6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


7. Premier

- Chloe -

                         It's been a month since I first signed the contract. Harry and I have gone out a lot and we've had time to bond and get to know each other. At first, we always seemed to end up arguing, but we finally sorted out our differences so that every 'fake' date that Barbara sets up on is just like hanging out with a friend. Except of course we have to act like a couple and do all the lovey dovey and kissing shit.

"So I'll see you for the movie premiere tomorrow." Harry smiles as he walks me to the front entrance of the building.
Once again, paparazzi are everywhere, taking photos of every little movement we make.
"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it Styles" I reply. "And remember, you owe me ten bucks on our bet!"
He laughs. "That waiter was not gay at all! But I'll let you have his round."
I shake my head and he leans in to kiss me. I put my arms around his neck and kiss him back with passion and we stand there making out for a bit until I finally pull away.
He smirks. "The paps will love that. I'll see you tomorrow Martinez! Don't be late!"
I wave as he smiles and gets back in his car, before driving off and being followed by the paps.


I get out of bed and get in the shower. When I'm done, I make my way to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee, my phone buzzes.

To: Chloe- 9:53am
From: Harry
Our premiere is today! Are you ready?! Pick you up in an hour. Barbara is sending your dress and some people to do your make up. I'll see you soon babe .xx


I smile to myself as I reply.

To: Harry- 9:54am
From: Chloe
Thanks Haz! Text me when you're downstairs. x

To: Chloe- 9:55am
From: Harry
Just a tip, don't wear yellow, it's definitely not your colour...

I laugh and don't bother replying to his message.

Lately, I seem to have Harry on my mind more than usual. Every time I see him, I feel like I can just be myself. I know it sounds cliche, but I enjoy spending time with him. The way he throws his head back and laughs when I say something funny, the way he just doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, the way he flicks his hear back and the way he tries to tell me a lame joke when I'm feeling sad. I can have so much fun with him. And when we kiss, even though it's for the role play, it feels like our mouths just move so well together.

I snap out of my thoughts when my phone rings and I quickly grab it to see Niall Horan calling.
"Hello?" I answer.
Nobody replies and I hear a lot of rustling and muffled sounds in the background. He must've called me by accident.
I stay on the line and hold the phone close to my ear as I try to listen to the conversation.
"I don't want to ruin anything!" It's definitely Harry's voice. "She's just doing her job and we're just friends! If I make a move and she doesn't feel the same way, it'll just be awkward!"
"Why are you so afraid Haz?" Now, it's Louis' voice. "Just do it. Ask Chloe."
My eyes widen when I realise he's talking about me.
Someone else says something but I can't really hear what it is.
I quickly hang up the phone before Niall realises he accidentally dialled my number.
What just happened?

Before I can even process my thoughts, the doorbell rings. I decide to clear my emotions and I head over and open the door to see Lou Teasdale who I've met a couple of times at the concerts, and a few other people behind her.

"Hey Chlo!" She smiles and kisses me on the cheek. "You ready for your first big movie premiere?" 
She thinks Harry and I are a real couple.
I shrug and let the whole make up team in my tiny apartment. "I haven't really thought about it, but now that you bring it up, I'm kinda nervous." I laugh.
"Don't worry about it" She assures me. "Harry will take perfect care of you."
"He better!" I tease and she laughs.

She sits me down and her team starts to work on my hair. Lou starts chatting away about her daughter Lux and I laugh while I listen to her stories. The whole time, she's talking, my mind wanders back to Harry's conversation on the phone that I overheard.
I shake my head and snap out of my thoughts. "Yeah?"
Lou chuckles. "Do you want your hair up or down?"
"Down please" I reply and smile.
She parts my hair to the side while I admire her work. After my hair is done, Lou begins on my makeup. She applies a dark colour eyeshadow to have a smoky look effect on my eyes with a bit of eyeliner before curling my lashes and putting a few layers on of mascara.
"So you excited to come on the tour next week?" She asks.
I nod. "Yeah, it'll be fun. Are you going to miss Lux when you come with the boys?"
"Yeah definitely" She replies. "But Lux can come visit. Harry loves her! I'm pretty sure he's her favourite member of the band."
"Really?" I ask, sounding surprised. "He does always talk about her." I try to imagine Harry with a baby.
Lou chuckles. "Once, Harry pretended to drown to try and be funny but Lux thought he was being serious and started bawling her eyes out." She shakes her head. "He felt so bad afterwards. He still does now whenever we talk about it."
I laugh. "I'll definitely bring this up now!"

Lou finishes my make up with a bit of blush and a light coloured lipstick. 
"Do you want to put your dress on now?" She asks and I nod like an excited nine year old.
Her assistant brings me a dress which I quickly slip on with some black heels underneath. I look in the mirror to see a totally different girl.
"Wow" I gasp and Lou chuckles from behind me.
My hair is parted to the side and my dress is long with a studded top and black from the waist under. There's a V open in the front which reveals my chest and my makeup really matches the outfit, including the dark eyeshadow around my eyes. I definitely look ready for the This Is Us premiere.
"This is amazing! Thank you so much!" I say to Lou and the team, giving all of them a hug.
"Wait!" Lou suddenly says. "I nearly forgot something!" She says and grabs something from a box.
She returns to me and hands me a sparkly black clutch and some jewellery to match my outfit.
I put a long necklace on and some rings on my fingers.
"Now you're ready." She grins. "You look amazing Chloe! Harry will love this! Let me take a photo!"
I smile at the camera while she snaps away and admires her styling. When she's done I thank her once again before she leaves with her team. 


- Harry -

                                 Ever since I told the boys about my feelings towards Chloe, I can't stop thinking about her. We spend so much time together on dates that Barbara sets up but all I want to do is take her out on a real date. But what if she doesn't feel the same way? We've been getting along so much better and I don't want it to change.

I text her that I'm downstairs and wait for her to come down. I look in my car mirror to fix my bow tie and my hair. I check my phone to see a text from Louis.

To: Harry- 11:31am
From: Louis
Just do it, you'll feel better after you know.


       As I'm about to reply, Chloe appears. My jaw almost drops. She looks amazing. Her hair is tied back and the dress shows off the perfect amount of skin. I don't know what else to say to describe her. 
Suddenly, I find myself getting nervous. Why am I so nervous? Harry Styles does not get nervous. 
"Hi" She smiles shyly.
I clear my throat. "Get in, we're going to be late."
She frowns but does what she's told. Once we're in the car, I turn the radio up to avoid talking to her. Maybe it would be easier that way, so I can avoid having feelings for her too.
She reaches over and turns it down. Great.
"You look good Haz." She smiles at me.
"Thanks" I mutter and look straight ahead.
"So are you excited for everyone to see your movie?" She asks in her cheery voice.
"Yeah." I reply quickly.
She nods. "Cool" She sighs before looking out the window. 

   Finally, we arrive at the event and once we get out of the car, I grab Chloe's hand and pull her close to me as we pass all the screaming fans and flashing cameras. She tries to smile at everyone while I keep my head down deep in thought. (Pic below)

There's loud music playing as I say hi to McFly and Little Mix who are on the red carpet. Chloe and I stop a few times to take photos together. I snake my arms around her waist as we both smile at the cameras.

"Chloe!" Niall yells as he we reach the boys.
Her face lights up as she see them. "Hey boys!" She calls out above the noise and gives them all a hug.
"You look so beautiful!" Liam blushes as he compliments her.
"Yeah, Harry better keep an eye on you." Niall winks.
She giggles. "You don't look too bad yourself." 
"So have you seen anyone famous yet?" Louis asks.
"Nah" Chloe jokes. "I'm only standing with the biggest boy band in the world, I haven't seen any famous people yet."
Louis laughs and I roll my eyes. "Come on." I grunt and pull her away. "Barbara wants us to meet her over there."
She nods and follows me.

"There you are" Barbara says strictly when we reach her. 
I look at her to see her wearing a black dress that's probably two sizes too small for her and red high heels.
"Sorry, there was a lot of traffic." Chloe replies and I don't say anything.
Barbara huffs. "Anyways, there's an after party tonight after the premiere but I want you both to leave early so that paparazzi know you're going home together. Harry, I want you to stay at Chloe's tonight and Chloe, I want you to pack because you're leaving for America tomorrow. Harry's stuff should be already on the jet so you can meet the boys at the airport tomorrow."
I groan. As soon as I decide that I have to stay away from Chloe to stop myself from having feelings for her, Barbara makes us stay the night together at her apartment.
Chloe shoots me a look as she sees my reaction.
"Yeah, ok that sounds good." Chloe replies with a fake smile at Barbara.
It's weird how I know that she's fake smiling. I guess I've just watched her so much that I've grown to know her actions around people.
"Harry!" I hear someone shout and I shake out of my thoughts.
"Yeah?" I look at Chloe than at Barbara but she's no longer there.
"We should go join the other boys." Chloe says and I nod.
"Wait" She stops me before I can move.
"Are you ok?" She asks me suspiciously. 
"I'm fine!" I snap back and she raises her eyebrows. 
"Ok, you just seem to be acting a bit strange today..." She says and walks over to the other boys.
"I'm not." I mutter from behind her and she doesn't reply. 

Of course I'm fucking acting strange! I like you and I don't want to tell you because you might not feel the same way and I don't want to fuck this new friendship up!

"Come join us in the photos!" Zayn smiles at her as we join the boys again. 
"Uh" I cough and she looks at me. "Maybe you should go join Eleanor and Perrie, since it's our..." I trail off as I start to regret what I was saying.
Louis smacks my arm from beside me and she looks at me with a hurt expression.
"It's ok" She replies quietly. "You're right, it's your movie." She puts on a smile.
She quickly walks away before I can say anything and I sigh. 
"I'll see you later!" I call out but she doesn't reply.
Louis hits me again, but this time on the head. 
"Ow!" I call out and he shakes his head angrily.
"That was so rude mate!" He tells me off and I roll my eyes.
"Yeah man, what happened to everything you said this morning?" Niall joins in.
I groan. "I take it back. I don't like her that much." I snap, trying to get the boys off me.
The boys all ignore me and we start posing for photos. 
I stand next to Liam and put on my best smile that I can and listen as the photographers and fans are yelling at us.

After a lot of photos and flashes going off everywhere, I try my best to avoid the boys and Chloe I have a chat to Liam's mum Karen who seems to be in a lot of tears from being proud of her son. I laugh as I tease her about never seeing her without her crying and we chat about how Liam is the only one who can control the band.


               When the movie's over, I look at Chloe who is seated next to me.
"What did you think of it?" I ask her.
She shrugs and turns to Niall who she starts chatting with. I sigh as I hear her laugh at one of Niall's terrible jokes.
"She ignoring you now?" Louis smirks as he leans down from his seat to talk to me.
I roll my eyes. "Go on, tell me how much of a jerk I was."
He chuckles. "Come on curly, just tell her. The worst that can happen is that she won't feel the same way and things will become fucking awkward."
"Shut up Louis!" I shake my head. "There's more to it."
He sighs. "Then tell me, come on man. How long have you known me?"
I run my hands through my hair before spitting everything out to my best mate. 
"The thing is, when this girl first walked into the meeting a month ago, she made is clear to me that she was only here for the money. Then when we became friends, I started to forget about the whole money issue as we actually got along well. If I tell her my feelings and she feels the same way, how do I know that she won't leave me when the 6 months is up? What if the whole time I actually fell for her, she was only acting for the money?" I take a deep breath as Louis thinks of what to say.
"I understand mate." He finally replies. "You're scared because you've never felt this way."

He was right. I was scared. But I would never admit it. I'm never scared when it come to girls! But this was Chloe.

"I'm not scared!" I defend myself. 
"Just do whatever you think is right." Louis ignores my last statement. "But don't push her away otherwise you'll regret it." He pats me on the back before he stands up and leaves the theatre. 
I look around to see that everyone had left the theatre except for me. I stand and make my way outside.
"You joining us for the after party Styles?" Eleanor asks.
I shake my head. "Chloe and I have to head back, I'm tired anyways. But you guys have fun!" 
She giggles. "Ok, I'll go tell the boys." 
I nod and give her a hug before she leaves.
"You ready to go?" I ask Chloe once I find her.
She nods, not making eye contact with me. 
I sigh and grab her hand before pecking her on the cheek.
"What was that for?" She asks quietly.

I want to kiss you and tell you I'm sorry for being a jerk. That's what.

"For the cameras" I lie and she mutters under her breath. "Of course."


- Chloe -

                  What the hell is going on with Harry Styles? Why is he being such a jerk today?

First, I overhear a conversation on the phone where he's talking about how much he likes me and then when we are driving to the premiere, he doesn't talk at all or look at me. Then, when we arrive the premiere, he starts acting weird and out of it. Finally, when he said the thing about it being their movie and that I wasn't allowed in the photo, I couldn't take it anymore.
He was being such a dick, like he was when I first met him. Why can't he just tell me his feelings? It would make things so much easier.

"You coming with us to the after party?" Liam asks me as he stands with his girlfriend, Sophia.
"Nah" I smile and shake my head. "Harry and I have to get home."
He raises his eyebrows at me and I whisper "Barbara's orders."
He laughs and shakes his head before getting in the car with Sophia.
"I'll see you tomorrow are the airport then." He waves and I nod.
"Come on Chloe!" Niall puts his arm around me. "Come party with me!"
I laugh. "Are you drunk already?"
"No!" He replies.
I roll my eyes playfully. "Sure sure, don't get too wasted. I know your movie just came out and all, but that's no excuse!"
He laughs harder. "You're funny!" He calls out and walks over to Louis and Zayn. "See ya later!"

  Suddenly, I feel someone grab my arm.
"You ready?" Harry asks as I turn to face him. I try to avoid eye contact since he's being so rude.
I nod, trying my best not to burst out in anger.
He grabs my hand and I don't let go. Then he kisses me lightly on the cheek.
"What was that for?" I ask him. We're nowhere near the paps and cameras yet.
"For the cameras." He lies.
I know he's lying. I can just see it in his face. Every time he lies, he looks to the left then flares his nostrils.
I decide to go along with it. "Of course." I mutter and he tries to smile at me.
"Are we going then?" I ask bluntly.
Harry quickly nods and we take a few more photos with the fans before getting in his car.

     The car ride home is dead silent and awkward. Usually, Harry and I would be shouting songs at the top of our lungs but today was definitely not the day.
I check twitter to see that management had posted a lot of tweets for me.

@ChloeMartinez: Looking forward to the boys movie premiere today! So proud of @Harry_Styles xxx

@ChloeMartinez: Great day at the 'This Is Us' premiere. Now heading home with the lovely boyfriend. Xxx

   I cringe to myself and stop myself from showing Harry. We have started a tradition when every time management posts something for us, we show each other and have a laugh about the cheesiness of the tweet. 
Obviously, now was not the time to do that, since he's being so rude.

          When we get home, he immediately crashes on the couch and turns the TV on. I decide that now's the time to talk with him about what I heard this morning.
"Harry..." I start and sit right in front of him so he can't see the screen.
"What?" He groans.
"We need to talk." 
He sighs. "Fine."
I take a deep breath. "I heard you this morning Harry"
Jeez, way to sound like a creep.
I roll my eyes at his reaction. "No stupid, on the phone. Niall accidentally called me." I continue. "I heard you say everything about having feelings for me and not wanting to ruin it. I just want you to know, you should've told me about it, nothing would've been ruined."
He closes his eyes. "I didn't say that."
I stare at him in shock. "W-what?" I splutter. "I heard you loud and clearly."
"Well you heard wrong." He says coldly.
I don't what to do when Harry just basically lied to my face. "B-but..." I start and he interrupts me.
"I didn't say anything." He snaps. "Not everything's about you Chloe, so can we just stop talking about it?"
I am too angry to say anything. Harry is denying his conversation from this morning. Did I really hear him wrong? But I heard him loud and clearly, why is he being such a dick about it?

I try to hide the tears that are forming in my eyes as I quickly walk away from him and into my bedroom. I slam the door and jump onto my bed, crying into the pillow.

I officially hate Harry Styles.




I have a question for you all..
So you know I post photos in each chapter of Chloe and Harry. Do any of you really look at it and do you like that I've added photos to make the movella seem more real? If you do, I have so many photos to add for the coming chapters!

And also, would any of you be interested in a list of actors I have chosen to play the characters in my fanfict? Please comment below your answers to my questions and what you think of this fanfict so far.

Thank you and ily all .xxx

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