6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


16. A Break

- Chloe -

                                   I feel like everything's gone by in such a blur, everything's moving so fast. The VMA's have now passed and the boys have finished the American leg of the tour. Barbara still texts me everyday about what to do with Harry and where to go. I try ignoring her but there's only little I can do. I feel awful about it but the contract is ending in a month and a bit anyways so I just have to wait until then until I'm finally free.  

We're about to head back to London for a few days off before the boys head to Australia for the final leg of their tour. It's about seven in the morning and the boys have had nearly no sleep at all in the past 48 hours.

"You ok babe?" Harry asks as we board onto the private jet.

"Yeah" I nod. "Just a bit tired."

"Don't worry, you can sleep for a long time on the plane. The other boys are knackered as well." He chuckles and the plane door closes behind us. 

We take a seat and I rest my head on Harry's shoulder.

"Can't wait until we get to stay at home and lie in bed together, just chilling and watching movies." Harry mumbles into my hair and I sigh in agreement.

"Shut up Harold." Niall groans from in front of us. "I'm tryin' t sleep." His Irish accent is stronger than usual.

Harry laughs before falling silent and within minutes, I'm drifting to sleep.


       When we arrive in London, Harry wakes me up by shaking my arm.
"Babe," he says quietly. "Wake up, we're home!"
"Mm" I groan before slowly opening my eyes. I look out the window to see that indeed we have landed in London.

We make our way off the plane and once we're inside the airport, the Harry and I both say and hug the boys goodbye before we go our separate ways for the next week.
"I'll miss you bros!" Zayn says in his accent before hugging each of the boys goodbye.
"I won't!" Louis yells. "I'm going home! Woohoo!"
"Now now Tommo!" Liam shakes his head and tuts. "It's ok to miss me the most."
"Bye everybody!" Harry waves and the other boys all hurry away, eager to get some free time for the first time in months.

"What do you want to do first?" Harry asks me excitedly once we get into the car.
"Can we make a stop at my apartment?" I ask and he raises his eyebrows.
"I thought we would stay together..." He looks surprised. "But if you don't want, I guess..."
I interrupt him with laughter. "Of course I want to stay with you baby, I just have to stop by my apartment to grab a few things. " I scoot over my seat to move closer to him and grab his hand.
Harry's face lights up. "Oh! Ok sure!" He kisses me on the forehead and calls out to the driver to drive to my apartment.
"By the way, you look really cute in your orange beanie." I giggle and pull the beanie over his eyes.
"Hey!" He whines and pulls my black beanie over my eyes before laughing. "And where did you get these cool glasses?" He puts my circular sunglasses in his face.
"I saw it in LA, everything was so cool there!" I laugh before adding, "It looks better on you!"
Harry chuckles and puts the sunglasses back on my face. "No I don't. You look adorable!"

Soon, the driver parks the car opposite my apartment building and we get out. Harry follows me across the street as paparazzi run after us, taking photos every second.

Everything is very chaotic as we walk down the path. Our happy mood from the car has turned into stress and seriousness from the paps and fans screaming Harry's name and throwing questions at us over and over again.
Harry pulls his hoodie up over his beanie and looks over at me as I keep my head down.
(pic below)

"You ok?" He asks me when we finally enter the building.
I nod and we make our way inside the elevator. "It just gets a bit stressful sometimes but I just feel bad for you."
Harry shrugs it off and rubs circles on my back. "Let's be honest though, I am living the dream." He smiles and changes the subject. "What do you want to do tonight?"
"Let's stay home tonight." I suggest. "We can watch movies and do all that romantic stuff." I lean in closer to Harry so we're inches apart.
"That sounds like the best night ever." He grins and tucks a strand of hair behind my ears.
"We can stay up all night and make some midnight memories." I add before giggling to myself.
Harry rolls his eyes playfully. "Oh you're quite a comedian aren't you?"
I giggle and nod before wrapping my arms around his neck. "I know I am."
He chuckles and shakes his head and as he leans in to kiss me, the elevator door opens. We immediately pull apart and see a little girl about twelve years old standing in front of us with her mum right behind her.

She's staring at us with her mouth wide open as she is struggling to speak. "Y-you a-are... Y-you..."
"You alright love?" Harry chuckles as she gets into the elevator with her mother, still staring at Harry while speechless.
"I'm sorry about this." Her mum says with a smile. "She's a huge fan."
"It's alright," Harry laughs. "Would you like a photo?"
The little girl nods excitedly and I offer to take the photo so that her mum can get into it too.
"Thanks very much." Her mum smiles. "Tiana, say thank you." She nudges her daughter.
"T-thank you," Tiana says, still obviously in shock.
"My pleasure." Harry smiles and gives her a hug. The elevator door opens and Harry and I get out. 

I unlock the door to my apartment and take a step in after being away for so long.
"It seems so... tiny!" I say standing there and looking around and Harry does the same.
"Hard to imagine that only a few months ago, you were living your normal life without me in it." Harry says and shakes his head.
"It's hard to imagine that only a few months ago, I hated you." I add and he laughs.
"Touche" He answers and I make my way into my bedroom to pack a bag.

I grab a few more items of clothing before locking the door behind me again.


Once we're at Harry's house, Harry shows me to the guest room. "You can sleep in this room if you want." He smiles and I roll my eyes.
"Come on Styles, we both know I'll end up sleeping in your room." 
He laughs. "You have a point!" He says before bringing my bags to his room. 
"I don't think I've ever been to your house before." I point out as I look around. It's huge with a huge bed in the middle of it. The walls are black and there's a few awards hanging on the walls. On the left is a room that leads to his walk in wardrobe and a bathroom.
"I- I didn't really invite girls back here." Harry blushes and looks down. "You're kinda the first..."
I turn to look at him. "Well I'm honoured." I smile and give him a quick peck on the lips.

As I pull away he holds me against him and deepens the kiss as his hands fall and grip my waist. I drop my bags and wrap my arms around his neck and we start making out as I run my hands through his curly hair. He leads me over to the bed and I fall back before he climbs onto me. He uses his arms to lift himself up and continues kissing me before pulling apart. 
"You're so beautiful." He whispers and gently strokes my cheek before kissing me again. 
I roll over so I'm on top of him and he chuckles as I kiss him passionately.
"Harry" I breathe and pull away.
"I-I..." I pause. "I want to..."
Harry looks at me in confusion before realising what I meant. "Are you sure?" He asks.
I nod and he smiles.
"I love you." He says suddenly and my eyes widen. 
I had completely forgotten that we had never said those three words to each other before. It just always felt like we already had said it, but we hadn't.
"I love you too." I smile and bite my lip.
Harry tucks a strand of hair behind my ears as I'm straddling him on top of the bed. "Are you sure you want to?" Harry asks again.
"I'm sure." I answer firmly. "Now just kiss me."
He chuckles and leans forward to kiss me as I trace his jawline.
"It's your first time, isn't it?" He asks after he pulls away.
I nod slowly. "I'm sorry if-"
He cuts me off. "Don't worry babe, I just had to make sure. It's fine! I promise! If so, it's better."
"Better?" I look at him in confusion.
"It means you're innocent, I like that." He smiles and kisses me again passionately.

 I lift my jumper over my head so I'm in my bra. Harry does the same and lifts his t-shirt over his head, revealing his chizzled abs.
We continue kissing and Harry cups my breast with his hands, leaving goosebumps all over my body. His lips leaves mine as he quick undoes his belt and takes off his pants and underwear, leaving his naked body on show. I take off my jeans and underwear as well so I'm in nothing but my bra.

Harry's eyes look up and down my body before smiling. Usually, I would be embarrassed by standing in front of someone naked, but this was different. Suddenly, I realise, I really love Harry. He may be misunderstood for nearly everything, but the truth was he was sweet and caring.
He pulls me into him and starts kissing me as we fall back onto the bed. He lifts himself above me as his lips leave my mouth and trail down my neck. I close my eyes to take in the feeling as his lips trail further down my body.
"I love you so much Chloe." He whispers.
"I love you too Harry." I smile, my face flushed.
"I want to do something." He says. "Do you trust me?"
I nod and he spreads my legs apart.
"Wha-" I start to say as I suddenly feel his tongue enter me.
My back arches off the bed as I cry out in pleasure. I feel his tongue move up and down as he blows against me every now and then. 
My eyes are closed as I enjoy the pleasure he's giving me.
"Harry" I gasp and he keeps going, his tongue swirling around and around.
Before I know it, my toes curl and my body shakes before reaching my climax.

My breathing is ragged as Harry kisses nearly every inch of my body before our faces are inches apart again.
"Did you like that?" He grins and I smile sheepishly.
"I'll take that as a yes." He laughs and kisses me on the lips, a strange, salty taste filling my mouth.
Within seconds, I regain my energy and I sit up looking at Harry.
He laughs as he knows what I'm thinking. "Someone's a bit eager, aren't they?" 
"I-if you don't want to..." I trail off.
"What? Of course I do babe!" Harry says and moves closer to me. "I've wanted to since the first day I saw you."
I laugh as I recall what he said to me.

"Maybe we can have sex too?"

I push all my thoughts aside and kiss him hard. After a while, he pulls away before asking, "Are you sure you want to do this?" for the hundredth time.
"Shh..." I stop him and leaves a trail of kisses on his neck. "Stop talking."
Harry chuckles and grabs a condom packet from his bedside drawer. 
I raise my eyebrows. "You're prepared, aren't you?"
He fumbles with the packet and finally gets it out before rolling it onto his erection. My eyes widen as I look at his length for the first time. I hadn't really noticed it before, but it was... huge.
How does that even fit in me? I think to myself and as though he read my thoughts, Harry chuckles. "It's ok babe, it will fit."
I blush and look away and Harry tilts my face so I'm looking at him.
"Are you sure?" He asks again.
"If you ask me again, I won't do it." I warn him and he laughs.
"Ok ok," He chuckles. "I won't ask again. Just remember, I love you."
"I love you too baby." I smile and he shifts his body so he's on top of me before spreading my thighs apart with his knees.
Suddenly, I feel him slowly enter me as I experience such a foreign feeling.
"If it hurts, just stop me ok?" He says in a gentle voice.
"Okay." I gulp and screw my eyes shut.
"Are you ok?" Harry kisses and me and asks, trying not to panic.
I nod, no words able to come out of my mouth.
"Just kiss me." I beg and he obliges. He moves very slowly and I can feel a pinching feeling inside of me.
"C-can I go just a little faster?" Harry's voice is strained.
"Yeah" I says raspily and he picks up the pace only a tiny bit. The pain continues but Harry kisses me all over to soothe me.
My fingers dig into his back as he continues moving at a slow and steady rhythm. 
"Oh god." He moans and his head rolls back. "I love you Chloe." He says as his hips slowly roll against me.
I want to reply and tell him that I love him, but the pain makes me not able to talk.
"Are you ok?" He asks and I nod.
He  continues kissing me all over and my eyes are still closed as I listen to our intertwined breaths.
"I'm going to..." He doesn't finish his sentence.
Suddenly, I feel his muscles clench and I open my eyes to watch as he comes undone right in front of me. He falls onto me and buries his head into my neck. After a while, he brings his face to meet mine. His breathing is still staggering as he tries to recover.
"Are you ok baby?" He asks and I can feel the tears form from the corners of my eyes and I'm recovering from the pain.
"Hey hey, no no please don't cry." He whispers and pulls me into his chest. "It's ok, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He says and kisses my forehead.
"It's ok, it's not your fault." I finally am able to speak. "I'm glad we did it. I really am."
I shift myself so my head is resting on his chest. I can feel him breathing as we lay there in silence.
"W-was it ok for you?" I ask quietly and look up at him.
He smiles sheepishly. "It was more than ok, it was amazing."
I laugh through my tears. 
"I'm sorry that it hurt." His voice suddenly becomes serious.
I sigh and nuzzle my head into his chest. "It's fine Haz, I'm glad it was with you."
"It'll be better next time, I promise." Harry lifts my hand and kisses it.
"I love you Harry." I say to him.
"I love you too baby." He whispers. "I'm glad I'm here with you."
We lie in silence for a while under the duvet and I start to feel myself becoming drowsier and more tired. I look over at Harry who already has his eyes closed. I turn the bedside lamp off before drifting off to sleep.

                          I open my eyes to see that it's still dark. I look over at Harry who's still sleeping like a baby. He looks so cute with his mouth open and his nostrils flaring while he snores lightly.

I wriggle myself out of his grasp and grab my phone from my jeans pocket to check the time.
10:26pm, it read. It's still quite early.
I see a missed phone call from Isaac. Isaac? My best friend who I haven't spoken to in nearly six months! Everything's just flown past and I can't believe I forgot almost about him!

I grab a jumper and put it on before taking another look at Harry who's still asleep and making my way outside to the living room. I dial his number and he answers on the third ring.

"Well well well" He shouts with loud voices in the background. "If it isn't the famous celebrity, Chloe Martinez!"
I laugh at him. "Isaac! It's been too long! The last time I spoke to you, we were still working in that coffee shop!"
"It has been quite a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm still working at that coffee shop. But you haven't hey? I've seen you in nearly all the magazines!"
"Well, things have certainly changed." I smile and think about all the crazy stuff that I'm involved in everyday.
"How are you babe? I haven't spoken to you in a while."
"I'm good, I'm good. Wait, Isaac, are you in a club?" I ask with laughter. Some things never change.
"Uh yeah, hang on a second!" 
I hear muffling in the background before things turn silent. 
"Sorry about that, I just went out to the back. Seriously, how are you? I heard you were back in London for a while, so I was wondering if you wanted to catch up."
"That would be great! I'm looking forward to seeing you, I missed you!" I pace back and forth in the living room as I talk on the phone to my best friend.
"I miss you too Chlo! Are you free tomorrow?"
"Yeah, I am"
"Great! Well I can pick you up at 10am and we can go get brunch or something, if that's cool."
"Yeah! Sound great! I'll see you tomorrow then. And Isaac?"
"Don't get too drunk ok? Especially since you don't have me to take care of you."
I hear him laugh and I can picture him shaking his head in laughter. "I wont Chlo, just for you. I better get going then. I'll see you tomorrow at ten, text me your address!"
"Bye Isaac, can't wait."
"Bye love." He says and hangs up. 
I smile at myself and quickly text him the address of Harry's house before making my way back to the room. I'd forgotten how much I've missed Isaac. I could literally tell him anything. I can't wait to see him again.
I put my phone down and crawl back into bed with Harry who's turned to face me.
"Go to bed." He mumbles sleepily and puts his arm around me.


My phone buzzes and my eyes open straight away. I check the time. 
Shit, it's 10:01.
I leap out of bed and check the text from Isaac.

Hey i'm downstairs. x

I quickly text him back.

sorry! I slept in! be down in 5 xx

I look at Harry who's still fast asleep. I'm still quite sore after last night but I'm happy that I finally did it with him.
I grab my clothes from my suitcase and chuck on a shirt and a black jacket with my black and white jeans and black boots. I only put on mascara and grab a snapback cap to hid my messy hair before grabbing my wallet and phone and shoving them in my bag. 
I leave Harry a note on his bedside table.

Hey babe, I'm going out to brunch with a friend. I'll be back in a few hours. Love you xxx


Once I'm downstairs, I'm greeted by a grinning Isaac.
"Hey you!" I call out and give him a hug. "It's been too long!"
"How are you love?" He asks as we get into his car.
"I'm pretty good, just living a whole new life." I answer as he starts driving.
"And what's it like acting as that asshole's boyfriend?"
"Actually..." I trail off.
"What!" Isaac looks at me. "Please don't tell me, what!"
I catch Isaac up on everything that's happened in my life since I last saw him as we sit down at our favourite cafe for brunch. 
I tell him about how Harry and  I hated each other at the beginning but grew to like him and how we started going out. I told him about how Riley showed up and nearly ruined my relationship with him. I told him about how I tried to end the contract with Barbara but how she didn't let me. And how I'm now keeping the biggest secret from Harry that even Zayn knows. When I'm done, Isaac is staring at me in shock.
"Woah." He mutters. "That's a lot to take in."
I sigh. "I know, I'm sorry for piling it all onto you, I just haven't had my best friend around in a while.
He chuckles. "Well don't worry, Isaac is here to the rescue."
"What should I do?" I ask and he thinks for a moment.
"I think, you should tell him of course since a relationship is based on trust. However, you only have a month left of the contract. You can try to keep it from him for the remainder of the contract but I don't want to see you get hurt. What do you think he'll do once he finds out?"
"I know I know," I sigh. "Maybe I should just tell him when I get back. He'll understand right?"
Isaac nods. "There's the girl who always does the right thing." He says just as our food arrives.
I roll my eyes playfully at his comment and we dig into our meals.
"So how have you been?" I ask him about his life and he starts to tell me all about his new girlfriend, the parties he's been to and what I've missed at Starbucks.



- Harry -

I roll over to see that Chloe is not in bed. I frown and sit up before stretching and ruffling my hair. I look over at the bedside table to see a note.

Hey babe, I'm going out to brunch with a friend. I'll be back in a few hours. Love you xxx


Friend? What friend? When did this happen? Why didn't she wake me?
I push the thoughts away and change into some grey trackies and a black t-shirt before tucking my hair into a beanie. I change the bloodied sheets from the night before and smile at the thought of having Chloe so close to me. I love her so much that it hurts. I've never loved someone like that before.
Once I'm done, I stumble sleepily into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea before sitting in front of the TV. I grab my phone and go onto twitter to see that fans have been bombarding me with a certain photo. I click on it to see this. (Pic below)



What? Who is this guy that Chloe's hugging? What the fuck? Maybe it's just a misunderstanding.
I look closer at the comments from fans.


@Narry_lover4: I've seen so many photos of Chloe and this guy. Is she cheating on Harry? If she is, imma kill the bitch!

@1D_lovernews: my friend was sitting behind them in the cafe and apparently, she was telling the guy how much of an idiot harry was and how he just falls for anything she says. BITCH!!

Now that got my blood boiling. I stand up and throw my phone at the wall. Sure, she's meeting up with a 'friend'. I knew this would happen! Once she got what she wanted from me, she goes running back to her boyfriend from her past!

Fuck her! Fuck this! I told her I loved her and we had sex! I told her how much she meant to me and this is how she treats me the next day. I knew this would happen! I should've never have let a girl who signed a contract to play with my heart.
I tug at my hair and pace back and forth in the living room, taking deep breaths to calm myself down when the door opens.

"Hey babe, I'm back. I brought back some leftovers since we couldn't-"
"Where the fuck were you?"I spit out immediately.
"What?" She stammers, looking shocked. "I told you, I was with a friend."
"Friend? Really?" I laugh bitterly. "Whatever, save your lies."
"What are you talking about Harry?" She puts the box of leftovers on the counter and makes her way to me.
"I'm talking about your little bitching session with your boyfriend." I shout angrily and grab my phone from the floor and show her the picture and comments.
"What?" She says in shock before giggling. "Harry, we were having brunch and I gave him a hug hello. As for the bitching sesh, we were not talking about you at all. All I told him about you was that I fell for you a while after I signed the contract. Are you really believing what you fans are saying?"
I take a deep breath. "How do I know you're telling the truth?"
"Harry," She grabs my hands. "I gave it up for you last night. I love you. I don't know what else to say."
"You're probably lying right now. I should've know this would happen, this always happens!" I run my hands through my hair.
"Harry." She takes a step closer to me.
"Stop Chloe! Just stop!" I pull away from her.
"I told you once that I was never going to leave you, and I meant that." She says, eyes firmly placed on mine.
"Just stop! You're lying!" I yell at her and she stands there in silence for  moment.
I don't even know what I'm saying right now. I'm so confused and I want to believe her, but my inner thoughts are saying that she's lying, like everyone else in my life have done.

Finally, she takes a deep breath and says calmly to me. "I don't know what else to do if you won't believe me. You're so caught up in your own little nightmare about people leaving you that you're too scared to see that you have people who care about you. When you're ready to see that, then call me." She turns around and starts to head to the door.
"Chloe" I say and she stops.
I want to apologise for overreacting, for being so protective and jealous. I want to tell her I love her and that I know she cares about me. But the words won't come out.
"Close the door on your way out." I end up saying and she storms out, slamming the door behind her.



Here it is! The new chapter! I've been working all day on this so I hope you like it. Comment and like please. And I hope you enjoy the photos. Ily all xxx

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