The Weirdest one

This is a story about Amy. The weirdest one, who often do some strange and unacceptable things. But she still get a lot of friends with her humble and gentle heart....


2. School Day

2nd January, 2012

I woke up early to school in a fine, bright morning. I walked out to the veranda.Tiny, exploring tendrils are creeping up towards the roof. Breezing wind blew straight into my body. I shivered.

I walked back into the house. I could smell the warm and sweet smell of the bread that my mum prepare for me. I took I seat on the dinning chair and started to eat. Mum and Dad started asking me things about school. Soon the time past, it's time for school.

I rode the school bus and arrived school. A totally perfect school for A grade students. I gazed at my silver coloured watch. Holy Crap, It's time. I rushed to the main enterance with the fastest pace I could afford. Run, run, run. My fate didn't change. I'm still late.

Prefects marked my name to down to report to the teachers. Then I rushed to the morning assembly quickly. Many of my friends stared at me in a strange way. Yeah. I forget, in their mind, I am still weird.( But... Oh, fine...).

Maybe you wanna ask me why I still get so -called friends if I am weird.

1. I am rich

2. I get high grades in exams. I perfect A grade pupils.

3. Teachers loves me because I am a perfect A student.


Dear readers,

This is the end of this chapter. I am sure that I will update asap! Ok?

Thx for reading. Pls leave as many comments as you can.


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