6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


2. Showtime

- Chloe -

                         "You have to quit your job?" Isaac whines as I lean against the counter.
I nod. "Barbara said it was a full time job, I'm really sorry Isaac. I know I said I would work with you, but the money I'm getting paid is a ridiculous amount."
He sighs dramatically. "I guess it's ok. We'll still see each other yeah?"
I smile. "Of course! You're my best friend!"
"So what else do you have to do?" Isaac asks me. "I mean, what does this job consist of?"
"Well, we have to go on dates together and act cute together, I guess. He's coming in here in a bit and that's how we're supposedly meeting. A famous superstar meets a girl in a coffee shop and falls for her. First we'll hang out as friends then start to become a couple." I pause. "And Isaac,"
"You can't tell anyone about this ok? I don't think I'm even meant to be telling you this."
"Don't worry Chlo, I won't tell anyone. I swear on my life." He replies before adding. "So is he a nice guy?"
I groan. "He's such a dick. You should've seen him yesterday and the way that he talked to the two other girls. He was so rude. And he even joked about having sex with me. What a horny lad." I roll my eyes. "I swear the only thing guys care about is getting in a girls pants."
Isaac coughs. "Uh, guy here?"
"Oh," I chuckle. "You don't count. You're actually a decent guy."
He smirks as he shakes his head. "Speaking of guys, your so called boyfriend is here." He says quietly before walking off.
I turn around just in time to see Harry walk in with black jeans, a white t-shirt, brown leather boots on his feet and black raybans on his face. Waiting for him outside, are a crowd or paparazzi flashing their cameras away.
He makes his way over to the counter when he pretends to look at the menu.
"So Barbara said that she will send us details of our fake date tomorrow." He smiles fakely at me.
I try my best not to roll my eyes. Instead, I smile sweetly in return. "Sounds great, do you want to order anything?"
"I would like a bit of you." He winks.
I take a deep breath to stop myself from punching him in the face. "So do the other boys know about us?" I change the subject.
He shakes his head. "No, I'm not planning on telling them anytime soon, I don't need their opinion on this stupid idea."
"I can't believe I signed up for this." I say. "And when am I getting the first pay check?" I ask, which I completely regret after it comes out of my mouth.
In return Harry glares at me. Suddenly his expression becomes cold and nasty. "I know you accepted this job because of the money, but you don't have to be so rude. The money will come to you when it does." He hisses. "And I want to clear this up too, I don't like you either so don't screw this deal up. It's only 6 months and then you're out of my life for good, so just deal with it."
I try my best not to go off at him, knowing that the paparazzi can see us. It was easier for Harry because he had his back turned to them while talking to me.
I just nod. "Is that all you want?" I smile politely. I wouldn't be surprised if there was smoke coming out of my nose, I was fuming mad. 
"Actually, I'll get a coffee." Harry answers before slipping me a piece of paper with his and Barbara's phone number. I stuff it in my pocket before taking his order, not saying anything else to him.


- Harry -

    I don't care that she's hot. She's the rudest girl I know. Of course the first thing she asks about is the money. Of course that's all she cares about. It's what everyone cares about. That's why I don't bother letting people in. It's also why I sleep around.
I may have told Barbara and Simon that it was utter bullshit, but I may've been lying. So what I sleep around? It's better then getting hurt myself.
I get my coffee order before making my way back to the counter where she's standing. "Barbara will send you the details. Don't be late." I hiss and throw the best fake smile that I can before leaving Starbucks.


           "Where have you been Haz?" Liam asks, sounding annoyed. "We have soundcheck in 10 minutes."
"Sorry!" I call out as I quickly get ready and join the rest of the boys. I don't bother telling them where I was since I know they'll ask soon.
"So where were you?" Louis asks as we make our way on stage.
Ah, right on cue. 
"I uh, went to get some coffee." I reply simply before we start rehearsing a few songs.

After our rehearsal, I decide to go greet a few fans.
"Harry!" One of them squealed. "Can we take a picture?" 
"Sure babe" I smile in return and we take a few selfies.
As I move onto the next girl, she asks me "Do you have a girlfriend?"
I chuckle. "No, I don't." I reply before quickly taking a picture with her and moving on. 
I didn't really feel like talking about the whole fake relationship with Chloe. I wasn't in the mood at all. 
I greet and talk to a few more fans who were lucky enough to be at the soundcheck before waving goodbye and heading backstage.

I grab my phone from my pocket to see a text from Barbara.


To: Harry, Chloe- 3:37pm
Date tomorrow at the park. Harry, pick Chloe up at 12pm sharp. Don't be late. Paparazzi will be there. No kissing. Only hold hands and hug at the end. You better do a good job.


Suddenly I receive a reply from Chloe.


To: Barbara, Harry- 3:50pm
Maybe you can tell Harry not to be so much of a dick, Barbara. Muchly appreciated.


I roll my eyes and angrily send a reply.


To: Chloe, Barbara- 3:51pm
And you can tell Chloe to stop being such a bitch. You better be ready at 12pm sharp tomorrow or I'm leaving without you.


I shove my phone in my pocket again before joining Liam for a game of FIFA as we wait backstage until the concert.


- Chloe -

I roll over in my bed to see that the clock said 11:30am. 
Shit! I was going to be late for my date with Harry if I didn't get up now! My fake date, that is.
I jump out of bed in my apartment and quickly hop in the shower. As I run shampoo through my long hair, I think about my new job. Never did I ever think I would have a job as pretending to be a celebrity's girlfriend.
Imagine if someone asked me what I did for my living. Would I just say "My job is to pretend to be Harry Styles' girlfriend." That would surely make them roll their eyes and walk away from me.

After my short shower, I head to my tiny wardrobe and choose my outfit. Since we're going to the park and it's winter, I put on a white shirt with khaki skinny jeans and black boots with buckles and goes just above my ankles. I put on my warm dark brown coat and brush my blonde hair before quickly applying a bit of makeup. 

My phone beeps and I grab it to see an angry text from Harry saying he was downstairs. I roll my eyes and head down to see his car parked directly outside.
He's standing by the car door, arms crossed, waiting for me. He's wearing a flannel with black skinny jeans and leather brown boots and a black jacket over his flannel. I have to admit, if he wasn't that much of a jerk, he would've looked good.
When he sees me, he opens the car door without saying anything and I get in. He gets in the other side and we drive in silence.
"How was the concert last night?" I ask, trying to break the silence.
"Like you even care" He mutters, and I sigh, not saying another word.

Finally, after what seems like eternity, he stops the car. I look out the window to see paparazzi already swarming around us in the parking lot. 
"Showtime" Harry says and gets out of his side before opening the door for me.
He looks at me and quickly intertwines his hands with mine. I shiver at the feel of his warm hands in mine and I can almost hear him smirk from next to me.
As we make our way to the park with a smile on our faces, the paps are all crowding around, yelling questions to us.

"Harry! Is this your girlfriend?!"

"Harry, is this like your tenth girl this week?"

"Give us a kiss!"

"How does Taylor feel about this?"

We ignore them and pretend to look happy and affectionate towards each other. I must say, if I was someone passing by, I would think we looked like a perfect couple. (pic underneath)

 Little did people know, we hated each other.

Finally, the paparazzi gives us a little space, following us from behind. And also, finally, Harry decides to say something.

"It's a nice day for a walk hey?" He looks at me.
I nod. "Yeah, it is."
We keep walking in silence again, still hand in hand, when suddenly I can't take it anymore.
I'm about to open my mouth and say "Look Har-" when he starts talking at the exact same time.
I giggle. "You go first." I say.
He shakes his head. "No you. Ladies first"
I sigh. "I just wanted to say sorry about yesterday back at the coffee shop. You were right, this whole thing was about the money, but I shouldn't have asked you that. It was just plain rude."
I look up at Harry to see a smile on his face.
"I'm sorry too, for being a dick." He pauses. "I'm really not like that, it's just when I'm in a bad mood. And that day in the meeting room wasn't really the best place for you to meet me."
"Forgiven." I reply. "Harry, can I ask you a question?" I ask quietly and he nods.
"Why did they make you do this?"

He shrugs. "They think I sleep around a lot and that the publicity I get for playing with girl's hearts isn't good for my reputation."
I nod. "Then why do you sleep around and play with girl's hearts?" I ask, looking up at him to see what his reaction will be.
He pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath. "I don't play with girl's hearts." He answers finally. "Chloe, I don't really want to talk about it. Especially with a girl I've only known for 2 days."
I nod understandingly. "Fair enough. Sorry I asked." I smile a little, trying to move on from my question.
Before I know it, we are at the car park again. We had been talking about how I moved from Australia to London that time just flew past.

Once again, we avoid the paparazzi's questions as they snap their cameras away at us before getting in the car.


- Harry -

I stop the car outside her apartment. I'm about to get out of the car when Chloe pulls me back.
"You don't have to get out Harry." She says and I look at her.
"I have to."
She smiles and I add "The paparazzi are here remember?"
She immediately drops the smile and her expression changes into disappointment. I smirk before making my way over to her and walking her back to the front entrance of the building.
When we stop, I turn to look at her. Paparazzi are crowding us trying to get as many photos as they can. I don't understand why they need to take photos of every single thing I do. What, do they want one of me sneezing too? Would that make a good story in OK magazine next week? HARRY STYLES SNEEZES!

I turn my attention back to Chloe.
"I had fun today." I smile.
"Well, it was better than having to stay backstage all day listening to Niall's loud snores and Louis' yelling." 
"Whatever Styles." She rolls her eyes before putting on a fake smile. "I'll see you soon."
She turns around and walks off when I pull her back into a hug. She hugs me back and I say quietly in her ear.
"Have your phone by you 24/7. Barbara will text you more details soon about our next date." I say before adding "I'm looking forward to it."
"I bet you are" She says before pulling away from me and entering the building.

I chuckle to myself before making my way back to my car. 

"Harry, was that your girlfriend?"

"Harry, does she know what sort of man you are?"

"Is she using you for your money and fame?"

Paparazzi shout questions at me as I get in my car and I answer them inside my head.
Kinda, no and definitely yes.
I drive back to my house and open the door to find Louis on the couch with Niall and Zayn, watching Grease. I chuckle at the thought of Louis forcing them to watch his favourite movie.
"Where's Liam?" I say as I sigh and join them.
"Out with Sophia?" Niall shrugs. "Probably buying her some new Victoria Beckham dress."
I chuckle. The thing is, the boys and I aren't really sure about Liam and his new girlfriend's relationship. It's just a little strange that they went to high school together and he got turned down by her seven times. And now he's a famous celebrity, she's back in his life.
"That girl scares me." Louis adds. "She's always scowling." He imitates her, trying to put a scowl on his face, but really just looking like some sort of worried boy.
Niall bursts into hysterical laughter and Zayn looks at me. "So, where were you Haz?"
I decide that now's the time to say I met a girl. That's what Barbara wanted me to tell the boys anyways, instead of telling the truth.
"Uh, I went on a date with this girl I met at Starbucks." I say casually.
"What!" Louis screeches, getting up and jumping onto me. "Tell me more! Tell me more!"
Niall is still pissing himself from laughter and Zayn is looking quite curious. 
"Uh, there's nothing to say really, I met her and we went on a date."
To be honest, it was horrible lying to my four best mates, but I guess it's better than them finding out the truth. They wouldn't be ok with this plan at all.
"At least tell us her name!" Louis whines.
"Chloe" I say before changing the subject. "Who wants to change this horrid movie?"
Zayn and Niall immediately raise their hands and Louis whines. "Hey! It's a classic!"
I roll my eyes and make my way into my room before crashing onto the bed. I was so tired and we had another show tonight. I quickly check twitter to see that management has posted something on my account.

@Harry_Styles: Had a fantastic day with @ChloeMartinez. Everyone go follow her, she's a great girl .xx

I find myself start to think about Chloe. She looked really fit today and at first I didn't want to be there at all but then after we started talking, it felt good. But then again, she thinks I'm a dick and I think she's a bitch. It's not like we're gonna ever be friends. This isn't going to be some sort of typical love story where we end up falling in love.


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