6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


6. Truth

I've added more to this chapter so if you've already read up to the part where she runs off crying, keep reading! (I've also changed a few bits along the way)
 I hope you like it! Xxx



- Chloe -

                      I open my eyes to a real bad headache from the night before. The sun is shining through the curtains and the clock reads 11:43am. I feel someone's arms wrapped around me so I look back to see Harry sleeping peacefully. His eyes are closed and his breathing is very deep, blowing his curls off his face every time he exhales.
He almost looks... cute.

"You done staring?" He suddenly murmurs, eyes still closed.
I blush, not realising that he was awake and that I was staring. He slowly opens his eyes and untangles his arms from me.
"Why are you on the bed?" I ask and sit up. "You were meant to sleep on the floor tonight."
He groans. "It was uncomfy! You try sleeping on a hard wooden floor. Besides, this bed fits two people perfectly." He winks at me.
I roll my eyes and put my hands to my forehead and groan. "This hangover is killing me."
He chuckles. "Yeah you were pretty out of it."
I rub my eyes. "I can't remember what exactly happened but this headache is shit! I don't want to get out of bed."
I lay back down in bed and put a pillow over my head.
I hear Harry get out of bed and leave the room. Before I know it, he's back and standing next to my side of the bed.
"Take this" He demands.
I lift the pillow and take a look at him to see him holding a glass of water and an aspirin tablet in his other hand.
"It'll make you feel heaps better. Trust me" He smiles. "I know"
I took the aspirin tablet before gulping the whole glass of water down my throat.
Harry chuckles as I hand him the now empty glass.
"Thanks Haz" I mutter before slowly drifting off to sleep again.


- Harry -
   As soon as Chloe goes back to bed, I make my way out into the kitchen.
"Morning!" Eleanor smiles at me. "Chloe still hungover?"
I nod. "I gave her some aspirin so she's just sleeping it off."
El laughs and so does Liam who is making breakfast.
I raise my eyebrows in surprise. "You're cooking?" I ask him. "You never cook!"
He rolls his eyes. "That's not true Haz, you just never see me cook because I'm too busy taking care of you."
I laugh and nudge him, harder than I thought I would've. But of course, being Liam, he doesn't care and continues flipping the bacon.
I roll my eyes. This boy has such a strong headlock.
"So what are you planning to do today?" El asks and just as I'm about to answer, Louis walks out.
"How do you feel after last night?" I tease and he glares at me.
"I feel shit, thank you very much." He snaps back and gives Eleanor a kiss on the forehead. "Woah, no need to be so sassy mate." I chuckle.
Eleanor giggles. "Do you want to go back to bed babe?"
Louis shakes his head. "I'm starving! Payno! Good on ya for cooking."
"Why are you all so surprised?" Liam rolls his eyes and set the food out on the table.
"How's Zayn and Niall?" I ask as we all sit down at the kitchen table.
"I tried waking Zayn up but he would've move an inch." Liam chuckles and shakes his head. 
"And I'm pretty sure Niall will be here once he smells the food." Louis joins in.

Just as he says that, Niall appears from the hallway.
"I smell bacon." He moans and makes his way to the table to take a seat. "Thanks for cooking Harreh!"
I laugh. "It was Liam, surprising right?"
Liam rolls his eyes. "So what should we do today?" He changes the subject.
While Niall helps himself to a big serving of eggs and bacon, we chat about our plans for the day.
"It's too cold to do anything!" Eleanor whines.
Louis nods. "Let's just stay in and watch movies! It's already noon anyways."
I groan. "Come on" I complain. "I want to do something!"
"Let's go fishing later Harry!" Liam suggests. "And then go pick up some dinner for tonight." 
We all agree and after breakfast, Liam and I drive down to the river.

Once we've set up the fishing gear, I open up a bottle of beer before tweeting something.

@Harry_Styles: A lovely day to be fishing with the man himself. @Real_Liam_Payne .xx

I check a few more of my tweets that I don't remember posting.

@Harry_Styles: Spending time with the most beautiful girl in the world @ChloeMartinez .xx

I roll my eyes. It must've been Barbara or management.
"So Chloe seems nice." Liam smiles at me as I put my phone away.
I nod. "Yeah, she is." I smile and before I can change the subject, Liam continues.
"I like seeing you happy with someone Styles." He says. "You guys seem really comfortable with each other."
I try not to laugh at his comment. Chloe and I must be better actors than we thought then.
"And she's real fit." He adds and that's when I laugh.
"Tell me about it." I reply and suddenly find myself thinking of her.
The way she flicks her long blonde hair off her shoulder.
This morning, when I caught her staring at me, I felt so happy. I know she finds me attractive. She just doesn't want to admit it. The way she rolls her beautiful, bright eyes and how she talks to me. She was just so hot! Wait what? Did I just say she was hot? I mean no... She's the most annoying and stubborn girl I've ever met. Why am I even thinking about her?
Sure we're friends now, but she's still not my type.
I take a sip of my drink and feel a tug on my fishing line.
"I GOT ONE!" I shout and quickly reel it in.
When I look at the hook, there is nothing except a can that someone has thrown into the river.
I groan as Liam laughs so hard that he's clutching his stomach.
"Oh god!" He says between breaths from his laugher. "It's a good thing Chloe isn't here. That would've been embarrassing for you mate!" He shakes his head and continues laughing.


- Chloe -

       I open my eyes to see that it is nearly dark outside. Have I really slept for this long? 
I rub my head to find that my headache is nearly gone. I slowly stumble out of bed and look in the mirror. I look horrible. My hair was all over the place and I had bags under my eyes. I quickly tie my hair in a bun and wash my face before I head out to the living room where Louis, Eleanor, Niall and Zayn are watching TV.
They turn around when they hear me.

"Look who's finally up!" Louis laughs and they all join in.
I groan. "What time is it?"
"Nearly six. Come join us, we're watching Grown Ups." Zayn smiles.
I see that him, Louis and Niall are feeling much better from last night. I can't believe I stayed in bed all day. I don't usually get this hungover after a few drinks.
"Where's Harry and Liam?" I ask as I take a seat next to Zayn.
Zayn shrugs and Eleanor answers. "They went fishing earlier and they're grabbing dinner for us as well."
Niall groans. "Can they hurry up? I'm starvin'!"
"Can everyone stop being so grumpy?" El jokes and I laugh.

Finally, after a while, the two boys walk through the front door.
Zayn and I look up from something he was showing me on his phone and Niall jumps up off his seat.
"Took ya long enough!" The blonde says and grabs the pizza boxes off them.
Harry gives me a weird look and I look at him in return. What have I done now?

Once the food is set on the table, everyone digs in.
"I'm so hungry!" Zayn says with a big bit of pizza in his mouth.
I giggle and Harry turns and glares at me again.
"Babe, can I talk to you?" He asks sweetly.
I try my best not to roll my eyes at his question and nod.
We both get up and Louis whistles. "Don't be too long kids!" He winks and Eleanor nudges him while the rest of the boys laugh.


"What?" I ask, sounding annoyed once Harry leads me outside to the backyard.
He turns to face me and even in the dark, I can see the anger building in his cheeks.
"What the hell was that?" He snaps, running his hands through his hair.
"What was what?" I ask, getting more and more impatient by the second.
He groans. "You know what! You were flirting with Zayn!"
"No I wasn't! What are you talking about Harry?" I snap back.
Why is he getting angry at me about this? Is it possible he could be jealous? It couldn't be. The boys all think we're dating anyways, so why is he so worked up about this?
"I saw you when I walked inside! You two were giggling at something on his phone. And when you laughed when he did something that wasn't even funny. They think we're dating, god damn it Chloe!" He shouts. "You can't go around flirting with all of them! First Liam last night and now Zayn! I know you're a slut and all but they all have girlfriends!"
I stand there, frozen and listening to what he is saying.
"I'm just being friendly Harry. You should try it sometime." I say cooly.
He groans and tugs his hair. Why is he getting so angry for no reason?
"You can't be friends with them!" He yells. "You're not even going to see them again after your contract is over! Your job is just to make my image look good! You're only in this for the money remember?! Not befriend all of my friends!"
I try to not let the tears stream down my face. With Harry, it always comes back to the money. "W-why are you being so mean Harry?" I stammer. "I-I thought we were friends." I sniff and look down.
He takes a deep breath. "I know, I'm sorry" He groans again. "I just lost my temper."
I shake my head. "Look, maybe you were right. Maybe we can't be friends. I-I-" I pause. "I'll just be your girlfriend in public and make you look good ok? We're leaving tomorrow anyways, I won't talk to the guys anymore. Are you happy?" I say, trying my best not to show him that he can make me cry just by saying all those horrible things.
As he opens his mouth to say something, the backyard door opens.
I look over to see everyone standing there. And by everyone, I mean Louis, Eleanor, Niall, Liam and Zayn. They're all staring at us like they've seen a ghost.
"Shit" Harry mutters.
"You're a contract?" Louis asks, staring at me.
"Look Lou-" Harry says but gets interrupted by Zayn.
"Shut up Harry, we heard everything we needed to." He snaps. "Including the cruel words you said to her."
Harry looks at Liam and Niall for sympathy but they all shake their heads.
"What?" Eleanor gasps.
"Guys-" I start but Louis shuts me up. "Shut it Ms. I'm only here for the money, it's not just Harry we're mad at. This is your fault too."

That's when the tears start falling down my face as I run inside and slam the door when I reach the bedroom.


- Harry -

"What the fuck Haz?" Niall spits out once Chloe runs off.

I pull at my curls. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you, I just knew this would be your reaction!"

Louis huffs. "Of course it would be Styles, how the fuck did you even get yourself in this mess?"
"Stop cussing at me!" I yell. "Just let me explain!"

"Then explain." Louis lowers his voice. "Now"

I groan. "The day they called me in for the meeting, remember that?"

The boys nod and Eleanor sits there, listening to a story she's never heard before.
"Well, the meeting was called because Barbara and Simon thought I needed to get a fake girlfriend to get rid of my bad publicity and expel all the rumours out there." 
"And you let them?" Liam questions.
I roll my eyes. "I didn't have a choice Payno." I sigh. "They brought three girls in and I chose Chloe."
"Why were you being a jerk then?" Zayn asks. "Chloe seems like a really nice girl."
"Because" I pause. "She's only in it for the money!" I blurt out.
"The first day that we met each other, she told me that this was purely for the money and that we couldn't be friends. Then, once we went on a few dates, I guess we started getting along... sorta...
Then she asked if we could just be friends and I told her that I didn't want to be friends with her because she'll just leave like everyone else who has entered my life. Then, last night, before you guys started drinking and all, I told her that I'll take the chance to be friends with her. You know," I shrug. "Since it would be easier for us to work together that way. But then I saw her flirting with Liam and Zayn and it made me angry because I didn't want to blow our cover."
Liam laughs. "Come on mate, we were just cooking! She was just being a lovely girl!"
"Yeah Haz, are you sure you aren't a little bit jealous?" Zayn teases.
"Yeah right. I would never go out with Chloe, even if my life depended on it. This is just for my job." I snap back, a little too quickly.
"Woah calm down mate," Zayn chuckles. "I was just teasin"
Louis' expression turns serious. "You shouldn't have gone off on her like that Haz, some of the words you said were pretty hurtful. I'm sure she's probably starting to regret signing the contract now, you can be quite a handful sometimes."
I roll my eyes and sigh. "I know, I shouldn't have lost my temper like that. But at least now you all know the truth."

It felt so good getting everything off my chest. Now that I have told the boys, I know they're not OK with it, but at least I don't have to act in front of them anymore.

Everything is silent as the boys and El take everything in. 
"Are you going to say anything?" I ask, desperate to end the awkward silence.
"I guess... if that's what management asked." Niall shrugs. "But I still think she's a nice girl."
I nod. "I know, I'm sorry. I'll apologise to her later."
"I guess we'll just have to live with it." Liam joins in.
Louis smiles and pats me on the back. "But just so you know, if she ever hurts my curly, she'll have to deal with me."
I laugh. "She won't hurt me Lou, she's just doing her job! And we're never ever going to become a real couple. She's too annoying."
His face turns serious. "I'm not joking Haz."
I smack him on the arm and roll my eyes.
"Shall we go get her then? I think she's quite upset." Zayn says, talking about the way Chloe ran off crying.
"And let's get back to our now cold pizza!" Niall calls out. 
"So it's all good now?" I ask.
The boys look at each other.
"Yeah it's good!" Louis replies. "I guess it would be good to get rid of all the nasty rumours about you."
"Thanks for understanding lads." I say and rub Louis' hair.
Niall cheers. "Yay! Let's eat some pizza!" He shouts again and runs inside.



- Chloe -

                  "Chloe?" I hear a knock on the door. 

I don't answer and I hear them come into the room. I look up to expect maybe Harry standing there, but instead, everyone is there.

"I'm so sorry." I say softly as I get off the bed. "I know you're all angry with me but I needed the money at first. But I promise that when I met you guys, I wasn't acting. I was just-"

Louis interrupts me for what seems like the hundredth time that night.  "It's ok Chloe, Harry's explained it all."

They all nod.
"Obviously we still are a bit skeptical of your intentions, but Harry can't do anything about the contract, so I guess we should just live with it." Niall shrugs.
 "Besides, I like you. You're from Melbourne! I love that place!"
I laugh through my now dried up tears. I look over at Harry who's standing next to Niall, looking down at his shoes.
"I'm so sorry guys." I say. "You're all so nice, I hope we can still get along."
"Of course babe" Eleanor smiles and hugs me. "Besides, I like your style. Maybe we should go shopping sometime?"
I wipe my tears and nod happily. Louis then pulls me into a hug.
"GROUP HUG!" He yells and everyone joins in, squishing me in the middle. Once we let go, the tension slowly disappears.
"Let's go finish our dinner then." Liam says. "Niall's pretty grumpy."
I look at him and laugh before we make our way out into the living room.

I couldn't believe that after they found out, they were still willing to let it go. I mean, this is a pretty big deal for them. Harry having to sign a contract and have a fake girlfriend. I thought they would hate me for sure, but they were willing to give me a second chance.
I take a seat on the floor where Harry sits next to me. 
As the boys put the movie back on and start laughing, Harry leans closer to me.
"I'm sorry about the things I said just now. I was just mad, I didn't mean any of it." He whispers.
I look at his soft green eyes. "It's fine Harry, I understand where you're coming from." I reply quietly. "I just want you to know, I don't think it's about the money anymore. I want to be your friend and I won't hurt you." I look back at the TV screen.

From the corner of my eyes, I see his eyes widen and a smile form at the corner of his lips. But he doesn't reply. Instead, he returns his focus back to the movie.


To: Chloe, Harry- 1:04pm
Once you're back from the trip, both of you come up to Chloe's apartment. Need to make plans for the next few days before the boys leave for America.

I'm sitting in the car with Harry and the lads as we drive back to London. Eleanor has driven back by herself after we exchanged numbers.

I can tell Harry has read the text too because he looks back at me with a confused expression and I shrug. Louis, who is driving, is singing Grease Lightning at the top of his lungs.
"Can I ask you something?" Liam, who is sitting next to me, asks quietly.
I nod.
"Even though you started this job for the money, have you grown to like Harry?"
I sigh. I knew this question was coming.
"To be honest, he was a dick at the start." I say and Liam chuckles.
"But the first time we talked normally, I really did like him as a person. I now understand why he finds it so hard to trust people, and even though I've never been through his position, I know where he's coming from." I pause. "But every time something goes right, we end up in a fight."

Why am I even telling Liam this? It's good to get it out finally. Tell someone what I'm feeling.
"You just have to give him time." Liam replies. "He really is a nice guy. He just finds it hard trusting people, he's been through so much this past year."
I nod, not knowing what to say to that.
"Please don't hurt him." Liam suddenly whispers quietly. 
I look at him and my eyes soften. Liam did have such a big heart. He was such a nice friend to Harry. 
"I won't" I promise. At least I hope not.

Finally, the cars stop outside my apartment. I look out the window to see paparazzi everywhere. Barbara must've called them again, like she always does.
"Well, this weekend was fun" Louis says as he stops the car. "Well sorta." He laughs and we join in.
"It was nice meeting you guys." I smile. 
"You too Chloe" Niall replies. "You should come to our concert tomorrow night!" He suggests.
Harry turns and glares at him.
Niall laughs and shrugs. "Just in case Harry doesn't give you the details, I'll text it to you."
I exchange numbers with the boys before getting out of the car. 
"I'll see you at home tonight boo bear." Harry says to Louis. "Bye lads, I'll call you later!"
"Have fun Harreh!" Zayn calls out. "Bye Chloe!"
I wave and smile at them before Harry grabs our bags and we start to head to the front apartment of my apartment.

"Showtime" He mutters as we walk past the paps.
Right. I forgot. For the last bit of the weekend, Harry and I didn't have to pretend or act one bit since the boys found out. But now that we were back in the real world, it was time for us to start acting again.

I look over at him with his orange beanie over his curly hair. He's looking down at the ground, trying not to make eye contact with the paps as he carries out bags. (pic underneath)

"So what did you think?" Harry asks me about the boys as  we make our way into the elevator.
"They were all so lovely." I reply. "Louis and Niall were so funny!"
He laughs. "Yeah, Louis is just so loud all the time. Once when I was having a bad day, he tried to crack stupid jokes all day." He shakes his head and chuckles at the memory. "They were horrid, but he finally got a laugh out of me."
I giggle as the elevator door opens to my floor.
"And Niall eats so much!" I exclaim. "He almost ate all the pizza the other night."
"Well he is an Irish." Harry teases. "What can we do about it?"
I unlock my apartment door while laughing at a story Harry is telling me about Niall getting sick because of eating too much when I see Barbara sitting on my couch.
She turns around to see us before getting up. She raises her eyebrows when she sees Harry and I getting along.
"So you had a fun weekend I assume?" She asks but doesn't give us a chance to reply.
"Anyways, take a seat" She says and Harry and I put our bags down before taking a seat opposite her.



I'm so sorry that the chapters are really slow at the moment, but I just want to set everything up. There will be more happening soon but like I said, I just wanted to get into the story first and set the scene and everything up. Please keep commenting and liking. Ily all .xx

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