See The Stars || Hiatus

Torrey dreams of seeing the stars, and when a strange little object falls from the sky late one night, she finds her self closer than she ever thought possible.


2. Night Watch

Hi. My name is Torrey. I am average height, I have medium length brown hair, and I am 17 years old. I spend most of my time on social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Gifboom. I live on my own in a two storey house in New York.

Every night I like to sit on my shed roof, which is directly below my bedroom window, and watch the stars. One night, I swear to God, I saw a little blue box flying through the sky, so I watched it go down and land somewhere in the Central Park. 

I climbed back into my bedroom and changed out of my pyjamas. I put on a pair of grey track pants along with a cozy sweater. I wrapped a scarf around my neck and bolted out the door. I was in such a hurry, I almost forgot my key! 

Wishing I let my dad pay for a car, I hopped on my bike, kicked the stand up and sped off as fast as I could Central Park.

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