6 Months

Chloe is a girl with an average waitress job at a coffee shop. When she gets offered a job to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, how can she say no to the money? It's an easy job right? Or so she thought... Until she actually starts to fall for him.


11. 19

- Chloe -

                               "Just try some!" Harry complains and holds his spoon of his soup up to my mouth.
"No Harry!" I giggle and shake my head. "Stop!"
"It's yummy!" He whines and puts the spoon down.
We're now sitting in a small cafe that we found in the city of Los Angeles somewhere. There are girls outside, watching us through the window and girls in the cafe, staring at us as they sit at their tables.
"This is kinda weird Haz." I whisper, looking around.
He laughs. "Just ignore it, you'll get used to it after a while."
"I don't think I will, to be honest." I laugh.
"So, tell me more about yourself." Harry says to me. "We've only known each other for a month and now that we're actually dating, I realise that I don't know much about you. Other than the fact that you're from Australia."
I giggle. "That's enough to know about me."
"I'm serious!" He takes my hand over the table. "This is like our first real date."
I blush and think about what to tell him. I don't really want to get into my whole family history so I think about something else to talk about.
"Well, I moved to London a few months before Barbara came into Starbucks and told me about the job. I had just finished school and needed to get away from my old life, so I moved to England and started a new life."
He nods, listening intently. "Well I'm glad you did, because you met me."
"Stop doing that!" I playfully smack his arm. 
"What?" He asks innocently.
"Being all cheesy and stuff." 
"I'm not!" He whines. "I'm just being your proper boyfriend now, unlike before. So I'm curious about your life."
"Stop being so cheesy then!" I pout and he chuckles.
"Alright alright, I'll stop." He holds his hands up.
"So tell me about your life Harry!" It's my turn to ask him. "What is Harry Styles, famous pop star's life like?" I ask in a dramatic tone.
He rolls his eyes. "It's really amazing, especially being able to tour with my four best mates. And, it has its good moments, like meeting hot girls." He winks.
I smack his arm playfully and he continues.
"It's true though!" He laughs. "It just gets tiring sometimes you know? Like, I'm still a regular nineteen year old and I want to just have fun." He sighs. "But I can't complain. I'm living the dream."
I nod. "You're right, everyone would kill to be in your position."
"Or even yours." He says and I roll my eyes.
"Remember back on our first 'date', I asked you why you slept around and played with girls hearts?"
He sighs and mutters "Yes"
"Can you tell me why now?"
"I-I" Harry pauses before he takes a deep breath. "I just thought that instead of getting hurt myself, if I did that, I would be the one in control, instead of being used and abused. It was my own way of protecting myself and so that's what I did. It was alright, it made me build walls up and I never had to commit to one person and worry that they would leave me. And that's that reason I got bad press." He pauses. "Then Barbara set me up with you."
I look at him in silence. What Harry just said made him sound like the biggest jerk, but at the same time, a very confused and hurt guy. I didn't know what to think.
"Until I met a very stubborn and annoying girl." Harry continues and chuckles, referring to me. "And for some reason, I fell for her."
I don't say anything.
"The girl being you of course." Harry says when I don't speak.
"How many girls have you slept with?" I suddenly blurt out and he looks taken back.
"W-what?" He stutters.
I shrug. "We are dating, so I think I should know."
Harry looks around uncomfortably and coughs. "We should go, it's getting pretty crowded in here."
"Why won't you just answer me?" I ask, slightly annoyed.
"Now's not the time!" He hisses. "Let's go!" 
"I'm perfectly fine here." I reply cooly.
He groans and gets up. To avoid making a scene, I follow him as he quickly pays and we walk out the door. Fans are now screaming in our faces and there are camera flashes going off everywhere.
We get into the black range rover and sit there in silence for a moment.
"Why won't you answer me Harry?" I ask for the second time after a while.
"Why are you even asking me this?" He snaps. "It doesn't even matter, it's in the past."
"So why do you care?" I ask loudly. I'm starting to lose my patience. 

All I did was ask him a question and he just had to make a big deal out of it. I don't fucking care if he's slept with ten girls or more, it was just a question!

"I was asking a fucking question Harry. Why are you making a big deal out of it?"
He sighs and starts the car and drives in silence.
"Where are we going?" I ask and he doesn't reply.

Great. Harry and I had just started going out and we're already having our first argument. 

Just Great.


Harry stops the car outside the arena. I look at my watch to see that it was only two in the afternoon.
"We're not exploring?" I turn to him and instead of replying, he gets out of the car.

Since we're at the back of the arena, everything is blocked off so there are no fans or paparazzi waiting for us.
I sigh and decide that it was too soon to ask him how many girls he had shagged. I decide to apologise.
"Harry! Wait!" I chase after him as he makes his way inside as quick as he can.
He stops in his tracks but doesn't turn to face me.
"I'm sorry for asking ok? This is such a stupid argument, can we just forget about it, please?"
He doesn't say anything and I pull his arm towards me so he's facing me. He avoids making eye contact and I sigh.
"We just started dating today Haz, please let's not fight." 
We stand there for a moment.
"I gotta go." He mutters and walks away from me, leaving me standing there in shock.

Why is he so angry by my one question?

I groan and kick at the gravel path. This day just got worse. Why is it that whenever Harry and I get along well, we just mess it up again. And why is he so sensitive about answering my one question? It was just a question!

I soon make my way inside the arena. What am I going to do now? The rest of the boys are still out and Harry isn't talking to me.

I head to their huge dressing room and see Harry and their hair stylist, Lou, talking on the couch.
When I enter, they don't bother looking up or acknowledging me. I can feel the tears starting to form in my eyes and I quickly walk over the the bathroom. Harry is just being such a jerk and even though I apologised for asking the question, I just don't want to be here now.

I look in the mirror and take a deep breath. I just don't understand why Harry is making such a big deal out of this. I decide to go back to the hotel to avoid having to deal with Harry ignoring me. I walk out of the bathroom and towards the dressing room. Harry and Lou are still having a chat.
I sigh. "Harry, I'm going back to the hotel." 
He stops talking in the middle of the conversation but doesn't look up at me. I see Lou smack his arm. I roll my eyes and storm out of the room.
I open the door to walk out of the arena. I stop for a moment, not knowing how to get back to the hotel. I couldn't drive since I didn't have a car and I didn't know the way around LA. I let out a groan out of frustration.

"Six" I hear a quiet voice behind me.
I don't really know what to say. I know it was Harry finally answering my last question but now that he has, I don't know what to say. My back is still facing him and my head is down.
I can hear him make his way closer to me and he snakes his arm around my waist so I turn and face him.
"Six girls." He says quietly.
"I heard you Harry" I mutter.
"Sorry for not answering earlier." 
"Why didn't you?" I finally ask.
"I" He sighs. "I dunno."
"You can't just get annoyed and stop talking to me because of one question Harry" I'm finally able to speak. "We're going out and within the first ten minutes, we're already arguing. This is so stupid, you know that?"
"I know I know" He says softly. "I'm sorry. It's just, you know I'm not used to this and answering questions about my personal life."
"Harry," I take a deep breath. "You can't just shut me down and push me away when I ask a question that you're uncomfortable with. We can't just keep arguing like this back and forth right after we make up again. I don't-"
"I'm sorry ok?" He cuts me off. "Please, just give me time. Don't go, please. Don't leave me." He pleads, his voice starting to break.
I let out a small giggle. "I'm not leaving you Harry, I just thought you didn't want me here so I was going to go back to the hotel."
Harry frowns. "I-I thought you were leaving me. That's what people do."
I sigh. "How many times do I have to tell you, I won't leave. Sure, we'll have arguments every now and then, but it doesn't mean I would automatically leave you." 
He lets out a sigh of relief before pulling me into a hug. "Sorry" He mutters into my neck.
"It's ok Harry, it's ok."
I can smell his cologne as he continues holding me in his arms.
"So six girls?" I finally ask, teasing him.
He pulls away and looks at me. "Yeah, not bad hey?"
"I was thinking it would be more like fifty." I laugh.
"Hey!" He whines before grinning. "Now your turn."
"How many guys have you slept with Chloe?"

I should've known this was coming.

"E-erm..." I stammer. "I-I"
Harry's eyes widen. "You're a virgin?!" He says a little too loudly.
"Shush!" I put my hand over his mouth and he chuckles.
"Mmmmm" He tries to talk.
"What?" I ask, my hand still over his mouth.
He removes my hand from his mouth. "You're a virgin?" He asks again, this time in a quieter tone.
I blush. "Maybe"
"I can't believe this!" He runs his hand through his hair.
I frown. "What of it?"
"You've never had se-"
"No!" I interrupt him. "I haven't!"
"I-I've just never felt that way about someone before, like be really in love with them."
Harry looks at me with his beautiful eyes. "You haven't?"
I shake my head. "No, Now can we get back inside? It's freezing out here!"
"Changing the subject?" He teases me.
"Come on!" I complain and he laughs.
"You don't want to go back to the hotel now?" Harry smiles.
"I guess I'll stay if you want me to" I say dramatically and he chuckles. 
"Come 'ere" Harry pulls me towards him and kisses me on the lips. I kiss him back and soon, we're standing outside the door making out. I run my hands through his hair and allow him to slip his tongue in mine.
After a while, I pull back and he smiles at me. I poke my finger at his dimple and he laughs.
"Come on" He takes my hand and leads me back inside.


"So then we went to a shop to try and get away from them but once again, we were trapped because they were all waiting for us outside." Louis tells us about the crazy fans today while he was out with Niall.
"What happened?" Zayn asks while Lou does his hair.
"We had to be escorted out by the police." Niall explains and laughs. "It was bloody insane!"

As I sit and listen, my phone beeps. I check it to see a text from an unknown number.

To: Chloe- 4:15pm

Hey Chloe! Are you excited for tomorrow? I'm looking forward to seeing you! See you tomorrow!
Riley xxx


Riley? Shit. Riley is my sister. How did she even get my number in the first place? That was the reason I moved from Australia anyways, to get away from her and everyone. And what is she talking about that's happening tomorrow? I look at the date on my phone to see that it is the 13th of March. Wait.

It's my birthday tomorrow.

Of course! How could I forget? I've just been so busy and caught up in this new job that I've completely forgotten my birthday. I groan and the boys look over at me.
"Everything ok babe?" Harry asks, sounding concerned.
"Uh yeah" I force a smile. "It's fine, sorry. I just realised that it's my birthday tomorrow."
Their faces light up.
"Actually?" Louis asks. 
I nod. "Yeah, my sister just sent me a text saying she can't wait to see me."
"Well shouldn't you be happy?" Niall asks.
"Well, my younger sister and I have had a rough past." I explain. "And let's just say I'm not her biggest fan."
"Oh" Everyone falls silent.
"Who cares! It's your birthday tomorrow! Let's get smashed!" Louis cheers and I laugh.
"Yeah! How old are you turning?" Liam asks.
"Yeah buddy! It's time to party!!" Niall calls out.
Harry rolls his eyes. "Come on lads, she might just want a nice dinner with her lovely boyfriend."
I smile at him and join him on the couch. "Actually Harry..."
"You heard the girl! She wants a party and she's getting a party!" Louis shouts.
Harry sighs. "Fine, only if you guys organise it."
"We're on it Haz" Liam joins in. "All you two have to do is show up."
"Alright!" Zayn cheers.

The lads return to their conversation and I reread the text. She's looking forward to seeing me? Tomorrow? What the fuck? Why would she be coming to see me? How does she even know where I am? Maybe it's all a joke? I'll just go with it.

To Riley- 4:43pm
Erm, yeah see you soon or whatever Riles.


I put my phone away and the boys head on stage for soundcheck.
"Come watch in the crowd!" Harry grabs my hand. "The fans will love it! And you can see me do my thing."
"I see you do your thing every night." I laugh and follow him anyways.
I make my way towards the audience as Harry and the other boys are welcomed on stage.
The girls are cheering as loud as they can as the boys start singing 'They Don't Know About Us'.
The whole time Harry is singing, he is looking at me and I can feel myself blushing like crazy. A lot of girls ask for photos with me and I smile and accept. I start chatting to a group of girls and tell them a funny story about Harry as they laugh and I can see Harry smiling at me from the stage.

When soundcheck is over the boys get ready for their concert. I sit backstage with the 5 Seconds of Summer boys. Like me, they're from Australia so we get along well, especially with Luke.
"Hey man!" Luke says as I join him on the couch. "What's up?"
"Yeah, I heard it was your birthday tomorrow!" Michael calls out across the dressing room.
I groan. "Yeah, please don't remind me."
"Why? Don't you want to turn nineteen?" Ashton laughs as he starts filming a Keek video.
Callum is on his phone as we are chatting.
"Texting your new girlfriend?" I tease him and he looks up.
"No bro! I'm on Instagram!" Calum replies back. "I heard Harry set one up for you."
I laugh. "Yeah, I still haven't used it in a while."
"We'll help you out" He grabs my phone and takes a selfie with the other boys.
(Pic underneath)

Luke then captions it 'my favourite boy band' before laughing and returning my phone to me.
I roll my eyes. "Thanks Lukey" I mess his hair up.
"Hey!" He fixes it straight away. "You're annoying!" 
I laugh. "I know I am."
The boys get ready and go on stage to open the show for One Direction before coming off again.
"That was crazy!" Michael shouts as they dance around.
Luke decides to chase me and give me a hug with his sweaty body.
"Ew!" I scream as I try to run away from him, but failing.
"Chloe!' Harry calls from the doorway. "We're going on, you gonna come watch?"
I nod and quickly make my way to him.
"Good luck babe" I wish him and give him a quick kiss.
He chuckles. "Thanks" He says and the boys all do a group huddle before running onto stage.
I can hear the crowd go crazy as the boys start singing.
"HELLO LOS ANGELES!" Niall shouts after they finish their first song. "ARE YOU READY?!"
The crowd screams as loud as they can and I watch from backstage as the boys sing for the next three hours.


- Harry -

                             "Happy birthday babe" I smile as Chloe slowly opens her eyes.
She groans and rolls over. "Thanks" She mutters into the pillow.
I chuckle and rub my eyes before stretching.
"What time is it?" She asks.
"Nearly 12 in the afternoon."
"What?" She immediately sits up.
"Yeah, I didn't want to wake you too early. But the boys have all gone out preparing for your big night. Meanwhile, I thought we could stay here and watch a few movies before I take you out to dinner. Then we can head to the party."
She smiles. "It sounds perfect." She kisses me on the cheek.
"Oh and I forgot!" I add. "Your sister called earlier. The lads will pick her up from the airport so you can see her tonight at your party."
She groans. "Great."
"Why do you hate her so much anyways?" I ask curiously.
"Can we not talk about this Haz?" She whines and I chuckle.
"Fine, only because it's your birthday."
"Great!" Her face lightens up.
"I made you breakfast." I say to her and lead her to the kitchen of the hotel suite. "I asked Paul to grab some groceries from the supermarket."
Her eyes widen as she sees a plate of bacon, eggs, hash browns and pancakes. I watch her reaction and laugh. Her hair is pinned up in a messy high bun and she's wearing a white tank top with penguin pyjama pants.
"Harry!" She gasps. "I didn't know you could cook!"
"Hey!" I say, holding my hand on my heart, pretending to be offended. "I'm a great cook!"
"It looks great babe" She kisses me on the lips and as she pulls away, I hold her against me so our lips are still touching. My tongue slowly enters her mouth and we make out for a while before pulling away again.
"Let's eat!" She says excitedly as she stuffs her mouth with a large piece of bacon. "This birthday is getting better by the minute."
I laugh and shake my head as I watch her scuff down most of the food on the table.


After she has a shower and I have one after, I decide to put choose a movie to watch from the hotel TV guide. 
"Harry?" Chloe calls from our room.
"Yeah love?"
"What do I wear for tonight? I have no nice clothes!"
I laugh. "Don't worry. I got a dress and some shoes ordered for you and Lou will do your makeup for tonight."
She appears standing outside the bedroom in just my T-shirt as she dries her hair. She looks amazing, I can't stop staring at her long legs.
"Stop Harry!" She blushes and I clear my throat.
"Did you actually order a dress for me?" She asks shyly and I grin.
"Of course! I have a good sense of style too you know?"
She laughs and returns into the bedroom as I finally settle on watching 21 Jump Street. Chloe soon joins me on the couch and puts her head on my lap as she lays sideways. I stroke her hair as she laughs through almost every scene of the film. 

When the film is over, it's almost four. I hear a knock on the door of our suite and I quickly go answer it to see Lou standing there excitedly, holding a dress and shoes in one hand and a make up bag in the other.
"Hey hey!" She grins before looking over my shoulder to wave at Chloe.
"Hey Lou!" Chloe chirps and makes her way over.
"Hey birthday girl! You ready?" Lou asks and she nods.
I roll my eyes. "While you girls get ready in the bathroom, I'll be out here." I make my way to the couch and sit down with a sigh.
"Harry hates watching me do make up on girls." Lou whispers to Chloe but I hear her and give her a glare.
"It's like watching paint dry!" I whine. "She doesn't need make up anyways, she's beautiful already!"
Chloe's eyes widen as she gives me a shy smile and Lou chuckles.
"Let's go!" She pulls Chloe into the bathroom and I hear the door slam.


- Chloe -

"How's your birthday so far?" Lou starts the conversation.
"It's been pretty good! Harry made me breakfast this morning and he's taking me out to dinner later."
"So is everything good with you guys?" Lou asks as she gets started on my makeup while I sit on the stool in front of the mirror.
I nod. "We have a few arguments every now and then, but other than that, it's great"
Lou chuckles. "You have to give him a few chances. He's not used to relationships, you know?"
I listen as she talks in her english accent. Even though I've been around a lot of English people back in London, I never get sick of listening to them talk.
"I know" I sigh. "I really am trying my best."
Lou smiles and we chat about several things as she moves on to my eye make up.
When she's done, she steps back.
"Ta da!" She exclaims and I look in the mirror. The make up looked amazing and it made me look very ready for a night out. My lashes were curled and I had mascara and a thick layer of eyeliner on with a smoky look around my eyes. My lips had a light pink colour and the flaws on my skin were covered with foundation.
"You're so good at this!" I say to her and she laughs.
"I try, I try." She says before squealing. "You look amazing Chlo!"
She brushes my hair and puts some product into it.
"Do you want your hair down?" She asks and I nod.
She does a few finishing touches before smiling at herself proudly.

I take another look in the mirror before she quickly pulls me into the bedroom.
"Now let's get you in this dress!" She says excitedly as she pulls out a short green metallic dress with nude coloured heels.
I quickly slip the dress on and Lou helps me zip it up in the back. It's a tight fit but shows off my body and long legs nicely. 
"Woah" I gasp and examine myself. 
"You look so hot!" Lou compliments and hands me the shoes. "Now put these shoes on and Harry will be drooling over you all night!"
I laugh and do what I'm told before taking another look in the mirror.
"Thanks Lou" I say and give her a hug. "You're the best!"
"Now let's show Harry!" She claps her hands and opens the door to lead me out. 

Harry is sitting on the couch watching a music channel. He is fully dressed and when he hears us, he spins around and his jaw immediately drops.
I can feel myself blushing furiously as Lou chuckles from behind me.
"Well, my work here is done" She grins. "Have fun tonight. Oh and happy birthday again Chloe! Bye Styles, I'll see you guys tonight."
"You're coming?" I ask and she nods. 
"Of course I am! I'll see you soon!" She waves before making her way to the door. 
"Bye Lou!" Harry calls out before the door closes.

"So what do you think?" I ask Harry once we're alone and he gets up to make his way to me.
He's wearing a black t-shirt with a black blazer and dark jeans. His hair has been gelled up and I can smell his cologne from miles away. He looks really good.
"You look-" He chuckles. "Incredible."
I blush. "Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself."
"I might have to keep an eye out for you tonight and make sure no one gets too close with you looking like that." Harry winks at me, his face inches away from me. 
Now that I'm in heels, I'm only a few inches shorter than Harry. I smack his arm playfully. 
"Stop!" I giggle and he smirks before checking his watch.
"Shit!" He mutters. "It's 5:30. The car is downstairs waiting for us."
I quickly grab my pure and shove my phone and wallet into it before we make our way downstairs to the hotel lobby. Paparazzi are already swarming outside the hotel, flashes going off everywhere in the dark as security leads Harry and I into the car before it quickly drives off.

Once we're at the restaurant, Harry tells the waitress the booking and we are led to a private table in the back corner. Once we are seated and have ordered our meals, we sit there quietly for a moment.
"What?" I ask as I see him staring at me.
"You just look amazing." He says quietly. "Not that you usually don't."
It feels like I've been blushing non stop today. My cheeks turn pink and he throws his head back in laughter.
"You get embarrassed so easily!" He exclaims and  I bury my face in my hands. 
"No I don't!" I protest and he laughs even more.
After his laughter dies down, I decide to ask him about his family.
"So tell me about your family Styles" I say and he immediately tells me about his mum Anne, step dad Robin, his sister Gemma and his dad Desmond. He tells me how he loves spending time with them and how he misses them terribly when he's on tour.

Our food arrives and we eat while he Harry tells me stories about his family. I smile at how happy he is when he talks about them. He sounds like an excited child and it's so cute.

When we finish our meal, I look at watch and it's nearly 7:30. Harry pays the waitress, leaving a large tip for her and once again, we get into the car while trying to avoid the paparazzi's loud shouts and their cameras that are shoved in our faces.

As the driver starts driving, I look out the window.
"Where are we going?" I ask Harry curiously and he looks at me with a smug look.
"You'll have to see" He replies and I groan.
"I hate surprises!" I whine and he laughs and shakes his head before taking his phone out.


Finally, we arrive at the venue. It looks like an abandoned building.
"Are you sure this is the place?" I ask Harry as we get out of the car.
He nods. "Come on!" He leads me inside and I look around. 
"No one's here." I whisper and he ignores me. 
"Come on!" He repeats and takes my hand before opening a heavy metal door.
"Har-" I start but get interrupted by a loud shout.
I look around to see around fifty people standing in front of me with streamers everywhere. There are loud speakers everywhere with music blasting.  There's a huge dance floor with a DJ on a stage and a long table with refreshments, including mini sandwiches and sushi. There also is a bar with a bartender behind it and a few booths around the room for people to sit at.
"Oh my gosh!" I squeal and Louis and the other boys make their way to me.
"Surprise." Louis grins at me as everyone starts to mingle and dance.
"Do you like it?" Zayn asks me and I nod excitedly.
"I love it!" I shout over the music.
"Let me grab you a drink!" Louis yells and I nod as he disappears through the crowd.
He returns and hands me a bottle of beer before chatting with Harry. I look around to see a lot of famous people and a few I don't recognise.
"You look beautiful!" Niall says to me with a drink in his hand, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"You better not be drunk already Nialler." I say and he laughs.
"I think it's too late Chlo" Liam teases him and I giggle.
"He loves partying, doesn't he?"
Liam nods. "You don't even know!"

Suddenly, I feel Harry snake his arm around my waist, giving me a fright. "Come, let me introduce you to some people." He says in my ear and I nod.

He takes my hand and walks over to a group of guys standing with Lou.
"Hey Chlo!" She says once she sees me. "You enjoying your party?"
I smile and nod and Harry introduces me to the guys.
"Lads, this is Chloe. Chloe, this is Josh, Dan, Andy and Lou's boyfriend, Tom." He says and they all smile at me.
"Nice to meet you." Tom shakes my hand and the others give me a kiss on the cheek.
"Happy birthday babe." Dan says in a charming voice.
"Hi" I smile. "Thanks for coming."
"Hope you're having fun" Andy says to me before continuing his conversation with Tom and Lou.
"You did alright Harry!" Josh nudges him and I blush.

Oh. They think we're a proper couple. Even though we are now, I'm still signed to the contract. Suddenly, I find myself thinking about the contract. I'm still getting a pay check every month for being Harry Styles' girlfriend. This feels so wrong, getting paid for being his girlfriend. Especially since I'm his proper girlfriend now.

I push my thoughts aside as Harry leads me to a group of girls.
"Hey guys, this is my girlfriend Chloe. Chloe this is Jade, Leigh Anne, Jesy and Perrie, otherwise known as Little Mix." He smiles. "They're here on a tour as well so they decided to stop by."
"Nice to meet you guys!" I say sweetly.
"Hiya love!" Jesy says and they all give me a hug.
"Happy birthday!!" Perrie says to me.
"Thank you" I smile. "You're with Zayn right?" I ask and she nods. 
"Congratulations on your engagement!"
"Thanks babe!" She laughs. She's so beautiful. She's wearing a white shirt with black leather overalls with doc martins on her feet. He blonde hair is curled and her smile is so cute. Even her voice is adorable.
"So you guys enjoying your tour?" I ask them.
Jade nods. "It's amazing! And it's so much fun just singing and mucking around with these three other girls."
"You should come to a show one night!" Leigh Anne suggests and I nod.
"That would be great!" I exclaim and Harry pulls my hand.
"Come! I want you to meet some other people." He whines and I laugh.
As he pulls me away, I yell back to the girls over the music. "See you soon! I hope you enjoy the party!"
They all giggle and wave at me. "Thanks Chloe! Happy birthday once again!" Jade shouts back.
"Don't keep her for too long Styles! Let the girl have fun!" Perrie calls out and I laugh.

Harry leads me to another group of people and just as he's about to introduce me, I hear a familiar voice.
"Oh my god Chloe!"
I spin around to see my sister standing there.





Sorry for not updating in a while but I hope you enjoy this longish chapter. Please continue commenting and liking and I have another chapter planned out and coming to you soon so just you wait! Ily all and thanks for making this fanfict make the popular page. xxx





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