6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


8. Feelings

- Harry -

                                   What was I thinking? Denying everything I said this morning. She obviously heard me loud and clear through the phone. Stupid Niall! Stupid Irish! He just had to accidentally call her so she could hear me admit all my feelings towards her.
If I admitted my feelings when she told me about it, I would look like a complete fool because she wouldn't feel the same way. So I had to brush it off.

"I didn't say that." I reply.
"W-what?" She splutter. "I heard you loud and clearly."
"Well you heard wrong." I answer bluntly.
Great, now she probably thinks that I'm more of a dick.
"B-but..." She starts and I quickly interrupt her.
"I didn't say anything." I snap. "Not everything's about you Chloe, so can we just stop talking about it?"
I grab the remote and quikly focus on the TV again. I can't look her in the eyes otherwise I admit everything to her, and I didn't feel like being rejected.
I hear her bedroom door slam and when I look up again, she's gone. 
I sigh to myself and take my phone out.


To: Louis- 7:13pm
From: Harry
How's the after party? I need a hug. :(

He doesn't reply so I put my phone away again. He's probably having too much fun with Eleanor and the other boys. I wish I could be there with them to forget about my whole dilemma. I wish Barbara could stop being such a cow so I can do whatever I want.
I do have to admit though, the press about me is starting to get better. The other day, there was an article online saying that I showered Chloe with gifts and how I was one of the best famous boyfriends. Too bad that it was all set up and that I'm not really like that in real life.

I decide to finally get up and go see Chloe. I wonder what she's doing? 
I get off the couch and head over to her room before knocking on the door.
She doesn't answer so I slowly open it.
"Chloe?" I whisper. I see her lying on her bed facing away from me.
"Chloe?" I whisper again, this time, a little bit louder.
"What Harry?" She mumbles and sniffles. She sounds like she's been... has she been crying? Shit. What am I meant to do?
"Uh" I think of what to say. I was never good at comforting people. "Just making sure you've packed."
She suddenly sits up and glares at me. "Get the fuck out!" She snaps.
I sigh and run my hands through my hair. "I-I" I stutter.
"I mean it Haz, go away." She argues.
Before I can think, I find myself saying "No." I sit on the bed and she sighs but ignores me and goes on her phone.
"Are you ok?" I ask awkwardly and rub my head. 
She doesn't reply to me so I continue.
"About just now..." I start and she freezes.
"I-I" I stutter. "Never mind." I finally mumble and stand up before exiting the room.

What a wimp! I think to myself as I close the door behind me. Why can't I just tell her that I like her? I take a deep breath. You have got to do this Harry, I think to myself. Don't be a wimp and just do it! Otherwise, your friendship will disappear as well. Listen to Louis. He's the oldest one, he's meant to be right, isn't he?

I open the door once again and Chloe turns around. "I thought I told you to-"
I interrupt her. "Let me talk." I pause before adding. "Please."
She sighs. "I want to go to bed."
"Please" I plead, looking into her eyes.
She groans. "2 minutes. That's it."
I take a deep breath. "About this morning, everything you heard was right. I said what I said to the boys before the premiere. I do have feelings for you and I've been so scared to admit it to you and even the lads because I don't want to ruin our new friendship." I pause. "I know you probably think that I'm a jerk for everything I've said today but the truth is I'm just scared. I know this is your whole job and all and I don't want to fall for you if you're just acting nice because of this stupid contract. I'm so sick of being hurt and left behind that it's how I protect myself. I'm scared that you'll just walk away when the six months are over. 

Look, I'm sorry again for being a dick but I just thought that if I could ignore you, the feelings would be pushed away. I do that a lot, I push people away to protect myself. I know it's a problem and I'm rambling aren't I?"
A small laugh escapes her lips as she nods.
I sigh. "I'm sorry, I do that when I get nervous." I sit next to her on the bed.
"I-I don't know what to say." Chloe admits.
I frown. "What do you mean you don't know? I just rambled on and on about how much I liked you and you don't know what to say?" I feel my voice getting louder and louder.
She gets up from her bed. "Well you don't expect me to like you do you? After being such a dick to me all day you think I can just tell you that I have feelings for you too after your huge speech?" She snaps.
I get off the bed too. Why is she being so difficult? I just told her I liked her and that I didn't want to ruin the friendship and now she's getting mad?
"What is your problem?" I shout at her. "Did you hear anything I said?"
I tug at my hair. This girl is so fucking difficult to deal with! Why do I even like her? She may be sweet and have long blonde, beautiful hair and a beautiful laugh and long legs and a fit body but damn she's so annoying.
"What is my problem?" She yells. "My problem is that you act like a jerk for the whole day then when I try to talk to you about what I heard, you deny it! Then, you come in here and give me a whole fucking speech about how much you like me and that you're scared I'll hurt you! And when I don't know what to say, you snap at me!"
"Well maybe because I expected a response after pouring my feelings to you!" I yell back.
"What do you want me to say Harry?" She shouts. "That I like you? That I have feelings for you as well?" She continues. "Because even if I do, I know you'll just end up hurting me before I hurt you! Guess what? You're not the only one who's scared, I'm scared too! It doesn't even matter if I like you! You'll find a hotter model next week!"


- Chloe -

                                       What the hell did I just say to Harry? I was so angry I didn't even know I was shouting at him. I just told him that basically I had feelings for him too and I may as well have called him a man slut after what I just threw at him.
Well it's true. Everything I just told him was true. I was mad that he was acting like a jerk all day before spilling everything out to me and expecting me to feel the same way. He's so selfish! Even though he's attractive and funny and sweet at times.

"Because even if I do, I know you'll just end up hurting me before I hurt you! Guess what? You're not the only one who's scared, I'm scared too! It doesn't even matter if I like you! You'll find a hotter model next week!"
I pause after realising what I had said and my eyes widen. 
He stares at me in pure shock. 
"Why are we even arguing about this!" I groan and shake my head. I make my way outside my room to get away from Harry when he pulls me back.
"You like me?" He asks quietly, his eyes softening.
I groan again. "That doesn't matter Harry, now let me go." 
He shakes his head and pulls me closer to him.
"Seriously Harry!" I plead. "I need to pack for tomorrow, don't you remember?"
"You have plenty of time." He says, keeping his eyes on me.
I try to pull away again but he doesn't let go. Instead he pulls me closer and I give up on trying to break free. Our faces are inches away and Harry's about to... he's about to kiss me.
He slowly leans in closer and closer until I can literally feel his minty breath. I freeze there, not wanting to close the gap, but also not wanting to pull away.
As he's about to close the gap, his phone rings from his pocket, ruining the moment.
"Shit" He mutters pulling his phone out. "Uh" He says as he checks the caller ID. "I gotta take this."
I nod and he walks out of the room, leaving me frozen there. I nearly kissed Harry after our huge argument and then it was interrupted. I'm not even sure what I'm feeling anymore. He just admitted he had feelings for me and I basically did the same thing. So now that we've both admitted we liked each other, what's going to happen?

I shake out of my thoughts and grab my suitcase. I stuff nearly all of my clothes in the suitcase. Since I didn't have much money before this job, I don't really have many clothes. And I never really had time to go shopping after my first pay check.

"Uh" I hear a cough by the door.
I look up and Harry is looking at me pack.
"Why are you staring at me like that?" I ask, trying to hide the smile forming from the corner of my lips.
He chuckles. "Just looking, and you might want to leave that hideous sweater here." He points at my bright green woollen jumper.
"Hey!" I say dramatically. "My grandma made it for me!"
He throws his head back in laughter and I smile at how beautiful he looks.
I guess things are back to normal then? Harry is back to joking and teasing me and I'm not going to bring up just now to ruin the moment. 
"I'm going to bed." Harry says to me. "I'll sleep on the couch."
"Really?" I ask, looking at my clock. "It's only 8:30?"
He shrugs. "I'm pretty knackered. I'll see you in the morning."
I smile. "Ok, goodnight." 
Harry makes his way to me and gives me a hug. I hug him back awkwardly and his lips gently brush my cheek. I quickly pull away and I look down to hide the redness in my face. Well, this is just plain awkward.

"Night Chloe" He says before leaving the room.
I sigh and crash onto my bed. What is happening and what is going on with Harry and me now? Sure I think I may be starting to fall for him but I just know that this contract will get in the way and I still have 5 months to go. I might not even see him when the contract ends, unless I renew it... which I don't think I will.

Argh! Why is this so confusing? Why can't things just be easy for us?

I quickly finish packing and change into my pyjamas before getting in bed. I decide to tweet something since I haven't tweeted in a while, except for tweets that management had posted.

@ChloeMartinez: Sometimes, things are so confusing... hmmm...

I put my phone away and slowly drift off to sleep in my bed that I won't be in for the next few months.


"Chloe!" Harry whines and nudges me. "Chloe!"
I moan and roll over. "5 more minutes" I mumble and put a pillow over my head.
He groans. "Come on! The car is picking us up in an hour."
I don't reply and he huffs.
"Don't make me pour a bucket of cold water on you." He warns me and I can sense a smug expression on his face.
I quickly jump up. "I'm up" I say and head into the bathroom to take a shower.
I hear him laugh behind me and I stick my middle finger up at him. 
"Hurry up!" He calls after me.

After my shower, I quickly change into black striped jeans with a white t-shirt and a leather jacket. I put my black sneakers on and dry my blonde hair.
"Come on Chloe!" Harry shouts from the living room. "The car will be here in a few minutes!"
"Ok ok!" I groan. "Relax! I'm nearly ready!"
I grab my bags and suitcases. I make sure I don't leave anything behind and make my way to Harry. He's wearing a white shirt with buttons and black jeans and brown boots. His hair is tucked perfectly in a dark green beanie and he's standing by the door, leaning against a wall and on his phone.
"Finally ready?" He smirks at me.
I roll my eyes. "Come on Styles, let's get going."
He chuckles and opens the door for me.

We make our way downstairs where the paps are waiting for us. Once they see us, they start snapping their camera's away. Harry takes my hands while I follow him to the car with my head down.

"Are you excited for the tour?"

"What will you do while Harry performs?"

"Harry how do you feel that your girlfriend is using your fame for her own good?"

They throw questions at us, trying to get a reaction out of us. When the third question gets asked, I feel Harry's grip tighten and see his other hand clenched into a ball.
"It's alright Haz" I whisper. "Calm down."
He immediately loosens his grip and we put my bags and suitcases in the back before getting n the car.
"Are you ok?" I ask him once we're inside the car.
He nods and looks out the window.
I sigh. "So are we meeting the boys at the airport?"
"Yeah" He replies without looking at me.
"Harry, don't be upset just because of a small comment." I put my hands on his thigh.
He pushes me away before snapping at me. "I'm fine ok? Just leave it."
I roll my eyes to decide to leave him alone.

Once we're at the airport, we're surrounded my paparazzi and fans again. Since it's only 6 in the morning, it's still dark and hard to see where we're going. 
As fans try to push their way to Harry and grab anything they can of him, security lead us outside to the plane.
"Look at the poster over there." I say to him trying to lighten his mood and point to a poster that says:


I laugh to myself and I see a little smile form on Harry's lips.  (pic underneath)

Harry doesn't bother to stop and take photos with fans since he's in a bad mood from what the paps said to him just now. We meet up with the rest of the band before quickly piling into the private jet. I look around to see a brand new looking spacious plane with large and comfortable seats. There's a huge TV on the wall and food set on a large table in the middle of everything.
Someone takes my bags away for me and as I sit down, a lady hands me a glass of champagne.
"Woah!" I sigh in disbelief and take a seat. "So you get this every time you fly out of the country?"
"It's amazing in't it?" Niall says, already stuffing food into his mouth.
Louis laughs. "Only sometimes... it's not bad isn't it?"
I nod. "Not at all!"
The boys all laugh as I pile a plate up with food on the table. I look over at Harry who is sitting by himself, staring out the window.
Zayn raises his eyebrows at me and I shrug.
"What's up with Haz?" Liam whispers to me from the seat behind me.
"I don't know" I reply. "He's been like this since this morning when a paparazzi yelled..." I trail off, knowing that I shouldn't have said that.
"What did they say?" Liam asks.
"Uh" I clear my throat. "They asked him how he felt about me using him for his fame." I look away.
"Well you are though, aren't you?" Zayn joins in and Liam glares at him.
"Sorry sorry! It was meant to be a joke jeez!" Zayn holds his hands up before leaning back in his seat and putting his headphones on.
"Paps can be fucking dicks" Liam mutters. "Harry gets really sensitive about shit like that."
I nod. "Look, I know you guys may think I'm still only doing my job... but..."
Liam interrupts me. "It's fine Chloe, we know that you're not acting anymore, except... well in public. Don't worry, the boys all love you."
I sigh. 
"Can't one of you make him feel better?" 
Liam chuckles. "Trust me, it won't work. None of us know how to."
I groan and turn away. Sometimes, it was just so hard to read Harry. He's so sweet and funny but whenever someone says one thing, it gets to him so easily. I can tell that he's struggling to handle the amount of fame he has.

We still haven't spoken about our near kiss last night. After his phone rang, it just seemed to have disappeared. Does he still even have feelings for me?

As the plane takes off, I find myself staring at Harry. His gorgeous brown hair, tucked in the beanie with the perfect amount of bits sticking out. His lips look so plumped and had the perfect colour. I wonder what it's like to have his lips on mine? To have him...
I snap out of my thoughts as Niall nudges me.
"Huh?" I ask.
He chuckles. "You were staring at Haz weren't you?"
"W-wha? No I wasn't!" I argue. "What? No!" 
He laughs. "Come on babe? I understand it's hard to resist his curly locks."
I laugh along with him. "Niall?"
"I heard your conversation yesterday morning when Harry said he had feelings for me." I admit. "You called me by accident."
Niall chuckles. "That wasn't an accident. I needed you to hear him. I knew he wouldn't tell you and I've never heard him speak about someone like that before. So I called you and I guess it worked."
My eyes widen. "What?" I'm lost for words. "But now it's just made everything so much more confusing!"
"You like him don't you?" He asks me and I slowly nod.
"And he likes you! That's all that matters. Fuck the contract! It ends in five months anyways, I'm sure you can deal with it for a few more months. Harry needs you now. He's been really down for a while and he's finding hard to manage the fame. He actually looks forward to those fake dates that Barbara sets you up with. He really does like you. He's been talking about how you make him laugh all the time." Niall waves his hands in the air.
Niall cuts me off. "Just stop over thinking everything and go make him feel better!"
I laugh at the Irish lad. "I didn't know you were good at pep talks." I tell him.
He shrugs. "I'm Irish, what can I say?"
I laugh and ruffle his hair. "Well thanks Niall" I smile and take a deep breath before standing up.
As I make my way to Harry, Niall gives me a thumbs up. I sit down and Harry's head turns to face me.
"What?" He asks sharply.
"Harry are you sure you're ok?" I ask softly.
"I'm fine!" He snaps. "Just go back and flirt with Niall and leave me alone. If you're here to  ask about your pay check, I don't fucking know, so just..."
I cut him off by crashing my lips against his. At first, he is surprised but he slowly gets into it. He brings his hands to my face and using his tongue, asks my lips for permission before I allow it. His tongue moves with mine as he kisses me passionately. His lips taste like mint and I can smell his strong cologne. I hear Niall and Louis whistle but I don't care. 
Finally, we pull away. 
"What was that for?" Harry asks, his eyes sparkling in the sunlight.
I take a deep breath. "For what you were about to do last night." 



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