to many tears

(a liam Payne fan fic)

Georgia is just a normal girl that goes to east wood high she has been best friends with liam Payne in boy band one direction ever since pre-school she never really thought of him than more than a friend but what happens when she falls for him but what if she is to late to tell him how she feels

will she tell him? or will she cry to many tears?

Waring this book includes:
Some swearing
Short chapters


2. the sleep-over

friday night Georgia's pov:


i pick up my phone checking the text it was liam 

liam: hey want to come over and have a sleep over and then tomorrow we can hang out all day 

georgia: yeah sounds fun ill be over at 5

liam: cool ill tell mum see u soon:)

i put my phone down  and get dressed into some skinny jeans with a white singlet top and a grey hoodi on top with my white converse and i head over to liams


liams pov: 

ding don i go open the door and see georgia i hug her and invite her in

li: liam  ge:georgia

li: "so do u want to watch a movie"

ge: "sure lets watch toy story"  

li: "yay my favorite movie "

we sit down on my bed and start watching toy story, georgia must have been really tired because she fell asleep half way through the movie i look over at her and a wide smile spread across my face, she was so cute when she slept her head was on my shoulder so i didn't want to wake her up so i just sleep there   


georgias pov:

i woke up the next day to the sound of liam singing loved you first to me but the second he saw me awake he stopped sing  my head was on liams chest and his arm was wrapped around me i was a bit confused because i had not fallen asleep like that

ge: how did we end up like this 

li: i guess we just went into this position in  our sleep and ended up like this   

i knew something was up because liam was red as a  sun burnt tomato

so i just went with it 

ge: so were do you want to go 

li:"i have a reservation for us at bellaer for breakfast and then we are going to come back here and go for a swim"

ge:" ok but on the way back can we go past my house so i can get my swimmers"

li:" ok sure"

liams pov: 
 we drive up to georgias house and she gets out not long after i get a call from zayn 
(liam=li  zayn=za)

za:"hey bro whats up where are u"

li:im with georgia"

Georgia pov:

i get my stuff and walk out of the house i am about to get in the car when i drop my swimmers i bend down to pick them up and i here liam talking to some one on the phone 

li: im with georgia
za: wait the Georgia that you never shut-up about 

li: (laughter) yeah that one 

OMG liam talks about me , to this FRIENDS thats so cute , what if he likes me!!!!! that would be weird, but i think i like him 

i get up off the ground and get in the car then liam shoots me one of his smiles 

yep i like him 

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