to many tears

(a liam Payne fan fic)

Georgia is just a normal girl that goes to east wood high she has been best friends with liam Payne in boy band one direction ever since pre-school she never really thought of him than more than a friend but what happens when she falls for him but what if she is to late to tell him how she feels

will she tell him? or will she cry to many tears?

Waring this book includes:
Some swearing
Short chapters


5. at the door

Liams pov:

I open the door and georgia is standing there oh shit

Georgias pov:

"WTF liam? Who is she im your best friend you should have told me about her" i say trying not to sound hurt

Liam replies with a small sigh "i dont even know her management wanted me to kiss her so i did

I give a huge sigh of relief

Liam invites me in for a coffee and i say yes ,being 18 i can drink coffee so why not?

Liams pov:

So i was thinking if you wanted to come over next friday the boys are coming and they would really like to see you, what do u say ? I asked hoping she could come

"Yeah that should be fine" she replied while smiling and sipping her coffee

Georgias pov:

*monday moring*

I wake up to my mum yelling my name

I go over to my mirror and put on my make-up. i pick a white singlet top with black stars on it and some black high wasted shorts with my red high-heels, i chose a long necklace with a red ruby outlined by black metal and tie my hair into a neat sock bun . I look in the mirror one last time satisfied with my outfit i grab my iphone and walk down stairs to find mum cooking pancakes i grab a whole plate full eat my breakfast and drive to school

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