everything ready last night so we were pretty much set to go, it was just about making it to the air port on time for the flight.

I walked back to my room and Niall was pulling a t-shirt over his head. His hair was all wet as he’d had a quick shower. Hazel was awake in her cot, so I pulled her out, and put on a pair of bright blue jeggings, and a pink t-shirt.

Niall was running around the room gathering our bags, and running them out to the car.

I heard Harry running down the hall way along the hard wood floors followed by the sound of suitcase wheels dragging on the floor.

I seen him run past the bedroom door, and I walked out and he was grabbing a drink from the fridge and well as his phone from the bench.

“Everyone ready?” Niall yelled from the front door.

“Yep!” Harry yelled from the kitchen as I walked with Hazel to the front door.

“Let’s go..” I smiled as Harry closed and locked the door behind him.

It was a quick drive to the airport, and we just made it for our flight. We seen the others waiting for us, so we caught up with them. We boarded our plane, and took our seats. The things about booking most of the tickets at the very last minute, all our seats were separate. So we were all over the plane.

I looked to Niall who was getting his phone and Ipod out of his pocket.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah.. I am..” I smiled.

I was pretty excited to be going back to Australia for the first time since my family and I moved to London. Once the plane took off, Niall turned his phone and Ipod on and put one ear phone in his ear and handed me the other. I put it in my ear, and we pressed play.

The first song to come on was ‘The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars’. I must have dozed of to sleep when I woke up Niall had Hazel, and we were ten minutes away from the Melbourne airport. I sat up whipped my face with my hands, and had a little stretch.

“How’d you sleep?” Niall laughed.

“Actually really well..” I giggled.

"You snored..” He said still laughing.

"I did not..” I said going all serious.

"You did..” He said.

"I didn’t..”

“You did..”


“If that’s what you think..” He laughed.

We buckled up and the plane landed, once we got off the plane, Niall and I waited for the others to catch up.

We all grabbed most of our luggage, we were just waiting on Niall’s guitar. He took it everywhere! It finally came around and he grabbed it.

Harry had organized a 8 seat car and a car seat for Hazel. We all piled in the car as best we could with 8 bags, Niall’s guitar, and couple of other things.

Now for the four hour drive to Warrnambool! Hazel slept for most of the trip.

We stopped in one small town called Lismore, and grabbed some drinks and food, and then continued the rest of the trip to Warrnambool.

It wasn’t long before we could smell the ocean. We pulled up to Delilah’s house, well Dallas’ house now, and all piled out of the car. We walked up to the front door and Harry knocked.

Casey answered the door.

"Hey guys!” She smiled opening her arms for hugs.

“Harrry!” I heard Xander yelled from in the house.

We all waked in and Xander came running over to Harry and Harry knelt down and opened his arms and gave him a big hug.

Xavier came running out of his room and straight over to Harry also giving him a hug.

“I missed you..” Xander said.

“I miss you too Xander, and you too Xavier..” He smiled.

“Where’s Dallas?” Harry asked standing up with Xander on his hip.

“Ahh.. He was called to go away..” Casey sighed.

“Oh.. How long ago?” He asked.

“Over two months ago..” She said walking into the kitchen.

“How longs he away for?”

“I really don’t know Harry..” She said flicking the kettle on.

We all sat down around the lounge room and caught up with things.

“Use are all staying here right?” Casey asked.

“Oh we can’t do that Casey..” Liam said.

“No I want use too..” she said.

“Harry you can have Delilah’s room if you would like..” Casey said looking to him.

“Uh.. yeah..” He said a little unsure.

“and there’s one other spare room..” She said.

“Niall and Kate should have that, they have a baby..” Liam said before anyone got a chance to say anything.

“Yeah, good idea..” Casey said.

“Thanks..” I smiled.

“I have a couple of mattresses in the shed that the rest of you can use..”

“We’ll get them later..” Louis smiled.

“I’m glad use came..” Casey half smiled.

“Dallas isn’t too happy about missing Delilah’s one year..”

All the guys went out to the back yard to play with the twins, and Niall took Hazel out. I stayed inside with Casey to have a catch up.

Delilah and Casey were my best friends. Yes I was younger then them, but our Dad’s were best mates, so we grew up together.

“How are you holding up babe?” I asked.

“Yeah, okay some days..” Casey sighed.

“How the twins been?” I asked.

"Yeah okay. They asked about Delilah often. I never really know what to say, or how to say it.” She said. I put my arm around her, and we just sat there for a few minutes in silence.

“So! How’s parenting treating you?” She laughed.

“Oh it’s amazing! I wouldn’t change it!” I smiled.

“She’s beautiful Kate!” Casey said turning to me and giving me a smile. I just smiled.

We eventually went out to the back yard, and sat with the others. Xander and Xavier were playing at the basket ball ring, Liam and Bekah were sitting on the chair swing, Harry was playing with the twins, and Louis, Casey, Niall and I were sitting around the table outside, and I was holding Hazel. Casey ordered Pizzas for dinner.

When the pizza arrived we stayed outside and ate. It was a nice night. We had a couple of beers and sat around enjoying each others company.

At 8pm the twins and Hazel were put to bed. We had a few more beers and sat around laughing and chatting. It was a good night.

At around 12:30 after a lot of beers, we finally went to bed.

Harry’s POV

I hadn’t been back in this house since I first stayed here over a year ago. It was weird without Delilah here. I didn’t know how to say no about sleeping in her room.

I was surprise when Casey said it was still her room. I thought they would have moved into it seeing as it was the biggest room in the house and had an ensuite.

Everyone had gone to bed, and I headed for the room. I had my bag in one hand, and my other hand on the door handle. I was a bit hesitant to go in. I took a deep breath, and turned the door handle.

I walked in and all I could smell was Delilah. The smell of vanilla and coconuts lingered. There were clothes over the floor, and her bed was nicely made. I walked around looking at everything on the shelves.

There were a couple of photos of the twins, and Dallas. There was a little bit of dust accumulating, I ran my finger along her tall boy, and it left a line as the dust stuck to my finger.

I walked over to the bedside table and there was a photo sitting there. I picked it up, and whipped some of the dust of the glass. Once the picture was visible, I smiled a little, and then a slight tear fell down my cheek.

It was a photo of Delilah and me when we went shopping the second day we met. I sat on the side of the bed with the photo in my hands, and more tears fell down my cheeks.

I laid back on the bed, and the smell of Delilah became stronger. I put the photo back on the bedside table, and looked around the room. So many memories in this room. I stood back up, took my pants and shirt of letting them fall to the floor, and slipped into the bed.

When I lifted up the doona, there was a t-shirt of mine underneath. I picked it up, and looked at it a little confused. That’s when I realized that it was the shirt I left behind when I was here.

Delilah must have been sleeping with it because it smelt like me. I laughed a little to myself and shoved it under the pillow on the other side of the bed. I rolled over and faced the other side of the bed where Delilah used to lay, and just stared at the bed. I eventually fell asleep.

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