6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


12. Tour Bus Life

- Chloe -

                                    "It's nice to see you big sis!" Riley exclaims as she makes her way over to me and pulls me into a big tight hug. "Happy birthday!! It's been too long!"
"You too!" I put on my sweetest voice. "And thanks!"
Once she lets go of me, I look at her closely. Her light brown hair has grown quite long and she's still as skinny as she was the last time I saw her. She has a tight black dress on that is a little bit too short for her with red heels on her feet. Even though she's in heels, I'm still slightly taller than her. She has light makeup on her face and red lipstick on her lips. Her cheekbones are very noticeable and her smile makes her look so sweet. 

My thoughts are interrupted when a photographer that the boys hired for the party, taps me on the shoulder.
"Would you like a picture with your boyfriend, birthday girl?" He asks. He looks like he's in his mid twenties. He has big glasses on his face and is wearing a bright orange t-shirt with black jeans and black Nikes. 
I look at Harry and he shrugs. "Why not!"
Harry snakes his arm around my waist and I put my arm around his neck as we both smile at the camera. As the photo is about to be taken, I hear someone drop a glass in the background. I hear a squeal before the glass shatters on the ground. I look up to see what it is and when the camera flashes. (Pic below)

"Hey!" I whine. "I wasn't ready!"
The photographer chuckles and shows us the photo. Harry is grinning at the camera with a glass in his hands and I'm looking over him with a shocked expression.
Harry laughs. "That's my favourite photo. It's perfect."
I pout and he kisses me on the cheek. "Don't worry, you look beautiful as always."

          We are interrupted by Riley, who I'd forgotten was standing there.
"Are you going to introduce me to your friends?" She smiles at me and gestures towards Harry and the other boys who have suddenly joined us. The loud music is still pumping at we all stand next to the dance floor. 
"Uh" I clear my throat and Harry jumps in to save me.
"Hi, I'm Harry" He says and shakes her hand. "Sorry for not introducing myself earlier."
"Ohh you must be the new boyfriend!" Riley giggles and I roll my eyes. "I'm Riley! Chloe's little sister."
"It's nice to meet you." Harry smiles his signature smile, showing his dimples clearly.
Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall all introduce themselves to her and give her a hug.
"Nice to meet you babe." Niall says and takes a sip of his drink.
"So are you enjoying yourself?" Liam asks her.
She nods. "Definitely! LA is so amazing! I haven't seen Chloe in so long,  and I can't believe you haven't told me about your new life!" 
"There's a reason why I didn't." I mutter and she laughs.
The boys are all looking at each other and Liam laughs awkwardly.
"How did you get here?" I suddenly blurt out.
"A driver was sent to drive me to the hotel before bringing me here. I think your lovely friend Louis called it for me actually." Riley giggles and puts her hand on Louis' shoulder flirtatiously.
"He has a girlfriend." I growl and Louis looks at us uncomfortably.
Riley removes her hands from his shoulders and clears her throat. "So, I saw you in a magazine yesterday and it felt so weird seeing my own sister on the front page! I've really missed you Chloe!" She squeals and gives me another hug.


"No you haven't. And I can't say I feel the same way." I snap back and I can feel Harry rubbing my lower back with his arms still around me, trying to calm me down.

Well, it's not working.
I just cant keep being nice to her. I can't be around her. She's not here for me. She's here for her. It's always fucking been about her.
Riley's eyes widen but she doesn't say anything.
Harry breaks the silence. "Ok, well I think it's time to get you another drink." He says to me and I nod.
"That's a good idea." I mumble and he pulls me to the bar as Zayn goes to join Perrie and the Little Mix girls while Liam, Niall and Louis try to engage in a conversation with Riley.

As we wait for the bartender to get my drink, Harry starts to talk to me.
"Well, things got quite heated back there didn't it?" He chuckles.
"Yeah, that's an understatement." I reply.
"Riley misses you, you should rekindle. She is your family."
"She's not my family and she's not even here because she misses me. She's here because of the money and fame." I snap.
"It runs in the family then, doesn't it." Harry mutters and I glare at him.
"Harry..." I groan.
"Sorry, sorry!" He holds his hands up. "That was uncalled for and I'm sorry."
The bartender hands us our drinks and I tip a shot glass into my mouth, the alcohol burning my throat.
"Look Harry," I sigh. "I know this is hard for you. It's hard for me too! And if it'll make things easier for the both of us, I'll call Barbara tomorrow and end the contract."
His face lightens up. "Really?"
"Of course, we're together now, aren't we? And I don't want you reminding me of this stupid contract day after day. Besides, it's not about the money anymore with you. Although, I will have to find a new job."
He smiles and without replying, he kisses me on the cheek. 
"Come on" He says in my ear. "Let's go and dance your problems away."
I nod and follow him out onto the dance floor after downing a few more shots.

                         Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas is playing loudly through the speakers as the DJ does his thing. I look around to see Perrie dancing with Zayn happily and some of the guys Harry introduced me to earlier mucking around. I think they were called Andy, Dan and Josh. I laugh as Harry pulls me onto the dance floor. I can feel the drinks slowly taking effect to me as I start dancing.
Harry dances while I grind on him for a while. I then turn to face him and place my arms around his neck. He places his hand on my ass and I smack it away.
He chuckles and starts kissing my neck as we move along with the music. His hands soon find his way back to my bum and this time, I let him keep it there. He kisses me from the neck and up my jawline as I groan and run my hands through his hair. Soon, his lips are pressed against mine and we are making out on the middle of the dance floor as he grabs my ass. I can taste a mix of alcohol and mint in his breath and can smell his cologne on his now sweaty body.
We finally pull apart to catch a breath. I start giggling uncontrollably and Harry raises his eyebrows.
"Too much to drink already?"
"Not at all Styles!" I say, running my hands down his face before crashing my lips against his again. I press my body up against him and he moans. I can slowly start to feel him getting hard down there and I laugh.
"What?" He pulls away.
"You're getting a bit excited." I tease him and he rolls his eyes.
"Well I can't help that you make me feel this way." He smirks and I blush.


              After thanking the boys for throwing my amazing birthday party, Harry and I decide to go back to the hotel. I don't bother saying bye to Riley since I didn't want her there in the first place.
As we make our way into the elevator, we start kissing once again. It's crazy, it seems like I can't get enough of him tonight. His tongue slowly enters my mouth and we start making out again. My hands are playing with his curly and now messy hair as his hands are placed on my lower back. The elevator doors open when we reach our floor and as we're still kissing, we make our way out and towards our hotel suite. Once we reach the door, Harry tries to find the hotel key.
"Hurry up" I moan against him as he fumbles around his pockets.
"I'm trying" He says against my lips before slipping the card into the keyhole on the door. 
Once we're inside, I jump onto Harry and wrap my legs around him as we're still making out and he carries me to the bedroom. He carefully places me on the bed and I kiss him harder. I slip my dress off so I'm in my lacy bra and undies. Harry pulls away to take a good look at me. This is the first time he's seen me this bare.
"Woah" He gapes, eyes widening.
I smirk at his reaction. "You like what you see?"

Shit, this alcohol is really making me feel super confident.

He nods enthusiastically and chuckles before kissing me again. He leaves a trail of kisses down my neck and onto my collarbone.
I groan quietly and throw my head back as he quickly pulls his shirt off before he continues kissing me all over. I slide my hands to his belt and as I start to undo it, I look into his eyes.
"Chloe," He starts. "I don't think-"
"Harry" I interrupt him, my speech slightly slurred. "Shh. I want to."
 I'm straddling him on the bed with my bra and undies on and he's sitting there with his shirt off and his hands on my waist. His hair is messed up, his curls falling perfectly around his face. His lips are red and plump from kissing me and his eyes are staring right into mine.
He looks at me for a minute before he shakes his head. "We can't. Your first time can't be like this, I can't do this to you while you're drunk." He removes my hands from his neck and I slowly get off him.
He stands up and puts his shirt back on.
"Sorry Chloe" He says softly.
"Don't you want to?" I whimper.
He sighs and chuckles quietly. "Of course I want to babe, just not now, not while you're like this. I care about you enough to stop myself from doing that to you." He brings his hands to my cheeks and brushes it.
I sigh. "I bought all this lingerie for nothing?" My speech is slurred and I feel my head spinning.
He chuckles. "Not for nothing baby. I really appreciate it, maybe you can save it for another day, when you're not this off your face."

I find myself too tired to argue. I don't really know what I am doing so I crawl into bed, still in my bra and undies. I pull the duvet over me and sigh as I close my eyes.
"I'm tired." I mumble and I can hear Harry laugh. He lies next to me and tucks a strand of hair behind my ears.
"You're such a weird drunk." He laughs and I groan.
"Shhh" I say with my eyes closed, putting a finger to his lips. "Sleep."
He laughs again. 
"Go to bed, beautiful." I hear him whisper. "Happy birthday."
And with that, I find myself drifting off into a deep sleep.



- Harry -

We're on the tour bus leaving Los Angeles and driving to Seattle for our next few concerts. I'm sitting on the couch in the back with Louis, playing FIFA. Riley is coming along with us for a few days since the boys and I invited her, mostly so that she and Chloe can resolve their issues. When Chloe found out this morning, she looked like she was about to kill me, but she didn't say anything. Instead, she just went to sleep without saying a word to me. Riley seems nice, I don't understand what happened between those two sisters, but I'm definitely going to find out and resolve it.

Louis once again beats me at our game and I throw the game control on the ground.
"Argh!" I shout frustratedly and he laughs.
"Don't be such a sore loser Styles!" Louis calls out and I groan. 
"Shut up! You cheated!" I yell back and he laughs before changing the channel on the TV to an old episode of One Tree Hill.
I make my way to the kitchen area where Riley is sitting on her own, drinking a cup of tea.
"Hey!" She smiles when she sees me. "Where's Chloe?"
"Taking a nap. She's still quite hungover from her party last night."
Riley laughs. "Wow, seems like some things never change."
"What do you mean?"
She looks confused. "Hasn't she told you anything about her past?"
"No, not at all. All I know is that she's from Australia."
Riley laughs again. "Well Harry, you're missing out on a lot!"
I make myself a cup of tea before taking a seat next to her.
"Please fill me in then! Tell me everything I need to know about the life of my girlfriend."
She giggles and puts her hand on my shoulder. "Sure thing!" As she's about to start explaining, I hear someone come up behind me.
"Tell you what?" Chloe walks over and says in a cranky voice.
I turn around to see her in her stripy pyjamas. Her hair is in a messed up bun and she looks adorable.
"About your life back in Australia." I explain and give her a kiss on the cheek as she sits next to me. "You feeling better?"
"I'm fine thanks." She snaps back and glares at Riley.

Well, she's still obviously mad at me for inviting Riley.

"What Chlo?" Riley smiles innocently. "I was just trying to fill Harry in on everything you left out."
Chloe rolls her eyes. "I'm sure now's not the right time for this Riles."
Riley sighs as Chloe narrows her eyes. 
"Uh...ok..." I cough and get up off my seat. "I-I'm just going to go see if Niall needs anything..." I say to avoid a big scene between these two girls. I quickly make my way out of the room before they say anything and I find Niall in the kitchen. What a surprise.

"Hey mate," He says with his mouth full of crisps. "What's up?"
"What's the deal with Chloe and Riley?" I ask and he shrugs.
"I dunno, she is your girlfriend."
I sigh. "I know, but it seems like there's something Chloe doesn't want me to know. I need to know what it is."


- Chloe -

"What the fuck are you up to?" I snap at my little sister once Harry closes the door behind him and we're alone.
"Nothing." She replies in her annoying as shit sweet voice. "Nothing at all!"
I roll my eyes. "Don't act like you missed me. We know you're in this for the fame and money."
Suddenly, her expression changes completely from a sweet and innocent girl to a stone cold bitch. She smirks. "Don't act like you're all innocent, Miss 'I love my boyfriend'. I know about your little contract. Your boss, that Barbara chick, contacted me and asked me to pay you a visit."
My eyes widen as I gape at her."What?"
"Do you know how it feels seeing you everywhere in the magazines and on TV, knowing that you left us to live your new life without us. We're your family! And you left us! I was so angry at you until I got a phone call from Barbara saying that she would fly me out here so I can meet your so called boyfriend." She continues. "Now that I'm here, I'm confused whether you're a real couple or not."
"At first it was for the money, but now, I actually like him. And you can't do anything to ruin it Riles, you've done enough." I say icily.

I can't believe my little sister is in front of me, talking about how Barbara contacted her to come and visit me. How did she even find out I had a little sister?

"Why the fuck are you here anyways?" I ask angrily.
"I'm here to apparently make it look like I'm bonding with your boyfriend." She rolls her eyes before laughing. "I can't believe this Chloe, you're getting paid to date a celebrity." She shakes her head and I have to stop myself from slapping her in the face by holding my hands down to the chair.
"But since I'm here," She continues talking. "I think I might have a little fun and tell Harry some of the stories from your past." She smirks. "Once he knows about the person you used to be, he'll want you out of the contract."
"You can't tell him about that night." I warn her. "That's too far Riles. I know we've had our differences but that was different."
"After what you did to me, I think I can tell him whatever I want." She argues.
"Riley, please." I plead and she smirks
"I'm about to call Barbara and end the contract." I snap at her. "I have real feelings for him Riles, and he feels the same way about me. If you want to do what's right, please don't say anything."
She chuckles. "I can though, and you know it. And I'm going to." She says before flicking her hair and walking out of the room.

As soon as she's gone, I bang my fists on the table. Why is Riley trying to ruin my life? I can't believe this was happening. Once she tells Harry, he won't want anything to do with me. I decide to immediately call Barbara. I grab my phone out and dial her number in.
She answers on the third ring.
"Hello? Barbara Walters, Modest Management." He posh voice speaks on the other end.
"How could you invite my sister over?" I ask loudly, trying my best not to lose my temper. "What the fuck were you thinking?"
"Firstly, calm down Chloe." She replies cooly. "Secondly, you guys needed this so it looked like you and Harry were getting serious."
"Don't tell me to calm down! I can't be calm!" I shout. "And secondly, you basically invited the only  person I can't stand to meet my boyfriend!"
I hear a knock on the door. "You ok babe?" I hear Harry ask.
"I'm fine!" I call back. "Just talking to Barbara about the contract."
"Ok!" He says. "Come join us when you're done!"
"Sure Haz, I'll be right there." I reply and I hear his footsteps disappear.
I put the phone back against my ear and Barbara speaks.
"Do it for the media Chloe, that is your job, remember?"
I take a deep breath to calm myself. "I know. Look Barbara, I need to talk to you about that."
She groans. "What is it?"
"I-I" I pause.

What if Barbara kills me herself for this? It wouldn't surprise me if she did.

"I want to end the contract. Harry and I are starting to really see each other and I don't want the contract ruining our relationship."
I hear Barbara's high pitched laugh. "Oh Chloe! You think you can just end the contract when you want dear?" She laughs again before turning serious. "Well, you're wrong. You still have under five months of this contract and if you end it, you will break the violation. Therefore you will be sued." Her voice is as cold as ice and her tone is almost stinging.
"B-but..." I stammer. 
"You're not ending this contact unless you want to pay up." She snaps and I sigh.
"Now that you're a real couple, it'll make things easier." She continues. "I won't have to tell you two when to kiss and cuddle."
"Fine." I groan. "But can you do me a favour and don't tell Harry that I'm not allowed to end the contract. He'll be cut when he finds out."
"That's understandable." Barbara replies. "Fine, I won't. But if he finds out and you two break up, don't forget that you will have to act until these five months are over."
I sigh. "Ok. And one more thing, can you get rid of Riley? She's trying to ruin Harry and my relationship."
Barbara sighs impatiently. "She'll be there for only three more days. I'm sure you can manage that."
"I don't think I can." I mutter 
"Whatever." She says. "Just make sure you don't mess it up." And without saying anything else, she ends the call.

I sigh and put the phone down. So Barbara won't let me end the contract. She can't even get rid of Riley. I guess I'll just have to deal with her for another three days. I can't tell Harry about Barbara not letting me end the contract. He'll just bring it up again like he always does and I don't want him to hold it against me.

I make my way to the living room of the tour bus, Riley is nowhere to be found.
"Where's my sister?" I ask Zayn who's on his phone.
"I think she went to take a phone call." He answers without looking up.
Harry looks up at me when he hears me and his face lightens up.
"So, Barbara let you end the contract?!" He exclaims and the four other boys heads look up at me hopefully. I look around at them who are waiting for my answer.
I feel bad about lying but I have to, I don't want them thinking I'm only here for the money and I don't want them bring up the contract nearly everyday.
"Yeah!" I lie. "It's over!"
The boys all cheer as Harry stands up to give me a kiss. 
"Now, everything's normal again, isn't it." He says softly to kiss and kisses me gently on my lips.
"Sure" I smile weakly and he kisses me again.
"Now come join our game of FIFA!" Louis calls out and Harry leads me to the couch where I take a seat and watch as Niall completely dominates Liam in the game.

I feel like I'm about to throw up. I've just lied to everyone and I just hope they don't find out.



The tour bus had finally arrived and we decided to have a quick dinner before the boys do their show tonight.

"Finally!" Louis cheers as we are escorted to our private section in a Chinese restaurant in Seattle. "I'm starvin'!"
"You have no idea man." Niall grumbles. "Who ate all the food on the bus?"
Liam stares at him. "You did, you Irish git!" He replies grumpily.
I laugh as we are seated at the table. 
Zayn is quiet, as usual. Probably, because he's angry that Louis woke him up by pouring ice water on his bed.

Once we are seated, we order nearly everything on the menu. Well, Niall does, while we just look at him in awe.

"So, did you guys know Chloe used to go out partying nearly every night back in high school?" Riley says.

I nearly choke on my dumpling when I hear her speak. "I don't think they want to hear this." I snap at Riley.
She smiles sweetly. "Don't be silly Chloe, it's just a story."
"Yeah" Niall says. "I want to hear this! It sounds interesting!"
I glare at him and he quickly looks away.
"Ok, so" Riley starts. "When we were in school, Chloe was the complete opposite to what she was now. She loved partying, she was out every night and didn't get home till four in the morning."
"That was ages ago." I interrupt. "I'm a different person now."
Riley looks at me. "I know Chlo, but don't you think Harry should know about your past?"
I glance over at Harry who's looking back and forth at me and Riley. I feel him grab my hand under the table.
"Whatever she says about you won't change my feelings towards you." He whispers in my ear. "Don't worry."
"But Harry..." I hesitate. "You really don't want to hear this..."

I have a feeling I know what Riley is about the tell the boys. It's something that I've been living with for the past two years. I've slowly moved on, but every time someone brings it up, I can't help but feel like I'm responsible for everything. Hell, it was my fault!

"Please go on!" Louis whines. "I want to hear about the little party animal!"
"Riley, please." I plead but she ignores me.
I'm starting to feel hot and sweaty. Once she tells the boys, they will never look at me the same.

Riley continues. "So, one night she was out partying and couldn't get a lift home." 

Shit. I think to myself as she continues speaking. I can't believe this...

I'm about to stop her but it's too late, she's already said it.

"She couldn't get a lift home was super drunk. So she stole a car with her then boyfriend, Toby, who was a complete jerk by the way. It was around two in the morning and he let her drive because she wanted to. As they were coming down a busy road, there was a mother and her kid walking across the road, and she ran straight into them."
She stops and the boys are all sitting there in shock.

How could Riley do this? She knew it was the thing I feared the most. She knew that and yet she had to ruin my relationship by telling my boyfriend and his four friends.



Sorry for the late update everyone! I've been trying to put so many things in this chapter! I had to stop there to leave you all hanging and also so I don't keep writing for too long. Don't worry! I've already started it and it will be up soon! By the way, you all know from the photos I imagine Chloe as Cara, Just in case you want to know, I imagine Behati Prinsloo as Riley. Thought I should put that out there! :)
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