6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


20. Too Good To Be True

- Chloe -

As I'm chilling in Little Mix's dressing room, they rehearse a few songs while I listen. They sound amazing. I take a video and post it on Instagram, captioning it:

These girls are incredible! lots of love xxx

"So when's Harry coming down?" Perrie asks me as their stylist fixes her hair.
"In a few days, when all the lads are coming down for their Melbourne shows."
"Are you going to show us your hometown?" Jade calls out from across the room.
"Definitely! I'll show you where I used to hang out all the time." I smile at her.
"Can we visit your home?" Leigh Anne joins in.
I laugh. "Uh, I don't think that's a good idea. I'm not really in a good place with my mum and dad, especially my sister Riley since she came to London to surprise me on my birthday."
The girls nod and know better than to ask about my family issues so they change the subject. 
"It's settled then! We're all going out tomorrow night!" Perrie squeals and I laugh, nodding excitedly.
As the girls get ready to go on stage, I get a text from Harry.

To: Chloe- 8:30pm
Hey babe, you landed safely? x

I smile to myself ad reply. My boyfriend is so cute.

To: Harry- 8:31pm
Sure have :) you already missing me? xx

I get a reply within the next few seconds.

To: Chloe- 8:31pm
Nah actually i'm having a great time meeting new girls! ;)

I chuckle out loud before replying.

To: Harry- 8:32pm
Haha of course you have. i have to go, little mix are about to perform, I'll call you later ok? love you xxx


To: Chloe- 8:32pm
Ok love you babe. Talk soon .xx

I put my phone away and wish the girls good luck before making my way to my seat in the arena. I look around to see quite a lot of fans screaming as the lights go dark and the four girls appear on stage before they start their gig with the song, Wings. As they continue performing throughout the night, I find my self singing along to a lot of their songs, including my favourite, Move.
"We hope you've had a good night!" Jess shouts into the microphone as they finish another song. "We sure have!"
The crowd goes crazy and they start singing DNA.
"Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it." Perrie starts off and I admire her amazing voice. 
I take a snapchat video of her singing and type 'Your girlfriend it amazing! ;)' before sending it to Zayn. Suddenly, a girl about sixteen years old taps me on the shoulder.
I spin around and she smiles.
"Hi!" She shouts over the music.
"Hi love!" I reply politely. "You alright?"
"I love you so much!" She says excitedly. "You are so pretty! And you and Harry are perfect for each other!"
I laugh. "Thank you babe! Do you want to join me." I point at the empty seat next to me.
She nods and squeals and we both sit down while Little Mix go backstage to get a costume change.
We sit down and I start making conversation.
"So how are you?" I ask and look to see she's shaking.
I laugh. "Don't be nervous babe!" I put my hand on her shoulder. "What's your name?"
"I'm Stella" She smiles. "I'm good thanks, why are you in Melbourne?"
"I'm just here to watch Little Mix. Perrie invited me so I thought it would be cool." I reply to her like an old friend. "Are you a One Direction fan?"
She nods excitedly. "Definitely! And Little Mix too!"
"Who's your favourite member?" I ask her.
"Niall!" She answers right away. "He's so funny and Irish."
I laugh and we continue talking for a while as she asks me questions about the band and what the five lads are really like. We then get into a conversation about Melbourne and the best places in the city. It's weird how I can have a casual conversation with a fan like we've known each other for a while.
Stella asks me if I can follow her on twitter and I grab my phone out straight away. I even follow her on Instagram before taking a few photos with her.

When the show is over, I say goodbye to her and go backstage to join the girls before we get driven back to the hotel.
"That was amazing!" I gush to the Little Mix girls while in the car. "You guys are so good!"
Jade laughs. "Aw thanks love! I'm glad you enjoyed it! That was super fun, wasn't it girls?"
The girls nod in agreement. 
"I can't wait to go back to the hotel and sleep though." Perrie groans.
"Yeah right, you just want to facetime Zayn!" Leigh-Anne says starts making kissy faces.
"Shut up!" Perrie says in her Geordie accent. "I miss my boo!"

 When I get into my own hotel room, I jump onto the bed and lie down before calling Harry.
"Hey babe!" He chimes on the other end of the line. "How was the show?"
"It was great!" I reply. "I got to speak to a One Direction fan as well. I talked to her like we'd been friends for ages and it was nice!"
Harry laughs. "Oh baby, you're so nice to everyone."
"How was your show?" I ask him.
"It was alright, we just finished, the crowd was so loud, I'm pretty sure I'm now deaf."
I laugh. "You should talk to your fans more often!" I say to him. "Maybe you should do a follow spree or answer some questions on twitter now." I suggest and he laughs.
"That's what Liam and Niall are for." He chuckles and I can't help but laugh along with him.
"Seriously Haz!"
"Fine fine, I'll do it now. Only for you though."
"No, for your fans!"
"Whatever you say." He chuckles. "I better let you get to sleep. It's nearly one in the morning. I'll call you tomorrow."
"Ok, goodnight Harry."
"G'night Chlo. Love you."
"Love you too."
I hang the phone up and smile at myself before getting changed and getting into bed.


- Harry -

Right after I hang up the phone with Chloe, I decide to listen to her advice and reply to a few people on twitter. After a while of typing and following, I get bored so I turn the TV on.

"Boys!" Paul shouts to us from the corridor of our floor in the hotel. "You've got mail!"
I make my way outside of Zayn and my room and Paul hands me a stack of letters. "Chloe has some mail as well." He says to me before moving on to Louis' room. As he opens the door to their suite, a sock hits him in the face and I burst into laughter.
"Yes!" I hear Louis shout and Eleanor giggle in the background.
"Louis, you're so immature." Paul groans and shakes his head. "Get some sleep boys! You have a big day tomorrow!"
"Harreh! Come look at this!" Zayn calls out to me as I look through the mail.
I walk over to him in nothing but my underwear and he shows me a funny manip photo of me and Miley Cyrus on his laptop. I let out a laugh before sitting on the couch. As I glance through the letters, I see something directed at Chloe Martinez. I see the logo on the corner saying 'Modest! Management'. I frown and wonder what it is.
What reason is there that Chloe still has to keep in contact with management?
My curiosity takes over me and I immediately rip the letter open to see a cheque and a note enclosed.

What the fuck?!

The cheque was directed to Chloe for $200,000 and I unfolded the note.

This is the last $200,000 for you for the last 2 months of the contract. Congratulations. Only a week to go and you'll be free from this life. You will have to come to the office and sign a few papers when the boys come back to London.
I will see you then.


My eyes widen and I nearly choke to death as I read the note again and again.
Maybe this was all a mistake! I read over the note again. 
I can't believe she lied to me! I should've known this was too fucking good to be true! I knew that this was all about the money for her. She never loved me. She just loved my fucking lifestyle. I thought I had finally found the right person and after opening up my walls, she fucking destroyed them. 
I pace back and forth in my room taking a deep breaths as I try to calm down.
I rip both the letter and the cheque and throw it on the ground before punching the wall in front of me.

"What the fuck man?!" Zayn jumps of his seat and shouts at me when he hears the loud noise of my fist punching through the wall.
I pull my fist back in pain before dropping to the ground.
Fuck that hurt!
"Harry!" Zayn rushes over to me as the door swings open the the other lads come running in, including Paul, Eleanor and Lou.
"What the fuck is going on?" Louis calls out and they all gather around me.
My head is in my hands and I'm holding back my tears.
Why the fuck am I even crying over a girl who tricked me into thinking she was the one?!
"S-she..." I can't say it. I can't admit to the boys that I had been used again. These past few months have been the happiest I've ever been and they knew that.
"She what?" Niall crouches down and puts his hand on my shoulder. "Haz, what's wrong?"
"S-she... t-the contract... I-it didn't end..." I take a deep breath and stand up again. 
The boys all look at each other in confusion and I see Zayn look down at the ground nervously.
"Zayn..." I glare at him. "Did you know?"
He looks up at me. "Uh... I uh... yeah I did. I'm sorry Haz." He looks down again.
My eyes widen and I'm about to jump forward and punch that bastard in the face but I'm held back by Paul.
"Let go of me!" I shout and Zayn looks terrified.
"Look Harry, I'm sorry." He starts to say really quickly. "She was a mess. She tried to end the contract but Barbara didn't let her. She needed to talk to someone about it. She didn't know what to do!"
"And you didn't even fucking tell me?!" I scream. "We're like brothers!"
"I'm sorry Harry!" He defends himself.
"Get out of here!"
"Now Zayn! No, all of you get out!" I shout and try to release myself from Paul.
"But-" Louis starts.
"GET OUT!" I shout as Paul finally lets go of me.
No one moves as they all stand silently so I decide to leave the room myself.
"Fine, I'll leave." I mutter and grab my coat before storming out of the room while no one stops me.
I can't believe Zayn didn't fucking tell me. We're closer than that and he kept the biggest fucking secret from me. Bullshit that Chloe couldn't end the fucking contract. I bet she didn't even try! She knew that I loved her and she knew that I cared about her and she took advantage of me! How could I not see this coming! I need to get away from here now!

I storm out of the hotel and put my hoodie up so I won't get recognised before catching a cab.
"Where to sir?" The cab driver asks me.
"The nearest bar." I mutter and he chuckles before starting the car.



- Chloe -

"He said he would call today." I tell Perrie as we make our way out of the car. 
"So this was last night?" 
I nod. "Yeah when I talked to him last night after the show."
Perrie chuckles. "He probably just forgot, he does that sometimes. Once, I asked him to pick up something for Zayn and I had to ask him nearly ten times before he finally remembered."
I laugh. "I guess. Maybe I'll just call him later then. Now let's go party!" I cheer and Perrie giggles.
A few paps are in front of us taking photos as we walk to the club. I link onto her arm and look down as she gives a big smile at the cameras. We're both pretty dressed up since we are going out.  (Pic below)

Once we enter the club, the loud music is going off and there are a lot of people everywhere, dancing, making out, chatting, etc...
Perrie and I are led to a quiet booth and we order a few cocktails. I check my phone to see no texts or calls from Harry which is weird. I contemplate whether I should check twitter and I decide against it. I trust Harry and Perrie is probably right. He's probably forgotten.

Suddenly, Perries phone rings and she picks it up.
"Hello?" She says in her famous Geordie accent. "Hi babe." She smiles and I figure that it's Zayn on the other end.
"What?" She suddenly frowns. "Uh sure, yeah she's right here. Ok hang on."
She hands the phone over to me. "Zayn needs to talk to you. It's important about Harry."
I raise my eyebrows as she hands me the phone. 
"Hello?"I say nervously and Perrie signals to me that she's going to the bathroom. I nod at her as Zayn answers.
"Chloe! Harry found out about the contract!" He says, sounding panicked on the other end of the line.
My eyes widen and I'm not sure if I heard incorrectly. "What!" I shout over the loud music.
"I'm so sorry! He saw the letter that Barbara sent you with the note and the cheque inside. And he found out that I knew about it! He left the hotel last night and never came back. No one has any idea where he is!"
"Oh my god." I mutter to myself and start pacing back and forth, trying not to break down in tears.
Harry knows now! I can't imagine what he would think of me! I still love him and I wanted that contract to end so badly. Why the fuck didn't I just tell him in the first place. I can't believe this is happening right now!
"Chloe?" Zayn says again.
"I'm here! I'm here!" I say to him. "Can you call him?"
"He left his phone here."
"I-I don't know what to do Zayn, he probably hates me. I-I-"
Zayn interrupts me. "You're probably right, but you have to help Chlo, we're leaving early in the morning and it's 10pm now. He can't miss the flight, he will get in serious trouble."
I take a deep breath. "Look Zayn, give him some time and if he's not back in the morning, then call me again. Ok? He'll be there."
"Fine." Zayn sighs. "But you don't understand. Harry was a complete mess. He feels like you used him and he's heartbroken. He's already been through enough with other people and he thought you were different. I tried explaining but he doesn't believe me and he just stormed out of the room."
I sit down as the tears start to form. "I know Zayn." I say quietly.
There's nothing I can do about it until they get to Melbourne.
"What do the other boys think?" I ask him.
"T-they're pretty mad." He says quietly. "But I think that deep down, they know that you never meant to hurt him. Although, they think you should've told Harry though. However, we all know that Barbara isn't the easiest person to talk to and there's nothing you couldn't done if she didn't let you end the contract."
"I'm so sorry." I whisper into the phone. "I knew this would happen. I know I should've told Harry."
"You-" Zayn says before being interrupted by someone. "Huh, ok." He says in the background.
"Chloe, Eleanor and Louis want to speak to you, I'm putting you on speaker ok?"
There's a muffle in the background before I hear Louis' voice.
"Chloe." He says loudly. "Can you hear me?"
"Yes Louis, I can."
"Where are you anyways?" He continues.
"I-I'm out with Perrie."I sigh.
"Oh." He hesitates. "Look, I just need to get this clear, I can't fucking believe what you did to Harold."
I rub my temples. "Louis, I can't do this now ok?I know that I fucked it up. That I really hurt him."
"No!" He shouts on the other end. "You don't understand! You completely broke him! He's already back to what he was before! Just because you didn't fucking tell him about the contract!"
I keep silent and I hear Eleanor say something to him in the background.
"No!" I hear Louis say to her. "I can't!"
Eleanor sighs before she talks to me. "Chlo?" Her voice is soft and calm.
"Hey El." I murmur. "Please don't yell at me too, I know I should've told him."
"You should've," She agrees. "But I understand why you didn't, you were scared. But Harry is torn. When we get to Melbourne, you need to talk to him ok?"
"I will El, you know I will." I tell her. "But I need to go ok? Please just know guys that I didn't mean to hurt Harry. I love him."
"We'll see you tomorrow." Zayn takes over and we hang up.
Once I put the phone down, Perrie makes her way back to the booth.
"What's wrong?" She asks when she sees my face.
Instead of saying anything I run over and hug her, letting everything out as I cry into her shoulder. 
She rubs my back and tries to comfort me without asking any questions. I burst into more tears as she continues holding me.
As I cry into her, only one thing runs through my mind.
And that is that I really fucked everything up.



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