The Weirdest one

This is a story about Amy. The weirdest one, who often do some strange and unacceptable things. But she still get a lot of friends with her humble and gentle heart....


1. It's just brave!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, readers. I am glad that you read this story. Hope you will like it ! And here is a little game/ competition. Give as many comments as you can, the most comments' one will win. And I will write a story for you ONLY. (fan fic or whatever. Choose yourself)
Let's start the story!

1st January, 2012
A new year, a new beginning. I needed to do something special to correct my weird behaviour . Actually 
I didn't think it's weird, but people thought so. It's just BRAVE. How come?

If you asked me to give you some examples about my WEIRDNESS. Maybe I can tell you...  Right... Forexample, one year, at school. In the classroom, there were a flying insect, flying around. And then I caught it and squeezed it with a tissue paper. That's it. Why I am weird? Just because I caught a fly ? I only wanted to help, nothing more! And that is called braveness!!! Just braveless!!!!! Not weird!


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