6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


1. Money

- Chloe -

            I grab my Starbucks apron and tie my blonde hair up in a messy bun before taking my place behind the counter.
"Hey Chlo, are your alright?" Isaac says to me from the coffee machine.
I groan and nod. "I'm just really tired. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night."
He chuckles. "Then why do you do all these shifts?"
"I need the money" I reply. "I got my electricity bill yesterday and nearly had a heart attack."
"If you need a hand with finance, you know you can always come to me." Isaac suggests.
"Thanks man, but I could never do that." I smile at him. Isaac was my best and only friend that I have since I've moved to London. He was the one who suggested for me to work with him, but I could never ask for his money.

 I start taking a few orders for customers when I suddenly see someone sitting in the corner of the coffee shop. She has long straight blonde hair and looks about 40 years old. She's wearing tight leather pants with a white shirt, red blazer and leather print heels. There are huge black sunglasses on her face and she's watching me.
I raise my eyebrows, wondering who she is. 
"Isaac" I hiss at my dark haired male friend a few meters away from me.
"Yeah?" He turns to face me.
"Do you know who that lady is? She keeps staring at me?" 
He shrugs. "Not sure, sorry. Maybe she's a model scouter?" He winks. "You do have that model look."
"Ha ha" I say sarcastically. "Not funny, she looks really scary."
He laughs before going back to work.
I go back to taking orders when I realise that the lady is still sitting there. I'm about to go up to her and ask what she wants when she beats me to it. She stands up and makes her way to the counter.
"Um, do you want anything?" I ask her as I take a closer look at her. She has very heavy dark eye makeup on with bright red lipstick. Her stare was very cold and sent shivers down my back.
"How would you like to earn a lot of money?" She asks me with an English accent.
I look at her with a confused expression. "Excuse me?"
"I have the perfect job for you." She hands me a piece of paper. "Come to this address at 3pm sharp this afternoon if you are interested." And without saying anything else, she spins around and walks out of the coffee shop.


- Harry -

As I hear the clock ticking on the wall, I'm starting to get more impatient.
"Why am I here again?" I turn and ask Louis.
He chuckles. "Because of the paparazzi."
I look over at Niall, Zayn and Liam who are on their phones, looking as bored as ever.
At that moment, Barbara walks into the meeting room. "That's right." She says and takes a seat at the other end of the table.
The boys immediately get off their phones and pay attention.
"Lately, it seems that the paparazzi and fans have been calling you a 'womaniser' and a 'player' even more than usual. It's not good for your reputation and you're starting to losing fans and we can't have that. You're all over the tabloids." She slides over a few newspapers towards me across the table and I pick them up.
"Harry Styles seen checking into a hotel 1am in the morning with mysterious brunette." Louis reads over my shoulder. "Harold! How could you do that to me!" He shouts dramatically.
I laugh. "Shut up Tommo."
Zayn interrupts us. "Um Barbara, why are we here then?"
She thinks for a minute. "I don't really know. Ok, you can all leave except for Harry. Remember you have a concert tonight. Don't be late!" She calls out as the four boys exit the room.
"See ya Styles" Louis messes up my hair. "Don't do anything stupid." He gets up and follows the others out.
"Bye boo bear!" I shout after him and laugh to myself.
"Ahem" Barbara clears her throat once they leave. "Back to business." She snaps.
I roll my eyes. I don't know why but she has always hated me and I didn't know why. She must not be a big fan of the dimples.
Suddenly, Simon walks in and takes a seat next to her. My eyes widen.
"This meeting must be serious then." I say sarcastically.
"Actually Harry, it is." Simon replies. "You see, we have decided that we have to dismiss the rumours about you sleeping around and having one night stands with ladies. So-"
"But it's not true!" I interrupt. "It's obviously bullshit. That girl I checked in with at the hotel was just a friend who was really drunk!"
"We know that, but the public don't believe it." Barbara cut in.
"Anyways, we need to clear your reputation up. You've been all over the tabloids, seen partying almost every night." Simon continues. "So we have decided to get you a girlfriend." He pauses. "Well, a fake girlfriend, for six months."
I stare at the both of them. "What?" I spit out finally. "You can't do that!" 
"Yes we can" Simon laughs bitterly. "You signed the contract."
I groan and jump up from my seat. "This is so unfair! Why me? And do I even get a say in this?"
"Sit down Harry!" Simon growls.
"Because you're the one who has been getting all the bad press recently." Barbara says impatiently. "And no, you don't get a say. Now, I've found you three girls here that may be suitable for the job. Bring them in!" She shouts to the door.
"This is ridiculous." I mutter to myself as I reluctantly sit back down. I cross my arms and wait for the girls to enter.


- Chloe -

It was Isaac who persuaded me to come to this appointment. 
"It'll be a good opportunity!" He said. "And you need the money too! How much is she paying you?"
I shrugged. "I'm not sure. It sounded a bit dodgy. All she said was that I would earn a lot of money."
"You should go Chlo, please! Do it for me!" He whined.
I laughed and thought for a while. "Ok ok, I'll go." I said after a while. "But if I get kidnapped, you're to blame."

So here I am, standing outside a building that said 'Modest! Management'.
I had gone back home beforehand and changed into some skinny jeans and a white T-shirt. I let my long blonde wavy hair hang loose and applied a bit of make up on. Then I put my black heels on and headed to the address the lady gave me.

I sigh and walk into the building at 3pm sharp to be greeted by the lady from Starbucks before.
"Well I see you're interested." She says to me with a little smile on her lips. 
I have to admit, this lady really scares the hell out of me.
"Uh yes, I do need the money." I reply and she leads me into an office.
"Take a seat." She says before sitting behind her desk.
I slowly sit on a chair and wait for her to start talking. I had no idea what was happening right now.
"What's your name?" She asks me.
"Chloe" I answer simply.
"I'm Barbara." She replies. "I know you're probably thinking what the hell am I doing here, but hear me out Chloe." She pauses. "We want you to be Harry Styles' girlfriend."
I stare at her with my mouth hung open.
"Harry's been getting a lot of bad publicity lately and we need him to get rid of his current reputation. So Modest Management have decided to hire an average everyday girl to act as his girlfriend for 6 months. After that, it's up to you to decide whether you want to renew the contract or not." Barbara explains. "We have recruited three girls, including you, that we think are perfect for the job. Harry will be choosing one of you to be his fake girlfriend. You will be introduced by walking into the room and telling him a bit about yourself. We will ask a few questions and you will answer them. If you end up getting chosen, you will get an advanced payment of $200,000 dollars. From then on, you will get $100k a month. A contract will be signed and if it's broken, we will sue you." She stops talking and looks at me, waiting for an answer.
"Do I even get a choice?" I ask.
She nods. "Of course. However, if you reject this offer, you have to sign a contract saying that you can not talk about this with anyone. If the contract is breached, you will also be sued."
I sit there in silence for a moment, thinking about this offer. I do need the money and it is good pay. It's a great opportunity. Besides, I've heard a lot about Harry Styles. I wasn't a fan of One Direction and I knew Harry Styles was a player, so I didn't feel sorry for him at all. All I know is that I do need the money.
"I'll do it." I say quietly.
Barbara's face lights up. "Great!" She says and stands up. "Follow me this way."
I follow her to another room but she makes me wait out the door. "Wait here along with these two other girls until I call you in."
I nod as I stand there. I take a look at the other two girls. They were both so beautiful. One has long wavy brown hair and another has short blonde hair. Boy, they do pick their fake girlfriends very carefully.
I sigh to myself as I lean against the wall. I couldn't believe how I got here in just a day.


- Harry -

I sit in my chair sulking to myself as the girls come walking in. I take a good look at the three of them. They all are hot but I couldn't help but look at the third girl with long and wavy blonde hair.
"Girls, this is Harry." Barbara introduces us. 
The first girl steps forward. She has long brown hair and looks about twelve. 
"I'm Alison" She smiles politely. "Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too, now bye" I say bluntly. 
Barbara glares at me as to say 'don't be so rude'. I sigh and smile fakely at her. 
"Sorry, but you're not what I'm looking for." I say to her and she walks away with tears in her eyes.
The next girl steps forward. "Oh my god!" She squeals. "I'm Beth! And I'm a huge fan!" She exclaims with a huge smile on her face.
I look at Barbara with a shocked look on my face. "You picked a fan?" I mutter to her.
"I had no idea." She frowns and shakes her head.
"So-" Beth starts.
"Sorry, you're not the one." I interrupt her and she breaks down in tears before running out of the room.
Finally, the third girl is the last one left. She is standing there quietly fiddling with her fingers.
"What's your name?" I ask politely.
She smiles at me. "I'm Chloe."
I look at her fit and tanned body. Her long blonde hair looked luscious and her blue eyes stood out. She was definitely the right girl to play my fake girlfriend.
"Hi, nice to meet you." I smile my signature smile and wink at her.
"You too" She replies in a bubbly voice. 
"How old are you?" I ask.
"18, 19 next month." She smiles.
"What music do you like?" I continue asking questions.
"Uh, well I like John Mayer, Parachute, Ed Sheeran and a bit of Coldplay." She answers politely.
This girl was definitely the one. I look at Barbara who is waiting for my answer. I nod at her and she smiles and stands up.
"Great! Well it looks like you got the job Chloe, congratulations! Let me go get the contract ready while you and Harry start to get to know each other." Barbara leaves the room and I turn my attention back to Chloe.
"So" I grin. "I'm glad my fake girlfriend is at least hot."
Suddenly, her smile drops into an ice cold expression.
"Look Styles, I know your reputation and I've heard a lot about you. What you did to those girls just now was not only mean but also  super embarrassing for them. Who does that?" She makes her way over to me. "Let's get one thing straight. We are not friends. I'm in this purely for the money and you're only being forced to do this. So let's just call it acting."
I stare at her with my eyes widen. This hot and once lovely girl had turned into a stone cold bitch. 
"Maybe we can have sex too?" I wink and she groans in disgust.
"Never in a milllion years Styles." She replies icily.



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