6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


10. Girlfriend

- Chloe -

                             "Harry!" I groan as I try to roll over. "You're squishing me! Get off!"
He moans and I roll his heavy arms off me and sit up and rub my eyes. I look at the clock to see that it was 8:30am. I sigh sleepily and look over at Harry who's eyes are still closed. He looks so good even when he's sleeping. How is that even possible?
I hear a knock on our door before a voice.
"It's time to get up guys! Harry, we have an interview in an hour and a bit." It's definitely Liam's voice.
"I'll get him up Liam! Don't worry!" I call back and I hear him laugh.
When he leaves, I nudge Harry. "Get up!" I shake him and he groans before putting a pillow over his head.
"Mmm" He mumbles and I giggle.
"Get up Harry! You have 20 minutes till the interview and you're gonna be late!" I decide to tease him.
He immediately jumps out of bed. "What?" He shouts in his raspy morning voice.
I burst out laughing and he throws a pillow at me. "I'm joking!" I say between breaths of laughter. "I'm joking! You have an hour and a bit."
He huffs. "I'm so going to get  you back for this." He mutters before slamming the bathroom door behind him.
I continue laughing for the next ten minutes until he comes out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel.
"Still find it funny?" He chuckles and I look up at him. I quickly look away and he chuckles even more.
"So what's happening today?" I ask him as he grabs his clothes from his suitcase.
"Well the lads and I have a radio interview this morning and then some free time till five this afternoon when he have soundcheck and then another concert."
I nod. "Cool, I might spend some time chilling here for a bit before exploring."
"Uh" He scratches his head. "Actually... Barbara told me you had to come... I mean..."
"Oh!" I cut him off. "Then I'll come. It's fine." I smile at him as he slips his black jeans on.
"But we should go exploring after the interview!" He suggests. 
I nod in agreement. "Sounds great." I smile.
I quickly grab my clothes and run to the bathroom to get changed into some black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket. I quickly brush my teeth, brush my hair and apply my makeup on before heading into the bedroom again. I put my green beanie on to hide my messy hair.

I look over at Harry and I start thinking about us. Are we in a real relationship? All I want to do is talk to him about this and even though I tried last night, he kept pushing the problem away.
I take a deep breath and decide to ask again.
"Harry?" I ask.
He's sitting on the bed with a white t-shirt and a brown jacket on while he's scrolling through his twitter newsfeed on his phone.
"Yeah?" He looks up.
"Are we going to... uh..." I hesitate. "You know, talk about... us?"
He sighs and runs his hands through his hair. "Not now babe, please. Can we do this later?"
"Not now Chloe, please" He stops me.
"When are we going to talk about this then Harry?" I suddenly snap, putting my hands on my hips. "Because, you've already put it off yesterday when I asked you twice. You said that we could talk last night, and now you're saying later again?"
"It's not a big deal Chloe, I just don't want to deal with it now." He shrugs.

It is a big deal.

"How is it not a big deal? I kissed you on the plane yesterday and then we were acting like a real couple and now you're saying it's not a big deal? Do you do this with every girl?"
Harry gets off the bed and makes his way to where I'm standing. "No! It's not!" He replies. "I just don't want to talk about it ok?"
"Then what are we going to do about this?" I wave my hands around. "What are we going to do about us?"
He tugs at his hair. "Fuck Chloe!" He blurts out. "Why do you have to make this so complicated!"

Well, that escalated quickly.

"Me?" I shout. "You're the one who won't talk about it which is making things more complicated than it is!"
There's a knock on the door. 
"Is everything alright guys?" Louis says from outside. "We're leaving in five minutes."
I look at Harry and he replies. "It's fine Lou, we'll be out soon."
"Ok, sure" Louis says and I can hear his footsteps walking away.

"Look Chloe, you have to calm down, let's just go to the interview and deal with everything later." He says quietly.
"No Harry! You keep saying later whenever I ask you this exact question. I know I'm acting as your girlfriend, but after yesterday's moment on the plane, I thought I was your real girlfriend too. I thought-" 
"You think you're my girlfriend?" He asks me quietly, his eyes widening.

Shit. He probably thinks I'm crazy for thinking this.

But it's true right? We kissed on the plane and it felt so magical. And we acted like a real couple backstage and stuff. Did he not feel it too? Was I just being too naive?

"Um" I stammer, my face turning bright red. "No, I-I didn't m-mean that." I turn away and storm out of the bedroom, leaving Harry standing there. 

What was I thinking? If Harry Styles didn't do girlfriends, why did I think I was different? Like I was special or something. 

"Everything ok?" Louis asks me with a concerned expression. 
I walk past him. "Just fine" I reply bluntly. "I'll see you all outside." I say and storm out the door. 

I really just can't deal with Harry right now.


- Harry -

She thinks she my girlfriend.

That's all I can think about. I've never really had a girlfriend before. Other than high school and all that shit, but Chloe was different. I've been on a few dates with a few other girls, but never had a girlfriend. I usually just sleep around. I've just never felt that way towards someone.

But after the kiss with Chloe yesterday, I did feel that way. The whole day, we were acting like a couple, weren't we? She was different.
She did overreact on the whole 'we need to talk thing' though. And I know she would think that I think that she's crazy for thinking I'm her boyfriend.
As she storms off, all I want to do is pull her back and hug her, tell her that she's right and that I want to be with her. But I find myself just standing there like a fucking tree.

I hear the front door of the hotel suite slam and I walk out to the living room to find Louis looking shocked, and the boys behind him looking at me with a confused expression.
"What the fuck happened mate?" Niall asks, eating out of a cereal box.
"Just some drama with Chloe." I roll my eyes.
"What did you do Styles?" Liam asks me almost immediately.
"What do you think that it was me?" I whine and the lads all raise their eyebrows at me.
"She thinks she's my girlfriend." I blurt out.
"She is though isn't she? Like, that's what she was hired to be!" Zayn teases me, to try and lighten the mood.
I roll my eyes. "No, she think's I'm her real boyfriend."
I look at Louis who doesn't look surprised.
"I thought you were too..." Louis says to me. "After... you know... yesterday."
I groan. "I know! But I was just so shocked when she said it. You lads know I've never really been in a proper relationship!"
"Mate, you're so stupid." Liam joins in. "This girl obviously really likes you and you're just pushing her away."
The other boys nod their heads in agreement. 
"But-" I try to find an excuse but I don't have any.

The truth is, I just don't know what to do. I haven't been in this position before and I'm scared to start something with Chloe. What if I get hurt? Then I would just start from the beginning again and build my walls up all over again.

"Mate, she won't hurt you." Louis says quietly so only I can hear him. How did he read my mind?
I sigh. "What if she does?"
He shrugs. "You have to take risks to learn and grow up."
"I-I" I stammer, finding myself not being able to say anything.
"Come on lads! We have to get going!" Liam says as he looks at his watch. "Let's continue this conversation later."
We all pile out the door and make our way downstairs, where hundred of fans are already waiting outside. As we head towards the black van, I wave at all the screaming girls, trying to look as happy as I could.
"Where's Chloe?" I ask Louis who's in front of me and he shrugs.

We quickly get in the van before being mobbed by all the fans and I see Chloe sitting at the back next to the window.
I sigh and sit next to her. She quickly looks away from me and puts her headphones in. I don't know what to say so I just leave her alone, chiming in on Zayn and Niall's conversation about lyric changes in our shows.
The van pulls up at the radio station and I can already hear screaming from the outside of the vehicle.
"Alright lads! Let's do this!" Zayn claps his hands and we all get out. I feel Chloe grab my hand and I spin around in surprise.
"It's showtime" She mutters and I feel my heart sink.
After everything that's happened since yesterday, I'd forgotten that we still had to act like a couple. I can't believe it's only been a day since all the drama.
I smile. "Of course." I reply and pull her close to me. 
Before the lads and I head in, we chat to a few fans before entering the radio station.
"Hello!" A male's voice booms as he makes his way towards us. "Nice to meet you boys!" He shakes all of the lads and my hand before kissing Chloe on the cheek
"I'm Ryan Seacrest." He grins. "It's great you guys can finally stop by."
The boys all introduce themselves and Chloe does the same.
"It's nice to be here" I smile back and we are led to a huge room with radio equipment everywhere. 
"We have a few competition winners here who want to meet you, if that's ok with you guys." Ryan tells us and we nod.
"That's absolutely fine." Liam answers for us and he leads us to the four girls standing in the corner. 
When they see us, their mouths all drop. I chuckle and look down at Chloe who is avoiding eye contact with me. I look down at our hands to see they are still intertwined.
"Hello" Zayn smiles at the girls. "Nice to meet you guys, what are your names?"
The girls look about sixteen. There was two with blonde hair, one with brown and one with black. They were all pretty short except for the one with black hair. She was nearly Niall's height.
"I'm Hayley and this is my sister Brit" One of the blonde one says.
"I'm Lauren." The brunette says and the black haired girl just stares at us in amazement.
"How about you babe?" Niall asks.
"I-I'm Stacey." She stammers and blushes.
I laugh and let go of Chloe's hand before I give them all a hug. "Are you guys alright?"
They all giggle and nod. The lads and I ask them a few questions and we start chatting to them.
"So have you seen the movie yet?" I ask and they all nod excitedly.
"It was the best movie ever!" Stacey says immediately and I laugh.
"I'm glad you think so Stacey!" Louis replies.
They take photos with us and give us a list of twitter usernames to follow. I look back to see Chloe chatting with one of the blondes, I think her name was Brit. She's laughing and chatting like she's used to all this. She really is great at meeting fans and talking to them.

Finally, after the girls ask us a few questions and give us our gifts, we are called to start the interview. 
"Wait!" The brunette calls out and we all spin around.
She blushes. "Can I please get a photo of you and Chloe?" She asks me. "I think you guys are so cute together."
I can hear Louis laugh at me and I nudge him in the stomach.
I look at Chloe who doesn't say anything. "Sure!" I smile and walk over to her.
The girl grabs her phone out and I move closer to Chloe and grab her hand, putting on a smile. She does the same and the brunette takes the photo (pic underneath)

Once the photo is taken, Chloe immediately lets go of my hand. We wave goodbye to the fans and they leave the room before the boys and I make our way to the interview room.
Chloe turns the other way to wait outside outside the radio room and I grab her hand. 
"Wait!" I call after her. "Chloe!"
"Come on Haz, we're on air in two minutes." Liam says to me. 
I wave my arms at him. "Just give me a sec Payno."
He groans and shakes his head and I walk over to Chloe.
"What?" She asks, icily.
"Can we just talk about just now?" I ask her.
"Oh so now you want to talk about us?" She asks and shakes her head. "No Harry, you have an interview to do."
"Chloe please, I just-"
"Stop Harry!" She cuts me off. "Just go, not now!"
"Seriously Harry, the boys are waiting." She says before walking off. I groan and run to catch up with Louis and the others.
"Everything ok Haz?" Louis asks me as we take a seat at the radio, putting our headphones on.
"She's mad at me."
"Well, she has a right to be." Louis mutters to himself and I glare at him.
"Sorry mate, sorry." He holds his hand up and apologises.
"Ok boys!" Ryan says to us. "We'll have two on this microphone, two on this microphone and one on this one."
Louis and I share a microphone as he tries to cheer me up. 
"Come on mate!" He whispers in my ear. "Think about how much hair gel Ryan is wearing!"
I chuckle a little and he pats me on on the back. I look out at the glass window of the room to see Chloe sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.
"And we're on!" Ryan signals us. "Hello everyone! I'm Ryan Seacrest and today, I'm here with the one and only One Direction!"
"Hello!" We all say at the same time. 
"It's nice to be here!" Niall says.
"Harry, are you alright there?" Ryan asks me and I turn to face him.
"Huh?" I ask and the boys laugh. "Uh... yeah I'm fine."
"You seem pretty distracted there." Ryan laughs.
"No, I'm fine." I force a smile and he moves on.
"Ok, so boys! I have a few questions here from your supposedly most hardcore fans. Would you mind answering a few?"
"Yeah, not at all!" Liam answers.
"Ok, so this is from Anna from Texas and it's for Harry. Tell us a bit about your new relationship with a certain girl."
My eyes widen.

This is the worst question to be asked at this moment in time.

"Uh," I stammer and look at Louis for help.
He doesn't do anything except nod in encouragement. "Yeah Harry, tell us a bit about Chloe."
I kick his leg in anger and he winces and laughs at the same time. I look out to the waiting room to see Chloe looking straight up at me in shock. She can definitely hear the interview through the speakers.
"Harry?" Zayn says to get my attention.
"Uh yeah" I cough. "Well, her name is Chloe as you all probably know and we met at a Starbucks cafe in London and I guess it just went from there..."
"Great story! Great story!" Louis claps and the boys laugh.
"So what do you like the most about her?" Ryan asks me.

Can this interview get any worse?

"Well" I hesitate. "She's just nice I guess."
"Aw come on Haz! You don't have to be embarrassed!" Louis grins at me.

I'm going to kill that guy!

"Well," I take a deep breath. "I like the way I am when I'm with her. The way she makes me feel. We can always joke around and I love that little loud laugh of hers. Not to mention, she's incredibly beautiful and I love the way she flips her hair. And the fact that she loves talking to the fans and doesn't care what people think of her. She's an amazing and kind person with a huge heart, even if she can be stubborn at times." I chuckle to myself. "But I love spending time with her and just being with her really. She..." I trail off when I realise that I'm rambling about how much I like a girl live on air. Shit.
I immediately turn red and look at Louis for support. He, along with the other boys are looking at me with a shocked expression but Ryan doesn't look surprised.
That's right, he along with everyone else in the world, think we're a real couple.
"Wow Harry!" He exclaims. "That's really deep man."
I suddenly remember that Chloe is listening to our whole interview and I spin around to look out the window to see that she had disappeared.
"Where did she go?" I whisper to Louis as Ryan asks Niall what the craziest thing a fan has ever done to him.
Louis shrugs and I sigh. I basically just expressed everything I liked about her live on the radio and she just walked away.
Zayn sees my disappointed reaction and pats me on the shoulder. I spend the rest of the interview being quiet while the other boys answer most of the questions. I occasionally look towards the window to see if Chloe has returned but she's still gone. 

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Ryan wraps up the interview.
"It was great having you guys!" He exclaims in his american accent. "Well thank you for joining us. One Direction everyone!!! And here's their newest song from their movie This is Is, Best Song Ever!"
The music starts playing and the boys and take our headphones off. 
"Thanks man! That was great!" Ryan shakes all our hands and says goodbye before walking off to get ready for his next interview.
Chloe has suddenly appeared and she gets up, waiting to join us.
"So Harry, you gonna make up with Chloe?" Zayn looks at me as we pile towards the door. 
I shrug. "Believe me, I'm going to try. Can you guys do me a favour?"
They nod and I tell them to pretend to be busy in our free time so I can hang out with Chloe before she decides to ignore me.
"You better make things right man." Louis nudges me. "We like the way you are with her." 
The other boys nod and I chuckle.
"I just hope I haven't screwed it up." I mutter to myself before we make our way out to the waiting room.



- Chloe -

                              I run outside to get some air. I can't believe what Harry just said in there. He literally just expressed live on air everything he loved about me. Ryan Seacrest didn't seem surprised about it since he and everyone thinks that we're a real couple, but a part of me questioned if Harry meant everything he said in there. If he didn't, it would just make things worse after I said I thought I was his girlfriend. But seriously, we acting like every other couple would, why is he making everything so fucking complicated!

As I pace back and forth to think about things, a girl comes up to me.
"Hi!" She says excitedly. "Sorry to bother you, but are you Chloe Martinez?"
"Uh, no sorry." I lie, not being able to deal with fans right now. "I'm not her."
"Oh" Her face drops. "Ok, never mind. Sorry for that. She's prettier anyways." She quickly walks away.
I stare at her for a moment as she walks away before I decide that it's time for me to head back into the building. When I get to the room that I was sitting in before, the boys are just about to finish their interview.
"Well thank you for joining us." Ryan concludes. "One Direction everyone!!! And here's their newest song from their movie This is Is, Best Song Ever!"
The boys get out of their seats and say thank you to Ryan before laughing at something he says. 

Before they come out, Harry whispers something to all the boys and they all nod and they say something to each other before coming out of the room and Harry following them out shortly.
"What did you think of the interview Chloe?" Louis winks at me and I know what he's trying to say.
I roll my eyes. "Yeah, I really liked the part when you talked about the tour."
Niall and Zayn laugh and Liam joins in. "Ok guys, we have some free time until we have to meet at the arena at 4pm. So, any plans?"
Harry looks at me and I quickly look away.
"Ok, well Louis and I are off to explore." Niall says quickly and Louis nods.
"See you guys later!" He waves and they both hurry off.
I look at Zayn and Liam, secretly hoping that I could tag along with them.
"Uh" Zayn coughs. "I'm going to go see Perrie. She's in LA at the moment with Little Mix so I'll catch you guys later." He smiles before leaving.
Now, there's three of us left.
"Liam?" I ask. "Can I hang with you?" 
He looks back at me and then Harry and then me and then Harry again. "Um..." He hesitates. "I'm kinda busy. Sorry Chloe, I have plans. See you two later." He quickly scurries off and I'm left alone with Harry.

"Chloe," He starts, looking down at me.
I sigh. "I'm gonna go back to the hotel." I say and turn away when he grabs my arm.
"What Harry?" I say loudly, and the people from the radio station turn to stare at us.
"Sorry" I say quietly to them and they walk off.
"Look Chloe" He says softly. "I know you heard what I said on the radio just now."
I look down and he takes my hand. "You didn't let me finish just now back at the hotel."
I look at him. "Well then finish Harry, what did you want to say?"
"I-I" He stops.
"I'm out of here." I roll my eyes and try to walk away.
"Wait!" He pulls me back before blurting out. "I-I want you to be my girlfriend."
My eyes widen as I spin around to meet his gaze.
He takes a deep breath before continuing. "I want to be with you." He says quietly. "It's just, I-I'm..." He pauses. "I'm scared ok? I've never really felt this way about someone before and you're the first..." He trails off and this time, he's the one looking embarrassed.
I tilt his chin up so he's looking at me. "Harry Styles has never fell for a girl?" I suddenly giggle and he rolls his eyes.
I clear my throat. "Sorry, sorry. I just didn't think this would happen... especially to me."
"Well it did ok?" He snaps and I raise my eyebrows.
"Sorry" He runs his hands through his hair. "It' just... I don't know" He groans. "I'm so shit at expressing my feelings." He covers his face with his hands.
I pull his hands down so I can see his face. "It's fine Harry" I smile. "It's fine."
"But what if you hurt-"
I cut him off. "Harry, I won't hurt you ok? You really have to stop being so paranoid."
He lets out a little laugh before his face turns serious again. "It's just, I've been-"
I interrupt him again. "I know Harry, I know. But this is different. I won't hurt you, I promise."
"Please don't" He whispers and I just want to pull him into a hug to comfort him.
I can see it in his eyes. I can see that he's trying his best to let me in. There's still so much I don't know about Harry and I would never hurt him.

I never knew that Harry Styles had so much hurt in him. I used to always think he just took advantage of everyone but now that I've gotten to know him better, I understand why he's the way he is. Cameras shoved in his face nearly every minute of the day, people using him for his fame, fans judging every single thing he does. 
I just want him to know that I'll be there for him.
"Harry, I don't know how many times I can say this, I won't ever hurt you, ok?" I wrap my arms around his neck.
He nods and I give me a big hug.
"You know I feel the same way about you." I say softly after we pull apart.
His face immediately lightens up. "I thought you wouldn't after our argument this morning." He says. "So... I guess we're a couple now?"
I chuckle. "Well, we kinda were already, the whole world thinks we are, remember?"
He rolls his eyes. "No stupid, I meant a real one... not that people will see the difference."
I nod. "I guess we are." I whisper and lean up and gently kiss him on the lips.
"Wait" He says when I pull away.
"What's wrong now?" I sigh.
"What about the contract?"
"It's only five more months Harry." 
"I know, I know. But what if it comes between us?"
"We'll just have to try and make it work." 
"Can you stop thinking about the negatives?" I whine and he chuckles.
"Fine" He says before pecking me on the lips. "Now can we get out of this radio station? It kinda smells like hospital."
I laugh and grab his hand. "Sure, I'm starving anyways."




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