6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


5. Drunk Night

- Chloe -

                            We arrive at the cabin in a few hours and the boys bring all the bags inside. 
"El!" Louis shouts and I see him make his way to a gorgeous brunette. 
He gives her a quick peck on the lips then she makes her way over to us.
"Hi, I'm Eleanor. Call me El." She smiles and gives me a hug. "You must be the girl who stole Hazza's heart."
I blush. "Hi, I'm Chloe." I reply. "And you must be Louis' other half. Nice to meet you!"
Eleanor was so lovely and sweet, I think we might be good friends. The boys all start talking about some soccer, or as they would say football, and El starts chatting to me.
"So how did you meet Harry and when did you meet him?" She asks me politely.
"I met him at a coffee shop." I smile, trying to act the best I can. "And it was over a week ago. So I don't know that much about him yet, but he seems like a great guy." I gulp, trying to stop myself from throwing up because of what I just said.
El nods. "You know, he has a hard time trusting people. You must be so special if he changed his ways just for you."
I just nod, not knowing what to do. I felt horrible having to lie to El. She just seems like such a nice girl.

  Once we make our way inside the cabin, I look around. It is a very nice and cosy looking cabin. There are photos up on the wall and I can't help but laugh when I see a few of Harry as a child.

"Ok, since there are only 3 rooms, Eleanor and Louis can share, Harry and Chloe can share, Zayn and Niall can share and I'll sleep on the couch." Liam explains to us.
I look over at Harry and he is smirking. We all make our way into our rooms and settle down.
There is a double bed on the wooden floor and a big window next to it. There is a big wooden dresser and a white rug on the floor.
"I'll sleep on the floor tonight." I suggest. "We can take turns."
He smirks. "I'm not sleeping on the floor. And there's enough room on the bed Chlo"
I roll my eyes. "I'm sure you would like it."
He jumps onto the bed and puts his hands behind his head. He sighs and closes his eyes. I don't feel like dealing with him right now so I leave the room and walk into the kitchen.

"Want to help with dinner?" A voice startles me.
"Liam" I sigh. "You scared me."
He chuckles.
"Sure" I smile. "What are we having?"
"I'm just making some pasta and salad." He replies.
I nod and start chopping up the onion and Liam starts making conversation with me.
"So where do you work?" He asks.
"Uh" I try to think of what to say. What do I tell him? That I worked at a coffee shop until a woman came up to me and asked if I wanted to be Harry Styles girlfriend? 
"I worked at a coffee shop but I quit." I end up saying and he nods.
"So how's the tour?" I decide to take the attention off me.
"It's great" He shrugs. "It's amazing seeing all the fans sing along to our songs."
I nod and he continues.
"But it's hard because I miss my families and it's hard being away from them."
"It must be" I agree and we continue chatting about our lives.

   Before I know it, we had prepared dinner and set it on the dining table. Niall comes running out. "Dinners ready!" He says excitedly. "LADS! DINNER IS READY!"
"Argh" Zayn says as he comes out of his room. "You don't need to shout Nialler." 
"Someone's obviously just had a nap." Liam mutters and chuckles. "Zayn's really grumpy when he wakes up." He says to me and I giggle.
Louis and Eleanor come out of their room and Harry joins as well. He gives me a weird look as he sees me laughing with Liam. 
"Looks delicious!" Eleanor claps her hands and we all take a seat around the dining table. I am seated next to Harry and Liam.
We all start eating and Harry hisses in my ear. "Act more like my girlfriend. They'll get suspicious."
I look at him weirdly and whisper in his ear. "I'll try but you have to put more effort into it too."
He puts his hand on my thigh making me jump. I can tell he's trying not to smirk. I pretend to whisper something funny in his ear and he chuckles and he kisses me on my neck.
"Get a room" Louis groans and Eleanor smacks his arm. 
"Don't be so rude Lou" She says. "It's cute!"
"Yeah boo bear!" Harry says. "Don't be so rude!"
Louis huffs before continue eating. I look over at Niall who is already on his second serving of pasta. 
"Your'e a great cook Chloe" He says, indulging in his food.
I laugh. "Thanks but it was mostly Liam."
Liam grins. "It was a team effort."
I feel Harry nudge me in the stomach. I turn and give him a look. "What?" I hiss.
"Stop flirting with him." He says, teeth clenched. "They'll be suspicious."
I roll my eyes. "Don't be so paranoid. Are you jealous?" I tease and this time it is my turn to smirk.
"No" He replies, defensively.
I chuckle and continue eating my meal.



- Harry -

                  After our meal, Louis and Eleanor offer to wash the dishes so I decide to go into the backyard to get some air. This was going to be a long weekend with Chloe. I saw the way she was talking and acting with the other boys and Eleanor. It almost seemed like she actually genuinely liked them. But I knew that it was only for the contract.

I hear footsteps behind me and I turn around to see Chloe standing right there. 
"O-Oh" She stutters. "I-I'm sorry, I'll come back later, I just wanted to get some air."
I sigh. I can't make her go away, that would just be rude.
"It's fine" I reply finally. "You can stay."
She hesitates before slowly coming to join me on the swings.
"You alright?" She says, finally breaking the silence after a while.
I nod. "It's just getting a bit stuffy in there."
She sighs. "I'm sorry that you have to be in the middle of this whole contract Harry" She says quietly.
I look over at her and don't know what to say. Instead, I look at her eyes. They are blue and for the first time, I realise she has really big and beautiful eyes.
"You don't have to be sorry." I finally end up saying. "It's my fault they ended up doing this whole stupid contract."
She sits there looking out at the sunset to avoid looking at me. She finally gets up and starts to head inside.
"Wait." I pull her arm back.
She turns to face me, waiting. "Yeah?"
"Uh" I cough, feeling my cheeks turn red. Wait. I'm blushing? That never happens to me. I usually find it easy to talk to girls.
"I was thinking maybe we could be friends, since you know..." I pause. "It'll make this whole job a lot easier for you."
She smiles. "Of course Harry, I'll be your friend."
I clear my throat. "Great then." I don't know what to say. This is so awkward asking her if she wanted to be friends. It's such a primary school thing to do, but after our whole talk about trusting her, I feel like it is a reasonable question.
"Harry" She says softly and puts her hand on my shoulder.
"I won't let you down ok? You don't have to worry about me leaving."
All I can do is nod.
She laughs. "It feels like you just asked me to be your girlfriend."
I raise my eyebrows at her comment and I can see her blush in the dark.  
"Um" She coughs nervously. "I mean it just.. it's such a.. it's a weird...nothing." She says. "Let's go back inside. Everyone will think we're missing."
I nod and chuckle to myself as we head back to the cabin.


- Chloe -

                           As I'm about to open the door to go back into the cabin, someone opens it before me from inside, making me jump.
"CHLOE!" Louis yells and gives me a hug. He sure did like hugging. "What are you kids doing out here?"
I laugh nervously and Harry groans. "Christ Louis! You scared the hell out of us! We just needed some air, that is all."
He pats us on the shoulders. "Come join us, we're all making a bonfire."
Harry looks at me and I nod, liking the idea and we make our way outside, the rest of the lads and Eleanor following behind Louis.

   After Niall and Liam's several attempts to get the fire started, the bonfire is finally roaring with flames. Everyone is sitting in a circle, looking at the fire, admiring the heat. Eleanor is snuggling up with Louis and Harry has his arm around me.
"So!" Niall breaks the silence. "Who wants a drink!"
We all laugh and we all raise our hands except for Liam, Eleanor and Harry.
Louis gasps at Harry. "What mate? You always drink!"
Harry chuckles. "Not tonight boo bear." He says and everyone laughs.
Niall tosses a beer to everyone except Harry, Liam and Eleanor. I open the can and take a sip of the cool drink.


        "Come on Zayn, let's go." Liam groans and lifts his friend up before leading him into the cabin.
I'm on my third beer and I'm pretty tipsy. Ok, I'm quite drunk. I'm pretty sure Zayn has had 5 bottles and Niall isn't looking too good either. He has already gone inside to throw up. I have made my way to the swings. Harry came along with me to keep me company and make sure I didn't pass out. I kept telling him jokes that wasn't funny at all and he pretended to laugh.
"Am I funny?" I ask him, making a weird face.
He laughs. "Right now, you are."
I'm about to fall off the swing and Harry quickly catches me. "Careful!" He says. "Shit Chloe! You are quite a weird drunk."
I laugh. "This is funnnnn!" I say and poke him on the stomach.
He jerks back. "Stop it!" He whines.
"Are you ticklish?" My face lights up.
"Pfft no!" He defends himself and I tackle him on the ground and start tickling him.
"STOP STOP!" Harry says between breaths. 
"Say I'm the prettiest girl you know." I tell him, while still tickling his sides.
He shakes his head. "No way." He breathes.
"Say it!" I shout.
He continues laughing and trying to breathe. "Ok ok" He gasps. "You'retheprettiestgirlIknow." He says in one breath and I stop tickling him.
"That's better" I smirk and he groans as we take a seat on the swings again.

   Eleanor is next to Louis still around the campfire. He is telling her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her while she's stroking his face. She isn't drunk but her cheeks are red and she is laughing. 
She looks over at me and Harry and smiles. She get's Louis head off her shoulder and makes her way to us.
"Harold, you taking care of Chloe?" She pokes him.
"She's an annoying drunk."
Eleanor laughs and grabs her phone out. "No photos!" Harry complained.
"Come on Harry!" She begs. 
I grab Harry's arm. "Yeah, come on Harry!" I copy her and start giggling madly.
Harry groans. "Fine! You girls are so annoying!"
Eleanor and I high five and she opens the camera app on her iPhone.
I put on a funny face and Harry puts a fake smile on. Eleanor takes the photo, making the flash go off. She looks back at the photo and laughs. 
"This is definitely going on twitter." She giggles. "It's classic!"
(Pic underneath)

  Eleanor goes back to Louis, who is just laughing to himself. He once again tells her how beautiful she is and puts his head on her shoulder.

   Suddenly, I feel the urge to throw up and I bend over, puking out all the alcohol I'd consumed in the past 2 hours.
"Shit Chloe!" Harry mutters and rubs circles on my back.
Once I've finished throwing up everywhere, Harry helps me up. 
"Ok, I think it's time for you to go to bed." He says softly and picks me up before carrying me inside, into our room. He wipes my mouth with a tissue.
"Stop it silly!" I giggle as he places me on the bed.
He doesn't say anything and takes my shoes and jacket off before tucking me in. 
"You're the best" I sigh and rub my hand in his face.

"Go to bed." He whispers.
"Mm" I moan and turn on my side.

The last thing I remember is drifting off to sleep after Harry tucks a strand of hair behind my ears.



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