to many tears

(a liam Payne fan fic)

Georgia is just a normal girl that goes to east wood high she has been best friends with liam Payne in boy band one direction ever since pre-school she never really thought of him than more than a friend but what happens when she falls for him but what if she is to late to tell him how she feels

will she tell him? or will she cry to many tears?

Waring this book includes:
Some swearing
Short chapters


10. the story of josh

*flash back* (georgia)

i get in the car with josh and we drove off into the night we laugh and talk it had been 15 minutes josh was taking me on a date we turn the corner and suddenly a massive force pushed me into the wind screen and your car was rolling i kept hitting my head josh was screaming my name asking if i was ok but i couldn't respond, the car stopped rolling and was upside down i could hear josh screaming and crying  i could smell smoke and see fire but i couldnt move then everything went black

*end of flash back*

i stair at niall with watery eyes and he was going on about how i need to get out of town but stopped when he looked up at me and saw me crying he ran up to me and hugged me while saying in my ear "its ok, its ok" but we both new that if josh was in town nothing was ok. niall lifted my chin and wiped away my tears, he smiled at me and i smiled back. he hugged me one more time and help me get some chips, then we walked out liked nothing happened we sat back down. ( im not finished yet let me know what you guys think in the comments also comment waht you would like to happen should she fall in love with niall or should she fall back in love with josh?)      

When we got back out to the living room zayn was talking about how long it took to get Perrie ( his girlfriend ) to agree to dye her hair purple back last year. Harry started laughing hysterically when zayn pulled the face Perrie did after seeing her purple hair for the first time. I let out a little giggle and Niall smiled shyly at me. Then every thing went silent Liam was about to say something when my phone rang. Very loudly might I add I apologise and take out my phone I was shocked at the number on my screen I just sat there staring at it in shock and I bust into tears while throwing my phone across the room I ran out the front door and I kept running and I didn't stop.

Liam pov:

Georgia bust into tears and throws her phone across the room I got up to run after her but she was already gone her phone still ringing loudly I run over and pick it up and the number on the screen explains everything. The person calling her was josh I mumble a loud *shit* all the boys staring at me with shock trying to comprehend what just happend I slowly sat down and look up at the boys with one word they already new what happened I mumble his name *josh* they all gave an understanding look.

georgias pov:

I ran all the way to the beach that reminded me of him and only him, josh


He screamed my name and I feel a pair of strong arms pull me out of the flaming car I couldnt see but I could just hear josh apologising to me over and over. I could hear ambulance and then I heard a lot of heavy footsteps and I felt myself being lifted. A while passed and I could finally open my eyes.I was in a hospital room with my parents sitting next to my bed but josh was No ware to be seen

*end of flashback*

I shiver at the cold wind blowing in my face. Then I heard my name being call I expected it be Liam so I turned around and there he stood. Josh, this was a nightmare how did he find me? I look down at the floor and yell " what the fuck do you want josh!! "

Josh pov:


What the fuck do you want josh she yelled to the ground, I'm guessing she was talking to me. I replied im sorry Georgia I fucked up big time just please look at me. She looks up slowly with tears eyes and I lean in and wipe her tears she backs away slowly yelling at me " don't fucking touch me josh don't you dare come near me " I replied yelling now "Georgia please just listen to hear me out."I calm down and walk back up to her and whisper " I still love you" I lean in and kiss her she kisses back

Georgias pov:

I pull away as soon as I realised what I was doin. I was trying to forget him I was supposed to be pushing all my feelings away I ignored him I finally got him out of my fucking mind and now years of work all went down the drain just by that one fucking kiss. I look up at him and say "did you think we'd be fine I still have scars on my back from your knife" and with that I ran back to my house. Right now I just needed to sleep it was quite late so I ran into my room and slammed the door and cryed myself to sleep.


I woke up to the sound of my phone going off like crazy it was from Liam and Niall both asking if I was ok and if I need to talk. I quickly remembered last night " fuck,fuck,fuck" I say so loud my bed was vibrating josh had kissed me the josh I hated so much for leaving me, he disappeared when I needed him the most when I was dying

*flash back*

"Where is josh "I say so weakly it could barely be heard my mum stood up and told me with a storm brewing in her blue eyes " he left about 3 hours ago"

*end of flash back*

I sigh loudly that was the last I saw him or heard of him the day I almost died was the day he decided that he didn't love me anymore that was the day I swore to myself I would never let my self love josh again the day I told myself I never wanted to see him ever again and after all that I still fucking kissed him back.

i pick up my phone and call niall 

georgia: *sighs* hi niall 

niall: georgia are you OK, what happened when you left?

georgia: he was on the beach and then he kissed me and i kissed him back. i don't know what to do niall how do i tell liam?

niall: he kissed you!!!!!!! that dick head. ok i say, you don't tell liam just keep it between us.

georgia: yeah i guess your right, i have to go, bye 

after my phone call i get up and get dressed into some ripped jeans and a tee-shirt with a picture of a puppy on it. then i go down stairs and get on some covers and walk down to crystals house. when i get to her house i knock on the door and she opens it a few seconds later. i walk in and tell her everything. about the call , beach , the kiss. everything. she just sat there and listened. im so glad i have a friend like her. 

Josh pov:

I woke up with a smile on my face, I kissed that dumb slut. I love messing with her pretty little mind.



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