6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


4. Not Friends

- Chloe -

                                  "GET UP!" I hear a yell in the living room and I groan as I check my clock. It was only 7:31am. Why is there yelling going on?
I stumble out of bed and make my way towards the yelling.
"Babara?" I groan as I rub my head.
She spins around to face me. She's wearing a white blouse with a tight cream coloured pencil skirt. Her very blonde hair is done up in a slicked back ponytail and she has a very scary angry expression on her face right now.
"Uh, why are you here?" I ask, sounding confused.
Harry is still half asleep on the couch, oblivious to what is happening. 
"Why am I here?!" She booms and throws a magazine at me, almost hitting me in the face. I have to admit, Barbara could pass as someone with anger management issues the way she is acting right now. 
I look at the front cover to see a photo of Harry yelling at me at the restaurant from last night. 




I quickly turn over to page 45 and start reading the article.

Harry Styles 19, was seen on a movie date with girlfriend Chloe Martinez 18 before heading over to Nobu for dinner. However, as the date progressed, the hunky One Direction member was seen flirting with the waitress at their table while his date was looking annoyed to say the least.
Onlookers say that she quickly shooed the waitress away and that was when things went sour. Styles was seen yelling at her while she sat there in tears, then asking if they could leave. Styles quickly payed before even finishing the meal and quickly left with his date. Once they stopped at Martinez's apartment, he was then seen entering with her and has not left since. Could they have sorted things out and had make up sex? Or is this ladies man still playing games with girl's hearts?


I nearly choke on my own spit as I look up to see Barbara glaring furiously at me.
"Thank goodness you told him to come up here then." I try to laugh. "Otherwise it would've looked worse."
She doesn't think it's funny. "I did not hire you to play the girlfriend who people felt sorry for, I hired you to make Harry look good. You are both going to have another date today, Harry is going to take you out for lunch. You are going to look like a happy and the perfect couple.  If you mess this up, you will be sued for breaching the contract." She says icily. "Understand?"
All I can do it nod and she looks over at Harry. "Harry Styles, you get up this instance!"
I hear a lot of muffling and Harry groaning before he slowly gets up and stretches his arms in the air.
"Mm, yeah?" He asks in his deep raspy voice.
Barbara looks at him. "Did you hear everything I just said?"
Harry nods as he tries not to laugh at her. "Yes Barbara" He says, making himself sound posh to imitate her accent. "I did hear everything you said."
She rolls her eyes before walking out the door and slamming it without giving me a second look.
I look over at Harry and he bursts into laughter. I try my best not to laugh along with him, even though what he just did was pretty funny. I'm still mad at him from last night and I'm known to hold grudges for a while.

I storm back into my room and jump into bed. Since it's only early in the morning, I still have time to sleep for a bit before we have to go to lunch. So I set my alarm for 10am and slowly drift off.

My alarm goes off. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I roll over and press the snooze button before getting up and making my way to the bathroom. Just as I'm about to open the door, I hear the shower running.
"Harry!" I shout and pound at the bathroom door.
"What do you want?" He calls back.
"I need to shower!"
"I'm obviously in here! Unless you want to join!" 
I can almost hear the smirk on his face as he doesn't say anything else. I roll my eyes and groan and go into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. Harry is so inconsiderate! It's my apartment and my hot water he's using and he just makes himself at home. He just doesn't seem to care.

10 minutes later, he finally emerges from the bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist. 
"Done!" He grins.
My eyes widen as I look at his body and his swallow tattoos and butterfly tattoo on his chest. I must've not noticed that I was staring because he smirks.
"My eyes are up here."
I cough and roll my eyes. "About time Styles." I mutter and storm away before he can see me blushing.


- Harry -
             "Hurry up Chloe, we don't all day." I roll my eyes and yell from the other side of the bathroom door.
"I'm coming! Just wait!" Chloe says and quickly opens the door. 
I scan her up and down. She's wearing a loose grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans with black heels on. Her hair is left down and she had just the right amount of make up on her face. Of course she looked hot, but the fact that she's annoying, ruined it.
"Are you done staring?" She huffs and I follow her out the apartment.

Once we're in my car, I start driving to Nobu again. I look over at Chloe who's staring out the window.
I sigh and roll my eyes. "You're not still mad about yesterday are you?" I groan.
She doesn't reply. 
"Stop acting like a child Chloe!" I say, a little louder than I meant to.
She quickly snaps her head over to look at me. "I'm a child? You were the one who went off at me yesterday in front of everyone! This is all your fault!"
I take a deep breath and decide that if we didn't want to mess this second date up, I would have to stop this argument.
"Look" I pause. "I'm sorry ok, I told you yesterday, I didn't mean it. I-It just came out."
She doesn't say anything at first, but then finally opens her mouth. "But the thing is, you were right Harry." She says softly. "Everything you said was right."
I look at her. "What?" I ask, trying to figure out if it was my imagination or if she was joking.
She sighs. "You were right. I had no right to be jealous and I don't know why I was. I'm not your girlfriend or even your friend. I came into this job because of the money but I-I thought..." She stopped.
"You thought what?" I ask, eager to know what she was about to say.
She shakes her head. "Never mind, you'll think I'm stupid."
"No, say it." I say as I stop the car once we arrive. "We're not leaving this car until you say it."
"I-I just thought we were finally getting along." She spits out. "But who am I kidding? You don't like me and I'm not meant to like you. I do think you're a dick after all."
"I know we were getting along for a little bit Chloe." I frown. "But it's hard for me to control my anger sometimes. Especially when I know you're only in this for the money and that you don't even care about me."
"Look Harry" She says. "The money was obviously the thing that made me take this job. And even though you are a bit of a jerk, I know there's some part deep in you that is kind and charming. And I really want us to be friends. Can't you forget about the money?"
I run my hands through my hair. She wants us to be friends. I don't know how to respond to that. I've had so many friends who had just used me for my fame and money, I don't know who to trust anymore. Chloe was obviously here for the money. And now she's asking for us to be friends? The contract only lasts for 6 months. What's the point of being friends with her when she'll be gone when the money stops coming?
I clear my throat. "We're not friends." I mutter and I get out of the car. I walk over to her and open the door for her. She slides out of her seat and looks at me with hurtful eyes. I grab her hand and she lets go.
"Hold my hand!" I whisper in her ear. "The paps are watching and don't forget what Barbara said."
She slowly interlocks her hand in mine and we make our way to Nobu for the second time in two days.


- Chloe -
            He doesn't even want to be friends? I don't understand. Why is he being such a jerk. He's so hard to talk to! All that I'm asking is that we get along since I know that there's a part in him that is nice and charming. I've witnessed it! In the park and yesterday at the movies.

"What can I get you?" A waitress asks once we are seated for a while. She is not the one from yesterday and somehow, that makes me sigh of relief inside me.
"Can I please get a plate of salmon sashimi and a salad please?" I ask politely and hand her my menu.
"I would like the Bento set please" Harry smiles at the waitress.

Once the waitress is gone, I decide to continue our previous conversation.
"Why can't we even be friends Harry?" I ask quietly and look into his usually green but now dark eyes. I really wish I knew what he was thinking. It would make things so much easier. I'm not asking him to marry me. Just to be friends!
"I don't want to talk about it." He growls.
"If you don't tell me, I will throw a fit so everyone can see." I raise my eyebrows. "Barbara will not like that."
He groans. "You are so annoying."
I smile, pleased with myself knowing that he has no choice.
He takes a deep breath.
"Tell me." I whisper.
"B-Because" He stutters. "Because you'll just end up leaving."
I look at him questioningly.
"When your contract ends, you'll just leave and forget about me. Everyone does. Everyone leaves when they are finished using me."
I look at him, mouth hung open. That's why he's a dick. That's why he doesn't let anyone in. He's scared they'll just use him and then move on. He doesn't trust anyone. He looks so sad and vulnerable, like he's scared of getting hurt because he has been hurt so many times in the past by people who use him because he's Harry Styles.
"What are you staring at?" He suddenly sneers. "You're no different to everybody. Hell, you're using me right now for my money. I don't even know why I'm telling you this." He shakes his head.
"Harry" I started. "I won't leave. I-"
He interrupts me. "Why are you so desperate on being friends anyways?"
I don't know what to say. To be honest, I don't even know. Maybe it's because it'll make my job easier. Maybe it's because I'm starting to genuinely like him? Why? He's only been nothing but rude to me.
"I-I don't know." I say and look down. "J-Just forget it then."
He doesn't reply and thank god, the food comes just on time. We both eat in silence until both our phones buzzes. It must be Barbara.


To: Chloe, Harry- 1:28pm
After lunch, take an instagram photo and post it on Harry's Instagram. This way, the public know that you're together. Don't forget the kiss after the date.


I groan and Harry still doesn't say anything.
After out meal, that's when he finally speaks. 
"Lets uh, take this photo." He says, grumpily.
I nod and scoot closer to him as he takes his phone out. Once he puts his camera on selfie mode, He sticks his tongue out and I kiss his cheek. I look at the photo and it does look like we are happy together. I don't even know how we did it, we're not even talking to each other. We're not even friends. (pic underneath)

He quickly types something on his phone before putting it away. 
"What did you caption it?" I ask.
He shrugs. "Datestagram." He replies.
"What?" I ask, laughing at his odd caption.
He seems to relax a bit as I see a smile form at the corner of his lips. "It's a thing I do sometimes on Instagram. Something stagram."
I chuckle. "So if you were going swimming, it would be swimstagram?"
He nods. "Exactly!"
Harry pays and we both leave the restaurant. He intertwines our hands as usual as we walk to the car, being surrounded by the paps that Barbara must've called. We get into the car and he drives me home once again.
He walks me to the front entrance silence, and it feels like he's done it for the hundredth time even though it's only been twice.
He turns to face me, his eyes looking deep into mine. Shit! I had forgotten that we had to kiss. It's part of my job. The paparazzi are already there, snapping their cameras away, waiting for something to happen.
"You ready?" He mutters and I nod. I wrap my arms around his warm neck and he snakes his arms around my waist, sending shivers down my back. 
Harry smirks. "You nervous or something?"
"No" I argue.
"It doesn't mean anything Chlo, it's just a kiss."
"Easy for you to say." I roll my eyes.
He frowns and I realise what I just said. "Uh, I-I didn't mean it that way." I quickly say. "I meant-"
I'm interrupted as he smashes his lips into mine. I am taken back by surprise at first but I quickly relax and kiss him back gently and softly. Before I know it, he pulls away.
I'm about to kiss him again when he pulls back. "Uh, it's done. There's no need for a second kiss." He says, sounding slightly amused. "Or do you want more?" He smirks.
My eyes quickly widen as I flush with embarrassment. I shake my head furiously. Did I seriously go in for a second kiss with Harry? What was wrong with me?!
"G'night Chloe." He smirks once again and walks away.
I stand there in shock as the paps start throwing questions at me. I quickly gather myself together though and make my way upstairs.

As I close my apartment door behind me, everything becomes a blur. That kiss with Harry obviously meant nothing to him. But why can't I stop thinking about it? He was such a good kisser and not to mention he was so attractive. Even if the kiss was for a split second. I felt like a complete idiot leaning in for a second kiss. We're not even friends, how can I be attracted to him?


- Harry -

I arrive back at my house to see the four boys in the living room playing FIFA.
"You didn't come home last night." Louis chuckles as I fall on top of him, feeling exhausted.
"I was out." I reply.
"With Chloe?" Zayn grins at me.
I grin back, pretending that she was my real girlfriend. "You know it."
"Nice!" Niall joins in. "So, when are we going to meet this special girl who has stopped Harry Styles' old womanising habits?" He asks and the others laugh.
"I know!" Louis yells. 
I cover my ears and groan. "We're right here boo bear." I say. "You don't need to damage our ears."
He chuckles. "Sorry, it's just a really good idea. We're still going to your stepdad's cabin next week yeah?" 
I nod slowly. 
"Bring her with you and that way we can all meet her!" Louis smiles, pleased about his idea.
I shake my head. "No way, not happening."
Liam looks at me. "Why not?"
I try to think of an  excuse. "Uh, because," I stammer. "Because she's busy."
"Why?" Liam asks again.
"Her mum's sick." I lie. "Yeah she's in hospital. Real bad, she broke her leg."
"Aw" Louis replies. "What a shame."
I nod, going along with it. "Yeah, I know."
"Hey, another time then!" He smiles and I nod, feeling sick that I just had to lie to my best friends. 

I sit on the couch, watching the lads play FIFA and shouting at each other. My mind wanders back to Chloe. Why did she want to be friends so badly for? She's just here for the cash, why does she care?


- Chloe -

Almost a week goes by after the staged kiss with Harry, I haven't heard anything from Barbara and him so I just spend my days watching rom coms at home. Suddenly my phone beeps.


To: Chloe, Harry- 11:50am
Harry, you are to take Chloe to the trip you are going on with the boys for the weekend and are to introduce her as your girlfriend. Chloe, pack your bags. Harry will be picking you up in 2 hours. Make sure the boys like you.


I groan at the phone. I have to spend a weekend with Harry and the four other boys in the band? And I even have to put on the whole girlfriend act for them?

I decide to text Barbara back and try and get out of it.


To: Barbara, Harry- 11:52am
Sounds like a blast! But I'm busy. Maybe another time?


To: Chloe, Harry- 11:53am
THIS IS YOUR JOB. Don't forget the contract. Be ready in 2 hours.


Then, Harry replied.

To: Barbara, Chloe- 11:54am


To: Harry, Chloe- 11:55am
Deal with it. 


I chuckle to myself. I know once Harry comes, he will be in a pissy mood, but he'll just have to deal with it.

I pack a bag for the weekend and quickly take a shower. I get changed into some jeans and a sweater before putting some converses on. At about 2:00pm, Harry texts me, I'm here.
I grab my stuff and head downstairs to see his car waiting out the front. He jumps out of the car and gives me a hug.
"The boys are here, so it's showtime." He whispers in my ear before pulling away and putting my stuff in the trunk.

I jump into the back and it's quite squishy because there are four people. Harry introduces me as he starts driving.
"Lads, this is Chloe." He smiles. "My girlfriend."
I smile back as they introduce themselves.
"I'm Louis" The brown haired guy says from the passenger seat in the front. He turns around and smiles at me.
"I'm Liam" The guy on my far right says.
"I'm Zayn" A very attractive guy with nice cheekbones says.
"I'm Niall" The blonde one says from next to me. "And I'm hungry."
I laugh. "Nice to meet you guys."
"So Chloe" Louis calls out from the front. "You're pretty."
I laugh again and blush and I see Harry smack his arm.
"What?" Louis says in defense. "I think she has the right to know Harold!"
"So where are you from?" Zayn asks.
"Australia" I reply. "But I moved here almost a year ago."
"I love Australia!" Niall joins in and jumps up and down in his seat, like an excited child. "Melbourne is my favourite city."
I grin. "I'm from Melbourne, yeah I love it there."
Niall looks at me surprised. "I love her already Harreh!" He calls out to Harry and he chuckles.
"Harry said you couldn't come at first because your mum was in hospital." Liam looks over. "I hope she's ok now." He smiles.
Did he now? I look at Harry's reflection in the car mirror and raise my eyebrows. His eyes widen as to say 'Go along with it'.
"Um yeah" I cough. "She's fine, just some bad food poisoning when she came to visit."
"Harry said she broke her leg..." Louis says, looking at us suspiciously.
Before I could say anything, Harry butts in. Thank god! "Yeah, I had a bit of a misunderstanding. Turns out it was food poisoning, not a broken leg." He tries to laugh.
I quickly change the subject. "So uh where are we going again?"
"To Harry's step dad's cabin." Liam grins. "It's where we first went when we got put together as a band. We've had great memories there."
Niall nods. "It's gonna be so fun. Especially since you're joining us."
I chuckle and look down to hide my cheeks turning pink.
"Eleanor will meet us there lads!" Louis suddenly looks up from his phone and says to us.


"Eleanor's his girlfriend." Harry says as if reading my mind. "I think you guys will get along well."
I nod "Sounds cool." I say and look out the window. I'm going to have to try to act as the best girlfriend as good as I can. 

This is going to be a long weekend.

I can tell.



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