6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


19. Sydney

- Chloe -

When the plane lands At Sydney airport, the boys and I get off and we are led through the airport with some of the airport guards escorting us. There are people everywhere trying to get photos as we walk through. I look over at the other boys to see that Niall has his raybans on and Zayn and Louis are trying to keep a low profile by keeping their heads down. Liam is trying his best to keep a smile on his face and wave at the cameras and Harry looks very stressed as he holds onto his guitar with his orange beanie on. As we are being hurried outside to where the cars are waiting for us, I give a quick smile at the camera. (Pic below)

There are shouts everywhere and squeals and screams from fans yelling:


The security guards push us along as we get away from everyone. Once we are in the car, Liam chuckles.
“Welcome to Australia lads!” He exclaims and Niall cheers. “Oh and Chloe of course.” He adds and I laugh.
“So what’s the plan for today?” Louis asks. “That was a fucking long flight.”
“I know!” Zayn groans. “I just want to go to sleep.”
I look at my watch. It reads 9:04am so I’m guessing that it’s the next day since we boarded the private jet.
“No sleep yet boys!” Liam says and they all groan.
“We have a soundcheck this afternoon before our first concert in Sydney tonight.”
“Do we even get to go back to the hotel?” Niall mumbles. “I’m starvin’!”
Harry chuckles. “Of course you are Nialler.” He ruffles the Irish boy’s hair.
“Get off Harold!” Niall says grumpily.
“Someone’s tired!” Louis calls out and Harry laughs.
I look outside the window to see that fans are chasing the vehicle.
“Do you ever get used to this?” I mutter.
“Not one bit.” Zayn says from next to me, making me jump.
“So I’m pretty sure we get to chill in the hotel for a few hours before we have to go to soundcheck.” Liam explains to the boys.
“Great! I’m going to go chill with Perrie for a while.” Zayn gushes and the boys whistle.
“I might go surfing, Louis, wanna join?” Liam asks.
Louis shakes his head. “Nah Payno, I’m going to go pick El up in a while.”
“While you boys all do your thing, I’m just going to sleep in the suite.” Niall says loudly. “Yeah man! That is the life!”
“What do you want to do babe?” Harry asks me.
“Do you want to explore?” I ask him and he nods.
“Sure, let’s just get cleaned up first. I feel pretty gross after that long flight.”
“Ok!” I smile and for the rest of the car trip, Harry tries to tell me jokes to make me laugh, only succeeding around three times.
“Harry, let’s face it. Your jokes are shit.” Louis says when he hears Harry make another joke.
“Hey!” Harry pouts.
“Yeah shut up Harold.” Niall joins in.
“Why are you attacking me Niall?” Harry snaps at him playfully and I laugh at all their arguing and bickering.

When we arrive at the hotel, the boys immediately go their separate ways as Zayn immediately gets in another car to go meet Perrie, Louis and Niall chill in their room that they’re sharing, Liam get’s changed before going out to surf and Harry and I shower and get changed before leaving to explore the city.


“I’ve only been to Sydney once even though I live in Australia” I tell Harry as we exit the hotel through the back. Harry’s wearing tight black jeans and a white t-shirt with a headwrap on his head and brown boots on his feet. He puts his sunglasses on before taking my hand.
“Well, then we can explore it together.” He grins.
We wander around Sydney for a while, walking past Bondi Beach and having a look at a few small shops before suddenly, fans start to recognise Harry. They all come up and ask for photos with him while I politely offer to take the photo.
“Can I get a photo with you as well?” A fan asks me. She has brown hair and is about 15 years old.
“Sure thing.” I smile and her friend takes the photo for us.

After a while, the mobbing gets pretty bad. There are around 50 girls surrounding us and Harry is trying his best to get as many photos as he can with fans.
"Please just be patient." He says. "And I'll try to get as many photos as I can." He tells a girl who is yelling hysterically.
He still holds onto my hand tightly so he doesn't lose me while I'm following him from behind. After a very long time of moving from only one shop to another, Harry starts to lose his temper. I can tell because he's squeezing my hand so tight that I think it might fall off. He's trying to contain himself on the outside, but his look is telling me that he wants to leave and get away from everyone.
"Harry, calm down." I say softly in his ear. "Your hand is killing me."
"Sorry" He mutters before putting on a fake smile with another fan. Finally, he asks everyone, "Is it ok if we get going? We're kinda doing our thing?" He says to everyone and there is louder shouting and groaning everywhere.

We are finally able to get away from all the girls  and Harry and I are able to go shopping for a while longer. When we get back to the hotel, there are hundreds of girls waiting outside so we sneak in the back way.

"There they are!" Louis calls out when we enter the hotel suite. All the boys including Perrie and Eleanor are seated in the living room, chatting with one another while on twitter.
"Hey guys!" Harry smiles and we join them on the couch. "Sorry we were out for so long. We were literally mobbed by fans for nearly three hours."
"El!! Perrie! Hey guys!" I run over and give them a huge hug. 
"Hey Chlo!" El grins. "I've missed you!"
"Hey Chlo," Perrie smiles and waves at me while still cuddled up against Zayn. "Hey Haz, how are you guys?"
I groan. "I'm so tired! Those fans are crazy, I feel so bad for you boys."
Liam laughs. "I know, I couldn't really go surfing because girls kept mobbing me too."
"So what time do we have to leave?" Niall asks us while busy on twitter.
Liam looks at his watch. "In about 10 minutes."
"Are you girls going to join us at the soundcheck or do you guys want to hang out for a bit before meeting us at the concert tonight?" Louis asks us.
I look at Perrie and Eleanor. "Let's go shopping for a bit." El suggests and Perrie and I agree.
"That sounds good!"I smile.
"Well, we should get going lads." Liam calls out.
"Alright now Payno, don't get too bossy now." Louis says sassily and the boys get up.
Zayn gives Perrie a huge hug and kiss since she won't be coming to the concert tonight.
"Have fun at your gig love." He gives her a kiss and they make out for a little bit while Louis whistles, trying to make it as embarrassing as he can for them.
"Bye baby." Perrie gives him another hug. "I'll see you soon ok?"
He nods and they both share another passionate kiss.
"I'll see you soon babe." Harry gives me a quick kiss on the lips. "Don't get too crazy." He winks and I laugh.
"You too Styles, have fun at the soundcheck." I give him another kiss before the boys leave. As they do, El, Perrie and I look out the window to see the fans go crazy and scream as the boys leave the hotel and get into the car.
"I'm so glad you guys are here!" I tell the girls as we move away from the window.
"Same!" Perrie says excitedly. "Except it sucks that I have to leave tomorrow. Little Mix have a gig in Melbourne. You should come Chloe!"
"I would love to!" I reply. "That sounds great! How about you El?"
"Sorry loves, I'm gonna spend time with Louis while I can since I'm leaving in a few days." She smiles and fixes her hair in the mirror.
I nod. "Fair enough. You gotta spend as much time with your boyfriend as you can. Especially if he's in the world's biggest boy band." I nudge her.
The girls laugh and we all get ready before heading outside.

We spend the rest of the day shopping and end up buying so much that our arms hurt. El, Perrie and I spend nearly two hours in Topshop, trying nearly everything on. As we walk around the city, entering any shop that we find interesting, we stop a few times to take photos with fans. Other than that, it's not as crazy as when I'm with Harry, which is quite nice to be honest.

After a long time of walking and shopping, the girls and I decide to stop by a coffee shop and rest for a bit.
"So Chloe, how's Harry going?" El asks me and I blush.
"Yeah, it's great." I admit. "We're going really well."
"Have you..." Perrie leans forward and wriggles her eyebrows. "You know..."
My eyes widen when I realise what she's talking about and I burst into laughter. "Yeah, we have..." I look down.
"Of course you have." Eleanor chuckles and mutters to herself. "It's Harry."
I look at her weirdly when I hear what she says.
"Oh no! I'm sorry Chloe! I didn't mean it like that!" She says, sounding panicked. "It's just-"
I interrupt her. "It's fine El, I get it. He isn't really the virgin type."
Perrie giggles. "I don't think any of the boys are to be honest, well except Niall." She jokes.
I'm tempted to tell the girls about the contract but we're having so much fun that I don't want to ruin things. I mean what if they judge me? I know I'm good friends with these girls but I'm still scared that they'll judge me for lying to Harry, especially since he's never been with a girl for more than two months. So I push the thoughts out of my mind.

 I have to admit, it's pretty nice that I'm spending time with these girls having a bit of downtime. I've been spending too much time with the boys and although it's nice most of the time, I need to be around some girls.

Finally, after we gain energy from our coffees, Eleanor and I decide to go to the concert venue and say goodbye to Perrie.
"I'll see you tomorrow!" She says to me as she gives both of us a hug. "I'll text you the details about the concert!"
I nod. "Can't wait love! Good luck tonight!"
"I'll see you soon Perrie," El says as she gives Perrie another hug.
"Have fun with your boyfriend." She winks at El and I giggle.
"I bet they'll have a lot of fun." I mutter and El blushes.
"Ok ok stop, we should get going Chlo." She changes the subject and Perrie and I laugh.

We finally say goodbye to Perrie after chatting for about another ten minutes. Eleanor and I then head to the concert since it starts to become dark anyways while some fans spot us and take a few photos while we keep our heads down. (pic below)


- Harry -

"Haz, you better hurry up or Paul will kill you!" Liam calls out to me while I'm trying to annoy Lou as she does Louis' hair.
"Yeah, get of me Harold." She groans and I laugh.
I give her another poke in the ribs and she winces before smacking me on the arm.
"Go away curly!" Louis whines. "She's going to mess my hair up!"
I laugh and walk over to the couch before putting my shirt on.
"If this room was burning," I start to sing to myself a song from our new album that we're currently working on. "I wouldn't even notice!"
"Harry, get over here now, I need to do your hair!" Lou says as strictly as she can to me and I laugh.
"Stop trying to be scary Lou, you're shit at it." I chuckle and take a seat in front of her. As she starts to work on my hair, Chloe and Eleanor come walking into the dressing room.
"Babe!" My face lightens up and I call out to her before running over and giving her a huge hug.
"Harry?" She looks at me weirdly. "Are you ok?"
"He's been acting weird all afternoon." Niall calls out. "Don't even ask."
Chloe laughs and I can her Lou groan from behind me. 
"Chlo, can you tell your boyfriend to sit down right now before I kill him, so I can do his hair?" She asks my girlfriend as sweetly as she can.
Chloe chuckles. "Harry, go get your hair done or you'll be late."
I pout. "Can you come with me?"
"You're like a child!" She laugh and I grab her hand and lead her to the chair.

"2 MINUTES TILL SHOWTIME!" Liam yells out to all of us and we all hurry around to get ready. Chloe and Eleanor wait patiently backstage and chat with each other while the lads and I get in a group huddle.
We all put our hands in the middle. "3-2-1, We push!" We say together and get ready for our first performance in Australia. The music starts to play and I quickly give Chloe a kiss before getting in position. I can hear the crowd screaming and yelling from in front of the stage.
"Good luck babe." She smiles. "I love you."
"I love you too." I say quickly just before the One Direction pops up onto the stage. The crowd goes crazy and we all start singing.
"The one that I came with." Zayn starts singing our first song C'mon C'mon and fans go even crazier. "She had to go. But you look amazing, standing alone."
As we sing the next few songs, I glance backstage every few minutes to see Chloe watching us, smiling and bobbing along to the music.

We move onto our sixth song, Loved You First, and when I sing my lyrics in the second verse, I look directly backstage into Chloe's eyes. "I never understood what love was really like, but I felt it for the first time looking in your eyes." I see her blush and look down and I smile at her before returning my attention to the audience.

It's true though. Before Chloe, I never understood what people saw in love. I never thought I would find love. But she's completely changed that for me. And I've never been happier.


- Chloe -

"So I'll see you on Friday." Harry says and gives me a huge hug.
"Ow!" I mumble, my head stuck in his chest. "Harry, you're hurting me!"
He laughs and pulls away. "Oh, uh sorry love."
I smile. "It's ok. I'll see you tomorrow." I give him a kiss on the lips and as I pull away, he holds me in place so we start to make out.

It's about nine in the morning and we're in Harry's hotel room and I'm about to leave for a few days to go to Melbourne to hang out with Perrie and Little Mix.
"You know you could drive me to the airport?" I tease him one we pull away.
"You know I would love to babe, but the fans would go crazy." He wraps his arms around my waist and puts his hands in my back pocket.
"I guess I forgive you." I sigh dramatically and he gives me another kiss on the lips.
"I'll miss you." He pouts.
"I'm only gone for a few days." I chuckle. "I'll see you when you come down soon."
"I know, but I'll still miss you." 
"The one and only Harry Styles is getting all soft and mushy." I tease and poke him.
He coughs. "You should probably go." Harry changes the subject. "You're gonna be late."
I laugh. "Alright, see you soon babe." I give him a quick peck before smiling and leaving.


When the driver opens the door for me at the airport, I get out and check in before checking the time. I still had ages till the flight left so I sat at a coffee shop and checked my twitter.

@ChloeMartinez: Gonna do a follow spree now and answer a few questions :) borreeeddddd xxx

Almost immediately, I have a hundred of retweets and replies, asking for follows and asking questions about Harry and One Direction. I follow a few cute accounts and answer a few questions.

@ChloeMartinez: @narrylife1d yeees they're having fun in australia :)

@ChloeMartinez: @liamsbatmanpants my favourite colour is orange xx

@ChloeMartinez: @tommocarrotboy thank you love xx

After a while, my plane boards and I get on it. There's a little girl in front of me who sees me and gasps.
"You're... you're..." She gasps. "Chlo... Chloe..."
I chuckle. "Hi love, what's your name?"
"I-I'm A-audrey." She says, still shocked and surprised. "Y-you're Harry Styles' g-girlfriend."
I nod politely.
"Can I please get a photo?" 
"Sure thing." I smile and get a photo with her.
As I look at her, I remember I have spare tickets the the lad's Melbourne show in a few days.
"Audrey?" I say and she turns around to look at me.
"How would you like front row tickets to One Direction on Friday night?"
"Oh my god! What?!" She squeals and gets up from her seat.
I chuckle and grab the tickets out of my bag before handing them to her.
"I-I've been trying to get tickets for so long!" She squeals again and claps her hands.
"Well now you have the best seats." I smile and she hugs me tightly.
"Thank you so much!" She says, on the verge of tears.
"That's ok love." I say and she returns to her seat before showing the tickets off to her mum who turns around and thanks me.

As the plane lifts off the ground, I close my eyes and put my headphones in before drifting off to sleep before landing in Melbourne in a few hours.


Hope you enjoy this chapter! More drama to come in the next few chapters. Please continue liking and commenting. xxx



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