Legitimement Maries: Vivre Libre

Sequel to "Legitimement Maries". Hermione and Fred not only have a marriage to sustain, but they also have a family to raise. How will they manage after being brought together by a marriage law?


4. Chapter 4: Office of Magical Births, Deaths and Marriages

Harry had spent the best part of three hours lying in his bed, wondering if sleep would ever happen tonight. Apparently he was also keeping Ginny awake because he felt her hand on his shoulder steadying his body as it thrashed around in attempt to get comfortable.

"What's wrong?"

Her voice was soft, and slightly slurred with sleep, but even though the sound of it calmed Harry considerably, he could not stop the churning of his stomach.

"Are we doing the right thing?"

That was all that Harry had to ask for Ginny to understand exactly what he was referring to.

"Andromeda agreed to it. She even said that he would be better off with us, because he would have James and Albus to play and grow up with."

"I know what she said," a resigned tone was noticeable in Harry's voice. "But what if we are making a mistake?"

He felt Ginny's arm wrapping around his waist, and it was soon followed by the rest of her body pressing against his back.

"We won't know until it happens. Besides, it's not as if we are cutting Andromeda completely from his life. They will be free to see each other as they always have. Teddy will just be spending more time with us than what he already has been. You don't have to be a genius to see that he loves it here anyway. Andromeda has to practically drag him out the door by his feet to get him home."

Feeling Ginny's lips press against the back of his neck, Harry was able to calm his nerves just enough to gain a little more perspective on the situation.

"Thanks," he whispered to his wife. "I'll try to stop keeping you awake now."

Ginny chuckled quietly.

"Goodnight, Harry," she replied, still chuckling as she turned over to her side of the bed.


Adopting Teddy Lupin was no easy decision for Harry to make. He had felt a strong sense of duty towards his godson, and he spent quite a bit of time pondering why his feelings were so strong.

Obviously he had known the boy since birth, and had felt great friendship towards Teddy's biological parents'; however he could also feel something more than that. Perhaps it was the fact that he had never really spent a great deal of time with Sirius while he was still alive?

Was this some kind of internal yearning for a relationship with a paternal figure in his own life?

Whatever the reason, Harry was glad to have Teddy as a part of his family. In fact, they started inaugurating him into the family well before the adoption papers were legal. Both he and Ginny wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible for all parties involved.

Andromeda had been doing a tremendous job raising Teddy on her own, but age was catching up to her, and Teddy wanted to play with children close to his own age.

Firstly they had invited Teddy to spend the day with Albus and James. A day of playing in the sandpit, and around the garden turned into spending the night at the Potter house. One night soon stretched into two nights, and two nights stretched into three. This had been the process for several months, and so far all had been well. The only major flare ups which had occurred were when Andromeda would tell Teddy that it was time to go home.

This would cause a tantrum. Teddy would hold his breath until he would go blue in the face. Literally. Then every other feature on his body, including the hair on his head would turn a particularly shocking shade of electric blue.

Ginny and Andromeda would shake their heads at this, whilst Harry would have to bite down onto both of his lips to stop laughter from exploding out of him. Harry would snap his wand in half if Teddy didn't turn out exactly to be like the Marauder's when he finally attended Hogwarts.

However, the day had finally arrived when Teddy would be making a permanent move to the Potter's home.

Over the gradual process of a few days, Andromeda had been bringing over clothes, books, toys, special blankies, drink bottles... everything that Teddy seemed to own. It looked to Harry that Teddy had certainly been quite spoiled over since he was born five years earlier. But he couldn't blame Andromeda. Teddy was the only connection she had to the family whom she had lost so abruptly at the hands of Lord Voldemort.

Then came the arrival of Teddy himself.

A whir of purple had whizzed through the front door, as soon as Harry had the chance to open it. Looking up, he saw a haggard looking Andromeda carrying a bag with what looked like the last of Teddy's belongings.

"Hello, Andromeda. I take it that the theme of today is purple for Teddy. Come in and put your feet up. Ginny'll have a cup of tea ready in a minute."

"Thank you," chuckled Andromeda, stepping over the threshold into the house. "He was rather excited when I explained to him what was happening today. I'm not sure that he understands that permanence of adoption, but my house will always be open if and when you need a baby-sitter."

Harry nodded his head.

"Yes!" he replied. "You're always welcome to come and see him. Our home is your home too. Of course, if he ends up a bit too much of a handful for Ginny and I, we'll just ship him straight back to you."

Harry couldn't help adding that last part in with a wink. Andromeda laughed loudly, knowing that Harry would never give up Teddy now that he had him.

Ginny appeared at that moment, handing Andromeda her cup of tea.

"We finally got the documentation from the Ministry, just this morning," she said. Moving back into the kitchen Ginny quickly re-emerged with a large white envelope in her hands. Reaching in, she pulled out an equally large piece of parchment, filled with a neat, purple-coloured script.

This document is to certify that

Edward Remus Lupin

(5 April, 1998)

is the legal issue of

Harry James Potter

(31 July 1980)


Ginevra Molly Potter

(11 August, 1981)

Signed: Giselle MacPherson

Office of Magical Births, Deaths and Marriages

Ministry of Magic

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