Everyone says how karma's a b***h. Well this story is to show you what or who Karma is and why it is so bad. If you have seen any of the "Final Destination" movies. You will know that if karma wanted you killed, it wouldn't stop till you were.

Follow many peoples point of views on Karma and how it affected their lives.


1. Intro

It is said that karma won't stop until it gets what it wants. Some say that Karma works in many ways and you will know when Karma has gotten back at you. But I have a different opinion, I think that Karma's just doing it's job by making sure everything is right with the world. If someone is supposed to die but doesn't, Karma makes sure that they cannot escape death for more than a week. Karma is just doing what it is supposed to be doing yet everyone gives it a bad name. I am going to tell you a story. This story is about a man who I had to deal with. Him and his family were supposed to die in a car crash but none of them did. So Karma killed his wife and when he found her dead in a lake he yelled "KARMA'S A BITCH!" Karma heard him and, well why don't I tell you the story from Karma's point of view. How will I tell it from Karma's point of view? I am Karma.

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