You're My One and Only.(Completed)

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 19 Dec 2014
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Delilah Rhodes, is a 19 year old single mother, she has had a troubled past that only her best friend, best friends family, and brother know about. Her father died, she didn't know who her mother was, and her brother was always away with the army. Read and see what happens when Delilah meets one very special guy in a night club. Will it all be smooth sailing, or will something break them? Will it all end happily ever after?


23. And So The Tour Begins.

Laurens POV

I woke up in Louis arms. I know I really shouldn’t be here but he asked me to stay.. I’m too nice to say no. It was amazing to wake up next to someone, even better that it was Louis Tomlinson.

I’m a huge fan, but I’ve been trying to play it real cool since I meet him. Like just another person. I don’t want to scare him off.

They all go on tour today. It’s been good getting to know them. Hopefully when they come back we can all hang out again. We probably will because Liam and Bekah are official now, and Bekah’s my bestfriend, so I’ll be around.

I giggled to myself. I could hear Louis breathing and every so often it would turn into a snore. I just laid there listening to him for about ten minutes. I couldn’t really move because Louis had his arm wrapped tight around me.

Louis’ snoring stopped and I tired to roll over to face him. I gently lift up his arm, and turned over letting his arm fall back around my waist. He pulled me closer then he really should have, but I didn’t say or do anything.

We were nose to nose. I looked at Louis’ closed eyes. I just stared. His eyes fluttered open all of a sudden giving me a slight fright.

“Sorry..” He giggled.

“It’s okay.” I laughed.

“Thanks for staying..” He said still holding me.

“Anytime..” I smiled.

“You mean it?” He asked.

“Of course.” He just smiled and we laid there for another half an hour.

Being in his arms was so comforting. It felt right. Thing is, I don’t want to be his rebound. He only broke up with Eleanor yesterday! What am I even doing sharing a bed with him? I’m so stupid!

We finally got up. I was wearing Louis’ button up shirt. It was what I wore to bed, with just my undies. We walked out into the kitchen living area, and just sat on the couch to watch some TV. Extra was on when we turned the TV.

“One Directions Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder have called it quits after three years of dating.”

“Seriously.. It only happened yesterday!” Louis said getting a bit angry.

“This comes just after Harry Styles girlfriend Delilah Rhodes went missing in a plane crash two weeks ago. The One Directions lad’s aren’t having a good run with girls at the moment are they? Who will be next?”

“Arggh! I hate the paparazzi! They’re always in our business. We can’t do anything private.” He said standing up.

“I know.. It’ll be go okay. It’ll blow over..” I said putting my arms around him to comfort him. He sighed and put his arms around me as well.

“Will you come on tour with me?” He asked

“What?” I asked a little confused.

“Will you come on tour with me?” He asked again.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I need someone.. and you’ve been good to me..” He smiled.

“Wont people get the wrong idea?”

“There’s nothing going on.. We are just mates..” He said.

“But that’s not what everyone will think.” I sighed.

“Come for the others as well. We need more girls there.. Kate and Bekah aren’t enough..” He smiled.

“Ohhhkaay!” I said finally giving in.

“Yaaay!” He said wrapping his arms around me again.

I just hugged him back and gave a smile. It’ll be fun I reckon! I thought to myself.

“We’re going to be on the Tour bus! So it’ll be fun!” Louis said a little over excited.

“Oh yay! I get to spend the next 11 months with a bunch of smelly messy guys!” I joked.

“Hey! I’m not smelly or messy!” Louis said seriously.

“Louis.. I was joking..” I laughed.

"Oh..” He said laughing as well.

“I have to go home and get all my clothes and things though..” I said pushing him away.

“We’ll buy more on tour.. You wont need much because you’ll go shopping all the time..” Louis said walking to the room.

“I’ll still need some clothes though.. Like things to sleep in and what not..” I said following him.

“You can just sleep in my shirt..” He winked.

“Louis!” I laugh hitting his shoulder.

“Ouch!” He yelled and then started fake crying.

“Really? You expect me to believe that? I have two younger brothers.. They fake injuries all the time..” I laughed walking into the bathroom for a shower.

I had a quick shower and walked back into the bedroom with just a towel on. Louis was just laying on the bed taking a bunch of ridiculous selfies on my phone.

“Hey! Stop filling up my phone..”

“You love it!” He laughed.

I jumped on the bed and tried to grab it off him as best as I could in just a towel.

“Louis! Give me my phone!” I said reaching out to grab it.

“I don’t think so..” He laughed holding it away from me.

“Give it to me Louis!” I yelled

“nah ahh!” He laughed.

I could feel my towel falling off so I got off him and turned around to put my clothes on. I grabbed one of his hoodies, and the pair of my shorts I wore yesterday.

Louis still had my phone and was doing something with it. I finished getting dressed, fixed my hair. I had long brown hair with blonde dip dye. I rubbed my hair with my towel to dry it a bit. I left it out to go naturally wavy.

I ran out of the bathroom and Louis was still on my phone. I tackled him without warning and we fell off the bed with me landing on top of him.

I leant down really close to his face, I could feel his breathing getting heavier. I leant right in so our lips were almost touching. As much as I would have loved to have kissed him right then and there, I knew I couldn’t.

I quickly snatched my phone out of his hand, jumped up off him, and stood over him.

“Hey! That was mean!” He said looking at me with a sad look.

“Oh Lou!” I smiled bending over and patting the side of his face.

He reached out and tried to grab my phone but I was too quick and pulled it away.

“Alright, alright. I’m going to have a shower..” He said getting up off the floor.

“Good.. You smell..” I joked. He just laughed and went of to the bathroom.

I went back out to the kitchen living area, and pour myself an orange juice. I sat down on the couch and decided to check my Instagram and Twitter.

I noticed I had a few notifications on Instagram and Twitter. I check instagram first. I opened it up and seen that there were a bunch on likes and comments on a photo. I opened up the photo and it was a photo of Louis pulling a face.

The caption with the photo was “Oh Louis, I love you so dear. I wish I was as sexy as you. Not hacked by Louis at all.;)”

I just laughed and checked the comments. They were things like ‘Do you have a new girlfriend Louis?’ and ‘God you move on fast Louis..’ and a few other hate comments.

I went to twitter and I had so many more notifications. There was so many tweets. Most of them were hate. There were a couple that were like ‘I hope you’re happy Louis. You deserve it..’ and things like that.

People jump to conclusions so easily. Louis just posted a stupid photo on my account, and everyone is saying that he has a new girlfriend and what not.. Seriously. People do my head in sometimes.. I sighed, locked my phone, and put it in my pocket.

By this time I heard Louis get out of the bathroom. I put my glass on the bench, and Louis walked out of the bedroom wearing shorts, toms, and a striped shirt.

I smiled as he walked out and he gave me a smile as well.

“I have to go home before we leave to get a few things..” I said.

“Want me to come?” He asked.

“If you want too..” I smiled.

“Yeah.. Let’s go now.. I’ll tell the others on the way out..” He said as he grabbed the car keys and walked towards the door.

We walked down the hall and he knocked on Liam and Niall’s room door. Liam answered.

“Lad, Lauren’s coming on tour with us. We are just going back to her place to get a few things..” Louis said.

“No worries lad.. Need security?”

“Ahh.. Yeah. I might. Where’s Preston at?”

“In his room I think..” Liam answered.

“Thanks Lad. See you in an hour..” He smiled before we went off to get Preston.

We got Preston and went to the car and headed for my house. We got there about ten minutes later.

I lived in a small two story house with my Mum, Dad, and two younger brothers. We walked up to the door, and I just walked in, Louis followed close behind, and Preston waited at the door. I walked into the lounge room and yelled

“Honey! I’m home!” Louis just laughed.

“We’re in here..” Mum yelled from the kitchen.

We walked towards the kitchen and found Mum, in the kitchen cooking, my dad at the table reading the news paper, and my brothers on their phones.

Louis’ POV

Laurens house was about ten minutes away from our hotel. We got out and I followed Lauren as she walked straight into the house. We walked into the lunge room and Lauren yelled out

“Honey! I’m home!” I just laughed.

Was something I would say. Someone yelled from another room saying

“We’re in here..” We walked into the kitchen/living area and a lady I take it was Laurens mother, was in the kitchen cooking, and I guess her father, was reading the paper at the table, and her brothers were sitting on their Iphones.

We walked in and Lauren went over to her dad giving him a kiss on the cheek, walked past her brothers messing up their hairs, and they both tried to swat her hand out of the way, and she walked into the kitchen giving her mother a kiss on the cheek as well.

“Hello Mum..” She said.

“Hello Darling. How are you?” She asked.

“I’m good.” Lauren replied.

I was standing in the doorway, and no one had noticed me yet. Her mother turned around and noticed me standing there.

“Oh hello.. Who might you be?” She asked.

“I’m Louis Tomlinson..” I smiled putting my hand out for a hand shake.

Her brothers turned around and looked at me in shock, her father looked up at me giving me the once over.

“Louis Tomlinson? As in One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson?” One of her brothers asked.

“Yeah.. That’s me.” I smiled.

“Hi! I’m James!” One of there brother got up and started shaking my hand.

“Sorry, Louis, That’s James, and Ben..” She said pointing to her brothers. “This is my lovely Dad, Brett, and my Mother Jeanne.” She finished.

“Nice to met you all. I see where Lauren gets her beauty from Mrs. Stacey..” I said smiling to Lauren.

Lauren’s face went bright red and I just smirked. I looked towards her dad and he was just straight faced. There was no emotion there at all. I wasn’t sure what to do.. I just looked away. Mrs. Stacey smirked and also went red.

“Oh Louis..” She said.

“Mum, Dad, I’m going on Tour with Louis, and his band..”

“Oh When?” Mrs. Stacey asked.

“Uhh. We’re leaving today.. In like an hour..” Lauren said.


“I’ve got to get a few things..”

“How long for?” Mr. Stacey asked.

“Uhh.. How long again Louis?” Lauren asked turning to me.

“11 months..” I answered.

“Oh.. That’s a long time Lauren.. What about work and Uni and that sort of thing?” her mother asked a little worried.

“I have some Uni time off, I can still study on the road, and I have some time saved up from work, so I can just have it off..” Lauren said.

“But you don’t have a lot of time.. What about Money Lauren?” Her dad said..

“I’ll help her out with money. I asked her to come, I can’t expect her to have the money to travel for 11 months..” I said.

“Work will be fine dad.. I’ll work it out..” Lauren said giving him a reassuring smile.

“I guess your minds already made up.. and we can’t exactly stop you. You’re an adult now..” Her Mum said with a smile.

“I’m gong to pack.. Coming Louis?” Lauren said turning to me and waving me to follow her.

I followed her up the stairs, down the hall way all the way down the end. Her door was blue with her name on it. She walked in and I followed.

She had a big queen size white canopy bed, with blue and white bedding. All of her furniture was white. It looked so beautiful. For such a small room, she had so much space..

I sat on the bed, and Lauren went to her cupboard and grabbed out a bag. She put the bag on the bed, and started wondering around grabbing a few clothes out of her draws.

“What will I need?” she asked turning to me with a bunch of clothes in her hands.

“I dunno..” I mumbled.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Your dad hates me..” I said.

“No he doesn’t. He’s like that with everyone..” She said with a smile.

“Nah, he hates me..” I laughed.

“Yeah, Your right.. He probably does..” She said with a serious face.

“What?” I asked concerned.

“I’m joking!” She said laughing.

“Oh..” I laughed laying back on her bed.

“So..” She said looking to me.

“So..?” I asked.

“What clothes will I need?” she asked again.

“Oh.. I don’t know.. Shorts, jeans, trackies, hoodies, bathers.. All that stuff..” I laughed. “But not much..” I added.

“Okay!” She said shoving the clothes back in her draws.

She wondered over to her cupboard and grabbed out a hoodie, jeans, some shorts, and shirts. Shoved them in her bag, and walked back to her draws.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and started checking twitter. There was so much going on. I thought I’d go to Lauren’s twitter and follow her. I search ‘Lauren Stacey’ and she came up and I followed. I decided to make a tweet as well.

‘Just chillin’ on @laurenstacey94’s bed watching her pack. Hurry upppp!;)’

I took a sneaky photo of her in her draws going through her clothes, added it to the post, and posted it and I got instant tweets.

A lot of hate, and a few nice ones. I just locked my phone and kept watching Lauren rummage through her draws.

She pulled out some socks, undies and bras. I just looked at her and smirked. She threw a rolled up pair of socks at me and laughed. She shoved them in her bag and then grabbed out a pair of bathers.

“Think these will be okay?” She asked waving them around.

“Ahh.. They’ll be perfect..” I said winking.

She just laughed and went back to packing. She grabbed her make-up, and a few other things, and she was ready. I jumped up of the bed, doing up her bag, and grabbing the handle. She grabbed her phone, Ipod, and earphones.

We wondered down the stairs to where her family was sitting in the lounge room. I sat her bag by the front door, and stood in the lounge room doorway as she walked around giving her mum and dad a kiss and a hug. She walked over to James and gave him a hug followed by rubbing her hand through his hair messing it up. He tried to duck out of the way, but she got him. She then walked over to Ben giving him a hug as well. She tried to mess his hair up, but he managed to duck out of the way and she missed.

“I’ll get you when I get home..” She laughed.

“Doubt it..” He laughed.

Laurens POV

I walked around and said see you to everyone, and walked over to Louis.

“I’ll see use in 11 months..” I smiled.

Mum walked over and showed us out. Louis walked out the front door taking my bag with him, and walking to the car. I stood with Mum as we watched Louis put my bag in the boot.

“So Laurey Bear.. What’s going on with Louis?” she asked with a cheeky grin.

“Nothing mum..” I said giving her a slight shove with my hip.

“Oh Laurey. I can see it.. You like him..”

“Yeah but the feeling isn’t mutual..” I sighed.

“Maybe not yet, But I can see something will happen.” Mum said.

“I don’t want to be a rebound though mum.. they only broke up yesterday..”

“And you’re going on tour with him?” She asked a little shocked.

“Yeah.. He asked.. Bekah’s gong too. She’s dating Liam.. It’ll be fun..” I half smiled.

“Any other girls going? Or just you and Rebekah?” Mum asked a little concerned.

“Uhh.. Kate.. Niall’s girlfriend.. Zayn’s girlfriend’s touring herself, and Harry’s girlfriend was in that plane crash recently..” I sighed.

“oh.. Poor Harry.. He must be having a tough time.” She said

“Yeah he is.. Her boys are going back to Australia with her brother today.. Harry’s pretty cut about it..”

“The poor thing..” Mum sighed.

Louis stood by the car waiting for me to be ready. I gave him a smile, and he just smiled back. Preston was already in the car with it running. Mum walked me down to the car, and I gave her one last hug.

“It was nice to meet you Louis.” She said giving him a kiss on the cheek, and a hug.

“It was nice to meet you too Mrs. Stacey.” He smiled.

“Look after my daughter..” She said.

“Don’t worry, I will..” He said looking to me with a smile.

I grabbed Louis and pulled him away from Mum.

“Alright, let’s go. We’re going to be late..” I laughed. “Bye Mum.” I waved as we got into the car.

Mum stood there waving as we drove away. I gave her one last wave and then she was out of site. I just smiled.

“You’re mum is so lovely..” Louis smiled.

I just smiled more and put my ipod on and listened to it until we got back to the hotel.

We parked out the back and got the elevator up. Everyone was almost ready. Louis just had to go back to his room to pack all his things up.

I went to see Bekah while we waited for Louis. Bekah was sitting on the couch in Liam’s room. I just walked straight in as everyone had their room doors open, so Paul, Preston and the other guards could get their luggage.

“I can’t believe you’re coming on tour as well!” Bekah said really excitedly.

“Me either! It’s going to be so much fun!” I smiled a massive smile,

Harry’s POV

Today we were leaving for our 11 month tour, and today the twins are going back to Australia with Dallas. I’m going to miss having them around.

“Harry!” Xander yelled running into my room.

“Hey little man!” I smiled bending over to give him a hug.

“I don’t want to go back to Australia. I want to stay with you..” He sighed.

“I want you to stay as well buddy, but Dallas is your uncle.. You have to go with him..” I said. He started to cry.

“Shh.. It’ll be okay. I’ll ring you everyday, and if you ever need, you can call me anytime..” I smiled.

“Do you mean it?” he asked whipping his face with the back of his hand.

“I mean it.” I said.

“I will.” He smiled.

“Here, I want you to have this..” I said taking of my paper aero plane necklace.

“Really?” He asked jumping up and down.

“of course..” I said turning him around and putting it on him. “Now, no matter where I am, I’ll always be thinking of you..” I smiled.

“Thank you Harry!" He said throwing his arms around me.

Xavier came running in shortly after.

“Xandy! We have to go now..”

“I’m gonna miss you Harry..” Xavier said walking over and giving me a hug.

“I’m going to miss you too Xavier..” I smiled hugging him back.

“I’ll send you boys some things while I’m on tour..” I said.

“Yay!” They said jumping up and down.

Dallas came in to hurry the boys up.

“Harry.. It’s been good seeing you. I wish it was on better terms, but I guess we can’t control everything. Just remember you are always welcome to come and stay with us..” Dallas said with a smile.

“Thanks Dallas..” I smiled.

I gave him a hand shake with a hug, and Dallas, Casey and the boys left. A tear fell down my cheek, But I quickly whipped it away. I finished packing my things up, and I found one of Delilah’s jumpers. I just sat on the edge of the couch and held it. I felt another tear fall down my cheek. I missed her so much. I really don’t want to go on tour, but I have too, it’s my job. I sat on the couch for 5 minutes, and Preston walked in.

“Harry, it’s time to go lad..” He said grabbing my suit cases.

I grabbed my phone, wallet, and a few other things, and followed Preston out to the hall closing the door behind me. Louis, Niall, Liam and the girls were all read in the hall waiting with their bags. We were just waiting on Zayn. Paul went of to get him and he finally came out.

“Ready lads?” Paul asked.. “And Ladies..” He smiled looking around to the girls.

“We’re ready..” Liam said for us all.

“Alright. Let’s go. The bus is out the front..” Preston said grabbing his bags.

We all grabbed our bags, and headed for the elevator.

Kate, covered up her face by putting some sunnies on. Her and Niall weren’t ready to be public yet. I was wearing a beanie, so I took it off and handed it to Kate.

“Kate..” I said getting her attention.

“Oh.. Thanks Harry..” She smiled putting it on and shoving her hair in it.

We walked down through reception and out the front doors. The cameras were flashing like usual, and the girls were screaming. It was all the same.

I pulled my sunnies down over my eyes, and walked straight to the bus, and hopped on. I walked straight up to the room, took my shirt, and pants off, and climbed into bed. I heard a couple of other people walk onto the bus. I heard all the fans screaming louder. The lad’s must have been talking to the fans or something. A few minutes later I heard the lads come on the bus talking and laughing. Shortly I heard the bus door close, and it slowly start moving.

I just rolled over facing the wall. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to Louis yelling out in the kitchen/living/dining area. I got up put some trackies on and walked out and found everyone sitting around eating pizza, drinking beer and playing the xbox. I grabbed a piece of pizza, a beer, and sat down, and ate it.

Kate’s POV

I was sitting at the table with Bekah and Lauren just chatting away. I kind of went of into my own world. I really wish Delilah was doing this with us. She would have loved this. I was quickly brought back to reality when Louis let out yet another yell.

“Louis! Stop yelling!” I slightly yelled at him. He just looked at me in shock, and everyone just laughed.

“Sorry Louis..” I laughed. It was a pretty chilled night, considering we were still on the road driving.

I went to bed around 10. I was so tired. Every room had bunk king singles in them. As we were on a bus, we couldn’t exactly have huge beds.

Niall and I were on the bottom, Louis and Lauren were on top, Zayn was on top opposite, Liam and Bekah were on the bottom, and Harry was on the one at the end of the bus.

Everyone else was still out having a drink and what not. I slipped off my shirt, and jeans, and pulled out one of Niall’s shirts that was sitting on the bed. I slipped it on, and slipped into bed.

I was laying there on twitter for a little while just reading all the tweets to ‘One Direction’. I laughed at some of them. I decided to make my own tweet.

‘And we’re off! Excited to spend the next 11 months with five amazing guys, and two beautiful girls! Missing you like crazy Delilah. Rest in paradise pretty girl!<3’

I didn’t have many followers, so I wasn’t expecting much to happen. All the boys followed me, and so did Bekah and Lauren, so they’d see what I post. I finished up with twitter, locked it, put it on charge and rolled over to go to sleep.

Before I fell asleep I heard someone walk through the door, and slid the curtain open around my bed. I turned over and seen Niall changing his pants to shorts, and then sliding into bed.

His body was cold against mine sending shivers down my spin. I rolled fully over to face him, and started kissing him. He ran his finger down to the bottom of my shirt, and put his hand up my back on the inside of my shirt and ran his fingers down my spine until his hand reached my waist.

He pulled me closer to him so there was no gap between us at all. I could feel Niall starting to get turned on. I ran my hand down his chest, down his stomach, and down to the top of his shorts. I slipped my hand into his shorts, and gently grabbed hold of him. I started moving my hand in an up and down motion as best as I could while still in his shorts.

He started moaning quietly into the kiss, so I slipped my tongue in his mouth. With my hand still in his shorts and still kissing, he took his hand and lifted up my shirt, and started rubbing his fingers between my legs on my undies, making me so wet. He then slipped his hands in my undies, and gently slipped two fingers in me.

I moaned with pleasure and he went a little faster each time. Niall pulled his hand out of my undies, and I pulled my hand out of his shorts. I pulled my undies down as he pulled his shorts and jocks down. We threw them at the end of the bed, and Niall rolled on top of me. He started rubbing his dick against me turning me on so much!

I just wanted him. I wanted him so badly, and knowing that anyone could walk in at any minute made it more thrilling. He leant forward and gave me a kiss before slipping into me making me moan louder then usual.

He quickly put his hand over my mouth as he thrusted, harder and harder into me. No words had been spoken at all. We were in silence. Niall must have been close because he put his face down the side of my head and I could hear his heavy breathing in my ear.

“I’m going to cum!” He said as he thrusted one more time before stopping as he cum.

He gave me another kiss before rolling back onto the bed beside me grabbing my undies, and his shorts from the end of the bed.

I put my undies on, and then I heard someone walk into the room area. Our bed curtain was closed, so no one could see us anyway. I laid with my head on Niall’s chest. He breathing was a little heavy, and I could hear his heart beating fast. I ran my fingers up and down his stomach, as I fell asleep.

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