6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


9. LA

- Chloe -

                                   The kiss was so much more different than all our other set up kisses. This time, it felt so real and pure. Like it was the first time we'd ever kissed. Even though we've had so many fake make out sessions, in a way, this felt like our first kiss.

"What was that for?" He asks quietly as we are seated on the private jet, facing each other.
"For what you were about to do last night." I reply with a small smile.
He looks at me and for a moment he looks shocked but he then leans in and kisses me again.
"OK OK!" Louis shouts at us. "We know you're both into each other. Now can we stop this kissing shit?" He jokes.
We pull apart and Harry laughs. His laugh sounding so beautiful and musical. "Shut up Lou!" He calls back.
"Yeah man, let them have their moment!" Zayn joins in and Louis smacks him on the arm.
I blush and nuzzle my head into his neck. Our hands intertwine and he gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.
"How long till we get to LA?" I ask him.
"Mm, about eight and a bit hours" He answers softly, his breath tickling my neck.
I groan. "I hate long flights."
He chuckles. "You should sleep, we woke up pretty early this morning."
He closes his eyes and I do the same. After a while, I softly nudge Harry.
His eyes open. "Yeah babe?"
"Do you have a concert tonight?"
"Mm, we do." He answers.
Things are silent for a while until I call his name again.
"Harry?" I say.
"Yes Chloe?" He answers, this time with his eyes closed.
"Can I come?"
"To the concert? That was the plan."
"Cool" I reply before he starts drifting off again.
"Harry?" I ask for the third time.
"What?" He asks impatiently.
"Um" I pause before plucking up the courage to ask him the question that was on my mind since the kiss. I take a deep breath. "What are we? Exactly?"
He doesn't reply for a while before he finally answers. "Can we talk about this later?"
I sigh. "Ok, sorry, I won't say anything else."
He doesn't reply and I slowly drift off to sleep.


"She looks so cute while she's sleeping." I hear someone say as I slowly open my eyes to see Harry staring at me.
"Why are you looking at me?" I mutter, rubbing my eyes and yawning.
He chuckles. "The boys wanted me to wake you up, but I didn't want to. You looked so cute while you were sleeping."
I sit up and look around. Niall rolls his eyes at Harry's cheesy comment. 
"Are we there yet?" I ask looking out the window. The sun is slowly starting to set.
"We'll be landing in about five minutes." Liam answers me. "Then we all have to get in a car and drive to the venue for the concert tonight."
I nod. "What's the time?"
"It's 5:30pm" Harry replies. "You still tired?"
"A little" I smile. "But I want to watch your concert."
"Don't worry, we'll have quite a few of those." He jokes.
I roll my eyes playfully before my face turns serious. "So... when are we going to talk about... us?"
He sighs. "I don't think now's the time babe, we'll talk later, after the concert or something."
I nod in agreement and he puts his arm around me.





The paparazzi and fans scream and shout in our faces as we make our way out of the airport. Harry is holding on to my hand tightly as I keep my head down, desperate to get away from the attention. The boys don't take photos and we quickly separate into two black cars, me getting in with Harry and Zayn.

Once we're at the venue, we head backstage. I enter the dressing room to see a huge TV screen for the boys to play FIFA on and two leather couches. On the other side of the room, there are five dressing tables with mirrors and hair product everywhere. There is a table filled with food and drinks in the middle and a clothing rack full of clothes next to it.
"How do you guys not get fat?" I tease. "Everywhere you go, there's just food set up for you!"
Niall laughs as he jumps on the couch. "I know, in't it great?"
"Someone play FIFA with me!" Liam yells loudly before grabbing a game control.
"Bags playing first!" Louis shouts as he grabs the other game control. He starts playing with Liam, shouting out a few rude words every now and then while Zayn watches.
I see Lou and we start chatting about the tour and the boys while Harry and Niall go to greet some fans who have got backstage passes.
"Chloe!" I suddenly hear Harry call me. 
I turn to see him waving for me to come over.
"What's up?" I ask as I walk over.
"The fans want to meet you." He whispers in my ear.
"Really?" I ask, sounding surprised. "Sure!" I shrug.
He takes my hand and leads me over to a few girls, about fifteen or sixteen year olds who look very excited.
"Oh my gosh!" One of them calls out. She had brown hair with glasses and is a lot shorter than me. "Hi Chloe!" She squeals.
"Hi babe, nice to meet you!" I smile and give her a hug. "What's your name?"
"I-I'm Kate" She replies before pointing to her friend, who is standing there shyly. "And this is my best friend Megan. We're huge fans!"
"You're so pretty!" Megan blurts out.
I laugh. "Aw, thank you!" I say and give her a hug. "So are you guys excited for the concert?"
They both nod excitedly. "So excited!" Kate says. "We have really good seats!"
I laugh. "That's good! Who's your favourite member?"
"Definitely Harry!" Kate replies. I look over at Harry who's standing next to me, smiling at us.
"I like Liam" Megan answers.
"Let me get him for you" I smile and offer. "You guys can chat to Harry for a while."
They nod enthusiastically. "Before you go, can we get a photo with the both of you?" Kate asks us.
I look at Harry and he nods. "Of course love!" He answers and they hand the phone to their parents who are standing behind them.

Once we take the photo, I say goodbye to the girls and go to find Liam, telling him to go say hi to Megan. He makes his way over to the girls and they chat with Harry as well, as the girls laugh at everything the lads say. 
I pour myself a glass of apple juice before taking a seat on the couch. I see an iPhone on the table so I pick it up. The lock screen is a photo of Harry, Gemma and Anne so I assume it's Harry's phone. I try to unlock it to find that he has a password. I try the year he was born, 1994 and it works. I laugh at how easy it was to break into Harry's phone and shake my head.

As Zayn starts to get his hair done and Louis does the same, loud music is being played. 
"Looking out a dirty old window! Down below, the cars of the city go rushing byyyy!" Niall sings at the top of his lungs to Kids Of America, while he dances  around.
"I sit here alone and I wonder why!" Zayn sings with his beautiful angelic voice.
So that's how the boys warm up before their shows!

I go onto Harry's twitter on his phone and reads a few of his mentions.

@1dlaurenstyles: Can @Harry_Styles please just get inside me? My sexual frustration is due to these 5 boys!!! :)


@foreveronedirection: I WANT I WANT I WANT HARRY STYLES!!!! @Harry_Styles


I start to think how weird it was that I was on Harry Styles' twitter, who has over 17 million followers and millions of mentions each day and that I was backstage at a One Direction concert. A month ago, I never would've thought in a million years that this would happen.
I sigh  and decide to hack his twitter.

@Harry_Styles: I have so much hair, I think I might chop it all off!  What do you think? Xx


@Harry_Styles: Why is @ChloeMartinez the best person and the most beautiful girl ever! I wish I was as cool as her :(


I laugh to myself before taking a selfie with my beanie on and putting a huge smile on my face before posting a photo on Harry's account. (pic underneath)

That way the fans will know that he'd been hacked and not send too much hate. 

I quickly put Harry's phone away before he comes in again and join Louis as he gets his hair styled. 

The other boys quickly join the others, getting their hair done and getting dressed while loud chatter is going on everywhere. It's quite busy backstage and there's a lot of people walking around everywhere. While the boys are getting dressed, I'm sprawled across the couch, replying to a few people on twitter. Finally, Harry taps me.
"Hey babe, the concert's about to start. Do you want to come watch?" He puts his hand on my shoulder.
I nod. "Yeah sure!" I get up and follow the boys out. They do a little group huddle before shouting "Let's do this poo!"
I laugh at how weird they are and Harry makes his way to me.
"Good luck!" I smile and wish him.
"Thanks Chlo." He gives me a quick kiss on the lips. 
"ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" The announcer shouts and I can hear the crowd go wild.
The boys quickly run onto stage and start singing Up All Night.
"It feels like we've been living in fast forward, another moment passin by" Liam starts singing.
I watch the boys from backstage, occasionally catching a little smile from Harry. I can see the crowd go crazy, shouting the lyrics to every song.
After a few changes off stage and a few more songs, I see Harry whisper something in Niall's ear. Niall laughs and nods in response before whispering something to Louis' ear. He nods as well before telling the rest of the boys. What are they talking about?
After singing Rock Me, the boys take a seat on the stairs on stage and have a drink as Harry gets up to say something. 
"HELLO LOS ANGELES!!!" He shouts and the crowd goes crazy. "HOW ARE YOU TONIGHT!!!"
"I'll take that as a good then!" He replies after the crowd screams at him.
I laugh to myself as I watch his reaction. I can hear Niall's distinctive laugh in the background.
"So as you may know, we flew down today for our first show in America." He waits for the cheering to die down. "And in case you didn't know, we're joined by a special someone, watching backstage."
The crowd is still going crazy by Harry talking to them which makes me roll my eyes. 
"I want you to meet..." Harry yells. "A very special friend of ours, please put your hands together for... CHLOE!!!"
The crowd cheers louder and the other boys laugh.
I hear my name and I stand there frozen. What did Harry just say... Did he just call me onto the stage? He looks back at me with a grin on his face. My eyes widen and I shake my head furiously at him.
"NO WAY!" I mouth to him and he laughs as the other boys look back at me.
"Come on out Chloe!" Louis shouts as he gestures me to come over. 
I shake my head again and plant my feet firmly on the ground.
Harry looks out at the crowd. "Sorry ladies and gentlemen, she's feeling a bit shy today."
He makes his way over to me.
"I'm not going out there Harry!" I say to him. "Not in a million years!"
He chuckles. "Come on! They want you to say hi! You don't want to leave the thousands of fans hanging, do you?" He pouts.
"I'm not doing it Harry" I shake my head.
"Please!" He pleads. "For me?"
"Fine!" I groan dramatically. "I hate you so much, you're going to pay for this!" I say and reluctantly agree. He practically drags me out on stage.
"CHLOE MARTINEZ EVERYBODY!" He shouts and the crowd screams out even more.
"Welcome to the stage Chlo!" Niall calls out and winks at me.
Harry takes my hand and leads me onto the centre of the stage while I try to take in the screaming fans and the lights and posters everywhere.
"So how are you enjoying LA at the moment?" Harry asks and hands me the microphone.
"Uh" I stutter. "It's been great since the past few hours I've been here." I smile.
"What are your favourite songs of ours?" Zayn joins in. 
I think about it. "Probably Little Things and Over Again." I answer and the crowd cheers.
"Great choice! Great choice!" Louis calls out and I laugh.
"Well, thanks for joining us for a bit Chlo." Liam smiles at me. "Now, we're going to sing our next song Best Song Ever."
"Everyone! Give it up for Chloe Martinez!" Harry shouts and as he gives me a kiss on the cheek, the crowd screams so loud that I swear they could've shattered the roof of the arena.
The music starts playing the the next song and Harry takes my hand and leads me backstage.
"You were great!" He smiles at me, his eyes sparkling in excitement. "Did you enjoy it?"
"It wasn't that bad." I reply honestly and he gives me a soft kiss on the lips.
"I've gotta go, but I'll see you in a bit." He says to me.
I nod. "You're doing great!" 
He gives me another quick kiss before running out on stage and singing his line. "Maybe it's the way she walks, Ow! Straight into my heart and stole it!"
Niall looks over at me and gives me a thumbs up signal. "Good job!" He mouths and I laugh.
I continue watching the boys perform song after song until their last one, What Makes You Beautiful. After Harry sings the last line, they all wave and say good night to their fans before running backstage.
"Come on!" Harry grabs my hand. "Let's go!"
I follow them outside where we all pile into two cars. Once we're in the car, it quickly speeds off, driving us to the hotel.
"Sorry about that." Harry says as we are seated in the car. "We just have to get out early after every show so we don't get mobbed by fans."
I nod. "Don't you want crazy girls screaming in your face?" I joke and he playfully smacks my arm.

We get to the hotel at 11:30 at night. We all check in before heading upstairs to our suites. The boys have a whole floor to themselves on the top floor and their team, including Lou, the bodyguards and their stylists stay on the same floor.
"Chloe, do you mind sharing a room with Harry? Since you're both kinda together?" Liam asks me.
I look over at Harry who nods.
"It should be fine Payno" He answers for me.
The boys and I are staying in the largest hotel suite on the floor, with Louis and Niall's room opposite Harry and I. Between the two rooms, there's a huge living room with a plasma screen TV and a kitchen next to it. Liam and Zayn are sleeping in the room next to Louis' and Niall. Each room has their own bathroom with a bathtub and a spa in it. The rest of the team have their own suites on the floor.
"See ya tomorrow lads, and Chloe." Louis says as the boys all close their doors behind them.
"Night!" Zayn shouts before the door slams.

I enter Harry and my bedroom to see a king sized bed and a huge window, looking out at the busy night view of LA.
"Wow!" I gasp and run over to the window. "This is incredible!" 
Harry laughs and jumps onto the bed, placing his hands above his head and sighing. "I'm so tired!" He mutters and takes his phone out.
"Just look at this view Haz!" I tell him.
"I have the perfect view right here." He smirks and I give him the middle finger.
"Hey!" He suddenly says and I turn to face him. "You hacked my twitter!"
I laugh, remembering that I did while I was backstage.
I walk over to the bathroom and I'm about to close the door behind me when he calls me. "Why don't you have a photo of you on your Instagram?" He asks.
I shrug. "I don't really have Instagram." I answer and lean against the doorframe. "I don't really find the need for it since I lived such a boring life before all of this."
"What?" Harry asks me, sounding shocked. "Everyone has Instagram!"
I roll my eyes. "Well obviously not everyone."
He laughs. "We'll have to change that won't we?" He gestures me over and I groan before making my way to him.
He takes my phone off me and downloads the Instagram app before typing something.
"I put your name as chloemartinez." He says to me. "It is your real name right?"
I playfully smack him. "The last time I checked, it was."
He shakes his head and laughs. "And your password is i love harry. No spaces."
"Wow, real original!" I tease and he pretends to look hurt.
"Now come on Styles!" I whine. "Hurry up , I need to go take a shower, I feel gross!"
"Ok ok" He holds his hands up. "Let's just take a photo together for your first photo."
I nod and he changes the camera to selfie mode. I pull a face and put my finger in my mouth and he sticks his tongue out before snapping the photo. (pic underneath)

"Done!" He grins. "Now go have a shower and I'll set the rest up!"
"Don't do anything stupid!" I say as I go to the bathroom and close the door behind me.


- Harry -

I laugh as Chloe closes the door behind her. I look through her camera roll on her phone to see what photo I could set as her profile picture. I look through to see a lot of photos of her and her friends and a few funny selfies which I laugh at. I see a few of her at the beach. Probably in Australia where she comes from. Gosh, she looks so beautiful and her body is so fit. I found myself thinking about her and her beautiful smile and sweet personality. When she kissed me on the plane, I was so taken back at first but then I got into it. It was amazing. I'd never kissed any girl like that but Chloe was so different.

I decide to set a photo of her walking on the beach as her profile picture and her description as 'Harry is the coolest. Xx'

I then go on twitter on my phone and decide to get her a few followers.

@Harry_Styles: Everyone go follow @ChloeMartinez on Instagram. Her name is chloemartinez! I think you will like her snaps. 

"Harry?" I hear a shout.
"Yeah babe!" I call back.
"Can you please grab a towel for me! I forgot to grab one!"
I laugh. "You can come out and get it yourself!"
"Please Harry! You're not funny, I'm getting chilly!"
I get up and grab a towel before opening the bathroom door. Her arm is sticking out through the shower curtain. I hand her the towel.
"Thank you so much Harry!" She says.
As I'm about to walk out of the bathroom, she shouts "Ah! Shit!"
"What's wrong?" I turn around.
"Uh" She coughs. "I dropped my only pyjamas and now they're all wet."
"You can sleep naked." I smirk.
She groans. "You're such a pervert Harry!"
I laugh. "Ok ok, here I have a few T-shirts, you can borrow one if you like."
She sighs. "Yes please." She finally says quietly.
"Be right back." I reply and quickly grab a black T-shirt out of the many I have from my suitcase.
"Here you go." I say handing it to Chloe, who has a towel wrapped around her. I can't help but stare at her beautiful body.
"Uh, you can leave now Haz." She smirks at me.
I clear my throat and shake out of my thoughts. "Um, yeah... I'll just... I'll be" I cough. "I'll be out there." I quickly exit the bathroom and take my pants and shirt off until I'm in my underwear.
I'm about to get in bed when she walks out.
"Can't you sleep with some clothes on?" She whines.
"What?" I smirk. "Too much for you to handle?"
She rolls her eyes at me. "Nevermind." She sulks and I get into bed.
"You look great in my T-shirt." I wink at her as she gets in next to me.
"It smells like you." She replies and grabs her phone.
"Is that a good thing?"
She laughs. "Yes! You smell so good!" She quickly blushes.
I laugh. "Thanks, it's bleu de Chanel." I reply and she laughs. 
"Of course." She mutters under her breath.
I nudge her. "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"
She giggles. "Of course it's the most expensive perfume ever!"
"Well I am in One Direction." I joke.
She rolls her eyes playfully. "So cocky. Goodnight Harry" She says to me before turning to face the other way on the bed.
"Don't I get a goodnight kiss?" I whine and pout.
She turns to face me and smiles sweetly before kissing me quickly on the lips. I pull her towards her so she doesn't pull away too quickly. I slip my tongue into her mouth and run my hands through her smooth hair.
Finally, we pull away.
"Goodnight Harry" She whispers.
"You said that already." I laugh and she blushes before turning to face the other way.
I sigh and turn the other way as well.
Suddenly, I hear a gasp. 
"What?" I ask her, sounding panicked. "What happened?"
"I already have ten thousand followers on Instagram! And twenty thousand likes on the photo of us!" She says to me like an excited child.
I chuckle. "Om my gosh! You're famous!" I say in a high pitch voice.
She smacks my arm and turns the light off. 
"OK, I'm going to bed, night Haz." She says.
I pull her close to me so I have my arm over her shoulder as she rests her head on my chest.

As she slowly drifts off the sleep, I can hear her snore lightly. But something is keeping me up. I start to think about Chloe and my relationship. Are we together? What are we doing? Today on the jet, she kept telling me that we had to talk. I know that we're going to have to sometime, but I just don't want it to be now. Things are starting to go well and I don't want it to fuck up.

I push all my thoughts aside and decide to just go to bed after a long day. I take a deep breath and I can smell Chloe's hair. It smells like strawberries.
I drift off to sleep and the last thing I can remember, is Chloe's peaceful face, next to mine.



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