6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


17. Isaac

- Chloe -

                                            I slam the door behind me and walk down the driveway very quickly. I need to get out of here now. How can Harry believe the rumours over me telling the truth? After all we've been through!
I'm so angry that I don't even have the tears to cry right now. I've done all that I can to prove to Harry that I care so much about him. What about what happened last night? I really thought that we had got over his trusting issues.
And to thing that I was going to tell him about the contract. How can I now that I witnessed how worked up he got in the house over a rumour.

"Shit!" I groan as I drop everything out of my bag.

Why the fuck is this happening to me right now!

Thank god that no paps can see me now since the house is surrounded by walls and a gate. Barbara would kill me if photos surfaced online of me storming outside Harry's house. Even though we're in a real relationship, she still doesn't want any bad press for him.

I kneel down to pick everything up when I see a hand help me from the corner of the eye. I look up to see Harry helping me.
When we stand up again, I look up at the curly haired boy standing in front of me.


“Don’t leave.” He says quietly as his eyes are locked onto mine.

I don’t reply and he sighs.
“Look, I’m sorry for losing my temper in there. I’m still learning how to deal with this. You know that I love you. Please just come back inside.”
I don’t even know what to say. I’m glad that Harry has come after me but even now that he has, I’m still a little angry that he chose to believe bullshit over me.
“I can’t believe you didn’t believe me Harry. After everything we’ve been through.” I finally say something to him. “I thought that we had gotten over your…”
“I know and I’m sorry baby.” Harry interrupts me. “Please can you just come in and we can sort this out. Just come inside.”
I sigh. “Fine, ok.”
I follow him inside to his house and we sit on the couch.
“Forgive me?” Harry says as he sits next to me and grabs my hand before adding, “Please?”
“I-I don’t know.” I look down. “What if this happens the next time again? I don’t want all this shit to come between us.”
“I love you Chloe.” He says softly. “And I know you feel the same way. I was just too caught up in the moment. I just lost my temper. And I’m sorry.”
I take a deep breath. I knew that I couldn’t stay mad at Harry for any longer. I loved him so much that I had to forgive him.
“I forgive you Harry.”

A smile forms at the corner of his lips once I say those three words. He pulls me closer to him and kisses me.
“Just promise that you’ll believe me over what people say on twitter.” I pull away and say and he laughs.
“I promise.”

We sit there in each other’s arms for a while longer.
“I don’t want to leave this moment.” Harry mumbles into my hair.
“Same” I sigh. “Life is so much easier when it’s just the both of us.”
“So who was your friend?” Harry asks me.
I look at him in amusement. “Really? You want to know?”
“Of course!” He exclaims. “I want to know more about you!”

I laugh and shake my head. “Isaac, my friend from when I worked at Starbucks. He was my first friend I made when I first moved to London and I can tell him anything, he’s like my brother.”
“I want to meet him.” Harry suddenly says and I raise my eyebrows.
“You do?”
“Sure! He seems like a great guy.”
“You don’t even know him.” I laugh.
“That’s why I want to meet him.”
I laugh and kiss Harry on the cheek. “Ok! I’ll text him. Maybe we can go out. He’s really into partying as well. You two have a lot in common.”
Harry cheers. “We can be best friends!”
I roll my eyes playfully and get off the sofa so I can grab my phone from the kitchen and text Isaac. After he replies, I call out to Harry, “Babe! He says that we can have dinner then go out afterwards. How does that sound?”
“Great!” Harry shouts back.

I tell Isaac that I’m looking forward to it before checking the time. It’s only three in the afternoon so we have plenty of time. I make my way back to Harry who’s on his phone.
“What are you doing?” I say and wrap my arms around from behind him.

“Just looking at all the drama on twitter.” He chuckles. “I should probably clear this up hey?”
“Do you want me to do it?” I suggest. “I’m getting a lot of hate anyways so I should probably tell everyone what really happened.”
“Sure babe, sounds good.” Harry leans over and kisses me before going on his phone again.
I jump on the couch next to him and put my feet up before putting my head on his lap and lying sideways. I log onto my twitter and read a few nasty comments that some directioners have wrote about me. I choose to ignore them and post something on twitter.

@ChloeMartinez: To everyone who’s saying stuff out there, don’t believe it. It’s NOT the truth. I love my boyfriend and that’s final. Xx

I then get a reply tweet from Harry.

@Harry_Styles: I love YOU too .xx

“Harry!” I exclaim. “The fans are going to go crazy because of this!”
“I want people to know that I love you.”
“I love you too.” I lean up to kiss him and he deepens the kiss. I shift my position so I’m straddling him before wincing.
“Are you ok?” Harry pulls away and asks.
“Yeah” My face turns red and I look down. “Just a bit sore from last night.”
Harry tilts my chin up. “Do you want me to give you a massage?” He chuckles.
"Yes please." I blush and I move myself so my back is facing him. 
He moves my hair to the side before massaging my shoulders. I close my eyes while he digs his fingers into my shoulders.
"Is that ok?" He says against my ear, making me shiver.

I nod, unable to say anything. I know was just a massage, but it just felt so good. I roll my head back as he continues massaging me. I turn around and smack my lips against him, suddenly feeling the need to show him how much I love him.

As we’re making out, Harry’s phone suddenly rings, breaking the moment we were just having.
“Argh.” He groans against my lips and he reluctantly pulls away.
“Leave it.” I mumble and continue kissing his neck.
“It might be one of the boys.” He reaches over the coffee table to grab his phone and I sigh, getting off his lap.


“Hello? Hey Payno! Can you call me back later? I’m kinda busy.” He says and I chuckle from beside him.

“What? Yeah I’m fine.” Harry sits up and puts the phone on speaker. “Payno you’re on speaker with Chloe as well.”
“Hey Chlo! Heard about the rough day!”
I laugh. “Yeah a little, but we’re cool now.”
“Don’t worry about the fans, they can get a bit intense sometimes.” He tells me and I sigh in agreement.
“Tell me about it.”
“So Haz, Sophia and I are going to Funky Buddha tonight and was wondering if you guys wanted to join.” Liam asks him.
Harry burst into laughter. “Funky Buddha? Oh Payno, second day back and you’re already going to that place”
“Shut up Harold, it’s great there!”
I laugh as I listen to the two boys banter back and forth over the phone before the conversation finally returns to seriousness.
“Well Chloe and I are going out with her friend tonight so maybe another night.” Harry answers his question.
“Yeah no worries mate, I’ll see you two in a week.” Liam says before hanging up.


When Harry hangs up, he leans in to kiss me and pick up where we left off when I glance at the clock on the wall.
“Is that the time?” I exclaim and stand up immediately.
“It’s only five! We have an hour until we’re meeting your friend. Sit down again and let’s finish off what we started.” Harry whines.
“Harry, I still need to shower and get ready!”
“Come on!” He pulls my arm and I fall onto the sofa. “You’ll look good even if you’re in a paperbag.”
“That’s sweet of you babe, but you’re meant to say that, you’re my boyfriend. Ahh!” I rush to the bathroom and Harry laughs from the living room.


Once I’m showered, I change into a short loose yellow dress with buttons in the middle and black stockings on my legs. I pair that with my army jacket and black boots on my feet. I dry my hair and brush it before putting a maroon beanie on my head and doing my make up. Finally I’m ready and I call out to Harry who’s still in the bathroom.

“Hurry up Styles! We’re gonna be late!”
“I’m coming! Give me a second!” He says before finally coming out of the bathroom.
I look at him to see that he’s wearing a white t-shirt with his signature black skinny jeans and black boots on his feet. I could tell that he spent a while on his hair with the amount of hair product in it, leaving it sitting perfectly on his head.

“Well don’t you look dashing!”  I compliment him and he smiles, revealing his dimples.
“I know. I do don’t I?” He chuckles and I smack his arm playfully. “Oh sorry babe, you look great!”

“Come on, we’re already late.” I grab his hand and we walk outside and get into his car.


When we arrive at the Italian restaurant for dinner, we get out of the car when a group of paparazzi start yelling and taking photos of us. Harry takes my hand and we keep our heads down as we avoid the shouts of everyone around us and make our way towards the restaurant.  (Pic below)

When we enter the restaurant, I look around and see Isaac who was already seated. He sees us and waves. I wave back before looking at Harry who has a huge smile on his face.

“Come on!” I grab his hand and lead him to the table where Isaac is.
“Isaac, this is Harry. Harry this is my friend Isaac.” I introduce them to each other and they shake each others hands.
“Nice to meet you.” Harry grins and we sit down.
“You too!” Isaac replies.
“So, you’re the famous Harry Styles.” Isaac says. “You know, you look so much more attractive in real life.”

Harry bursts into laughter. “Thanks bro! You’re quite a decent looking lad too!”

I smile as the two boys start to chat and get along. As the dinner progresses, Isaac tells Harry about embarrassing stories during my working days at Starbucks.
“Ok, shut up Isaac!” I whine and playfully smack him. “I can’t believe my best friend and my boyfriend are bullying me.” I pout and Harry laughs before kissing me on the cheek.

“We’re not bullying Chloz, just having a good old joke.” Isaac winks.

“Do you remember that time you were flirting with the customer who’s boyfriend was standing right there?” I say and giggle.
“No! You did not just go there!” Isaac points at me. “Oh you’re so dead!”
“And he came up to you and was like you wanna fight?” I say and burst into hysterical laughter. “That was so funny!”
Harry looks back and forth at Isaac and I while we reminisce on the old days by bickering with each other like brother and sister.


“Ok babe, you should put that drink down now.” Harry shouts above the music and pulls the bottle of beer out of my hands.
The music is pumping everything is so loud in the club. Isaac had found a girl who’s probably shoving her tongue inside his mouth not and Harry and I had danced for a bit after a crowd of fans asked for photos with us.

“Nooooo!” I slur as I stumble over. “I want mooorree!”

I’m pretty sure that that was my seventh beer of the night, but I’ve lost count. Harry has spent the last fifteen minutes taking care of me and making sure that I didn’t get into any trouble.
“Usually, I’m the one who needs taking care of.” He mutters and I giggle hysterically.

He leads me to our booth where he sits me down and I nuzzle my head into his chest.
“I’m sleeeeppyyy.” I mutter.
“Now now,” He kisses my hair. “Let’s just have a break ok? Let’s just sit here for a bit.”
I mumble utter jitterish and a bit while Harry chuckles to himself and the next thing I remember is that I’m dozing off like a baby.



- Harry -

My phone vibrating on the bedside table next to me wakes me up. I look around to see that Chloe is still in the same position I left her in last night when I carried her into bed.

I sit up, rub my eyes and check the time, which read 11:03am before answering the phone.

“Hello sunshine, did I wake you up?” It’s my mum who’s calling.

“Uh no, sorry mum. We just had a late night.” I say in my raspy voice.
My mum chuckles. “So, now that you’re back for a few days, I would love to see you, maybe catch up? And you can introduce your lovely girlfriend to me.”

I rub my temples as I realize that I’ve never told my mum about Chloe at all.
“Yeah sure mum sure. I’m sorry I haven’t told you about her. I’ve been really busy.”
“It’s ok darling, how about dinner at that restaurant down our house at 7pm? I’ll tell Gemma and Robin to come and all you have to do is bring her.”
“Sounds great mum, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Bye, love you!”
“Love you too Harry.” She says before we hang up.

I groan to myself once I put my phone down and fall back onto the bed. Why am I so tired? Aren’t I meant to be on a break? As I turn to face Chloe, she opens her eyes slowly.

“Morning.” She grumbles, eyes still closed.

“How do you feel?” I ask her. “Big night last night hey?”
“I’m fine, just tired.”
“Do you want me to get you anything?”
“I’m ok thanks,” She says before drifting off to sleep again. I lie there for a while, staring at my beautiful girlfriend next to me while she sleeps peacefully. I take a quick photo of her and upload it onto twitter.


@Harry_Styles: Look who had a crazy night. Wake up sleepyhead! pic.twitter/hd9835slp30


Within seconds, I already have nearly over a thousand retweets and replies, fans telling me to follow them. To pass time, I decide to answer a few questions.

After a long time of answering directioner questions, I hear Chloe groan from next to me as she wakes up and stretches her arms.
"Morning beautiful." I smile at her.
She smiles back. "Morning Haz, what time is it?"
"Just after noon." I reply. "You looked so cute, I didn't want to wake you up."
"Thanks baby," She shifts her body, puts her head on my lap and arms around me. "So what are we doing today?"
"I don't know yet, but my mum called just now."
"Really? What did she call about?"
"We're having dinner with her tomorrow."
"What!" She sits up immediately. "And you didn't talk to me about it?"
I look at her with confusion. "I thought it would be fine... if you're busy, we can change the day?"
"It's not that!" She exclaims. "It's just... I-I'm not ready! What if they hate me? What if they think I'm not good enough for you?"
I chuckle at her reaction and pull her back into my arms. "Babe, don't worry about it. My mum will love you, I promise."
"What if she doesn't?" Chloe sighs.
"Trust me, she will love you."
"Ok then." She sighs and rests her head on my chest.
I run my fingers through her hair and I smile at myself. I just wish this moment would pause and we could be here in this position forever.



Here's a quick update for you! I hope you enjoy it! There's more coming soon, please keep liking and commenting if you want more to come! I promise I will update soon as quick as I can. xxx


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