6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


3. Jerk

- Chloe -

                               I wake up to a loud banging on my apartment door. I groan as I stumble out of bed quickly and make my way over to my door. I look through the peephole to see Harry standing there impatiently. He's wearing a white button up shirt with a grey blazer and black jeans with black leather shoes. He looks so dressed up.
I open it and he storms in.

"Why don't you make yourself at home?" I roll my eyes.

"Why aren't you fucking ready?!" Harry shouts.

"What do you mean?" I ask, sounding confused.

"Have you checked your phone recently?" He asked, calmer than before.

I grab my phone from my room to see that it is 3:30pm.
Shit! Have I really slept for that long? I must've been super tired because I've never slept for that long before. I also see a text message from Barbara and 6 missed calls from Harry.


To: Chloe, Harry- 11:16pm

You both have a movie date tomorrow and then dinner at Nobu. Harry, pick Chloe up at 3:30pm sharp. Don't be late and make it look real. Give her a goodnight kiss at the end of the night.


     I look up at Harry who seems really pissed. His arms are crossed and he's tapping his foot impatiently on the carpet.

"I'm so sorry, I must've missed the text." I say to him apologetically. "Just give me 10 minutes to get ready."

He groans. "Just hurry up. We can't be late, Barbara will kill us."

"Ok ok" I roll my eyes and hurry to my room to get changed into a black tank top with black skinny jeans and a well fitted navy blazer with stripes on the sleeves. I slip my black heels on my feet as quick as I can, tripping over in the process. I brush my blonde hair and quickly straighten it before grabbing a black purse and stuffing my phone and keys into it. I quickly apply some mascara and eyeliner and look in the mirror.

I make my way to my living room where Harry is on his phone.
"Ready" I say and his head quickly snaps up as he puts his phone away and hurry out the door.

          Once we get in his car, I try to make conversation with him.

"How was your day?" I ask, trying to sound happy.

"Good" He mutters and shrugs.

We sit in silence before I sigh frustratedly. "Are you going to ask how my day was?"

He groans. "Alright, how was your day Chloe?" He asks in a sarcastic voice.

I roll my eyes. "It was good, whatever." I reply, looking out the window. "You're a jerk, Styles."

We get to the cinema and paparazzi are waiting for us. Great. Barbara probably sent in a tip. 
We get out of the car and they start taking photos straight away. Harry grabs my hand as we walk towards the cinema with the paps around us.

"Let's do this." Harry whispers in my ear which sends shivers down my back. 

I put on a smile as we walk along the walkway and Harry looks annoyed as the paps throw question after question at us.

"Harry! Are you really dating?"

"What do you love most about her?"

"Chloe! How do you feel with the fact that Harry is known as a womaniser!"

I ignore them as we make our way inside to the counter.
"Hi, how can I help you?" The lady, with the tag named Cleo says. I can tell that she's a fan by the way that she's trying her best not to fangirl.
 I chuckle to myself as Harry flashes his signature smile. 

"Can I get two tickets to The Conjuring please?" He asks and I gape at him.

"Harry!" I hiss as Cleo gets the tickets ready. "We can't watch this! I hate scary movies!"

Cleo looks up at us. "Is everything ok?"

I smile sweetly. "It's fine." I say and nudge Harry in his ribs, making him wince.

Harry pays before we get some popcorn and head into the theatre with his arm around me, since there were people who could notice us. 

"I hate you." I mutter to Harry. 

He smirks. "Well you were late, so I get to pick the movie."

We sit at our seats near the back of the theatre and the movie starts. Almost 10 minutes into the movie, I'm grabbing onto Harry's arm, scared out of my life.

"Get off" He mutters. "I can't get to the popcorn."

I groan and let go before covering my eyes throughout the rest of the movie. I am literally so scared, I think I might throw up. 

Halfway through the film, Harry sighs and I feel him slowly wrap his arms around me. I look up to see him looking straight at me.

"Shh, it's ok. It's just a movie." He whispers as he rubs my back. "It's ok."


  When the movie finishes, the lights come on and Harry coughs and awkwardly removes his arm from my shoulders.
We get up and make our way outside hand in hand (Because of the paps, of course).

"I can't believe you made me watch that." I groan and he laughs.

"I had no idea that you hated scary movies that much." He says. "I'm sorry. To be fair, that was a bad movie."

I nod and we make our way to the car with paparazzi once again, snapping their cameras away while we walk. 
I hold onto Harry's arm to sell our fake relationship. But as we do so, I start getting stressed out about all the people surrounding us. 
"Just keep your head down and smile." He mutters to me and I do exactly what he says, 
pretending to laugh at what he just said. (Pic below)

Once we get in the car, the paps are still snapping their cameras away. 
"So what's this Nobu restaurant that Barbara booked us in for?" I ask once Harry starts driving.
"Have you never been before?" He asks, sounding surprised.

I shake my head. "I used to work at a coffee shop and still live in a tiny apartment, remember?"
He chuckles. "It's a very nice restaurant that some celebrities go to with amazing Japanese food."

"Great! I'm starving!" I say and he looks at me with a smile.


- Harry -

       Once again, as we arrive at the restaurant, paps are waiting outside. Stupid Barbara! Why does she have to tip in where we were. I know it's for more publicity but people will find me anyways.

When we are inside Nobu, a really attractive waitress leads us to a table at the back so we have a bit of privacy.
We sit down and take a look at the menu. 
I look over at Chloe whose eyes are wide open.
"What's wrong?" I chuckle.

"Everything's so expensive here." She says, sounding shocked.

I laugh. "Don't worry about it. It's on me."

I swear I could see her blush as she looks back down at the menu. Why is she blushing? She obviously would've known I was paying. Isn't it in the contract?
Suddenly, a burst of anger fills me when I think about the contract. I think about how Chloe is basically trying to be nice and get along with me because of the money.

"Harry!" I'm interrupted by voice of Chloe. 


"What are you getting?"

I look up at the attractive waitress, whose tag says she's called Lucy, and tell her my order. Once she's written it down, she doesn't leave. Instead she just stands there, smiling at me.

"You alright?" I chuckle.

She giggles. "I'm a huge fan!"

"Do you want a photo?" I ask politely and I can hear Chloe groan.

Lucy doesn't seem to notice at all as she nods excitedly. She shoves the phone in Chloe's face and smiles for the photo with me.

"You coming to the concert anytime soon?" I ask Lucy once we're done with the photo.

She nods. "Yeah, tomorrow! With my friend!"

I'm about to say something when Chloe interrupts. "Are you done now? Can you bring the order into the kitchen? We're kinda on a private date and I'm hungry?" She smiles fakely.
I glare at her and Lucy coughs awkwardly before smiling at me and waving before walking off.

 Once she's gone, I completely snap.
"What the fuck was that?!" I say loudly.

"What?" She asks, acting like nothing just happened.

"You know what! Why were you so fucking rude to her! It's so impolite!"

"Well we were having a private dinner and she was interrupting." She replies bluntly.

"She was just a fan and wanted a photo. And why do you care? You can't be jealous. You're not my girlfriend or even my friend so you can't talk. And besides, you're only in this contract for the money so I don't care about having a private dinner with you!" I shout and a few people gives us weird looks.

Chloe's head is now down and tears are starting to fall from her eyes.

"Shit" I mutter. "No no, please don't cry, please. I didn't mean that."

She shakes her head and gets up from her seat. "Can we leave?" She asks quietly. "Please?"

I run my hands through my hair and nod before putting a hundred dollar note on the table and following her out. I rush by and take her hand which she hesitantly accepts since she knows that the paps are watching. Her head is down to hide her tears from everyone.
Once we're in the car, I start driving in silence. I look over at her to see her face turned the other way, facing the window.

"Look Chlo," I sigh. "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to go off at you. I'm sorry ok?"

She doesn't say anything and I don't bother saying anything else to her.

Once we get back to her apartment, I walk her to the front entrance with her in front, not saying a word. As she's about to enter, I grab her arm so she turns and faces me.

"What Harry?" She asks, sounding annoyed.

"We uh," I cough. "We have to kiss remember? Barbara said so..." I trail off. "But if you don't want, it's fine."

She rolls her eyes. "It's fine. I can do it Harry."

She puts her arms around my neck and I wipe her tears from her eyes before snaking my arms around her waist. Just as we're about to lean in, my phone buzzes.

"Uh" I clear my throat and quickly grab my phone out. "Barbara just sent me a text."

"Same" Chloe says as she takes her phone out.


To Harry, Chloe- 7:14pm

Harry, stay at Chloe's apartment tonight. The press are going to eat that up and they will see that and they'll think that Harry finally has a girlfriend instead of sleeping around. 


 I groan as we both read it on our own phones.

I look down at her. "If that ok?" I ask and she sighs.

"Like I have a choice." She says and I make my way into the building with her.


- Chloe -

     "So you can sleep on the sofa. There's a blanket and pillows in the cupboard. I'm going to bed." I say and make my way to my room.

"Wait" Harry says and I spin around.

"What Harry?"

"Do you want to watch a movie?" He asks, pouting.

"No," I say and starting heading to my room.


I turn around impatiently. "What Harry! What do you want from me!"
His face drops and he stands there in silence. "I-I just want to watch a movie with you..." He says softly.
"Why are you doing this?" I ask. 
First he's nice to me, then he's a dick, then he's nice again. The way he snapped at me in the restaurant, it just made me so emotional. I didn't understand why we would be having a good conversation one moment and he had to be such a jerk the next. I have to admit that I shouldn't have been that cold to the waitress but Harry didn't have to embarrass me in front of everyone.
"Doing what?" He asks.
I roll my eyes and turn around to enter my room.
Harry doesn't say anything else and doesn't follow me or try to stop me.
I crash onto my bed and take a deep breath.
Why did I even sign up to this contract? Harry just makes me feel so bad. Everything he said at the restaurant was right. Why would I even care about the girl? Was I really jealous? I'm not even his girlfriend. And I know I was only in it for the money at first, but after our talk the other day at the park and the way he comforted me at the movies, I thought we were at least starting to be friends.

I guess I was wrong.

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