6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


15. Lazy Days

(This chapter may have some sexual scenes. I'm sorry if they're not very good, what do you think of it? Comment on whether you want more or stuff. I'm at boarding school though so give me some time and I'll make them better, haha ily xx)



- Chloe -

                       I wipe my tears with my sleeve as I watch the scene of Marley being buried. I hear a soft chuckle next to me and I turn to look at Harry.
"Why aren't you crying?" I ask him while he rubs circles on my back.
"Sorry, I've seen this movie a hundred times." He answers and I know he's been watching me more than the movie. I sniffle and return my attention back to the TV.
I burst into tears as the movie continues playing and I hear Harry laugh again.
"Don't laugh!" I smack his arm. "This is the saddest movie ever!"
He sighs and shakes his head. "Sorry sorry babe, you're just cute when you're emotional." He pulls me into his chest and I can smell his cologne.
"Don't cry silly." I hear him mumble in my ear and kisses my temple.
"You're so cold hearted." I mutter back and he laughs.
"Well you haven't seen me watch The Notebook." He shakes his head. "That movie gets me everytime."
"And this doesn't?"
He chuckles and doesn't say anything. When the movie finishes and the credits are on the screen, I keep my head rested on Harry's chest. I trace his swallow tattoos on his chest carefully and softly and I can hear his breathing increase.
"Why did you get this tattoo?" I ask as I run my hands on his butterfly tattoo.
He chuckles and shrugs. "I guess I just liked it."
I laugh and lean up to peck him on the lips. As I pull away, he holds me back and deepens the kiss. I sit up so I'm straddling him on the couch and he places his hands on the small of my back. I run my hands through his curly hair and he slips his tongue in my mouth. We make out for a while before I pull the t-shirt over my head so I'm in my bra and underwear. Harry's eyes widen and he starts kissing down my neck to my collarbone  and lower while I throw my head back, taking in every touch that he makes on my body.
"Harry" I suddenly whisper and he makes a grunting noise.
"What if the boys come in?"
He looks up at me with a humour in his eyes. "I'm sure they won't." He chuckles before continuing to kiss me.
"But what if they do?" I stop him.
He groans. "Would it make you feel better if I lock the door?"
I smile and nod and he groans again. "You're so annoying!" He teases me and I giggle.
Once he gets up and locks the door to our hotel suite, he makes his way back to me.
"Now where were we?" He grins and kisses me again. I let out a squeal as he picks me up and leads me to the bedroom.
We continue kissing and we fall onto the bed. I roll over so I'm on top of him. I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear before kissing him again. Harry rolls over so he's on top. His muscles are bulging as he holds himself over me on the bed. He pulls away and looks into my eyes.
"You have pretty eyes." He murmurs and sits up on both knees to hold himself up. He then runs his fingers across my lips, sending shivers down my back.
I smile in return before leaning up and kissing him to close the gap between us. Suddenly, I feel one of his hands trailing down my stomach and when I don't stop him, his fingers slip into my underwear. 
I moan in return as I continue kissing him. My breathing gets heavier and before long, he slides a finger inside me, making my back arch off the bed.


I hear a knock on the door, making me pull back immediately.
Harry groans and removes his fingers from my underwear.
"This is inconvenient isn't it?" He says, his face still only inches away from mine.
I can smell his minty breath as he speaks.
"We should probably get that." I reply softly and he sighs. 
He reluctantly gets off me and I sit up, feeling slightly awkward about what happened only a few seconds ago.
The knocking gets louder and harder as Harry yells "I'm coming!" 
As he goes to get the door, I quickly put on a pair of trackies and the nearest T-shirt I could find which was Harry's black shirt from last night. I can smell his strong scent and I take a deep breath to take it in.
"Did I interrupt anything?" I hear Louis' voice at the door.
"Uh, no. What's up?" Harry replies and I walk out to join him.
Louis looks back and forth at the both of us and his lips turn into a smirk. "I was just wondering if you guys wanted to join us for a game of FIFA, but I guess you two are busy."
My face turns pink and I look down. 
Harry chuckles. "Shut up Lou, we want some private time."
Louis laughs and holds his arms up. "Ok ok curly, just being polite."
Harry rolls his eyes playfully and closes the door on his best friend before looking back at me.
His eyes widen as he sees the sight of me with his shirt on.
"What?" I ask quietly.
He clears his throat. "Nothing, my shirt just looks really good on you." He smiles, revealing his dimples.

That smile just get's me every time.

Before I can say anything, he interrupts me.
"Well," Harry makes his way over to me. "Let's pick up where we left off." He wraps his arms around my waist and I giggle.
"Let's watch another movie!" I suggest as he's about to kiss me and run to the couch.
I heard Harry groan behind me and slowly drag his feet over. He sits down next to me and grabs the remote out of my hand.
"Or we could make out?" He says and nuzzles his head into my neck.
I take a deep breath and inhale his cologne. 
I chuckle and sigh. "Maybe later? I want to watch a movie."
Harry moves away from me and groans.
"Fine, alright." He mumbles and crosses his arms.
I look at him. "Don't be sad!" I tease him and snuggle up closer to him. "You can choose the movie if you want." 
A smile forms at the corner of his lips. "Ok" He agrees. "Let's watch Love Actually."
"Really?" I pout.
"You said I could choose!" He whines and I sigh.
"Fine, if it makes you happier." I put the movie on and he cheers.

As the movie starts, my phone buzzes and I glance at it to see a text message from Barbara. It must be about the VMAs next week. I groan to myself.

"Is every ok babe?" Harry asks from next to me.
"Huh?" I look at him. "Uh, yeah it's fine." I give him a fake smile and put my phone down next to me before returning my attention back to the movie.



- Harry-

I smile as I look over at Chloe, laughing at the funny scenes throughout the movie. I've seen this film so many times that I'm pretty sure I can quote the whole thing. But watching Chloe while she watches it just makes me happy. Her beautiful laugh and smile just makes everything worth it.

Gosh! I think to myself. Why am I talking like this? I've never talked about any girl like that. I've never even been with a girl like this. Usually, all I do is just hook up with them. This is very different. Better.

When the movie finishes and the credits roll onto the screen, she sits up and yawns.
"So, dinner?" She suggests and I laugh.
"Let's go join the boys. I'm pretty sure they're all in Louis and Zayn's room." I stand up and hold my hand out.
She nods excitedly and we make our way next door.

"Well well well," Louis calls out when we open the door. "So the happy couple decides to join us!"
Chloe blushes and I ignore his comment. "Well, we're feeling quite hungry so we decided to come in here for some food."
"Well the pizza just arrived so come join us!" Liam says and we sit next to them in the living room.
"Man! I thought you'd forgotten about food so I could have more." Niall sighs and shakes his head. "I'm starvin'! Let's dig in!"
He opens up a box of pizza and puts it on his lap. 
"You're gonna eat the whole box?" I raise my eyebrows at him and he glares at me. 
"Of course bro, I paid for it." He snaps back and I laugh.
Chloe who is next to me is trying her best not to burst out giggling. She grabs her phones.
"I need a photo of this!" She says before adding, "Fatty!"
"You can't talk!" I exclaim. "You two are exactly the same! You're obsessed with food!"
"You don't choose the fat life, the fat life chooses you." Niall winks and we all burst out laughing.
Chloe takes a photo of Niall who has a string of cheese hanging from his mouth as he looks like the happiest man on earth. (pic below)

"You right mate?" I say to Zayn as the others boys and I dig into the pizza.
He looks at me oddly. "Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" He mutters and starts making conversation with Louis.

"Um, ok..." I reply and ignore his reaction.

Why is he acting so weird suddenly? Ever since yesterday at the meet and greet, he's been acting so different and odd around me. One minute we're fine and the next, every time I talk to him, he tries to talk to someone else and just shoves me away.

I shake the feeling away as  Niall starts to tell us a story about some of what fans are saying to him on twitter while we all listen intently, the other boys adding in another crazy story now and then while Chloe listens intently and laughs. Suddenly her phone rings and she grabs it.
She looks at the caller ID and frowns before getting up and excusing herself from us.
"Lads," I say once she closes the door and leaves the suite. "Do you think that Chloe's been acting really strange lately?"
Niall shakes his head. "Not at all Haz, she's the same she's always been. You should be happy, the contract has ended and now you're a normal couple."
"Yeah bro," Liam agrees. "Don't think too much about it, she's probably just tired."
I look at Zayn who immediately looks away as we make eye contact.
I sigh. "I guess you're right. But maybe I should talk to her and find out what's wrong."
"Stop curly!" Louis stops me. "I know you're new in this relationship area but just give the girl some space. You can't be too clingy and forceful."
Liam starts to laugh as he shakes his head. "Oh Hazza, I never thought you would settle down but now you're in too deep. Just let her breathe."
I roll my eyes and give him the finger before having another bite of my pizza.



- Chloe -

"Why do you keep calling and texting?" I snap once I pick up the phone.
"That's no way to talk to you boss." Barbara replies and I sigh.
"Sorry, it's just I've spent the whole day with Harry and if he sees your called ID pop up, he'll get suspicious." I say and I can almost hear her roll her eyes.
"Anyways," She gets back to her point. "I just wanted to tell you that you are to attend the VMAs next week with Harry in New York. You are to ask him to go shopping with you for a dress in the next few days. There will be a lot of cameras following you so make sure you're both looking extra lovey dovey ok?"
"I told you, you don't have to worry about it ok? Harry and I are really together. There's no need for acting." 
"Right, I nearly forgot about that." Barbara says. "Well, to match your dress with Harry's outfit, you will need to get something black. I'll see you next week." She says and hangs up without another word.


Sorry for not updating for a while, I've been quite busy, but did you guys stay up to watch 1D day, wherever you were in the world? HOW AMAZING WAS IT?! The Talk Dirty To Me dance was by far the best part of the whole 7 and a half hours livestream. Comment below your favourite part!
I'll have another chapter out soon, sorry if this chapter was quite boring, it was more of a bridge chapter. The next chapter I promise will be waay more interesting. Thanks and ily. xoxo

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