6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


21. It's Over For Real

- Chloe -

I haven't told Perrie what has happened with Harry. I figured Zayn had told her since she's been extra nice to me since last night after I broke down in tears in front of her. Little Mix are heading back to London this afternoon and the boys are arriving in the late morning.

It's about 8am right now and I haven't slept all night. I've been lying in bed thinking about Harry and what I'm going to say to him. To be honest, I'm shit scared of his reaction. I know he will hate me but I just have to explain myself.
As I lie in bed hating myself, I hear a knock on the door. Before I can answer, it opens and I find Perrie in her oversized t-shirt making her way to me. I groan and throw the duvet over my head.
"Come on!" She whines and joins me in bed. "Don't pout! Think of it this way. Harry might not even be mad at you. It might all just be a misunderstanding!" She joins me in bed and cuddles me.
"But I know he's mad." I mumble from under the sheets.
Perrie sighs. "You'll both figure this out. I've never met anybody as right for each other as you and Harry."
I lift my head out of the duvet and look at her. "You think so?"
She smiles. "I know so babe."
I give her a little smile and we lie like this for a while longer before she drags me out of bed to get dressed so we can both pick the boys up together. I didn't want to go but Perrie told me that I had to face my fear and just do it.
"Really?" I complain and she nods.
"Argh" I groan and force myself out of bed. "Fine."
I throw on the first thing I can find in my suitcase: Trackies, a t-shirt, a printed jacket with my black sneakers. I brush my hair quickly and I see Perrie who is the total opposite to me. She has done her hair nicely, she's wearing a dress and has red lipstick on.
"You look..." She looks me up and down and tries to give a compliment. "Really nice." She smiles and I chuckle.
"Let's do this then." I sigh and we head out of the hotel. 


When we get to the airport, it's crowded with fans eagerly waiting for the boys to arrive. I put my hoodie up and we wait with the guards outside the gate after taking photos with a few fans.

Finally, after waiting nervously for what seemed like hours but was only ten minutes, the boys emerge from the gates with Harry laughing along with whatever Louis was saying. I look at them in confusion. Harry seems to be happy though.
The fans start screaming so loudly I think I might pass out but I take a deep breath to prepare myself as we make our way towards them. Perrie squeals before running up to Zayn and giving him a huge hug, nearly making him fall backwards.
Harry sees me and his eyes widen. He smiles at me before making his way over to me and hugging me tightly. He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and whispers "I missed you."
I am so surprised and shocked right now at what is happening. What the fuck? I thought Harry was mad and I even had a huge long speech planned for him.
"Uh" I stutter. "Harry about the thing..."
He cuts me off. "Don't worry about it!" He smiles at me before waving at the fans happily. He takes my hand and kisses it before we are escorted out by the guards, fans swarming towards us, trying to grab photos with the boys.
"I said it's ok." He snaps and plants a hard kiss on my cheek.
I am still in utter shock with Harry's attitude but I decide to let it go. Maybe he just doesn't want to talk about it. Maybe he really has moved on like Perrie said. Maybe she was right.
Niall and Liam are nowhere to be seen, they've probably already made it outside and are waiting in the car and Eleanor and Louis are in front of us, hands intertwined. I turn around to see Zayn and Perrie.
Perrie looks over to me in confusion at first with Harry putting his arm around me but she then gives me a thumbs up and I shrug and smile back at her. As we make our way outside, the fans start to crowd around us even more and we are being pushed by the security team. Things are becoming quite dangerous with all the screaming girls and paparazzi. Harry shoves his hands in his pockets and licks his lips nervously and I try to push through the crowd. (Pic below)

We finally get inside the van safely and the boys all sigh of relief.
"Thank god we got out of there." Niall chuckles.
"Anyways, hey Perrie, how's it going?" Louis smiles at her. "It's nice to see you again."
Perrie laughs. "You too Tommo but don't miss me too much when I leave this afternoon."
"Hey guys." I say when things go quiet and no one answers. Instead Louis starts telling a story about something that happened the other night.
I don't say anything as I notice the boys ignore me completely. I look over at Zayn who gives me a small smile before looking over at Eleanor who tries not to make eye contact at me.
"Harry?" I say to him and he completely shuts me out, laughing at whatever Liam is saying.
The boys are all chatting with each other and asking Perrie about the Little Mix gigs and I look out the window. They aren't even acknowledging me one bit.
I can feel the tears start to form but I take a deep breath to control myself. I can't let them see that I'm weak. I feel so horrible that I lied to Harry and that I let him down. He thinks that I tricked him. But I still love him. I really do. And now, even the boys all hate me. Even Eleanor! And we've been getting along so well.
I just need to get this contract over and done with! These last two months are going to be a nightmare. Harry will never forgive me!

I thought that Harry had forgiven me. I thought he might have moved on. But as I think more about it, I realise that I was so dumb to think that he had forgiven me. What was I thinking? Of course! He was doing it all for the cameras and the fans at the airport. I should've seen this coming. He doesn't want me to see him like how Zayn explained to me. Heartbroken.


- Harry -

*5 hours earlier*

I stumble back into Zayn and my hotel room and flick the light on to see Zayn sitting up, rubbing his eyes.
"Harry?" He mumbles and I groan.
"Where have you been?" He continues and I don't reply. Instead, I fall onto my bed and lie there without moving.
"Jesus Harry!" Zayn cries out. "You stink like alcohol! I can smell you from here! How much have you had to drink?!"
"Shut up Zayn" I groan. "I'm still mad at you."
He sighs and gets out of bed to sit next to me before he starts. "Harry, I'm sorry ok?I love you like my brother but I didn't know what to do. Chloe just told me about it and I'm her friend too you know?"
"She fucking hurt me Zayn." I snap. "And I've known you longer than she has."
"I know bro," He replies. "And I know you don't believe it now but she really does love you and you need to hear her side of the story."
"You're meant to be on my side!"
"I am bro. But please just listen to her."
"Whatever." I slur, my head pounding from all the alcohol. "I need to sleep."
Zayn sighs and gets back in his bed. "Night Harry" He says and I ignore him.
I take my shirt and jeans off and throw my shoes on the ground before getting into bed and closing my eyes, pretending to be asleep. 
I can't sleep. 
I think to myself about how much Chloe and I have been through. She lost her fucking virginity to me! Or was she even a virgin? I bet she made that shit up.
That's when it hit me. I can't let Chloe see how heartbroken and crushed I am. She lied to me and tricked me into falling deeply in love with her. I can't let her see that it's got to me. She brought down my guard only to rip my heart up.
Wow, that sounded so cheesy.
Anyways, I think to myself, I have to act like nothing is wrong and move on. Show her that I don't care and that she couldn't hurt me as much as she tried. Besides, there's still two months left of the contract. All I have to do is act like I completely am smitten by her in front of the cameras and fans but then when we're in private, I'll just act like she doesn't exist. Genius! This way, she'll be more hurt than I 'appear' to be. 

I spend the rest of the night struggling to fall asleep. Every time I slowly start to drift off, I find myself thinking back to Chloe and her touches. The way she laughs and how she wrinkles her cute little nose. God I miss her, but she was nothing like I thought she was. I should've known. It was all just a game to her.


"HARRY!" I hear a shout before someone jumps on me.
I groan and push them away before opening my eyes.
"Louis?" I say in my morning raspy voice and rub my eyes. "Get off me!"
"Harry! Where the fuck have you been?!" He squeezes me tightly.
"Out, now get off me."
He gets off. "Sorry mate, how are you doing?"
"Shit" I mumble. "When are we leaving?"
"In half an hour, the boys and I packed your stuff for you last night." He says softly. 
"Thanks Lou" I answer and get up to see all the boys crowded around my bed. "Um, you lads alright?"
"We've decided that we're here for you Haz." Liam speaks up.
"You've decided?"
"What he means" Louis explains. "Is that if you don't want us talking to Chloe, we won't. You come before her. You're like our brother and even though she was a nice girl, we know how much she hurt you and we're completely on your side." 
I look at all of them and then finally at Zayn, who nods slightly.
"What about you Zayn?" I snap. "We all know how close you guys were." I mimic.
"Harry, come on. You're like my brother. If you don't want me to talk to her, I won't."
I sigh. "I'm going to have a shower." I push my way past them the slam the bathroom door behind me. 
I'm really glad the boys are trying to do this for me and be good mates, but somehow, I don't feel any better. I just don't understand why Chloe had to hurt me like this. I loved her so much.

We get off the plane and I spot Chloe with Perrie in the distance. I take a deep breath and put my plan in action. I'm going to act like nothing is wrong. I pretend to look excited and smile as I make my way to her. I kiss her on the cheek and whisper "I miss you" loud enough so people around us can hear.
I can smell her perfume as I pull away and I'm trying my hardest not to break down in tears. Chloe is looking really shocked as she looks at me.
"Uh" she stutters nervously. "Harry about the thing..."
I interrupt her. "Don't worry about it." I give her a fake smile and wave at the hundreds of fans screaming at the boys and I. I grab her hand and I lead her outside, trying my hardest to keep a normal face.

Finally, when we get inside the van, Louis starts to talk to Perrie and the boys all ignore Chloe, including Zayn. Eleanor doesn't talk since she doesn't want to get involved. Chloe tries to talk to me but I ignore her. I don't have time for her bullshit. She looks out the window and I try my best to ignore her as I talk to the boys, acting as happy as I can.


- Chloe -

When we get to the hotel, Zayn and Perrie go off to spend the remaining hours until Perrie leaves together. The boys all scatter off hurriedly and I'm left following Harry. I need to talk to him and he's been ignoring me completely.
"Harry!" I cry out, trying to get his attention. "Please! Just listen to me!"
He turns to face me, finally and yells. "NO CHLOE! JUST LEAVE ME FUCKING ALONE!" 
I jump back in fright and my eyes widen.
"Harry..." I whimper.
I've lost him. I can feel it already.
"I'm done!" He shouts in the hotel hallway. "It's over for real! Sure we may have two more months of this stupid contract, but after that, I never want to see you again!"
"Please" I beg him and grab his hand. "Please just listen! I never wanted to hurt you! I love you Harry."
Harry smirks at me. "Just stop." He says icily. "I don't believe anything you say anymore. So I suggest you find somewhere else to stay. I'll text you when you're needed." And without another word, he storms off. 

I'm left in the hallway, tears streaming down my face. I drop to the ground and start to break into tears.
I've lost him. Harry is done with me. And he'll never forgive me.

Finally, I'm able to stand on my feet and collect myself from my previous breakdown. I wipe my tears and take a deep breath. I run out of the hotel and onto the streets where I quickly walk over to the nearest park to get away from everyone. 
What am I meant to do now? Harry doesn't want me anymore. He doesn't believe me. 

I call the last person that comes to my mind. Although, I contemplate for a while whether I should call her, but I'm homeless and I have no place to go.
Riley, my little sister. The one who tried to sabotage my relationship with Harry.
Riley picks up in two rings. "Hello?"
"R-riley." I hesitate.
"Chloe?!" She says, sounding as surprised as ever. "I thought you would be back in Melbourne! Your boyfriend's band is here, aren't they?"
"He's not my boyfriend anymore." I say quietly.
"What?!" She shouts through the other end of the line. "Wait what happened?"
"I-I... Can we m-meet?" I ask her. "I really need my little sister right now."
"Of course Chlo," she replies. "Where are you now? I'll pick you up and we can grab coffee."
I tell her where I am and she says she will be there in a few minutes, before hanging up, leaving me sitting on the park bench by myself, crying over the huge mistake I have made, causing me to Harry.

"Woah." Riley says after I tell her the whole story of how Harry found out about the contract. "I'm so sorry Chlo."
I sigh. "So am I, I just don't know what to do now."
"Look, I know after the whole thing that happened on your birthday, you kinda hate me but I want you to know I'm here for you ok?"
I nod. "Thanks Riley, I'm sorry. I just didn't know what to do and now the boys and El won't even talk to me. Even Zayn isn't talking to me."
"But I thought he was on your side?" 
"I guess he's trying to be a good friend to Harry. There are like brothers." I run my hands through my hair. "Whatever, I just need to get away from them right now."
"Chlo..." Riley starts to say slowly, with a suspicious look on her face.
"What?" My eyes widen. "What did you do now?"
"Well..." She pauses. "Niall and I have been kinda chatting lately and stuff and I kinda asked him... well..."
"No Riley, please no" I beg silently. "Don't tell me you called him."
"I told Niall how I was meeting you and he told me how Louis had told the boys not to talk to you since they want to be there for Harry. He also told me that Harry may have been acting at the airport, but he's really not over you Chlo. He's locked himself in the hotel room and didn't show up at soundcheck. So I told him to bring the boys over here so we can just talk and sort this out."
"H-Harry isn't coming is he?" 
Riley shook her head. "He's still in his hotel room. But I called the other boys..."
"Noo" I whine and put my heads in my hands. "Why would you do that?!"
"I'm sorry" Riley says. "I just think it'll be good for you. For the both of you."
As she says this, four boys walk through the door, sunglasses on and hoodies up. A few girls turn and stare at them in shock. Before any of them could ask for photos, Riley waves at them and they come rushing over.

When they're seated, they take off their disguises and fix their hair. I look at them, worryingly. What are they gonna say to me?
"Harry's not going to like this..." Louis mutters and breaks the silence.
"Nice seeing you again." Liam flashes Riley a smile. 
"Let's be quick so I can get some food." Niall mumbles in his Irish accent and Riley giggles.
I glare at her and she clears her throat. 
"So, we're here because you guys need to hear Chloe out."
Zayn keeps his mouth shut and Louis interrupts. "We've heard all we needed to hear. Chloe hurt Harry the worst way that she could. She used him and now he's heartbroken."
"it wasn't my fault!" I open my mouth for the first time since the boys sat down. "I promise! Barbara wouldn't let me end the contract! Please guys! I really do love Harry."
The boys and Riley look at me in silence.
"Well it's too late for that now." Niall says.
"Please, you guys have to believe me." I plead. "What can I do to prove that I never wanted to hurt him?"
"Give the money back then." Louis mutters.
"Fine! You can take the money out of my bank account! I don't care about them! You can even call Barbara and ask her about the contract! I bet she would've had our phone calls recorded or some shit!"
"Guys, I think she's telling the truth." Zayn says something for the first time since they arrived. "You should've seen her when she came to me. She was in tears."
Louis glares at him. "Zayn, you're not helping."
I spend, I swear another half hour trying to persuade the boys that I truly am sorry for what I did. "I don't know what I will do to make you believe me."
Louis sighs. "I think you've said enough. Even if we do believe you, there's nothing you can do to win Harry back. He won't listen to anyone."
"You believe me?" My eyes widen.
The boys look at each other. "We do Chloe." Louis finally says and I sigh of relief. 
Riley smiles, listening to our conversation.
"But" Liam chirps in. "Harry's one of our closest friends and we want to help him. But we don't know how."
"Chloe, you need to do something to prove that you really love him." Niall says, while eyes a piece of cake that a woman is eating at the table in front of us.
"Jesus Niall! If you want food, then go get some!" Louis shakes his head at him and I let out a small chuckle.
"Ok Chlo, we have to get going. But we will try and talk to Harry ok?" Zayn smiles at me and I nod.
"To be honest, you are the best thing that has happened to Harry." Louis sighs. "I'm sorry about how we've been acting around you Chloe."
Liam nods. "We care about you both and you are perfect together. We just want things to go back the way it was."
"It'll never go back that way." I groan. "Harry will never forgive me, no matter how hard I try."
Niall returns from getting some food. "What did I miss?" He says while having a mouthful of cake in his mouth.
"I guess you all made up." Riley joins in.
"Shit we have to go!" Liam looks at his watch. "Chloe and Riley, you should come to the concert."
Riley and I look at each other. 
"I-I don't think that's a good idea." I hesitate. "Harry doesn't want to see me. I don't want him to get angry at you guys."
The boys all nod in understanding.
"What if..." Louis starts to think. "The lads and I find a way so that Harry has no choice but to listen to your story."
"What are you saying?" I look at him in confusion, the other boys mirroring my reaction.
"Yeah, what are you saying Tommo?" Liam asks.
"Just leave it to me." Louis grins mischievously. 
"Lads, we really have to get going." Zayn says. "Paul is not going to be happy."
"So you coming?" Niall looks at me and I look at Riley. She smiles and nods and I sigh.
"Fine." I agree reluctantly. 
"Great!" Liam says. "It's settled! Now let's get going!"

Riley, me and the lads all leave the coffee shop to see a around ten paparazzi's waiting for us.
"How did they find us?" Niall groans.
"Harold's not gonna be happy when he sees these photos..." Louis mutters as the paps snap their cameras away and Riley and I follow closely behind the boys. (Pic below)


- Harry -

Where are the lads?
I leave my hotel room to have a look in their rooms to see that none of them are there. I know I missed soundcheck, but I thought they would be back. I then go find Lou to see her in her room with Lux.
"Are the boys back from soundcheck yet?" I sigh and crash onto her bed.
"No, they went sightseeing." She replies before looking at me. "I came back to check on Lux. But are you feeling ok Haz?"
I know that she's talking about Chloe. She was there when I had my breakdown the night I found out about the fucking contract.
"I'm fine." I snap.
"You can talk to me. I'm here for you ok?" She says gently.
I need to spill everything out. I need to get everything out of my system. So I just start talking.
"I just don't understand why Chloe had to lie to me! She used me for my money and fame! I loved her so much! And I thought she loved me too! But-"
I can feel the tears coming to my eyes. I need to let it out.
I burst into tears as Lou sits next to me and comforts me.
"I-I l-loved her s-so much." I say between breaths. "I-I let my guard down and she destroyed me. I knew she would do something like this, but I didn't want to believe it."
"It's ok hon" Lou rubs circles on my back. "Just let it out."
"I should've known! Our relationship did start from a fucking stupid contract that Barbara forced me to have! I was better without her! I was a better person before I met her!" I shout the last bit, standing up and kicking the end of the bed.
"Harry" Lou says softly. "Calm down."
I take a few deep breaths and sit back on the bed. "S-sorry" I whisper. "I'm sorry."
I look at Lux who is sitting on the bed, staring at me in shock and confusion.
"I-I didn't mean to go off at you...."
We sit there in a few more minutes of silent before Lou starts talking.
"Harry, trust me." She starts. "I'm sure deep down, you know that Chloe made you a better person. Everyone could just see it. The way your eyes lit up when you looked at me. And whenever she looked at you, she was so happy. I'm positive that she loved you Harry Styles."
She looks at me again before she continues. "I don't know if she really did try to end the contract but couldn't, or lied about it, but what I know is that girl really was in love with you. She would do anything for you Harry. Just let her explain her side of the story. Give her a chance."
I shake my head. "I'm done. I don't want to hear her story."
"Harry, I know you're hurt right now." Lou replies. "But don't close yourself up again. Let her explain herself to you."
I stand up. "I knew it." I snap. "I knew you would be on her side. Why is the whole world on her fucking side?!" I tug my hair and Lou coughs, signalling me to lower my voice.
"Because she deserves to be heard out." She says.
"She doesn't deserve-" I start to yell but Lou glares at me.
I lower my voice. "She doesn't deserve anything." I say before storming out of her room. Where the fuck are the boys?! We're meant to be at the venue soon! Fucking hell!

My phone suddenly beeps. I check it to see a text from Louis.

To: Harry- 6:19pm
Hey Haz, the lads and I are on our way to the venue. Get here soon or Paul will kill you ! We'll see u soon though! Feel better mate!

I groan to myself and text him back.

To: Tommo- 6:21pm
I'll be there, tell him to calm the fuck down.


Throughout the whole car ride to the arena, I couldn't get Lou's fucking pep talk out of my head. I kept thinking about what she said about Chloe. How could she tell that Chloe loved me? She must've been a better actor than I thought then.

When I get to the dressing room backstage at the arena, the boys are all getting ready. On the couch, there's a girl sitting with the back facing me. 
"Haz!" Niall calls out. "Look who made it!"
"Hey mate!" Liam says from behind me, patting me on the back.
"Liam" I mutter.
The girl on the couch spins around to face me.
"Riley?!" I shout. "What the fuck are you here?!"
"Hi Harry" She smiles nervously. "Niall invited me!"
I turn and glare at him. "What the fuck?" I spit out.
"We've been chatting lately and I sorta invited her tonight." Niall shrugs.
"Why don't you go back ruining your sister's relationship." I smirk.
"Harry!" Zayn says to me. "Don't be so rude!"
I roll my eyes. "Chloe's not here, is she?"
The boys and Riley shake their heads.
"Good" I mutter and I sit on the couch before grabbing my phone out of my pocket.
"Haz" Paul walks up to me. 
I look up at him. "What?"
"Do me a favour and go to the room across the hall, you have a few interviews." He ushers me over.
"Don't the other boys have to do it too?" I whine.
"They've already done it." He replies simply.
I groan. I'm really not in the mood for a fucking interview right now.
"Ok ok!" I shove him off me. "I can walk you know?"
Paul rolls his eyes at me and I enter the room to see no one there.
"Pau-" I start to say and I spin around to see him closing the door behind me.
I hear a locking noise and I realise what had just happened.
"Hey!" I shout and pound on the door. "What the fuck?!"


- Chloe -

This is it! This is my chance to sort things out with Harry. Finally!
"Harry?" I says quietly as he stops pounding on the door. I make my way slowly to him.
I can hear him take a deep breath before turning around.
"You just won't give up will you?" He grunts under his breath.
"No!" I reply and take a deep breath, mustering up all the confidence I have. "I won't give up Harry! I know what I did was horrible, I shouldn't have lied to you!"
"Well you did" He says nastily.
I sigh. "I'm sorry Harry. I really am. I tried to end the contract Haz, I really did. But Barbara didn't let me."
"Bullshit!"He cries out. "Bull-fucking-shit!"
"It's true! You know her! She said that I couldn't end it, or I will be sued! Just call her, she'll tell you everything!"
Harry stays silent and I continue. "Harry, I really love you." I say softly. "I've always loved you. I know that it may seem like I lied and used you, but I'm not lying now. I care about you so so much. I'm so sorry." Tears start to form and they start flowing. 
Why can't I control myself?!
"Please, please forgive me Harry. Please." I'm begging him. I'm so desperate for this forgiveness that I'm begging him.
Harry stays silent for a while before opening his mouth. "You may be telling the truth." He starts. His voice is cold and distant. "But that doesn't change the fact that you lied. You lied to me about the thing that I was the most sensitive about. I trusted you and you straight up, lied to my face."
My eyes are red and puffy from all the crying. 
"I mean everything I'm saying now. I've heard your side of the story, and believe you about the contract and everything, but our relationship from now on, is strictly business. When we're not in the public eye, we're nothing. Not even friends. Once this contract is over, I never want to see you again. I never want to hear from you again." He pauses. "I mean it."
I'm left standing their like a fool. A fool for thinking he would forgive me because Harry is standing two meters away from me, with no emotion left in his face. He's no longer angry or sad. The loving and charming Harry that I once knew, was gone. This time, for real.


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