to many tears

(a liam Payne fan fic)

Georgia is just a normal girl that goes to east wood high she has been best friends with liam Payne in boy band one direction ever since pre-school she never really thought of him than more than a friend but what happens when she falls for him but what if she is to late to tell him how she feels

will she tell him? or will she cry to many tears?

Waring this book includes:
Some swearing
Short chapters


3. i think i...

liams pov: 

we go back to my house and georgia gets into her swimmers and meets me at my pool i put my iPhone into the adapter and blast  my song live while were young georgia walks out dancing and i just laugh we decided to jump into the pool at the same time she counts down from 5 


but she stopped at two because she could see i was a bit worried

ge: awww is liam scared

li: phhht no ;ok mabye; alitle 

georgias pov:

li: i wont be if you hold my hand when we jump in 

what does that mean mabye he does like me!!!! no im just getting worked up he doesn't like me

ge: ok liam u can hold my hand 

ge: on 1 we jump    

li: ok

ge: 5...4...3...2...1... 


liams pov:

she said yes she said she would hold my hand maybe she likes me but it would be weird if we dated wouldn't it ???   

we hung out in the pool the rest off the day until she had to go home 

i hugged her when she leaves i wish she could stay for longer im just so happy when im with her maybe i like her??? no i dont THINK i do before she leaves she kisses me on the cheek

yep... i like her



sorry about the short chapters i have been busy but i should have a few chapters up by the end of th holidays :)    

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