to many tears

(a liam Payne fan fic)

Georgia is just a normal girl that goes to east wood high she has been best friends with liam Payne in boy band one direction ever since pre-school she never really thought of him than more than a friend but what happens when she falls for him but what if she is to late to tell him how she feels

will she tell him? or will she cry to many tears?

Waring this book includes:
Some swearing
Short chapters


4. what the? ...

georgias pov:

i turn on the TV and see the news and i could not believe what i saw 

 reporter: liam Payne has been spotted holding hands with a girl out side off star bucks 

 WTF?? my heart fell and smashed into a million pieces when i herd this

who was she? how does she know him? how did this even happen?

i think to myself as i stand there not knowing what to do 


liams pov:  

i saw the story on the news. oh-no this is bad this is REALLY bad i was only with her because management wanted me to this is bad whats georgia going to think??? i call her to try to explain i pick up my phone about to dial her number when 


i go to the door oh-no this is bad this is really bad at the door is...



sorry i haven't up-dated lately iv been busy with home work i am also going to intro dues some new characters and there is a big twist coming up so keep reading i will update asap thx for reading my book 

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