6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


14. Hotels

- Chloe -

                                             After I finish a whole pizza by myself, Harry looks at me in shock. 
"How do you look like that when you eat like that?" Harry laughs and points at the now empty plate.
I roll my eyes playfully. "It's a talent Styles, are you done with that?" I eye the garlic bread on his plate.
He chuckles slightly. "I'm planning on selling it on eBay, sorry." 
I laugh at his joke. "You would make quite a lot of money." I say before grabbing it off his plate.
"So, what are we going to do about the paps?" I say with my mouth full, looking over at the crowd of people standing outside the window of the restaurant.
Harry sighs. "I don't know. We can't stay in here forever. And I kinda want to go shopping."
I giggle. "You sound like a girl."
"Thanks babe." He winks at me before paying for the meal. We put our coats on and he takes my hand before leading me outside where we are surrounded by paps once again. The city of San Jose is crowded with people and cars everywhere.



"WHY ARE YOU WITH THIS MAN WHORE?" I hear one paparazzi shout.

I can see Harry's expression from the corner of my eye drop. His grip tightens around my hand and he starts walking faster. The paparazzi keep following us until he pulls me into a Saint Laurent shop that is on the corner of the road. The people in the shop quickly lock the door behind us.
Harry groans as the flashes of cameras are seen through the window.

"Shit, I'm so sorry love." He snakes his hand around my waist as we take a look around.
"Don't be sorry!" I give him a quick kiss. "I'm sorry about what they said about you."
He shrugs it off. "I don't take it to heart, it's ok."
I take a look around at the shop. It looks classy and elegant. Just like a shop that Harry would go to.
He makes his way over and takes a look at the men's section.
"I love Saint Laurent." He mutters to me and I look at the price tag of a shirt. My eyes widen as I see the price and Harry laughs at me.

It feels weird that Harry and I are the only people in the shop. The ladies who are working here are trying their best not to fan girl as they stand behind the counter.
I scan my eyes across the counter to have a look at the jewellery underneath the glass. I spot a gold chained bracelet that catches my eye.
"You like that?" I hear Harry's voice from next to me.
I turn to look at him and nod shyly. "Yeah, it's nice."
He chuckles and waves at the lady. "Can we please have a look at this one please?" He points at the bracelet.
I shake my head at him. "No Harry, it's fine. It's way out of my price range. This whole place is out of my price range."
"Well it's in mine." He grins and I smack his arm playfully.
"It's ok. I don't need to look at it." I tell the lady and she puts the bracelet back. "Seriously Harry, if you want to buy something, you should by that jumper." I point at a brown cashmere jumper. 
He laughs and shrugs. "I quite like that actually." He says and grabs it off the rack.

After a long time of Harry trying on the clothing and me either nodding or shaking my head, he finally pays. A car is waiting outside for us so that we can get away from the paps. We thank the people who work at the shop and he takes my hand before we exit the shop and push our way through the crowd. The driver opens the car door for us and we quickly get in before the car drives away.

"Well, that was interesting." Harry sighs and runs his hands through his hair.
"At least you bought three new jackets from Saint Laurent." I laugh. "Good day hey?"

Harry has probably just spent $10,000 in one shop. Not that he couldn't afford it.

"I also got one more thing." Harry grins at me and I look at him in confusion.
He reaches into the bag and pulls out a box. My eyes widen as he hands the box over to me.
"Happy late birthday." He smiles and kisses me on the cheek. "Open it."
I slowly open the box and unwrap the paper in it to find myself staring at the gold bracelet that I saw earlier. The same one that I was admiring back in the shop. I gasp in shock and hold the bracelet in my hands.
"Har-" I start and he cuts me off.
"I completely forgot about your present the other day so here it is. I hope you like it." He chuckles and smiles. "It's my gift to you."
"It's beautiful Harry" I reply. "H-how much did it cost?"
"Don't worry about that." Harry says, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "Here, I'll help you put it on."
I nod shyly and hold my arm out to him. He puts the bracelet on my wrist and I shiver at the touch that we make. I look into his eyes and he does the same, before slowly leaning in to kiss me on the lips. I can feel the mint in his breath as he deepens the kiss.
"Thank you." I say softly once we pull apart.
"My pleasure." He smiles and kisses me again. 


Once we arrive at the venue, we meet the boys backstage where they're sitting on the sofa in the dressing room, waiting for the meet and greet.

"How was your little trip?" Louis asks us when we walk through the door.
"Argh," Harry groans as he changes into a black T-shirt in front of everyone. "We can't have any privacy nowadays, it's shit."
I try to tear my eyes away from his body, his tattoos on full display.
Niall sighs. "Tell me about it. When Liam and I went out, we could barely do anything because there was so many people."
"Well, you guys are famous celebrities." I chuckle.
The boys and I start talking about how annoying the paps can get and how they play little pranks on them until we end up in a screaming competition of the song 'Kids Of America'.
I burst into fits of the laughter on the floor and Niall does the same. I see a man with a camera filming us while we enjoy the moment and I suddenly feel awkward.
"Don't worry about it." Harry assures me when he sees my expression."We have a camera man backstage at some concerts to film the behind the scenes. Just for future projects."
"Wow, you guys will literally have your whole life filmed." I laugh.
Harry winks. "That would be amazing." He jumps off the couch and runs over to Zayn who has gotten up and was about to go outside to have a cigarette.
"Give me that!" Harry says jokingly and grabs the packet from his hands.
"Haz!" Zayn whines and the boys chuckle. "Give it back!"
"Let me read this!" Harry says, waving Zayn's arms away as he tries to get it back. "There are some horrid photos on this packet of heart disease and lung cancer." He gasps dramatically.
I laugh as I listen to the noise running through this dressing room. I get up and walk over to Harry.
"Wait, let me take a photo of you reading the packet, I need to post this on twitter." I giggle and he continues reading the packet as I snap the photo.
"Come on Haz! Give it back!" Zayn complains.
"Yeah come on curly! The boy needs to smoke!" Louis calls out.
"Boys, the meet and greet is in five minutes." Liam interrupts us. "We should make our way out there soon."
Zayn groans. "Great, now I'll have to wait till after." He snatches the packet out of Harry's hands.
"Ok ok daddy Liam." Louis rolls his eyes. "We're all ready."
Niall laughs at him and the boys all pile out of the door as I take a seat on the couch. I log onto Twitter and post the photo.

@ChloeMartinez: I think @Harry_Styles is finding this quite interesting @zaynmalik... 


As the boys do the meet and greet, I decide to stay in the dressing room since I don't feel like dealing with fans. I know that sounds quite rude, but lately, I've been feeling like I never have the time for privacy, especially when I'm with Harry. I pass my time by going onto twitter and reading a few of my mentions.

"You alright there?" Zayn pops his head through the door.
I look up and smile before nodding at him.
"What's up?" I ask him, putting my phone down.
"Just getting away from everything." He shrugs. "I'm going to go uh... smoke outside... wanna come join?" He asks, sounding quite uncomfortable.
I nod and make my way over to him. I guess it would be better than just sitting here, doing nothing.
He leads me out the backdoor and lights a cigarette as I stand and watch.
"You want one?" He asks in his Bradford accent, holding out the packet.
I shake my head. "No thanks, I'm fine."
He shrugs. "Suit yourself."
We stand there in silence for a bit and it starts feeling quite awkward. 
"So are you ok?" He suddenly blurts out.. "You've been acting sort of weird lately."
I give him a weird look. Have I been acting that strange that it's been that obvious? Does he know that the contract didn't end?
"Me? Weird? H-how? I'm fine! I was laughing just before wasn't I?" I stammer.
"Woah, chill out." He holds his hands up and chuckles, breathing out the smoke he had just exhaled. "It's just you seemed a bit weird this morning and I heard you on the phone talking to someone. You seemed upset."
I listen as my thoughts start running wild.

Should I tell him? Will he tell Harry if I do?

"Uh Chloe?" He interrupts my thoughts.
"Huh? Oh um, no reason." I lie. "I'm perfectly fine Zayn, don't worry about me."
"You know," Zayn smiles at me. "I'm glad that the contract is finally over between you and Harry, I've never seen him this happy in my life. Before you, it's always been about partying and one night stands."
I laugh nervously and finally decide that I should tell Zayn about my problem. I've been holding on to this and I just need to tell someone. Zayn is a nice guy and we have gotten pretty close.
"Zayn?" I ask.
"Yeah babe?"
"If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone, especially Harry. And please don't be mad."
Zayn starts to look worried. "Is everything ok Chlo?"
"Just promise you won't tell Harry." I say again.
He nods. "Of course, just let out whatever you want to say. I'm listening."
I nod and take a deep breath. "I couldn't end the contract." I say quietly.
He looks at me with his eyes wide. "What?" He asks. "B-but I thought...."
"I couldn't, I really wanted to, but Barbara didn't let me."
"Why are you telling me this?" He snaps.
"I-I don't know." I stutter. "I needed to get it out."
"How could you do that!" Zayn says loudly, almost shouting. "How could you do that to Harry?!"
I sigh as I start to feel the tears coming to my eyes.

Now Zayn's going to hate me. I shouldn't have told him this. I really shouldn't have.

"I know I know! I'm a horrible person! I tried the best I could, I really did. I tried to talk to Barbara but she just wouldn't let me!" My voice starts to rise. "And now I'm just stuck in this lie! And I don't know what to do! What if-"
Zayn cuts me off. "Shh, calm down Chlo." He puts his hand on my shoulder.
"I just don't know." I start break down and burst into tears. 

Why am I so god damn emotional?!

"I'm sorry," Zayn pinches the bridge of his nose. "I didn't mean to yell at you."
"I-I" I sniffle through my tears. "I don't know why I'm crying." 
Zayn moves closer to me and wipes my tears.
"Shh, don't cry." He soothes me and gives me a hug. "It's ok, it's ok."
"I-I don't know what to do. I'm sorry." I hug him back. "Please help."
After a moment of silence, Zayn starts to talk. "I won't tell Harry ok? But you know this is wrong right? He might find out and it would kill him that you lied to him. He trusts you. He cares about you so much!"
"I know, I know. Do you think I should tell him?"
Zayn takes a deep breath. "Personally, I think you should, before it's too late. But it's up to you."
I groan. "I can't tell him, he'll get angry and..." I trail off.
"Just do what you think is right. But don't let me get between this ok? Harry is like my brother, we tell each other anything. He can't find out that I know." Zayn sighs and runs his hand through his hair.
I nod and wipe my tears away. "I'm so sorry Zayn, I just needed to tell someone. Thank you so much for understanding."
Zayn chuckles and gives me another hug. "It's ok babe. Now wipe your tears and let's head back inside before you get too cold."
I nod and make my way back inside, following behind. Talking to Zayn had made me feel so much better. Even though I feel bad now that he has to hide this from Zayn, I'm glad he understands how I feel.



- Harry -

                                    "Have you see Chloe?" I ask Louis as we stand in the meet and greet room. After taking several photos with the fans, I went back to the dressing room to find Chloe, but she wasn't there.
"No, sorry curly." Louis replies before going back to signing a girl's shoe.
"OH MY GOD! IS CHLOE MARTINEZ HERE?!" Another girl shrieks when she hears us.
I jump in shock before laughing and nodding. "Yeah, but she seems to have gone somewhere. I'm trying to find her."
"OH MY GOD!" She shrieks again. "When you see her, can you tell her that I love her and that she's beautiful?"
"Can you please give her this letter?" Another girl asks, handing me a folded sheet of paper.
I look at her in shock and surprise before giving her a big hug.
"Thank you." I whisper in her ear and I hear a little giggle. "I will give this to her once I see her."
I put the piece of paper in my pocket and let out a chuckle before thanking the girls again.
 I take another photo with them before exiting the room.

As I walk into the hallway, Chloe is making her way towards me.
"Hey!" I say and kiss her on the cheek. "You ok?"
She smiles. "Yeah, course I am. How's the meet and greet going?"
I shrug. "It's pretty good, the girls want to meet you, are you up for it?"
She wraps her arms around my neck and takes a deep breath before groaning. "Can I stay in the dressing room? I'm sorry, but I'm kinda tired."
She nuzzles her head into my neck and I chuckle. "Of course it's ok babe, just have a rest, I'll talk to you later."
"Ok" She breathes before kissing me on the lips. She runs her fingers through my hair and I kiss her back passionately before she pulls away.
"I gotta go." I whisper and she groans.
"We'll have time tonight." I grin at her. "We're staying at a hotel for the night. I made sure of that."
She giggles and gives me another peck on the lips before I reluctantly head back into the meet and greet room.


        "We're One Direction! Thank you for coming! Have a good night and drive safe!" I shout into the microphone and I wave at the screaming crowd once again before the boys and I bow and run off stage.
Once we're backstage, my veins are still rushing with excitement as I'm jumping around. I can still hear the fans screaming outside.
"Woo!" I cheer and put my arm around Niall as we make our way back to the dressing room. "That was great wasn't it Nialler!" 
He laughs. "Did you see the girl with the sign saying show me your penis harry?" He bursts into fits of laughter and Liam rolls his eyes.
"You're so immature." He chuckles and I see Chloe asleep on the couch.
"She looks so cute when she's asleep." I admire her and Louis pretends to choke.
"Shut up boo bear." I roll my eyes. "Zayn man, what did you think of the show?"
He looked over at me. "Huh? Uh yeah it was wicked." 
I frown in confusion. Why is he being so weird? Since the start of the show, he's been acting rather odd.

"Come on boys! We have to get in the tour bus, it's driving us to the hotel!" Liam calls out to us.
"Argh, ok Payno, you have to chill out sometimes." Louis shouts back and Niall laughs, as usual.
I pick Chloe up, who's fast asleep. I couldn't bring myself to wake her up. She just looked so peaceful.

     The drive to the hotel is pretty quick. I go onto twitter and look at the photo that Chloe posted of me. I laugh before I post something on my profile.

@Harry_Styles: Thank you San Jose! That was incredible. Hopefully we'll see you again. xx

     When we arrive at the hotel, I wake Chloe up.
"Chloe" I whisper and tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.
"Mm" She moans and slowly opens her eyes.
"We're at the hotel." I say softly and she yawns before stretching.
"I'm tired." She mutters and I chuckle.
"Well, you can get plenty of sleep when we get inside the hotel." I smile and she nods.

    The boys, Chloe and I make our way out of the tour bus and our fans are waiting for us. We are pushed through them by our minders and it is dark outside so we don't stop to take photos. Once we are checked in onto the top floor, the boys all say goodnight and pile into their rooms. Zayn and Louis, Niall and Liam and Chloe and I.

     "You guys always get the best suites." Chloe says when we open the door. There's a living room with a hug plasma screen TV with a kitchen next to it. A double door leads to the bedroom with a bathroom connected to it.
She runs to the huge window in the living room and takes a look at the view.
I chuckle and jump onto the bed in the bedroom. "Come on, come to bed!" I call out.
Seconds later, Chloe runs into the bedroom, jumping onto the bed to join me.
"I like this bed." She says happily and I chuckle.
I wrap my arms around her and she rests her head against my chest. After a while of lying there in comfortable silence, she sighs. 
"I have to get changed." She says and gets up. "We can't sleep like this."
I laugh at her. "You're such a prude!"
She sighs. "Where are our clothes?"
"Oh I think they're in the tour bus. They must've forgotten to bring them up."
She groans. "Great." She mutters and I laugh at her yet again.
"Come on, you don't need clothes when you can be naked."
"Shut up." She throws a pillow at me and pretends to act mad.
I take my shirt and jeans off and she looks at me weirdly. 
"What are you doing?" She asks me.
"I sleep in my underwear." I chuckle and I smirk when I see her looking at my body.
"It makes me feel free. You can do the same." I wink at her and her face turns bright red.
"Stop!" She blushes.
"Oh come on." I roll my eyes playfully. "It's not like I haven't see it before."
I think back to the night when we nearly had sex due to Chloe's drunken state.
She huffs. "It's alright, I can sleep like this." She gets in bed and I chuckle.
"Oh come on," I tease her. "Don't be so grumpy, I was just teasing." I hand her my black t-shirt and she looks at me in confusion.
"To wear, silly." I laugh and her face lightens up.
"Oh, right" She replies and gets up to walk to the bathroom.
"You can get changed here." I call out and I hear her let out a laugh.
"Go on and dream Styles!" She calls back to me and I hear the bathroom door slam.

When she comes out, her blonde hair is tied up in a high messy bun and my t-shirt is on, reaching the middle of her thighs. She looks so sexy.
I'm lying on the bed, with the duvet on. When I see her, I let out a smile and she blushes.
"Come to bed." I pat the spot next to me.
She slides in next to me and I wrap my arms around her. I look down to see her eyes closed already.
"You tired?" I ask her quietly and she lets out a sigh.
"Yeah," She whispers.
I chuckle and turn off the lamp on the bedside table.
"Night baby" I kiss her on the forehead.
"Night" She mumbles back tiredly. As I slowly drift off to sleep, I'm pretty sure I hear her mumble the words "I love you." 



- Chloe -

                                       I open my eyes to see that Harry isn't in bed. I rub my eyes and yawn before looking at the clock. It reads 9:15am. I look out the window to see that it is raining. The weather looks so gloomy and I'm feeling a bit cold. Still wearing Harry's t-shirt which smells exactly like him, I make my way out to the kitchen of our hotel suite. Harry is setting breakfast up on the kitchen bench. He's wearing black jeans with a black t-shirt and brown leather jacket with brown boots on his feet. I'm guessing he got some clothes from the tour bus.

When he hears he, he looks up.
"Morning!" He smiles at me. "I went out to get some breakfast and coffee. I hope you don't mind."
I smile and shake my head. "Not at all," I reply before adding quietly "You look really good."
He chuckles and pours some apple juice into a glass.
"And you do too." He shows his dimples. "I love how my t-shirt looks on you, you should keep it."
I blush and make my way towards him and wrap my arms around his waist from behind.
"Oh, and I got you some of your clothes from the tour bus." He adds and gestures at the bag on the couch.
"Thanks babe." I reply and he turns around to kiss me on the lips. 

     We take a seat and I realise how hungry I am once I take a bite into my bagel. 
Harry chuckles before talking. "So, what are our plans for today?"
I shrug. "It's raining outside, which sucks. When are we leaving?"
"I had a chat to the other boys and Liam said we have to be back at the tour bus by tomorrow morning, we're leaving at 6am."
"What are the other's doing?"
"They're all pretty tired so they're just going to stay in their suites." He tells me. "I was thinking maybe we could spend all day watching movies and maybe order some pizza for dinner?"
I laugh and take another bit of my bagel. "So you want a lazy day?"
He nods excitedly. 
"Well then it sounds like a plan." I agree. "But can we order room service?"
Harry throws his head back in laughter. "Of course, anything to make you happy."

     After breakfast, Harry has a shower and gets changed into grey trackies with nothing over this chest. I scroll through the TV guide to see what movies we can watch.
"Anything good on?" Harry says before joining me on the couch.
"Marley and Me?" I suggest and Harry groans.
"Please" I whine and make a puppy dog face at him.
He sighs dramatically and reluctantly agrees. "Only if you play with my hair." He says and I laugh. 
"Deal." I reply and Harry rests his head on my lap. I start the movie and sit back and relax, while massaging Harry's head and for the first time in these few days, I forget about the contract.



Hey guys, sorry for the late update, but I've just been struggling to upload the photos and it's been really annoying. Please deal with this haha, I promise I'll get the photos working as soon as I can. Please continue liking and commenting. Ily all xxx



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